HIS P.E.T. 22

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HIS P.E.T. 22


Even though our discussion was building to the inevitability of those words when Hein pronounced them, ‘I love you’, it was as if fireworks had been set off inside my heart. Ever since the final part of my peyote journey, the meaning behind it scared me. I firmly believed it meant Hein was giving me his heart. But, how could I even bring that up for discussion? How could I make him see and believe in a vision created from an Apache peyote ceremony? Our voodoo experience changed everything, though. He was able to see and believe through his own experience. He was able to experience me, my body, responding to him and specifically him in ways that would be unexplainable.

He was firmly inside me when he pronounced his love and as we kissed and shared our immediate reactions my body moved up and down his cock. When we finally broke from the long series of kisses, my eyes focused on his eyes and face. But, if my gaze was focused, so was my intention around his cock. I put to work all that Kegel training he encouraged me to perform, squeezing his cock within my pussy, milking it gently. My heart was exploding, but I wanted … desperately … for his cock to explode inside me.

We woke late that morning for breakfast. We were scheduled to depart on the yacht back to Miami, then grab the jet back to Amsterdam right away. But, when I heard some noise at the cottage next door, I jumped out of bed after giving Hein a kiss and rushed out into the commons area in front of the three cottages. I found Sharon and Raul, already dressed and sipping coffee on their veranda. I rushed across the space separating the cottages, naked as ever and jumped the steps to position myself in front of them.

“Look! Look what happened. Isn’t it amazing!”

Their faces initially reflected the real surprise of a naked woman, even if they were very familiar with this particular naked woman, nearly jumping into their faces as they made the effort to fully be awake. It took a moment for them to recognize what my excitement and insistence was trying to get them to look at.

From the next cottage came the remaining voice, “Well, now that is an interesting sight. I come out for breakfast to find the two of you intently studying her pussy.”

Sharon, without looking up, “No, not that …”

Raul chuckled, but also without looking up, “Well, yes, we are, but …”

Sharon interrupted, “Get over here, Chris. Did you see this when Hein brought her back last night?”

When Hein sauntered out of the cottage wearing shorts, he laughed. “Well, now that is an interesting sight, the three of you intently studying her pussy. Not that I would ever blame you, understand.”

Sharon looked up, finally, with a look of exasperation at his teasing, “Seriously, Hein, when did this happen? I mean, when did you get this done? Well, I guess last night, but …”

I was giggling. The three of them kneeling on the floorboards touching me just above my pussy, studying the image there, as Hein came up behind me and took me in his arms, pulling me back against his bare chest. His hands moved up to my breasts and fondling them as if it was the most natural thing to do in front of others. With them, though, it was the most natural thing for them and me.

I was forced out of Hein’s arms as they turned me to the side so they could easily study the image on my back, then the one on my front.

Chris made the comparison comment, “It’s exactly the same, only smaller …”

I had struggled to explain how the one on my back might have been given to me. This time, I let Hein try to explain the one in front. Only with those we were very intimate with, could he attempt to give an explanation of the events leading up to the appearance of the image. Of course, given its location, only those we were very intimate with would ever see it.

During the cruise back to Miami and the following flight back to Amsterdam, we had multiple opportunities for bits of time for discussion about what our proclamations to each other meant. Well … we knew what they meant, they meant we were fully “in love”, which was beyond the type of relationship we had earlier proposed and intended for us. The question to be determined was, would that change anything for us? Are we different? Does this mean we have to change our relationship from what we had originally intended? He didn’t want us to decide, commit anything at the moment. He wanted us to critically, unemotionally (if that was possible) consider those questions. In Amsterdam would be soon enough. Soon enough? I didn’t protest, but to me, this felt energizing, not limiting. To me, it felt going to a higher level of desire to fulfill all of our desires for each other, our ‘family’, and in every way we originally intended. I felt I understood myself more than I ever had before. I felt the strength and foundation of my character and being like I never accepted before. I was ready for anything … everything, as long as he was my support and anchor. I didn’t say any of that. I would wait …

