Haunted by the Futa Ghost 13: Possessed by the Futa Ghost

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Haunted by the Futa Ghost
Chapter Thirteen: Possessed by the Futa Ghost
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

I gripped my gohei as I thrust my hand at the rice paper door. The roars of Mitsuko’s possessed father resounded through it. Shadows moved. A woman moaned, the same throaty sounds that I had brought forth from my Ojo-sama during our time at the onsen.

The sounds of pleasure. Of orgasms.

“You must free him,” Mitsuko-hime begged. “Please, Sayuri-chan.”

“I will,” I told her, trembling. So much had happened. I was a futanari now, but my transformation had taken a full turning of the moon. So I didn’t dance the Kagura at the autumn equinox and the foul yokai Yokubo-no-Tako had escaped. It now possessed Mitsuko-hime’s father, the Daimyo for our province. The monster killed my father when he tried to stop it.

And now I had to exorcise it from the Daimyo and make restitutions for my mistake. I had to reseal the yokai.

“Do not enter,” I told my princess.

Tears fell down her white-painted face. She looked like a princess even in her fear and grief, her hair styled in a complex bun on her head, held in place by the alabaster comb her father had given her. She loved that piece of jewelry over all others.

“Whatever happens, do not enter.”

She nodded her head.

I wanted to kiss her, to hold her, to love her. But there were watching eyes. The courtiers of the castle stared at us. None could now about our relationship. And though I had gained a cock and could marry her now, it did not matter.

I had too much to atone for.

With a deep breath, I stepped into the room. Her father writhed on his futon lying on the floor covered in tatami mats. A woman floated in the air, wrapped up in shadows, writhing and shivering. She was naked, her round breasts jiggling, her head thrown back in pleasure. Her pussy gaped open, shadowy appendages ramming into her depths like cocks. Juices fell like rain from her sex, pouring into the Daimyo’s open mouth.

He, too, was naked, his hand jerking his cock as he drank the pussy juices.

“PUSSY!” he howled. “Bring me more PUSSY!”

“No more will come, great Lord,” I said. “You are possessed.”

“The little miko, “the Daimyo said, only the voice that bubbled out was far too malevolent to be human. “I bet you have a pretty pussy beneath those hakama.”

“I have more than a pussy,” I spat out, stepping forward, the bells jingling as they dangled from my white haori. I wore my sacred garb. I wielded a gohei. The wand swept before me, the twin shide, chains of paper diamonds, flared bright and white with my sacred power. “Yokai, you do not belong in this man. You do not belong in this world.”

“And you will stop me, little miko?” The Daimyo’s entire body shook as the yokai laughed through him.

“I know your names, Yokubo-no-Tako. You are the Tentacles of the Depths, the Darkness of the Grotto, the Slime of Passion. I know all nineteen of your names.”

He snarled. Tentacles lashed out at me. Shadows hissed from above and the sides. I gripped the gohei moving with grace and beauty. I danced the Kagura’s power as my gohei lashed the air with brilliance. Shadows melted away as I swirled and spun, my feet stepping with precision, power surging out through me.

“I am a student of the Divine Dance, I am the embodiment of the Sacred Kami. I am the champion of Kanshu-no-Kami, blessed in his name on the day of my birth. My mother before me danced the Kagura to keep you barred, as did her mother and hers. And so shall my daughter! The blood of Kanshu pumps through my veins.

“You cannot stand before me Nightwater!”

The yokai threw the woman, writhing above, at me. I gasped as she slammed into me, disrupting my dance. Her weight carried me to the ground. I grunted, and she moaned. She wiggled on me. Something clung to her skin, oily and foul.

And arousing.

My clit tingled from the slime. My girl-dick sprouted beneath my hakama as I heaved the moaning woman off of me. She rolled onto her back, plunging both her fingers into her pussy. She reamed them in and out as I rose.

“FUTANARI!” bellowed the yokai.

The Daimyo now hung from the ceiling, his body supported like a marionette by shadowy tentacles, twitching as he stared at the bulge in my hakama. My dick ached and throbbed with such a need to cum.

“You serve Hangetsu, little miko?”

“Kanshu-no-Kami,” I snarled and moved forward.

The masturbating woman lunged at me. She grabbed the waistband of my red hakama. She yanked down my pants, my cock popping out. Her mouth latched onto it. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. I shivered, groaning as the woman, maddened by the yokai’s lusts, bobbed her mouth on my new dick. The slime coating my skin burned with more pleasure, the lusts trying to infect me.

“I will not succumb,” I groaned. “I am Divine. Holy. I am a sworn miko of Kanshu-no-Kami. He walks with me.”

“Your father said the same,” the yokai laughed through the Daimyo. His tentacle lashed out at me. “Right before I broke his neck.”

“He doesn’t have the Kami’s blood in him,” I shouted.

White light blazed from the twin shide as I swung it before me, cutting the tentacles attacking me, the severed ends fading into black motes. I grit my teeth as I tried to ignore the mouth sucking on my dick, swinging my gohei. She bobbed her greedy mouth on my dick. Her hands seized my ass, clenching them as her tongue swirled about my shaft.

