His Grey Sweatpants

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I chew on my knuckle as Liam comes down the stairs. He’s looking at something on his phone, not paying an ounce of attention to me. I am free to ogle. Ordinarily, my fiancée looks delicious in just about everything. Today, he has on those damn grey sweatpants. I bite my bottom lip as I see his soft cock outlined by the fabric. My fingers start to itch to squeeze his ass and brush against that outline. He flashes me a sweet smile as he walks over and plops down beside me on the couch. He adjusts his baseball hat and tugs at his black V-neck tee before looking over at me.

“Where do we need to go today?” Liam asks, his hand finding the bare skin of my knee and squeezing it. “We only have a few hours before my parents come over.”


I know that we need to go to Costco and what we need to get there, but my mind is drawing all sorts of blanks while his hand touches my thigh. His fingers trace the few inches above my knee, circle the cap, and run back up again. He’s so absentminded about it, texting his mom while his fingers warm my skin. It’s truly innocent touching, but I want him to fuck me right here on the couch before we go. I don’t even think I’ll be able to make it to Costco. I could just slide into his lap, straddle him, and have him inside me… but his parents are coming for dinner. It’s the one way to put him on an edge that sex doesn’t solve. Plus, everything we need for dinner is on this list.

“Costco…Market Basket…”

“Do you want to get coffee before we go?” He extends his hand to me after getting up off the couch.

“Do YoU wAnT tO gEt CoFfEe BeFoRe We Go?” I mock him, letting him pull me from the cushions.

I figured in his distracted state I might get away with such a comment. He rolls his eyes, spins me around, and slaps me hard on the ass. It cuts through the thin fabric of my short, flowy skirt and stings my skin. I sigh in pleasure and wiggle my ass for more, but Liam lets me go and holds the front door open for me. I straighten up slowly, blinking away my astonishment. He stares at me, waiting for me to get a move on.

I do, but not without a dramatic huff. He locks the door behind us.

He is going to wait until after his parents leave to fuck me, and that’s just too damn long. He should know better than this. We’ve been together for three years, engaged for six months, and still have six more to go until our wedding. He wants to spank my ass and wear grey sweatpants out in public? He seems to have forgotten who stroked his cock under the dinner table at his cousin’s wedding and who pretended it was icing from the cupcakes to lick it off in front of his grandmother. Dress pants don’t make erections so obvious.

But sweatpants do.

~ ~ ~

Liam is a smart man, but he’s dense even on his best days. Today, he’s extra distracted because of his parents. His mother has been driving us insane with wedding planning. She’s constantly asking to help with stuff we’ve already completed or have scheduled other people to complete. My future mother-in-law is great; she’s just excited for her oldest son to get married. It’s just meant that today, Liam is answering more text messages than usual. I’m almost tempted not to play my little game out of fear he won’t be paying attention. Except, I can just make him pay attention to me.

Our first stop in Costco is the bakery because we need croissants for breakfast this week and some fresh baked bread for dinner. Liam pulls the cart off to the side of a display, and I leave him alone to go on the hunt for some French bread. My tongue plays with the straw in my iced coffee, daydreaming of Liam’s throbbing head between my lips right there between the cookies and muffins.

His back is to me when I return the cart. I set the baked goods in the baby seat of the cart. There are very few people over in this corner of the store and none of them are paying us any attention. I wrap my arms around him from behind like I’m going in for a hug, but my hand slides down his toned stomach and over the front of his grey sweatpants.

His back tenses against my cheek and I feel his hand come down around my wrist, but I’m rubbing his soft cock in my hand right out in the open. I moan softly into his back when he twitches and throbs in my palm. As quick as I started, I let go and start walking towards the meat cases.

“You coming, baby?” I ask, tilting my head innocently to the side.

You will be later…

Liam stares at me like I have two heads, and I can’t help but laugh. I bring my coffee to my lips, letting the straw hook on the corner of my mouth. I bat my lashes innocently. He’s trying to compose himself, leaning over the cart to rest his head on his forearms. I can just barely make out his semi-hard cock in those sweatpants. Under my skirt and in the breeze of the AC, my clit throbs.

“You’re evil,” he says as he walks by me.

“We need chicken,” I tell him, mimicking the size with my hands. “Like, a small bird.”