The group couldn’t resist talking about details of voodoo experience, though, as we cruised back. Sharon asked how it felt while it was happening.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to survive. It was something I wanted to cry out and get reassurance of, but when you can’t see or hear anything there is a sense that any attempt at communication is pointless. Even if I managed to vocalize my feelings, I wouldn’t be able to hear the response. The first massive orgasm took quite a while and plenty of manipulation. Hein explained it was when the couple was doing their thing for my orgasm. It was massive, just as they were used to providing with the d**g. But, it was after that, when I felt just touching and light stroking over my body that the sensations intensified. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling! It was like a jolt of electricity shooting through my body, each touch providing more and more. I don’t know if I was articulating anything, but in my mind, it was, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh god, oh god, FUCK!!!’ I’d never be able to cum just from having my nipples touched, but there I was, cumming all over the place. When he finally fucked me, I felt delirious with the need to be fucked and filled. I didn’t know it was Hein … but I think I did. I think in my mind or heart or soul I KNEW it was Hein. He was inside me, then crashed into me over and over, as my back arched and hips rolled to meet him even though I was constrained. The orgasm that started from my nipples, turned into the orgasm that wouldn’t end. I clawed at his arms, writhed on the table, and bucked beneath him, all in a vain attempt to somehow manage the impossible pleasure splitting through me. Afterward, I lay on the table, not sure if I would ever fully recover. I must have been somewhat conscious to return to the cottage, but I don’t remember it.”

Sharon was leaning so far forward I was afraid she might fall off the edge of the seat. “My god! It sounds …” She looked at Hein, then back to me, “Would you do it, again?”

Hein jumped in, “That was a one-shot deal, Pet.” I made a face and he laughed. “No, I don’t mean that.” He smiled and added quietly, “I meant, it’ll never be that devastating. It’ll never be like that, again.”

I managed to eke out, “Good.”

* * * * *

The first full day back from Miami and I was getting myself ready for dinner. Hein was still dressed in his business suit, except for his jacket which was lying on the bed. He was sitting in a chair in our bedroom watching as I got dressed … such as it was when it was just the five of us at home.

I was seated at the vanity finishing my hair and makeup. I snuck peeks at Hein through the mirror as I did and tried to hold back smiles. I pushed my hair over my shoulders, then attached my white PET choker, then stood up and faced the full-length mirror. I assessed my appearance and gave myself a smile with a slight nod of approval. Curious, even to me, that I stood naked except for the choker in front of the mirror to assess how I looked for the others. My nudity was what I was for them; the choker was a symbol of my relationship with them. All of them, now. I allowed my right hand to rise to the silver plate engraved with P.E.T. I smiled, then caught Hein’s image in the mirror. He was smiling, too.

I walked to him, bent over him, and kissed him on the lips. His hand rose to my hanging breast and he uninhibitedly squeezed it. I stood up and turned my back to him. He liked my body from every angle. He often rambled on in quiet times alone about how he like my body and the problem he would have if pushed to identify just one part that was his favorite. Despite all this time together, me naked or nearly so more often than not, he still studied me, watched me, enjoyed me like this. And, I liked that very much.

I gathered up a new package of sheer white, stay-up stocking from the bed. I sat at the vanity chair, purposely facing Hein. I rolled up each stocking to put them over my feet, then smooth them up my legs, finally pulling the elastic tops high up my thighs while standing. All the while, I turned this way and that, opened and closed my legs, then opening my legs to pull the tops up high. All the while I knew he was enjoying the glimpses of my body and pussy. Just one of our little games he never seemed to tire of.

I slipped into a pair of white strap high heels and returned in front of the mirror.

“You know how much I love your body anytime, but those heels just pop out your calf muscles. Amazing, just beautiful.”

I smiled into the mirror at him, then turned slightly toward him, pushed out my ass with unbent knees … his reaction was what any woman would desire. I selected earrings and a necklace that hung low between my breasts. canlı bahis It was a double loop and hung below my breasts. I moved one loop under one breast, then did the same to the other.