It was so good. My pussy clenched. I struggled so hard not to erupt into her mouth. I had to be strong. I had to exorcise the demon. My hips shook, my arms moved, my feet shuffling in place. I couldn’t do the whirls and twirls of the Kagura with the woman’s sucking mouth locked on my dick.

But I could still dance.

Power flooded out of me. It rushed through the room. Light blazed as my lips moved. I cried out the nineteen names of Yokubo-no-Tako, I recited the glories of my ancestor, the names of my bloodlines. White light swirled through the room, ribbons that rippled from the shide swirling above my head, severing the tentacles.

The Daimyo groaned as he fell to the bed. I drove back the shadows of the yokai as they tried to bleed out of him.

“You cannot defeat me, miko,” he groaned. “I have his soul. You’ll have to kill him to set me free.”

“You are wrong!” I howled. “By Kanshu-no-Kami’s sacred strength, the power of his mighty limbs, the strength of his…”

My words faltered. The woman sucking my cock shoved two fingers into my pussy. They pressed into my depths. Pleasure rippled through my pussy to the tip of my dick. My head sprang back. My snatch clenched on the probing fingers.

My dick throbbed in her hungry mouth.

I had to focus, but she took so much of my dick into her mouth. The Daimyo rose. Fresh tentacles surged from him. He moved towards me, not walking like a man, but like an insect scuttling on too many legs.

“That’s it, little miko, cum in the whore’s mouth. Flood her with your seed. Pussy, cock! I feed on it all. Give me your fluids!”

“Never!” I howled as my cock erupted.

Pleasure burst out of my pussy and exploded from my cock. Cum spurted into the woman’s mouth. My pussy spasmed on her fingers. The pleasure shot through me as I lashed out my gohei at the Daimyo while the yokai reached for me.

My shide lashed the Daimyo in the face. Blood spurted.

I gasped in shock as the Daimyo crashed to the floor. My shide had hurt him instead of driving out the yokai. My eyes widened. I was cumming. Lust shuddered through my body, affecting my purity. I groaned, swaying as the final spurt of my cum flooded the woman’s mouth.

“My Lord,” I gasped as he screamed in pain, clutching the blood flowing from his ruined face. More dripped from the shide.

The door burst open. Mitsuko-hime entered. Her eyes widened. She stared at her father lying bleeding. So much blood. His body twitched. He gurgled. Shadows boiled around him while the woman kept sucking on my dick.

Mitsuko-hime glanced at me. Pain burned in her eyes. “You said you would save him! And you’re in here, fucking a woman’s mouth while he bleeds!”

“I…” Shame shot through me. I heaved away from the woman, my cock bobbing before me. I had to exorcise the yokai while there was still time to save Mitsuko-hime’s father. “By the name of Kanshu-no-Kami, and through his blood flowing in my veins, I cast you out yokai!”

My gohei lashed down at the Daimyo, a ribbon of blood trailing in its wake. Mitsuko-hime screamed and threw herself at her father, covering him. Horror twisted my guts. The stained-crimson shide cracked across her back.

Energy exploded.


500 years later…

Don’t cum. You can’t cum. Think of baseball. The A’s are doing great this season. If they win the next seven games, they’ll be in the playoffs for sure. They can do it. They can make it to the world series. They’ll sweep the Mariners in the three game series next week. Just sweep them.

Chris struggled hard as the ghost-possessed Miyu rode her girl-dick. The Japanese exchange student’s tight, hot cunt slid up and down his dick. She gripped him with her silky flesh. Her silky-black hair danced about a face contorting with pleasure while her hands squeezed Chris’s large breasts.

Chris didn’t always have breasts. Until this afternoon, she was a he. Gender-swapped by the very ghost that possessed Miyu. Through the craziness of today, she had gone from a boy to a girl and then into a futa. And if she came in Miyu’s pussy, she would go back to being a girl. Having no cock.

And then the ghost-possessed girl would strangle her to death.

After the Mariners, the A’s have a tough battle against the Blue Jays. But they can do it. They can afford to lose one game in their series. But that’s it. Then they’ll make the playoffs.

Damn, Miyu’s pussy is so tight. So wet.

Chris’s dick was larger as a futa than it was a boy. It even felt more sensitive. Her pussy clenched as she fought the hot, tight delight of Miyu’s pussy sliding up and down her dick. Chris glanced at Yoshiko, pressed against the wall, the ghost of Sayuri sucking on her futa-dick.

Chris couldn’t see the ghost. But she could see Yoshiko’s cock moving and bobbing in strange ways as the futa-ghost sucked on it. The busty, half-Japanese futanari moaned, her round, blue eyes squeezed shut as she struggled to cum.

Watching izmir escort bayan them made Chris’s dick ache. The tip throbbed. She groaned, fighting back the sudden orgasm about to explode through her. She grit her teeth, shuddering against the incredible pleasure of Miyu’s tight pussy.

“No,” Yoshiko groaned. “I have to cum.”

“Yes,” Chris panted, her feet drumming on the floor. “I can’t…hold out… Shit, her pussy feels so good.”

