Gym Glory Pt 4

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The next morning I woke up, forgetting about the night before.
When I arrived at school, the first person I saw getting off the
bus was Davy. My heart froze. He glanced in my direction and
did a double take when he realized it was me. He smiled and
waved, and I waved back. An almost nauseated feeling washed
over me.

‘Was it right for me to do those things last night?’ I wondered as I
walked into school. I drifted through my classes, barely paying attention
to any of them. Almost too soon, it was final hour. Gym time.

I began undressing when I walked in, throwing my shirt on the floor. I
changed quickly, only looking to myself, avoiding all the other boys as if
somehow they could know what me and Davy had done.

It was dodgeball day, which is usually a good thing since Coach Trevors
teams me and Davy up together. Today, I wasn’t feeling as excited. After
warm-ups, everyone got in line and the sorting began.

“Midnight, Blondie, team left. You all are skins.” I paled at Coach’s words.
I didn’t know exactly how to deal with this, seeing as how Davy would be hurt
if I ignored him all hour. I couldn’t look at him and his bare chest though;
not if I wanted the guys to all think i’m still straight. A whistle blew and the
game began.

Shockingly, I went the whole hour without having to stare at Davy. When time
was up, I turned to run and shower, only to realize it was the day to help
with the challenged kids. I turned back around to see Davy bending over
to get his shirt from the floor. I turned quickly, just in case it izmir escort bayan was enough
to spark up anything. I was safe. When I glanced back again he was shirt’d,
and a group of kids were coming in the door.

“Hey guys!” I smiled at each one of them, and they looked thrilled. I was glad
that I could help them be happy; it made me feel good. The next 30 minutes
went by fast, we mostly played catch with one of the soft balls from the closet.
Once the kids had left, me and Davy went down to the lockers to shower. This
was going to be hard for me. Apparently for Davy as well, since he took the stall
farthest from mine.

I was nearly finished showering when I felt the presence of someone behind me.
I felt warm arms wrap around me, and hands rub over my stomach. I could feel
the tip of a dick rubbing against my ass. Soon there were lips kissing down my
neck, across my back and down around my ass. I gasped a little as a tongue flicked
against my crack; it didn’t feel too bad.

“I saw a new porno last night,” I heard Davy’s boyish voice whisper gently,
“and I’d like to try something with you.” The blood was pulsing through my dick, I
was getting really hot and bothered by the sudden act of sensuality. I felt his tongue
run down my crack again, pausing at my hole briefly to lick it. His hand pushed me
down so I was bent over, my ass exposed. I felt his tongue against me, licking at my skin.
Davy’s tongue circled around my hole and then cascaded into it, thrusting in with his tongue.
I moaned and covered my mouth, shocked. He stopped buca escort and stood up, so I did too.
Davy turned me around and laid me on the floor. He pushed my legs up and licked up
from the top of my asscrack to the bottom, pausing again at my asshole, then up
to my nutsack. I arched my back and looked at him. He took one of my balls into his mouth
and I nearly screamed.

“Sh,” he reddened and looked at me, “do you want to get caught?” I put my hand
over my mouth and let him continue to suck my nut. He moved up and licked all the way
up my shaft, then swirled his tongue around my crown. I jerked and I could feel the heat
building in my balls. He kept licking and sucking at my dick, and this time I got the warning
in before it happened. I pushed him off me a bit, and I squirted my load all over his chest.
After around 4 squirts, I was done and I sat up, panting.

Davy kissed me; a long, passionate kiss. His tongue gently prodding mine. I pushed
him down into the water stream and rubbed away my cum. I took a deep breath and
moved down Davy’s body, till my head was just above his cock. I leaned down and sucked the
end of it shyly. I got a good reply from Davy, he closed his eyes and bit his lip. I tried again,
this time going down further and trying to get most of his 8 inch dick into my mouth. He
clenched his fists and I felt him reach to my hair and grip my head. I swirled my tongue
around his crown and he thrust his hips up. I obliged and he began pulling my face into his crotch.
He face-fucked me until he suddenly pulled me off. I knew what izmir escort was about to happen,
so I leaned down and lapped at his balls. He moaned loudly and the cum shot out of his
dick. 3, 4, 5 shots. one landed on my chin and I licked it off. It wasn’t too bad, not as bad as he
had made it out to be. We pushed underneath the shower stream again, cleaning each other
and washing away the cum. He began tubbing my ass, and then he pulled me towards him.

I figured what was coming next, and I actually couldn’t wait. Davy rubbed leftover cum in my
crack, slicking us both up. I stood up a little, and positioned myself over his lap. I dropped down
slowly, until I slipped and landed right with his dick straight up my ass. It hurt like hell

“HOLY HELL.” I screamed in pain and his hand clamped around my mouth. I bit his finger,
and the pain started disappearing. It was replaced by pleasure. I bounced once and the
pleasure increased. I started continuously bouncing, and our slaps echoed through the
locker room. We were both moaning, the slaps drowned us out though. I soon felt his
hot load shooting into my ass. It felt good, as he helped me off. He grabbed my dick and
began jacking it off. It wasn’t too long before I too, came all over again. We washed off
and shared one more kiss. We were both red in the face, and Davy was smiling.
His dimple seemed to wink at me, as if it were teasing me about what we had
just done. We both dried off and left, going the different directions to our houses. I couldn’t
wait till tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to tell Davy my parents were leaving for the weekend
tomorrow and I wanted him to come and spend the night.

I couldn’t wait.


:)) Hope you all like.

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