He leaves the cart istanbul escort beside me by the steaks and moves down towards the birds. I take a peek, perusing my options while watching Liam out the corner of my eye. My skirt snags on the case when I lean into it, riding up the side to expose more of my leg. I feel the hem tickle the back my thighs, and I get more turned on at the thought of any man looking up my skirt, not just Liam. I pretend to read the labels to compare the prices on the cuts of beef. In reality, I’m waiting for Liam to be done actually comparing labels, decide on one, and walk over. I reach deeper into the case for a steak just so that my skirt rides up more. I hear a metal thud as the bird drops into the cart.

“Lena!” Liam hisses.

I take my time backing myself out of the case and stand up. I glance at Liam in confusion, holding two rib-eyes in my hands. His blue eyes are wide in shock. I look down to see if I succeeded again and smirk.

“If only that had been in the case,” I say, leaning up on my tiptoes to brush our lips together.

“Are you trying to make me rock hard in the middle of Costco?” he asks, voice straining.

“Me?” I ask quizzically, starting to push the cart forward. My ass brushes against the bulge. “Never.”

I know where his eyes are as I push our cart towards produce. His mom’s text messages will have to wait now that I’ve got his attention on his favorite parts of my body. I have every intention of wrapping these legs around his head when we get home, but I’m not done teasing the fuck out of him while we’re here. There’s too many people in produce to do anything. Way too many grumpy moms juggling lengthy shopping lists and bratty kids.

We’re coming up on the trash bag aisle. We don’t need any, but the aisle is empty so I steer us down it. Our brand of bag is on the top shelf and conveniently just a smidge too far back for me to reach.

“Baby? Can you reach these for me?” I ask sweetly, tightening the dark ponytail at the crown of my head.

Liam eyes me with suspicion, but I feign innocence. He walks over and when he reaches for the trash bags, my hand palms his cock again. This time, I’m quick to slip into the waistband of his sweatpants and stroke him. He practically jumps out of his skin, but my grip on his cock keeps him from moving too far. There’s a display just a few feet away from us, and his body is blocking the other end of the aisle. I look up at him as he slowly retrieves our trash bags. Every time I pump his cock, it lengthens in my hand.

“I’ve wanted you all fucking day, baby,” I whisper, biting my bottom lip as his blue eyes meet mine. “You are just so… damn… sexy in these pants. You should see what you’ve caused.”

“Baby, we’re in public… what if we…” His other hand tries to pull mine out of his sweats, but I distract him by pressing my tiny body against his.

“Could you see how wet I was when I was bent over the meat case? Did you want to fuck me against it?”

He throbs, and I know he’s almost fully hard.


“Did you want to slip this big, hard cock into my tight little pussy while everyone watched?” I ask, squeezing his cock again. “That would’ve been so fucking hot.”

He moans softly, biting his bottom lip. It’s when his knees buckle that I see a Costco employee walking by the far end of the aisle. I slip my hand out of Liam’s sweatpants and turn towards our cart, glancing at the employee. The older woman had been looking at us curiously, but she pushes into the Employees Only doors and disappears.

Liam remains standing by the display, facing the shelving unit with a full tent. His blue eyes are hot, burning on me as I wait patiently by the cart. I love how tense his jaw is, highlighted deliciously by five o’clock shadow. On the side of his head, I can see a single bead of sweat running down towards his cheek. He shoves his hands into his pockets and meets up with me to put the trash bags in the cart.

“Are we almost done?” he asks as we turn down the paper product section.

“Uh… halfway, I think. Why?”

“Can we get everything here?” he asks, picking up a package of toilet paper after I point to it.

“Do you have somewhere to be?” I ask with a smirk, turning us down the laundry aisle for detergent.

There’s a family near the opposite end of the aisle. Mom is scribbling some stuff on her list while dad bounces the baby in the sling strapped to his chest. Liam and I walk side by side down the aisle a little bit towards our brand of detergent, and the couple turns the corner and disappears.

I’m about to step out from behind the car to get our detergent when Liam’s right hand grips my hip. He guides me back into him, pressing my ass into his bulge. I gasp at the heat emanating from him. My skin tingles with desire. Liam’s left hand slides down my side and around to cup my ass. He slowly gathers the back of my skirt up and slips avcılar escort his index finger along the wet crotch of my panties. I stand completely still against him, chewing on the straw of my iced coffee. He teases my clit, making me quiver on his hand. He pulls my panties to the side and coats his middle finger in my flowing juices before plunging it inside me.