Her pussy clenched. She couldn’t hold off any longer. She grit her teeth, fighting it, but that hot, silky pussy was just too amazing. Her cum swirled in her ovaries. The pressure race towards the tip of her dick.

Yoshiko let out a moan of delight.

Cum spurted from her dick and into the ghost’s mouth, splashing around before fading away, absorbed. And then outlines of the ghost appeared. Hope surged in Chris. Her orgasm withdrew as she watched in awe as the futa-ghost appear, naked and sleek, her skin a darker shade of olive than Yoshiko’s, her hair straight and silky-black.

And then the futa-ghost surged into Yoshiko’s girl dick. The busty futanari shivered, swayed. She trembled as the ghost of Sayuri possessed her body. Elation surged through Chris. With the ghost in control of Yoshiko’s body, she could exorcise Mitsuko’s spirit out of Miyu.

And then we can rescue Lori.

Yoshiko’s swaying ended. She straightened and then bent down, snatching up the fallen wand. It had a single chain of paper diamonds dangling from the end. Naked, her dick still hard, ghost-possessed Yoshiko faced Miyu and spoke in flawless Japanese.

Yoshiko knew only a few phrases. Like Miyu, it sounded like two people spoke: Yoshiko and the spirit of Sayuri.

“SAYURI-CHAN!” Miyu howled, her pussy clenching so hard on Chris’s dick.

The blonde futanari groaned, her orgasm had only been delayed. It still boiled in the depths of her pussy. She was still so close to exploding. Miyu slid up her dick, the friction shooting down to her pussy. Her cunt clenched as she fought against her orgasm.

And then Miyu was off her dick and advancing at Yoshiko. Chris let out a gasp of relief. Her large tits heaved. She wasn’t sure she would ever go back to being a guy, but she knew she didn’t want to stop having a cock.

The pair spoke in rapid Japanese as they squared off. Then Yoshiko lunged at Miyu, large tits bouncing. Chris groaned, her pussy-soaked dick aching. She still wanted to cum. But now really wasn’t the time.

“Kick her ass, Sayuri-chan,” Chris shouted, turning, sitting up as the two ghost-possessed girls came together.

Energy flashed. White and black, meeting in powerful bursts. The blue globe of light, the hitodama, darted in. Chris didn’t understand what it was, but it seemed to protect Mitsuko. Yoshiko had to whip it with the wand, driving it back, allowing Miyu to dart in.

Goose pimples rose on Chris’s skin. She shivered again. Electricity tingled in the air. The ground rumbled as the two ghosts fought through their proxies. Miyu screamed, her words hoarse and throaty as she lunged in and tried to rip out Yoshiko’s throat with sharp fingernails.

But the glowing wand held her back.

Chris looked to her left at the purple glowing portal. They had just opened it up to Yomi before Miyu arrived. Chris, Yoshiko, and the ghost were about to go through and confront the tentacle monster. They would rescue Chris’s girlfriend, Lori, and the others taken—Kat, Ms. Lindon, and Mariah.

Shivering, Chris wrenched her gaze from the portal. All she wanted to do was to go through it. But that wouldn’t solve anything. She needed Sayuri to fight the tentacle monster. She was a miko, a shrine maiden, blessed with divine powers…somehow. Chris didn’t pretend to understand how it worked.

But Sayuri could defeat the monster.

We’re coming, Lori, just hold on. Fear twisted Chris’s stomach. The monster fucked women to death, feeding on their essences.

“Chris-chan,” Sayuri said through Yoshiko. Only the ghost would have added the Japanese honorific to Chris’s name.

“Yes?” Chris asked, standing up.

“I need you to distract the hitodama.” Yoshiko’s face twisted in concentration as she danced and whirled, slashing her wand at both Miyu and the ball of light. “I can’t fight them both.”

“Right?” Chris nodded, ready to help. “How?”

“Mitsuko-hime is obsessed with futanari. If you cum, it should attract the ball’s attention.”

“Oh, sure,” Chris said and grabbed her cock. She felt so foolish. Now wasn’t the time to jerk off, but she trusted Sayuri.

The blonde futanari stroked her hand up and down her shaft slicked by Miyu’s cream. Pleasure shuddered through Chris. Her pussy clenched, juices running down her thighs. She had been close to cumming before, and her orgasm swiftly built as she stroked her dick.

Her cock throbbed every time her hand reached the tip. It was so different jerking off her girl-dick than her original. It was far thicker and longer. She had to really work her hand up and down it now. Sensations raced down her shaft to her pussy. Her back arched as the pleasure built.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Chris groaned, squeezing her eyes shut. She pictured Lori on her knees, red hair framing her smiling face, green eyes twinkling. Lips wide, sucking on the tip. Loving it. “Going to cum so hard, baby.”

Yes, yes, you know I love it when you cum in my mouth, he imagined Lori saying.

“Fuck,” Chris groaned. Her back arched. Her tits bounced before her.

Cum spurted from her dick.

White arched through the air and splattered on the ground. Thick, white drops forming a line leading back to her. Another and another blast erupted. Pleasure surged through Chris. Her pussy clenched, juices flooding down her thighs. Her knees buckled beneath the pleasure surging out of her.