“I like that.” I looked at him, not sure. He continued, “Maybe we should look into some body chains.” I returned my eyes to my image in the mirror and he continued, “You could wear that instead of a negligee sometimes.” I smiled. What a delicious thought and idea. I removed them from under my breasts, though. The necklace was not intended for that look.

His eyes followed me as I went to the walk-in closet and selected a floor-length, white sheer gown that closed only with a single clasp between the breasts. He met me at the mirror and took the gown from my hands and held it for me to slip on. He stood behind me, admiring my image as he deftly clasps it together. His hands briefly gliding over my breasts, then came to rest on my shoulders as he peered at me through the mirror.

“What are you thinking?”

I smiled, “That covers a lot of potential. I’m thinking I feel hotter than hell the way you have been watching me.”

He smiled. He stroked my upper arms, then turned me to face him. “I always watch you like that.”

“I know. It’s why I always feel so hot and wet.” I kissed him. “But, that’s not what you were asking about, was it?” He shook his head. “I do love you, Hein, with all my heart and … obviously … all my body.” I giggled at that and put my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. Then, I looked into his face, “I want to explore this new part of our relationship. I want it very much.” I kissed him, again. This time I looked deeply into his eyes. “But, besides how we consider our relationship and consider how we want it to grow, I don’t want anything else to change. Not with the others downstairs, not with the couples, not with other challenges, adventures, and crazy ideas that might come up going forward. They are the reason I am here to begin with. They are what brought us together. I don’t want to abandon what we are.”

He smiled and pulled me into his arms and spoke softly into my ear, “Perfectly stated.” He put out his arm, I slid mine inside it, and he led me down to the dining room where we found the others patiently waiting.

After dinner, Hein tapped his empty wine glass with his knife to get everyone’s attention, and stood up at the head of the table. Looking down at me, he smiled. I blushed. The sequence of the actions was not missed by any of the others and their curious eyes moved from him to me, back and forth. He made the announcement of how our feelings for each other could no longer be denied. He even went on to explain how the two experiences, Arizona and Caribbean, convinced us. If I was worried about how it might be received by them, I needn’t have. They all rushed us, kissing, hugging, shaking hands, slapping backs, and exclaiming excited congratulations.

Chris, fittingly, put the exclamation point on the response by raising his glass after refilling our glasses. “It’s about time!” He looked around at us, then, “Maybe a double wedding …”

Sharon slapped his arm playfully, “Don’t push this too fast …” They were all laughing.

I nervously glanced out the corner of my eyes to Hein who I found looking unabashedly at me and smiling.

He put his hand out to me, I took it and pushed my chair back to stand alongside him. “I will go with Sharon’s wisdom and Chris’ enthusiasm.” He stepped behind me, encircling my waist in his arms. “Laura and I are very excited to follow this path with deliberateness and open hearts and minds. I, and I think Laura, are beyond pleased that you seem to share our excitement.”

I nodded and smiled at each of them, then added, “Make no mistake, though, I am still PET. Without me being PET, I wouldn’t have met and loved this man. Without me being PET, I wouldn’t have met and come to love you three.” I leaned back and looked sideways at him and he smiled down at me.

He continued on the same thought, “We agreed, though this does create a form of change in our personal relationship, we don’t want anything else to change.” His hands moved up my body and cupped my breasts under the sheer gown’s bodice. His fingers worked at the clasp between my breasts, opened it, and slipped the negligee off my shoulders. He laid the gown on the back of his chair and it immediately slid off the curved back and onto the floor. I giggled. He continued after re-cupping my now naked breasts, “Laura is still PET, as she said. Nothing changes with you, the dogs, the couples, or any odd stimulating adventure or challenge someone might come up with for her.” He kissed my neck. I turned my face to him and we kissed. “Any thoughts?”

Chris smiled his devilish look, “Yes, as a matter of fact. I suggest we celebrate this wonderful news in the way this sexy woman knows best.”

Hein squeezed my breasts, “Excellent idea.”

