Have Been Thinking about My Bi Side

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This is a story I wrote for Penny, in Sydney. I wrote it because she asked me to. I didn’t have a lot of information to build from, Penny so I let my “overactive” imagination run wild. I hope you like it anyway!


Penny sat topless on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water. Cassandra sat naked with her legs spread slightly apart, on the chaise lounge, next to Penny. It was hot out and Cassandra’s skin was moist with sweat. She leaned back on her elbows, her breasts looked at the sky. Penny tore her eyes away and followed their gaze. Contrails streaked across the heavens and Penny pretended to be interested in them.

“Would you like to go back to the house with me?” Cassandra asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“Isn’t that what we came here for? To get away from our husbands and spend some time together? Sexually?”

Penny eyed her friend Cassie and weighed how badly she wanted to lick the salt from her skin, to taste her. They had been friends for years and Cassandra had been trying to bed her the entire time. Penny had resisted, afraid to be a lesbian. What would her mother think?

The opportunity had come up to take this house for a week at the shore and she had finally broken down. The lure of summer weather, a big luxurious house on the beach, with a pool, and her pull towards Cassandra had finally convinced her that the time was now. She needed to act, but she was nervous. It was hard.

She sat up straighter and pulled her shoulders back. She had made up her mind, “Why do we have to go to the house?” She stood and slipped her bikini bottoms to her feet and stepped out of them. “Why can’t we stay out here?” Her well trimmed black bush was damp from an earlier dip in the pool and seemed to shine in the sunlight. Cassandra’s gaze turned to lust and Penny suddenly felt enabled and powerful.

“I’ve never made love to a woman before,” Penny continued, “I’m a bit unsure how to begin.”

“How would you begin if I were a man?” Cassandra asked her.

Penny walked behind her friend, lying on the chaise, and leaned forward to place her hand firmly between Cassandra’s legs. “I would probably canlı bahis reach down and rub your cock, like this, if you had one.” She moved her hand up and down on the inside of Cassandra’s thigh, see if I could get your attention. Presenting my tits close to your face like this, she shook her shoulders a bit and set the girls a swinging, is usually a good way to get a guys attention as well.”

“Do those things with me then.”

“You don’t have a cock, there’s nothing to rub. You better show me.”

“The easy answer is to rub my pussy, but I might have a better idea,” Cassandra said as she spun on the lounge and sat up. She indicated that Penny should take her place and when that was done she spread her legs wide to straddle the lounge and hobbled down to position her pussy over Penny’s face, then leaned over and using both hands pulled Penny’s legs apart and knees up.

Cassie leaned over and used her teeth to tease and pull Penny’s dark pubes. She positioned her tongue just above Penny’s Clit; rolling it around a bit and then she licked hard all the way down to Penny’s anus where she circled the little rosebud a few times before moving back up. She paused this time and probed deep into Penny’s vagina with her tongue, tasting, savouring the flavours she found there.

Penny stiffened at first, resisting but almost immediately remembered her decision and relaxed to spread her knees further apart and raise her hips to meet Cassandra’s exploring tongue. She moaned as Cassandra darted her tongue in and out of Penny’s pussy. She writhed when Cassie’s lips closed on her clit and began to gently suckle and massage.

Cassie lowered her own sex down, to give Penny access.

“What do I do?” Penny asked.

“For the time being, just do the same things to me that I do to you,” Cassandra instructed.

Penny put her hands on Cassie’s hips and pulled her even closer. She used her tongue to spread the labia and pushed it deep inside. She breathed deep to catch the scent of her lover and then probed, licked, nipped and tasted whatever Cassie presented to her. They worked together, mouth to genitalia for a while before Penny began to bahis siteleri feel the pressure and the anticipation build. It started in her head and moved down to her belly. It centered beneath Cassie’s mouth and grew. The heat radiated all the way down to her toes and up to the top of her head. When she came her legs squeezed together and she twisted at the waist. She used her hands to push Cassandra’s head deeper between her legs. She began to shudder and buck while Cassie ministered to her desire. The pleasure became more than she could bear. Finally pushing Cassie away, she managed to catch her breath.

“My god,” she panted, “I’ve never cum like that before. Harrison can’t do what you just did.”

“Of course not,” Cassie answered, “He means well, and he loves you, but he’s a man. A man doesn’t have a pussy so everything he does is just guess work.” She raised up higher and looked down at Penny, “You look really beautiful with my pussy juice spread all over your cheeks and chin. Do you think you can do me now?”

Penny nodded her head and lifted it eagerly to access Cassie’s sex.

Cassie pushed down on Penny’s face, grinding. “Just keep that tongue working,” she said, “I’ll do the rest.” Penny did as instructed and Cassandra squeezed her tits, massaging and pinching her nipples. Tentatively Penny used her index finger to stimulate Cassie’s ass, not sure how it would be received and accepted. She needn’t have worried. Cassie liked it just fine and Penny could tell because when her index finger was inserted deep Penny crooked it just a bit and Cassie stopped breathing and grinding at the same time. She grabbed Penny’s tits and squeezed tight. So tight that it hurt, but it hurt in a good way and Penny sped up the movement of her tongue. She sensed the flavor of Cassandra’s juices changed, ever so subtly, sweeter, thicker and more viscous, more plentiful as well. She sensed Cassandra’s coming orgasm building, and when it arrived everyone on that end of the beach knew. Her grip tightened even more on Penny’s tits and she screamed as she pressed down harder on Penny’s face and writhing tongue.

Penny came again too. The intensity of bahis şirketleri Cassie’s climax, the stimulation of her tits, the oxygen deprivation brought about by having Cassandra wrapped around her face all combined and drove her over the edge a second time. If she could have done so, she would have screamed too.

When Cassie finally relaxed and collapsed Penny gasped for air and took the opportunity to lick some of the sweat from between her new lover’s thighs. Cassandra raised herself up and plopped down on the concrete pool deck. She turned and looked deep into Penny’s eyes. Searching. Searching for something. Encouragement, perhaps? Acceptance? Slowly Penny’s face broke into a smile, then she threw back her head and laughed. Cassandra, relieved, laughed with her.

“I think I’m going to like being a lesbian.” Penny said. “I can’t wait to tell Harrison. I’m going to miss him though.”

“Wait a minute, you haven’t changed sides,” Cassie told her, “you’ve just doubled the pool of potential partners. You’re not necessarily a lesbian. You can like both men and women. I’ll prove it to you. Tonight we’ll get all dressed up and go find a man. We can bring him back here and we’ll both fuck him, he’ll fuck both of us, we’ll fuck each other. It’ll be fun. You don’t ever have to tell Harrison, if you don’t want to.”

“Does Andy know you do this?” Penny asked.

“If you mean does he know I like girls, as much as boys then the answer is, of course he does, I’ve pulled him in on threesomes from time to time. We often share the same girl. We can introduce Harrison to that aspect if you want.”

“I’m not sure I want to think that far ahead,” Penny said. “I want to think about what just happened. I want to think about later today and tonight.” She considered momentarily and then asked, “How big is Andy?”

“He’s huge.” Cassandra said and her eyes got really wide, “When he slides his big dick in my pussy I feel it in my throat.”

Cassie smiled at her and placed her hand on Penny’s mons. They gazed into one another’s eyes for awhile…

Cassie slid her middle finger between Penny’s labia and inside, at the same time she latched her lips onto Penny’s salty nipple and bit down gently with her teeth. Penny moaned and let the sensations carry her away.

Have been thinking a lot lately about my bi side and fantasies .. And like to chat now explore.

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