“God, yes,” Chris groaned, loving being a futanari right now.

The blue hitodama danced through the air, making figure eights as it wavered, one moment darting for Yoshiko, the next heading for Chris’s cum. Its light pulsed and flickered, crackling with lightning. Chris cocked her head.

Is that ball lightning? Is that what a hitodama is?

Then the ball surged for the ground. It landed on the nearest puddle of Chris’s girl-jizz. The light pulsed as it slid along the floor, leaving no jizz in its wake. It was hungry, sliding through the cum, gathering up every drop on the floor.

Chris shivered. “You like it, huh? Just a little cum-slut there, hitodama?”

A dollop of cum, beading the tip of Chris’s dick, fell to the floor and landed with a splatter at her feet.

The hitodama pulsed and shot across the floor at Chris. The blonde futanari gasped in shock, stepping back as the ball absorbed the cum on the floor. As Chris moved, her dick shook, flicking more drops of girl-jizz into the air. The ball noticed, rising, catching then following them to the source.

It engulfed Chris’s girl-dick.

Electricity tingled up her cock straight to her pussy. Her cunt spasmed. Her entire body quivered, head thrusting back. Large tits bounced before the futa as incredible pleasure raced through her body. It was so different than anything she had ever felt, almost like a violent shock.

But it felt amazing.

“Oh, fuck,” Chris groaned, falling to her knees. She didn’t even feel the impact on her knees as her body quivered.

It was so hard to focus on anything but that wonderful ball of pulsing, sucking light on her dick. It quivered and hummed, sparking along her dick. Her convulsing pussy radiated pleasure through the rest of her body, the current inducing her orgasm.

Cum spurted out of her dick. The hungry hitodama pulsed rapidly as blast after blast of girl-jizz shot from Chris’s dick. She gasped, stars dancing before her eyes. Her hands seized her heaving breasts, squeezing her pillowy flesh.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” Chris moaned, the word spilling from her lips as she writhed in passion. “You naughty ball of light.”

The futa had no idea her dick could keep erupting. Five or six blast was typical. But ten. Eleven. Twelve. And each one accompanied by the powerful pulse of pleasure that swept through her body and had her convulsing and writhing, her eyes fluttering.

“Shit, that’s good. Oh, damn, yes!”

The pleasure coursed over and over through her. Juices gushed down her thighs, hot and sticky. Her fingers dug deep into her tits. Her body shuddered, writhed, lost to the pleasure that the little, naughty, wonderful ball gave her.

It surged up and down her cock, fucking her, draining load after load of cum from her body. The blonde futanari swayed, stumbling back. She fell on her ass, hardly feeling the impact as the ecstasy surged through her. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her entire cock bursting with electric bliss.

“Fuck,” she groaned, grabbing her new breasts. She squeezed them, loving their pillowy feel. They were so much fun to play with. “You naughty fucking ball of light. Suck my cock!”

The hitodama pulsed faster and faster, glowing brighter with every blast of cum it absorbed. The light strobed through the room, painting everything in harsh blues for a split second. Chris groaned, her hips thrusting up, fucking the entity, juices squirting from her pussy.

Her eyes rolled back into her head. Fingers pinched and pulled fat nipples. Pleasure screamed through her electrified body. Her pussy spasmed and convulsed over and over. The tip of her dick ached, growing more and more sensitive with every spurt of jizz.

In the background, Miyu and Yoshiko fought with light and shadows. Chris didn’t care that Miyu’s clothes disintegrated as the glowing chain of paper diamonds slashed into her, revealing her slim, petite form. Her breasts small, perky mounds that jiggled, nipples tiny, brown, hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” screamed Chris as more rapture boiled through her mind. Stars danced before her eyes. Her vision fuzzed. She clung to consciousness, wanting to hold onto the bliss the hitodama gave her for just one more blast of cum.

Her teeth clenched. Her fingers pulled hard on her nipples. Large tits stretched. Pussy juices puddled about her ass. Heels drummed on the floor.

“Too…much…” Chris squirmed. “Fuck!”

As Chris hovered on the edge of oblivion, lost to the ecstasy, the hitodama burst with light. It expanded like a star going supernova, rippling energy across Chris’s body. It swelled, washing down buca escort the halls, crashing over Miyu’s and Yoshiko’s ghost possessed bodies.

The electric pleasure vanished. The hitodama gone.

A final spurt of cum shot out of Chris’s dick and splattered her tits. She panted, shivering, her body electrified. She still ached. She still wanted to cum. Her gender-swapped, futanari body yearned for more pleasure. More rapture.

“Jesus, that was hot,” Chris panted.


You can do it, Yoshiko cheered from inside her own soul, feeling her body under the ghost’s control. It was like she was paralyzed. She couldn’t control herself, couldn’t give her limbs any commands, direct any of her muscles.

But she moved, puppeteered by Sayuri.

Kick her ass!

“Mitsuko-hime, talk to me,” Sayuri spoke through Yoshiko’s mouth in Japanese. Inside her soul, Yoshiko understood it. “Why are you so angry with me?”