I put my hand behind me and patted Hein’s already hard cock through his trousers. I then walked with oozing sexiness in my steps to Chris. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, pressing my naked body against him. I removed my arms, but not my lips, unbuttoning his shirt after pushing his jacket off his shoulders. I pulled his shirttails from his pants and pushed it off soon after. I ended our kissing with my fingers working at his belt and trousers front. I kissed down his chest and stomach as I loosened his belt and pants, opening them and letting them drop to his feet. I looked up, smiling at him, then looking to Sharon and Raul, also watching me. I nodded at Sharon and watched her turn to Raul and take him into her arms. I glanced behind me to the left where Hein had been, but not finding him. I glanced to the right and found him back in his chair, a refilled glass of wine in his hand and an approving look on his face.

I turned back to Chris and gulped his cock head into my mouth. I heard him groan. Around his cock, I smiled.

The rest of the evening proceeded casually and comfortably. Everyone climaxed twice, except for me who orgasmed quite a bit more than that. It was an unhurried evening with breaks, talking, and loving spread over hours. I fucked Chris and Hein twice, Raul once, and brought Sharon to orgasm with my mouth and fingers after Raul fucked her. I greedily sucked Raul’s semen out of her pussy.

During one of our rest times, we sat around the living room naked with the topic of conversation leaving our time in the Caribbean and shifting to a next gathering with the three couples. Everyone looked to me. We hadn’t heard anything further from any of the couples, except to check that we were back home in Amsterdam and sending out feelers of a next possible meeting. We took that to mean they had not found other a****ls with sufficient safety or had other ideas, so it came back to me for a suggestion. I was thinking a recreation of the double penetration I experienced at Samantha’s while smiling seductively at Hein and Chris who sat on either side of me, Chris with fingers caressing my used pussy and Hein idly playing with a nipple. They checked with each other across from me and returned their nods of interest. This would be a first when the exhibition in front of the couples included members of the group beyond me.

Then, Sharon’s voice drew our attention. She was sitting across Raul’s lap, an arm around his neck, and one of his hands casually fondling one of her breasts. What a change from when we had started together. “I would like to suggest something I have been thinking about …” She explained it to us. I looked from Hein to Chris, then to Raul who was nodding his approval.

I smiled at her, “Wow. I love it. Let’s talk about how we want to present this to the couples. This might be the very thing that pushes them into participation, too.”

That discussion pushed us all back into sharing our bodies. It was a great night.

* * * * *

When Hein and I met the couples at the door on our next Sociaal gathering, I was dressed in a special outfit to create the image that we were taking the evening to another level. My outfit was much more revealing than even the sheer outfits before. Except for my stockings and heels, my outfit was entirely thin silver chains.

It was actually two separate pieces, which were custom modified by a jeweler. The top was a halter-style imitation over my neck and hanging over my breasts and around to my back. The portion of my breasts was a cascade of sixteen strands of chain sagging over my breasts. The bottoms were a belly chain with a stylized butterfly hanging just over my pussy and three strands of chaining hanging below it. These two pieces were the basis for the customization performed by a jeweler … a very discreet jeweler.

Hein and I made several evening trips to the jeweler’s shop after hours. For the modifications to be precise, they needed to be performed on my naked body. Modifications that he added were strands from a central ring at a point a third of the way from my breasts to my pussy with a strand woven into the hanging strands over my breasts and separate strands from the ring to each nipple. At the ends of these were non-piercing clips that tightly clamped onto my nipples. Another strand hung down to attach to the butterfly, then another from the bottom of the butterfly to my clit where another non-piercing clip was affixed to clamp to my clitoral hood.

He spent several hours with the fine chain on my body so it all hung perfectly to my satisfaction, which required numerous adjustments of one strand or fitting or another. I found the repeated attachment and removal of the nipple and clitoral clips to be very painful and erotic. It was a combination of sensations that I was finding arousing and intriguing.