I am so thankful for the empty aisle and the music playing overhead.

His finger strokes my tight walls slowly while I try to compose my face. Where can I look? Where the fuck can I put my eyes? I settle for the label on the croissants. It is so easy to get lost in the feelings Liam’s hands bring me. They are strong and his fingers are thick. He grips me tight in one and strokes my g-spot gently with the other. I want to lean my head back on his shoulder and unravel in a withering mess. I breathe harder as he blocks my back with his body so no one sees his hands working my body.

“Is this what you’ve been try to get, you little slut?” Liam whispers, kissing the back of my head. “Your little pussy needed some attention, and you just couldn’t wait until we got home.”


Liam’s finger strokes inside me faster. The wet sounds of my pussy feel so loud, it’s like they’re coming through one of those damn Bluetooth speakers in Electronics. No one is around to hear us, at least not in this aisle. There’s no one on the other side of this shelf either. We’re in our own naughty, little bubble.

He nudges me forward, forcing me to walk with his finger deep inside my cunt. He hums happily as my pussy clenches him with every little step. We stop a few feet away in front of our detergent.

“Get it,” he orders, sliding in a second, thick finger into my tight hole.

The sound that comes out of my mouth is halfway between a moan and a gasp. Liam takes stock of the aisle again before pressing his palm into my pussy. I bend down for the giant container of Tide, and he starts fucking me with his fingers. My skirt is draped over his hand, concealing it. I doubt we are being very inconspicuous. I don’t care. I press my palm into my mouth to stifle the moans. My legs quiver and I reach for the cart to steady myself. He’s stroking over and over against my g-spot, throwing me deeper and deeper into the pleasure pool. I’m going to drown in it if he doesn’t stop…

“We need the Tide, David!” someone shouts after the loud patter of shoes on the concrete floor.

The soles of these shoes sound like claps of thunder. A storm is coming to rain on our sexy party. All Liam has to do is press inside me a few more times… harder… faster… I’ll get there. I’ll cum right now in this aisle, right where anyone could see us. I’ll be his dirty little whore, dripping and ready for what he’ll do to me once we get home.

But those soles get louder. Just as fast as he’d started, Liam’s fingers disappear from my pussy just as I’m about to cum on them. My orgasm tingles on the tips of my fingers and toes, so close to surging through my body. I crouch down, my legs getting too mushy to support me. My skirt settles around me, hiding my exposed pussy and her dripping wetness. Paying no attention to the two of us, Thunder Shoes comes around the front of our cart and hobbles a giant orange container back to his parents.

Our Tide container is in my hand, but I’m pressing my forehead against my knees. Carts wheel by. There’s ambient chatter and music all around us. My clit won’t stop throbbing and the hazy need for release is still flowing through my body. I was so fucking close to cumming.

Liam is standing with his arms over his chest watching me compose myself. When I straighten up and get the container under the cart, I see how fiery his eyes are. Those lips, surrounded by dark stubble, pull into a smirk. He moves his arm and holds up his hand. His index and middle fingers are coated in my creamy juices. They glisten in the florescent lights. My pussy gushes with anticipation. I love watching him taste me. The idea of him tasting me right here in the store, out in public, where everyone can see him, makes it even hotter.

Instead, he closes most of the space between us and sticks those creamy fingers into my mouth. My tongue immediately loops around his middle while my eyes whirl around. People are starting to come down the aisle, but they are stopping for items. At the other end of the aisle, an older man is looking at us. As I suck my sweet juices from my fiancée’s finger, the man’s eyes get a bit wider. I come off Liam’s fingers with a slurp and wink at the old man. He turns a scarlet color and disappears.

“Not so much fun, now is it?” Liam asks, taking the cart from my grip to leave me standing flustered in the aisle.

I’m aching. Everything aches for him.

Liam takes some dryer sheets off a shelf and dumps them into our cart. I stumble on weak legs after his tall, muscular frame. I want nothing more than for him to raw dog me in the şirinevler escort spice aisle. Instead, we walk with a few more inches between our tingling bodies. I can feel the tension between us. The desire is pulsing through us, lacing us like a corset and waiting to pull us tight together. We don’t even speak to each other for the rest of the trip. I put our shopping items into the cart in silence while my pussy continues to ooze cream. At the register, I lick a bit of my juices from the corner of my mouth as the cashier scans our items.