The girl, Miyu, rushed forward, her clothing in tatters around her petite body, her glasses slipping down the bridge of her button nose. Pure anger flickered across the face. A deluge of “Hate you! Kill you! All your fault! SAYURI-CHAN!” spilled from the ghost’s words.

Yoshiko felt Sayuri’s pain.

You can beat her!

“Please, talk to me, Mitsuko-hime!” Sayuri shouted. “I love you! What did I do to hurt you? How could I have hurt you?”

Shadows flew from the tips of Miyu’s fingers, razor-sharp energy seeking to rend Yoshiko’s flesh. The ghost was angry, tapping on the power in her host’s body. Yoshiko understood, reading Sayuri’s emotions and thoughts, that Miyu was also a miko, and her divine blood gave Mitsuko’s spirit great power.

“Why are you an onryo, my Princess?” The pain in Sayuri’s words made Yoshiko cry.

Or she would if she were in control over her body.

“PRINCESS?” howled Mitsuko through Miyu. A new face flickered over Miyu’s painted white with red lips like a geisha.

Yoshiko remembered the brief vision of Yoshiko walking through a castle. In it, Mitsuko, her face painted identically to how it appeared over Miyu’s, had fallen to her knees before Sayuri. She had begged the shrine maiden to save her father. That’s it. Ask about her father, Sayuri-chan.

“Is this about your father? What happened to Lord Todo?”

“You killed him!” howled Mitsuko. “You promised to save him. Then you killed him and drove that terrible yokai into me! You destroyed my father! You told me you loved me, SAYURI-CHAN!”

Miyu lunged forward, shadows bleeding off of her. Yoshiko’s body swung the wand, the burning chain of paper crashing into the shadows. Sayuri grunted, Yoshiko’s body driven back into the wall. The anger bled off the ghost.

“You killed him!”

“No,” Sayuri gasped. “No. I wouldn’t kill your father. I love you!”

“And I HATE you!”

Blue light exploded through the hallway.

Even with control of her body stripped away, Yoshiko felt the electric lust surge through her body. Her futa-cock sprouted hard, thrusting at Miyu, brushing the Japanese girl’s silky stomach. Her nipples hardened atop her large breasts. Sayuri let out a moan of pure lust through Yoshiko’s lips.

And so did Mitsuko through Miyu’s.

The possessed Japanese girl seized Yoshiko’s dick, stroking it. Lust shone in Miyu’s eyes. “THIS! This is why my father is dead! You wanted to be futanari.”

“So I could be your husband,” moaned Sayuri.

“And while you were gone, the yokai escaped! It is your fault, SAYURI-CHAN! YOURS!”

The force of the hate rolled over Yoshiko’s body, pinning her against the wall. The wand fell from her fingers. Then the spirit-possessed Miyu leaned in and kissed Yoshiko’s lips hard. The tingling lust from the blue explosion surged through her body.

Sayuri moaned into the kiss.

She’s going to try and take my cock, Sayuri-chan!

She’s driven by lust, Sayuri answered, kissing Miyu back. Their tongues dueled. Miyu’s hands stroked Yoshiko’s futa-cock, shooting pleasure through her busty body. She trembled in her soul, feeling Miyu’s delicate fingers rubbing the sensitive tip of her dick. That’s how I have to exorcise her. Through sex.

But won’t she try to use her…ghost powers on me through sex, too.

Only through her pussy. That’s it. I have to fuck her asshole! We never did anal. We never thought of anal. And yet… Sayuri shivered Yoshiko’s body, moaning louder into the kiss with Miyu. That’s why I’ve been obsessed with your ass. I knew this. I knew I would have to fuck Mitsuko’s ass to save her. To unite our souls in a way she won’t expect.

Then let’s fuck her ass, cheered Yoshiko. Let’s save your girlfriend.

Sayuri kissed Miyu back, arms wrapping around the petite girl. Small tits pressed into Yoshiko’s big breasts, hard nipples nudging. Hers were three times as big as Miyu’s little nubs. Shivers raced through her body. She trembled in her soul, feeling it all. The silky caress of Miyu’s skin on hers. The slide of a soft hand on her cock. Tongues and lips working together. Kiss of nipples. Hot thigh rubbing on wet pussy.

Rapture. Wonderful, delicious rapture.

The electricity tingling her body demanded release. They needed satisfaction. Sayuri controlled Yoshiko’s body. Left leg hooked Miyu’s right, pulling, tugging. The pair fell to the ground, moaning as they broke their kiss.

Get her on her back, Yoshiko cheered. Let’s fuck Miyu’s ass. Oh, I bet it’ll feel amazing saving your girlfriend.

“Yes,” Sayuri moaned.

“I want this cock in me!” Mitsuko hissed, writhing beneath Sayuri. “Fuck me! You destroyed our lives to have this cock! Fuck me! Show me what is so great about it!”

“Oh, I’ll fuck you,” Sayuri said, reaching between the bodies to grasp Yoshiko’s throbbing cock. She slid it down Miyu’s wet pussy to her taint and nudged at her asshole. Precum leaked out the tip, lubing the way.

Sayuri thrust.