His final tasks perabet giriş were attaching silver rings from a short chain length of an inch to each nipple clip and the clitoral clip. The other thing was silver ball weights with hooks to hang from the rings. Each ball weighed 8 ounces and applied additional pressure to the already tight clips. By the time the poor jeweler was finished with all the adjustments and fittings, he insisted that there would be no charge. I insisted, however, and the man was shocked when instead of removing the outrageous outfit the final time, Hein merely slipped a thigh-length coat over my shoulders. I held the front closed as he opened the front door to his shop and saw us on our way. I had to admit to the exhibitionistic thrill of walking the half block in the outfit, covered only by the coat held at my waist.

As the couples arrived, then, I hugged each of them while their mouths were still gaping. Smiles quickly replaced their surprise. I handed each couple a small jewelry-sized box very precisely wrapped. It was interesting to both Hein and me that none of the couples even recognized the tattoo over my pussy covered by the silver butterfly.

It wasn’t until I was serving drinks before dinner in the living room, bending over to hand Anna Bakker her drink when the butterfly fell away from my skin and her husband spied the image underneath. I turned around to also display the larger one on my back. Hein interrupted the series of questions.

“Obviously, PET’s experiences while in America were interesting. All will be detailed during dinner.” I stood next to him, his hand going around my waist naturally and comfortably.

I pointed to the small packages each couple had been given and suggested they now open them. They were all confused, but upon closer inspection one of them noticed that each ball was inscribed with “PET”. Someone else fingered the small hooks and made the connection. I put a finger under one of the short chains with the ring at the end. The final connection was made.

Hein added, “Feel free to add and remove weights during the course of the evening. Each weight is only eight ounces, but the effect will be significant. I know.” Everyone smiled. I shivered. What I had learned from the fittings to create this outfit, the tight clippings pinched and adding weight to them significantly added to it. But, removing the clips, allowing the blood to rush back into these very sensitive nubs was painful.

I regaled the couples with the stories of my time with Samantha and Albert, then about the peyote journey, which included the image located on my back.

Stephan Hendriksen asked what the others were also wondering, “On your back, but where did the one on your front come from?”

I looked to Hein who chuckled, “I think I should tell this part of the story. PET’s recollection of the actual events is more than a little fussy …”

They all agreed. Our trip back to the States seemed to be a huge success.

At that time of the evening when we gathered for the exhibition, the couples knew the way down to the pool/recreation level of the house from their previous visits. Hein had only told them that there was yet more to witness with the dogs while they awaited the events to come.

They arranged themselves around the mats already placed on the floor while fully expecting me to arrive from the outside with the two dogs and completely naked as I had on previous occasions. Although I had been essentially naked the entire evening, as I enter the room with the dogs, I was still covered in my body chain outfit. The confusion was heightened as the dogs seemed to be more interested in something to my left than they were in me, which was certainly not normal.

Several followed the gaze of the dogs and simultaneously gasped in recognition. That drew the attention of the others and the excitement grew. Sharon was walking toward the group and it was the dog’s anticipation that initiated the reactions. Sharon was completely naked, even her stockings and heels were gone. She walked with purpose, confidence, and intention, but I could detect the nervousness in my friend in the little things. She only made eye contact with me, purposely avoiding the other couples. She even avoided looking to Raul, Hein, or Chris, all of whom would have given her smiles and nods of reassurance, but that would have been too close for her eyes to be distracted to the couples. Everyone in the room was well aware of the big step being taken by her appearance as she approached the dogs. Up until that moment, all the exhibitions had been expected to be performed by me. Suddenly, with Sharon’s involvement, those boundaries, those restrictions, were torn away.

The couples fell into a deep hush, despite them sharing glances between partners and the other couples. The significance of this addition couldn’t have been lost on them and from the couples, I felt a sudden nervousness in the anticipation, a nervousness that expectations of these gatherings might be changing. Indeed, Sharon’s idea of participation was only for her own experience based on what I had previously undergone many times. But, I saw it as a way to push the couples, to stimulate their consideration of where our gatherings might go, not only for me but for them as well.

Sharon’s steady progression in involvement with Raul was culminated by the sexual sharing she and I performed on the yacht in front of the pilot house window. She and I both knew very well that at least one male, if not all three, was in a perfect position to watch our activities. It turned her on so much that she rightly recognized the power of the exhibitionistic display can create. She wanted to go another step along that path … and here she was.

