Happy Birthday

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I’m back.

My muse having left me in sorrow for many a year, returned with a vengeance, taking sleep and sanity from me until I released her onto the page.

Consider this my Birthday present, not only to me, but to anyone who would read my triflings.


I walked into the small public loo. The lights were off, I left them that way, I didn’t need light for what I was planning on doing.

Farthest stall, I rather thought of it as mine. Closing the door, I undid my clothing as I was backing up.

A warm barrier stopped me, I started to turn when a soft voice murmured in my ear.

“Hands on the door.”

I swallowed.

“What?” was all I could gasp out. Never mind the shiver that ran up my spine.

“Hands on the door, now.”

I heard the iron fist in the velvet glove of that voice.

One hand was on the door before I knew what I was doing.


The soft voice, lips grazing my ear spoke.

“Do you need help?”

There, in the dark, I stood, pants and knickers round my knees, one hand on the heavy door in front of me as someone slid a hand down my arm, grasping my wrist, then guiding the free hand up to the door, directing my fingers to grip the top of the door. Shivering, I did as I was silently instructed.

“Nice of you to start things for me.”

I felt fingers brush my hip, a squeak of surprise at the softness exploring the casino oyna curve of my rear.

Lips once more brushed my ear.

“You want this, need it even.”

I shuddered as those deft fingers teased the portion of my rear that was becoming thigh.

I couldn’t help it, a tiny moan escaped my control.

Softly, I heard a chuckle.

“There she is, the passionate vixen, hidden in the mouse-skin.”

I could feel the heat of her body melding against my back, I stutter-stepped forward, my forehead coming to rest on the cool door.

Slim fingers touched my belly, sliding upward, brushing under the globe of my left breast before cupping the slight weight of it.

Again, I gasped. nipples hardening in anticipation of what I feared was next.

Fingertips grazed, then gently rolled the now painfully taut tissue. I curled by back, pressing hard against the full chest behind me.

Soft lips touched my neck and thought left me as my other breast was now tormented.

I heard a soft gasping growl, only later realizing it was me.

The voice of my captor whispered softly, making my entire being shudder.

“Shhhh… don’t want to get caught… “

A hand slid down my front.

I jumped, some part of me seeking more sensation despite logic.

Perversely, the motion only aided she who held me in thrall.

Fingers brushed my soft curls, then lower, now the sound in my ear became a breathy moan as her canlı casino fingers came in contact with my slick, smooth folds.

“Naughty wench, soaking already?”

I shivered as lips now took my lobe with a slight suckle.

Those fingers reaching round, they explored, learning me.

A bolt of lightning coursed through, as my now aching pearl was brushed.

My breast was now freed of it’s torment, and then hand came to rest on my hip.

My other hand reached up , now bother were curled over the top of the door, heated skin only slightly cooled by the door in my hands.

I felt my folds parted and my depths filled with one slender finger, somehow the side of my hardened nub was being brushed all the while.

I bit my lip, body fluttering around the casual invasion of my being.

My hips jerked in spastic counter to her thrusts.

The breathy whisper once more spoke.

“You are so hot, perfect, Let go.”

The hand that had been stroking my hip vanished and the heat of the body behind me shifted, intensifying the steady in-out motion that held me transfixed.

Something cool, hard, and slick touched my back passage, I gasped, but god help me, I did not object of pull away.

It was small, painless, though.. odd and strangely weighty in it’s new home.

I moved, my slacks and knickers now falling round my ankles, forming the strange sensation of bondage, holding me in place.

The first invader kaçak casino was followed by another, then another, making me writhe against the hand violating my front portion as my back was repeatedly filled. I am not sure how many times this was repeated before the hand moved back to my hip, gripping with such intensity that I knew I would carry bruises from her touch.

Fingers filled me now, harder with more focus.

I have no idea how full I was, only that I was full. My body shuddered, pearl beginning to jump as I felt my entire being tense, a ball of white hot fire starting to build, threatening to burn me alive.

I ground myself against her palm, craving the touch that would release me.

The only sounds in the room were our mingled breath and the soft shushing rhythm that was driving me mad.

Lips touched my neck, then teeth, the slight sensation of pain warring with the pleasure consuming me.

I tried to swallow the sound that forced itself from me.

A strangled bark of surprise and release echoed in the small tiled room as I tumbled harder than I ever had over the precipice, body clamping hard on the hand that now not only held me captive, but held me upright.

After an eternity of pleasure that was less than a minute, the mouth left my neck, and slowly the fingers left my depths.

In my ear, the now husky, wanton voice spoke. “Keep the gift, after we are done tonight, I will take it back, properly.”

I nodded, gripping the door like a lifeline until she slid beside me, uncurling my fingers to open, then leave the stall.

I heard her leave, but never heard the water run.

*the end*

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