Mitsuko howled and twisted Miyu’s body. Only the tip grazed her tight sphincter. For a moment, it widened, engulfing the crown of Yoshiko’s girl-dick, but Miyu’s movement popped it out. With a heave, Yoshiko’s body tumbled over onto her back, Miyu pouncing.

“My pussy! You will fuck my pussy, peasant!” snarled Mitsuko. “I never should have loved such a common cunt! You were never worthy of my maidenhead!”

“I love you, Mitsuko-hime,” Sayuri said, wiggling, trying to keep Mitsuko from impaling Miyu’s pussy down Yoshiko’s dick.

Keep telling her that. Get through to her. Yoshiko shivered, so tense as her body wrestled with Miyu. She wished she were in control as they rolled across the floor. Her tits heaved and bounced, her cock nudging hot pussy and tight ass.

Sayuri groaned, fighting to thrust Yoshiko’s dick into the right hole as the ghost-possessed girls tumbled about the floor. They rolled into the wall, gasping, groaning. Yoshiko’s dick ached so much. She wanted it buried into Miyu’s asshole so badly.

Precum leaked out, smearing across Miyu’s body. Her hot pussy juices dripped and splattered Yoshiko’s thighs and stomach. Both became slipperier and slipperier as they rolled across the floor in their lust-filled struggled.

Yoshiko’s dick found Miyu’s puckered asshole.

Bugger her. That’s it thrust my hips, Sayuri-chan!

The ghost did. But as she lunged Yoshiko’s hips forward to drive her dick deep into Miyu’s asshole, Mitsuko moved her host’s hips. Instead of burying into hot, velvety ass, Yoshiko’s dick slammed into wet, silky pussy.

“YES!” screamed Mitsuko, her face flashing across Miyu’s.

“No,” groaned Sayuri, voice thick with pleasure.

Miyu’s pussy was so tight. So hot. So wet. So silky. With a heave, Yoshiko’s body ended up on her back, Miyu on top, riding the big, thick girl-dick. Hot snatch slid up and down Yoshiko’s shaft. Friction shivered through her body.

Oh, god, that’s good, Yoshiko moaned. But you have to fight, Sayuri-chan!

“Trying,” groaned Sayuri, bucking Yoshiko’s hips, trying to rock Miyu off.

But that only slid Yoshiko’s dick faster and harder through hot, silky flesh. The pleasure surged through her body. Her pussy clenched, her orgasm building in her depths. Sayuri groaned, Yoshiko’s big tits heaving as the ghost tried to buck Miyu off at an angle instead, throwing her to the right or left.

“Oh, yes, fuck that cock into my pussy,” Mitsuko moaned. “This is what you killed our fathers for. This cock. Oh, you think this is worth it?”

“No,” Sayuri moaned, the pressure building and building. “Never. I would never want our fathers dead. I just wanted to love you. To be your husband!”

“Enjoy your girl-cock, SAYURI-CHAN! When it’s gone, when you’re a girl again, I’ll kill you! I’ll avenge my father!” Miyu’s body shivered. “Oh, yes, feel how tight and hot my pussy is. Mmm, you love it. You love being in my cunt. This is the pussy you sacrificed so much for! This is the hole you craved.”

“Chris-chan,” Sayuri groaned. “Help, help. Pull her off of me. Yoshiko-chan’s body is burning with lust. She will cum soon.”

“What?” a groggy Chris groaned, her big tits quivering as she struggled to sit up, her cock throbbing hard before her. “What’s going on?”

“I have to fuck her ass to save my Princess,” Sayuri groaned. “But I’m in her pussy. She’ll steal Yoshiko-chan’s girl-dick.”

“Right,” Chris groaned.

Please hurry, Yoshiko shouted, forgetting she couldn’t speak through her body. I’m going to cum!

So much pleasure roared through her body. Miyu’s hot cunt sliding up and down her dick built the pleasure in her pussy. Her snatch clenched every time Miyu reached the pinnacle, pussy sucking at the sensitive crown. And then the ghost-possessed girl slammed down, her firm tits jiggling, wanton moans escaping her lips.

Chris rose, her large tits bouncing. She dashed towards Miyu from behind. Mitsuko, oblivious to the words Sayuri spoke in English, didn’t realize her danger. And the hitodama was gone, defeated somehow by Chris.

“Got you, bitch,” Chris growled, seizing Miyu from behind.

Though Chris wasn’t a guy any longer, she was still bigger than the petite Miyu. Yoshiko’s body shuddered as Chris ripped Miyu’s hot, tight pussy off her dick, twisted the girl, and slammed her down to the ground on her belly, her butt-cheeks wiggling.

“Fuck her ass,” Chris groaned.

“Yes,” Sayuri gasped, springing onto Miyu, guiding Yoshiko’s hard, throbbing dick between Miyu’s butt-cheeks.

Sayuri izmir escort found Miyu’s asshole. Thrust.

“What?” gasped Mitsuko in throaty pleasure as Yoshiko’s dick slid into Miyu’s bowels. “What are you…? Oh… Oh…”

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” groaned Sayuri as she draped Yoshiko’s body over Miyu’s back. The half-Japanese futanari’s huge tits pillowed into the squirming girl’s back. “You thought my cock felt good in your pussy, Mitsuko-hime, but you love it in your ass. Admit it, Princess.”