Liam climbs into the driver’s seat of the truck a minute after I do, having returned our cart to the corral. We’re naughty people, not sociopaths. As soon as his door closes, the interior of the car climbs almost twenty degrees. That same pulsing tension slowly pulls my body in his direction. I bite my bottom lip, staring straight out the windshield. He starts the truck, backs out of the space, and pulls out towards the road.

“Come here.”

He slides his sweatpants down enough to free his cock. It’s hard again, bopping from his pelvis. My mouth waters. Instinctively, I shift onto my knees in the seat, rest my elbow on the center console, and take his cock in my free hand. Hot. Hard. Liam eases to a stop at the light, and my mouth envelopes him. That musky smell of his needy cock fills my nostrils, making us both moan. My skin gets hot. The sounds of his pleasure make me tingle.

“Fuck,” he says breathlessly. “You are so fucking good at this, baby.”

There’s a section of road by the lights that the city should probably pave over soon. The winter was not kind and frost-heaved the fuck out of it. Liam usually does his best to avoid it by going into the left most right-turning lane. He doesn’t this time. I’m looking up at his face and I see his lips twitch. The truck jostles the two of us and his hips come up while my head goes down.

This is my favorite reason for giving road head. There is no certainty to the motions, not concrete rhythm you can form. Every bump or turn or sudden break gives pleasure. One moment, I’ve got his cock down my throat. The next, my lips are fighting to keep his cock inside my mouth. Left to right we rock, and my tongue lashes all over him. I cover every inch of throbbing member eagerly, leaving nothing unexplored. I’m rewarded with a sharp slap on my ass and his deep groans.

What more could a girl ask for?

By the time we turn onto our street, Liam’s hand is on the back of my head. I don’t need much guidance, but the slight pull on my ponytail turns me on. Drools runs down his shaft, over his balls, and pools on the leather seat. His hips jerk up into my mouth, eager to shove as much of his length into my throat as possible. His moans and my gags drown out the static on the radio. I can feel how close he’s getting; how bad he wants to make me swallow his hot load of cum.

“I need you now,” Liam says, but his grip is still tight on my hair.

“When are your parents getting here?”

“They said five,” Liam gasps as my hand squeezes a thick bead of pre-cum from his tip.

The dashboard clock reads three-thirty.

Liam pulls my ponytail, forcing me off his cock and back into my seat. He jerks his sweatpants up and scrambles out of the truck. I watch him come around to my side while I wipe away saliva from the corners of my mouth. He opens the door and grabs me around the waist, hoisting me over his shoulder. I laugh and pinch his butt as he walks. The cool spring air hits my soaking panties, sending a shiver down my spine. I hear the truck door close and watch the dark pavement of our driveway change to the light stones of our walkway.

“What about the groceries?!” I ask, dangling over his back.

“Fuck the groceries,” he mutters, unlocking the front door and bringing us inside.

I’m not even on my feet for three seconds before Liam is pushing me towards the couch. In front of the big window of our living room, sheer curtains pulled across, I kneel on the cushions and arch my back. The rustle of Liam’s sweatpants coming down his thighs joins my panting anticipation. My skirt lifts slowly up the back of my thighs, and his fingers pull my soaking panties aside.

“You are always so ready for me,” he praises, and I feel the heat of his cockhead against me.

“Just fuck me already,” I plead.

Liam’s right hand grips my shoulder while the other rubs his head against my waiting lips. Not wasting a single second, he lines his cock with my hole and pulls back on my shoulder. He sinks every inch of that thick, throbbing cock into my pussy. Our moans fill the silence of our home, accompanied by the slap of his balls on my clit. My face is buried in the couch cushions as Liam’s rhythm and depth increase.

“Yes! Fuck me. Harder. Take it, Liam.”

I feel his hand wrap around my ponytail and then he yanks my head back. I’m looking up at the ceiling, listening to the squelching sound my pussy makes as she eagerly takes his length. I moan again, gripping the couch tight as his cock rams me closer to an orgasm.

“You were begging for it, you little slut,” Liam accuses me.

“I was.”

“You couldn’t fucking wait to get home. Why?”

“Because I knew you were going to fuck my little pussy before we had dinner with your parents.”

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