“Sharon!” The exclamation came from a couple voices, but it was obvious by the looks on the six faces that they were all reacting the same way even if they hadn’t vocalized it.

She didn’t respond to them except to offer a confident smile that belied the nerves inside her. It might very well have been that speaking was not an option for her under the circumstance.

She put her hand on the top of Axel’s head, which was only because he was the closest one to her. She moved to the center of the mat and dropped to her knees, then patted her thigh to call Axel. He responded immediately to her. We had duplicated the sequencing of tonight several times so the dogs would be familiar and comfortable with what was to happen tonight. Each time, Sharon and I performed in front of the men to give the sense of an audience, though a very intimate one. Within the group, the family, Sharon had progressed to a level of openness that would have seemed impossible before the yacht cruise.

Axel dropped to the mat and rolled onto his side and partially onto his back, his sheath exposed and several inches of his reddish cock already poking out from it. These are very smart dogs, only a little training and they are able to anticipate what is expected of them. She was far too excited to suck his cock too long, but she was determined to follow our routine, achieving five or six inches of exposed cock in a matter of moments. She looked up at me as she rose to her knees. I smiled at her, glancing at Raul who was beaming at his lover. He seemed as excited for her as she was to be doing this in front of others for the first time. I was very proud of both of them. I was also getting very turned on.

As she assumed the position on her hands and knees, she stole a look at the men of our group. They all smiled and nodded to her, encouraging and supporting. She still avoided looking directly at the other couples, but I knew that would change after she was finished. Then, after she had entertained them, she would be glowing, both from orgasmic reward and from her erotic contribution to our gatherings. If the couples didn’t respond in kind tonight, I at least knew I had company in her.

After patting her shapely ass, which was still showing the all-over tan of being naked on the boat, Axel reacted quickly. He came to her ass, sniffing and licking her several times. She spread her knees wider to allow him better access to her dripping pussy and he licked with a relish that she and I have experienced many times lately.

She reached back and touched the side of his face, then commanded, “Mount me, Axel.”

He leaped onto her back, his hips immediately probing. Her hand flew between her legs, finding his thrusting cock and assisting it to her needy pussy opening. She gasped and groaned as the cock initially penetrated her, then drove deeper inside on the next thrust. I watched as Axel hesitated, regripped and positioned himself, then thrust into her with a powerful pounding that he repeated at an astounding pace. I marveled, as I always do when I have the chance to see it with my own eyes instead of being the one experiencing it. It feels so fast as the dogs fuck me, but watching it … it seems like a blur.

The couples’ exposure to b********y had been limited to me. As good and erotic as I knew that had been each time, they seemed to be relishing with a higher degree of interest and experience by seeing someone new performing it. Although I knew what I had planned would be of huge interest to them, Sharon was correct in suggesting her involvement as something new.

They had watched me being mounted by the dogs often enough to recognize the critical moments of canine mating and they reacted appropriately when they occurred with Sharon. When the knot pushed into her pussy, she orgasmed … loudly! I was sure a portion of that reaction was the exhibitionism she was experiencing.

She groaned long, sighing with deep satisfaction and I knew Axel was filling her pussy with his seed.

When perabet güvenilir mi Axel turned, stepping over her to be ass-to-ass, she did something that surprised us, but she had apparently worked this out with Raul, just not with the rest of us. I turned her upper body and gazed directly at Raul, then nodded. He smiled, looking at Hein, Chris, and me. His smile grew larger as he slid to the edge of the chair and stood up. He quickly unfastened his belt and trousers waist until they were open. He moved in front of his lover, letting his pants drop to his ankles, then kneeling in front of her. She glanced up at me with a smile that seemed to say, ‘I keep surprising you, don’t I?’ And, indeed she does.

He shuffled forward on his knees until she was able to capture his slightly hard cock in her mouth. In a moment, his cock was firming more until it was hard, her mouth sliding smoothly up and down the length of his cock, now glistening with her saliva. My own hands were playing with the clips of my outfit on my nipples and clit hood. I swung the little balls and pulled the clips outward. I discovered that if I pulled on the central ring, I could apply tension on all three clips at the same time.