Mitsuko shivered, groaning, clenching Miyu’s bowels tight around Yoshiko’s dick as it slid out. And then thrust in again. Yoshiko groaned in her soul, shivering, drinking in the pleasure of Miyu’s hot, tight bowels. They wrapped about her cock, gripping it in velvety rapture.

That’s so good.

“I love your ass, Mitsuko-hime,” Sayuri purred, nuzzling at Miyu’s ear. “Don’t you love my cock up it?”

Mitsuko let out a shivering moan through Miyu’s lips. Bowels clenched tight about Yoshiko’s thrusting dick. Miyu’s hips writhed, stirring her asshole around the plunging dick, increasing the pleasure shivering through Yoshiko’s body.

The pleasure, already about to explode, swelled more in the depths of her pussy. Sayuri gasped with every thrust of Yoshiko’s hips, driving the girl-dick deep into Miyu’s asshole. Mitsuko moaned louder and louder, loving it.

“Sayuri-chan,” she groaned, not screaming the name for once. “That’s…that’s…”

“Feel my love, Mitsuko-hime,” groaned Sayuri, flesh slapping against flesh. “Let go of the hate. Let yourself be free. I am so sorry. But I love you. I can make it right!”

“You can’t, SAYURI-CHAN!”

Miyu’s bowels spasmed hard about Yoshiko’s plunging dick. The Japanese girl came beneath her body, writhing, bucking, bowels milking her dick. Sayuri gasped, pumping faster and faster, feeling the same rapture that Yoshiko did.

The pressure built towards the tip of her girl-dick buried in Miyu’s hot ass. The velvety friction swelled the pressure. Her orgasm came closer and closer. Every stroke brought her that much nearer to erupting. Yoshiko trembled in her soul.

Cum in her, she moaned. Let’s flood her ass and save her.

“Yes,” screamed Sayuri. “I love you, Mitsuko-hime!”

Sayuri drove Yoshiko’s girl-cock into Miyu’s asshole. Cum erupted. Pleasure spurted through Yoshiko’s body as jizz flooded Miyu’s ass. The pleasure rippled through her. White light flared out of Miyu’s asshole, spilling through the room.

“NO!” screamed Mitsuko and darkness flooded out after the light, swallowing it.


“IE!” screamed Mitsuko through Miyu.

Chris’s heart fell as darkness swallowed the flaring, white light spilling around Yoshiko’s busty body. The blonde futanari, still stroking her dick, shook her head. “What happened? You came. Did you…?”

“She resisted, Chris-chan,” Sayuri said in her own and Yoshiko’s voice. “I need more energy. Miyu has just as much divine blood as me. We’re at a stalemate.” Yoshiko’s ass still rose and fell, Sayuri continuing to fuck Miyu. “I need to dump more energy into her.”

“How?” Chris asked. “Can I do anything?”

“Yes!” With a heave, Sayuri rolled Yoshiko’s onto her back, pulling Miyu with her. Sayuri held Miyu tight, the girl squirming, still impaled on Yoshiko’s dick.

The Japanese girl’s firm breasts jiggled. Yoshiko’s paler hands grasped them, squeezing. Miyu groaned, her legs spread wide, exposing her thick, black bush soaked with her pussy juices. Her pink gash peeked through the tangle of hairs.

“You still have the hitodama’s energy in you,” panted Sayuri, struggling to hold Miyu. “I need it. We have to fuck her together.”

“I have to fuck her pussy?” Chris asked, trembling. “I’ll lose my cock.”

“Her ass. We both have to fuck her asshole.”

Chris’s girl-dick throbbed hard. “Holy shit, double penetration?”

“Yes,” gasped Sayuri, her voice thick with pleasure and strain. “Hurry! Before she gets off Yoshiko’s cock.”

Chris moved to Miyu, falling between her thighs. Her eyes locked on the blonde futanari’s girl-dick. Mitsuko said something in rapid Japanese, mentioning Sayuri’s name. The angry ghost’s face flickered over Miyu’s face twisting with confusion. More Japanese spilled from her lips.

“What’s she saying?” Chris panted.

“She think you’re also me,” Sayuri answered. “It’s confusing her that there are two of us.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Chris groaned, sliding her dick along Yoshiko’s shaft. It led her right to Miyu’s stretched asshole. “Why doesn’t she see me. I’m a blonde, White futanari. I look nothing like Yoshiko.”

“Onryo see the reality that they want, not what it actually is,” Sayuri gasped. “Hurry, fuck her asshole.”

“Yes,” Chris panted, pressing her dick at the stuffed sphincter.

Miyu’s asshole stretched even wider. Mitsuko gasped, Miyu’s face twisting with rapture as Chris’s dick forced in an inch. The pressure was incredible around her girl-dick. She groaned, thrusting again, her copious precum lubing the way. She slid along Yoshiko’s cock and into Miyu’s bowels. Deeper and deeper.

Incredible friction rushed rapture down Chris’s dick. Her pussy clenched as she grunted. Her breasts jiggled, hips bucking, thrusting. Her dick slammed all the way into Miyu’s asshole, sandwiched against Yoshiko’s hard cock.

