Gymnastic Performance

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There was a time when Las Vegas marketed itself as a family destination. Yeah, right. It’s called Sin City for a reason. Even the big resort casinos are getting in on the strip club action, creating and marketing their own nude reviews on the strip. No, the action isn’t the bump and grind, pole work of the Vegas strip clubs. A naked woman is a naked woman. Still, the most popular shows in Vegas are the bizarre, gymnastic displays of shows like Mystere or “O.”

You have to appreciate all those former college gymnasts who now have a place to show off their skills in their skintight costumes. Any success is worth copying, if you add a little twist to make it original.

My wife was a gymnast and cheerleader in her college days. I was on the swim team. We’re both now in our late 20’s, but we’ve both managed to stay in shape without too much difficulty. Amy has even become more sultry with a little age. I think she’s perfect at 5’6” 105 pounds and mesmerizing 34C globes.

Life is a little boring for us. I sell computers and Amy is a bookkeeper for an accounting firm. A good time for us is a weekend backyard barbecue with our best friends and neighbors, Allen and Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Allen were both on the cheerleading team with Amy in college. In fact, it’s a strange twist of fate that Liz and I lost our virginities together and Allen and Amy lived together their senior year. It was only after we graduated that I found myself more attracted to Amy and Allen with Liz.

I love my wife Amy. She means everything canlı bahis to me. I know Allen feels the same about his wife Liz. But we have a little arrangement. If any one of us goes out of town, their spouse spends the night with the other couple. If two spouses leave town, the homebound two have their fun. Yes, that means Allen and I have double-teamed both Amy and Liz. But Amy and Liz have also gotten it on together while Allen and I have had our own fun.

One Saturday, the four of us were enjoying barbecued steaks on a cool Vegas spring evening. All four of us were complaining about whose job really was the most boring. Elizabeth thought it would be cool if we could all try out for one of the Cirque shows, just to see if we were all still limber and athletic enough to make the cut.

Amy complained, C’mon Liz, they’d never hire a bunch of aging rah rah girls like us.

But then I said, forget “O”, I’ve got a better idea. Imagine a Cirque type show with all the strange lighting, and effects, but no costumes. And the gymnastics are all centered on sex. Call it a “The Real ‘O’” for orgasm. Wouldn’t guys and couples pay to see some really bizarre shit on stage?

At that point, we stopped talking seriously. Instead, the conversation became sort of joking as we envisioned the sex acts that the four of us could perform to entice an audience; from cunnilingus on handstands to penetrations on the pommel horse. Naked bodies flying around on the trapeze raised all kinds of lewd comments.

After two bottles bahis siteleri of wine, we all dragged ourselves inside our house. Amy swore she still had her skills and promptly performed a handstand in the middle of the family room. Liz complained the handstand was fine, but it wasn’t the kind of gymnastics we were talking about. That’s when she jumped over, pulled Amy’s shorts and panties down in one swift stroke, then lifted Amy’s blouse over her head. Amy started giggling, but was still able to get back into her handstand. She then split her legs in mid air, giving us all a close-up look right into her shaved pussy.

Not to be outdone, Liz stripped off her clothes and pulled herself into a handstand. Then, walking on her hands, Liz backed up to where I was sitting on the floor, then lowered her feet to the floor which put her pussy right at my face level. Not one to miss an opportunity, I took a few anxious licks of her slit until she collapsed on the floor.

Amy then stripped Allen’s clothes off and laid him on his back in the middle of the floor. His cock had already risen to its full 7 inches and was standing nearly straight up. Amy pulled herself back into a handstand, straddled Allen with her arms, leaned her head back, and proceeded to give him a blowjob standing on her hands. It was the most erotic scene I could have imagined, as she used her arm muscles to raise and lower her mouth onto Allen’s prick.

After stripping off my clothes, I brought two folding chairs into the family room and balanced between bahis şirketleri the two with my feet on one chair and my hands behind my back on the other one. Liz climbed on top, sitting with her back to me and my cock buried deep inside her cunt. Raising myself up and down on the supporting chair, I gave Amy the ride of her life. She cried out like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco yelling at the top of her voice until she milked every last drop of cum out of me.

I looked back over to my wife and Allen. The two were embraced in a standing position, but Amy’s leg was raised straight up in sort of a vertical split. That opened her pussy to Allen who was fucking her standing up. That action was in slow and deliberate motion, but all it took was a few minutes before Allen was also blowing his load.

Allen and I grabbed some beers out of the fridge. When we returned to the family room, Amy was once again doing the splits. This time, Amy used the two folding chairs to support her legs. Liz used a couple of couch pillows to support her head beneath Amy’s cunt, licking all of her husband’s sperm and Amy’s leaking juices. At the same time, Amy moaned quietly and tweaked her nipples into rock hard nubs. Amy and Liz then switched positions so Amy could return the favor.

Allen and I started talking more seriously about the possibility of a sexual circus. Renting a small warehouse for a theater off the strip wouldn’t be a problem. We might even work with one of the big strip clubs to get financial backing. It would all be illegal, of course, but with discreet word of mouth, we could build up a clientele. The best part of the plan would be inventing new ways to fuck and suck my wife and our friends to give our audience the best possible performance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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