“Holy shit, I can feel Yoshiko’s dick throbbing against mine,” panted Chris.

“Yes, it is incredible,” moaned Sayuri.

Mitsuko panted in Japanese, humping Miyu’s hips. Pleasure crossed her face, her eyes squeezing shut. Chris leaned over Miyu, her dangling breasts brushing the Japanese girl’s small tits. Chris grunted, drawing back her dick and thrusting in again.

The pleasure burned around her dick. She and Yoshiko’s girl-cocks pumped into Miyu’s asshole, moving at different rhythms. The sensitive crown of Chris’s dick slid through tight bowels and against throbbing girl-cock, pleasure shuddering through her body. She moaned, hips pumping faster and faster.

All three gasped and panted, moaning out their pleasure. Chris couldn’t believe she was doing this. Double penetrating a girl with her dick. She had seen it once, a picture shared on a message board. Two guys stuffed into a girl’s asshole. It seemed impossible.

It wasn’t.

“Holy shit, this is amazing, Sayuri,” Chris panted, her hips thrusting faster. “Yes, yes, yes, let’s fuck your girlfriend back into sanity.”

“Yes!” Sayuri moaned. “Oh, Chris-chan, I love the feel of your cock against Yoshiko’s. This is so hot.”

“So hot!”

Chris’s orgasm built swiftly, the friction incredible. She gasped and moaned, driving her dick faster and deeper into Miyu’s asshole. The pleasure shivered around her dick. Mitsuko clenched Miyu’s bowels, pumping her hips, pleasure crossing her face.

The heat only grew. The pleasure swelling. Chris’s dick ached with the familiar need to cum. It was even stronger with the hitodama’s energy tingling through her, giving her power to dump into Miyu’s asshole and help rescue Mitsuko.

Her eyes glanced to the portal. Then we’re coming for you, Lori. Hold on!

Pleasure built and built in her depths. Her pussy clenched. Juices dribbled down her girl-cock, adding more lube to Miyu’s tight, velvety bowels. All three gasped and groaned, their flesh slapping together.

“Iku!” moaned Mitsuko through Miyu.

The Japanese girl’s bowels spasmed about Chris’s thrusting dick. The writhing pressure forced her dick tighter against Yoshiko’s. The pleasure swelled. Chris’s hips pumped faster and faster. She moaned through her lips as Miyu thrashed, cumming hard.

“Let’s flood her,” gasped Chris. “I’m so close!”

“Yes!” Sayuri groaned.

They both thrust their dicks into the depths of Miyu’s ass. And came.

Energy spurted out of Chris’s cock along with her jizz. She shivered and moaned, her back arching. Her tits jiggling. Her eyes rolled back it her head as her orgasm exploded. Powerful waves of rapture inundated her mind.

White light flared warm around them. Bright, shining with both Sayuri’s power and the energy from the hitodama spurting from Chris’s dick. She gasped, squeezing her eyes shut, savoring the pleasure coursing through her body.

“IE!” howled Mitsuko. She bucked, writhed.

And then Chris gasped. She fell forward out of her body and into Miyu’s, dragged along by the energy surging out of Yoshiko’s dick. Sayuri’s energy. Chris, her soul writhing in pleasure, gasped and moaned as she tumbled through darkness and—

She stood by a hot spring. Two Japanese girls were in it, one sitting on the edge of the pool, her legs in the water, the other standing in the middle, her hands behind her back. Both were young, eighteen, their breasts small and firm, their skin the same olive tone as Miyu’s, silky, black hair falling about their shoulders and backs.

The one in the center of the pool sauntered forward, steam rising around her body. With a naughty smile on her lips, she purred, “Look what my maids procured for me.”

“This is Sayuri’s happiest memory.”

Chris jumped, turning. Yoshiko stood beside her. “What?”

“We’re in one of their souls. This is the day they took each other’s virginities with the dildo Mitsuko’s hiding behind her back.”

“We’ve fallen into Mitsuko’s soul,” Miyu spoke, stepping naked out of another brush, adjusting glasses on her eyes.

“What, Mitsuko-hime?” Sayuri, the girl sitting on the edge of the hot springs, asked.

“Now what?” groaned Chris. “How are we supposed to save Lori now?”


Lori gasped and moaned. The redhead thrashed in ecstasy as the tentacle cocks pumped in and out of her asshole, pussy, and mouth. She drank down the foamy cum spurting from the tip of the dick, flooding about her mouth.

She shivered, another orgasm bursting through her as she dangled over her monstrous lover. Her pussy juices squirted out around her cock, raining down into the monster’s open mouth. It bellowed in Japanese, savoring her cream.

The pleasure raced through her body. She had cum so much. So often. It was so overwhelming. Her body felt so weak. But she desired more. She needed more. Lori thrashed as the rapture burned through her mind.

Darkness fuzzed her vision.

No, no, don’t pass out. Have to keep…cumming…

But her body was at its limits. She slumped, stars bursting across her vision as she fell into blissful ecstasy, the monster fucking away at her holes, feeding on her energy.

To be continued…

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