When Axel pulled his knot from Sharon’s pussy, releasing a long stream of cum and leaving her pussy gaping, she continued to suck on Raul’s cock until he finally exclaimed his release. Before she knelt up to kiss him, she made sure his cock was completely cleaned of his cum and there was no wayward drop on her lips.

While the couples rose from their seats and rushed Sharon in thanks, I began untangling myself from the chain outfit and clips. With each clip removal, I gritted my teeth and gasped at the sudden rush of blood into the sensitive nubs which had been constricted for hours. When I unclipped the one on my clit, my gasp and groan must have been more pronounced. I suddenly realized I had the attention of everyone.

Hein stood, leading Sharon and Raul to the chair Raul had been using. This time Sharon sat across his lap, not bothering to cover herself. Hein turned to the group, “I would like to add that this was fully Sharon’s idea. I can see it was nearly as enjoyable for you as it certainly was for her.” They laughed, then clapped their recognition to her. Despite all she had just done before them, she blushed at the attention. “Now, we told you we had a surprise for you, something that Laura experienced on our trip back to the States. Yes, I know Sharon was a surprise and that was intentionally not communicated to you.” He glanced down at Sharon and winked. “Just in case she might have decided against it at the last minute. I, for one, am very glad she didn’t.” The couples agreed. He moved over to me and Max. “My PET has another little surprise in store for us. I just ask that you be patient to the end.”

He patted my butt and started back to his chair. Half way back, though, he put his finger into the air as if he just remembered something. He came back to me (this was rehearsed, too), turned me around, and applied pressure between my shoulder blades to lean me forward. There peeking out to everyone was a clear, jeweled butt plug. He worked his thumb and index finger around the exposed jeweled end and pulled it out, bringing another gasp from me. Bringing gasps from the females of the couples, too.

After vigorously rubbing my nipples and clit for a minute to relieve the throbbing, I quickly duplicated the routine Sharon had just used and we found so effective. After Max’ cock was showing about the same five to six inches of reddish dog meat, I assumed the same hands and knees position and called him to mount me. The couples had seen this part of canine mating a number of times and I wanted to get past it as quickly as possible so their interest would not wane.

Max was his usual powerful lover and I climaxed just after his knot passed into my pussy and just before this cock twitched and exploded, filling me with his seed. The surprise for the couples was going to be after Max turned. I was going to be double penetrated, a dog’s knot in my pussy and a human cock in my ass. What I didn’t know was which human cock. We had performed this twice with the dogs so they wouldn’t be quite as nervous as they would be if surprised. Hein and Chris each tried it and I told them to work it out. They didn’t tell me who was going to be inside me this time, though.

My head was down on the mat, still recovering from my orgasm and the effects of feeling Max cumming inside me. The dog climax always had a sensual charge to it that peaked my body’s reaction. I heard surprised gasps and low voices and knew that one of the men was now naked and approaching me. I felt the hands on my ass and knew immediately that it was Hein. His hands were naturally a bit softer and gentler than Chris. I twisted back to see him and smiled. I was proud of him. He could well have offered this to Chris and he would have gladly done it. That would have saved Hein from being naked and a participant in front of his peers. His being willing to do this with me proved to me a lot about him and our relationship. If he could have me doing these things in front of others, he was willing to do them, as well.

I felt the slimy, runny gel dripped onto my anus. I knew from past times when we did anal that he was also applying it to his cock. Then, I felt the pressure of his fingers pushing into me and expanding my sphincter, reminding it that it had been filled just moments before by the butt plug. After sawing two fingers into me, he pressed his cock head against the tight opening. Even with the butt plug preparing me, the increased tightness of having the knot inside my pussy made the initial penetration difficult. And painful. After that, though, that was the exciting part.

I cried out as his cock head pressed through my tight sphincter. Without having to move a hand, he stopped, pausing to allow my body to adjust to this new intrusion. It was only a moment, though, until I started a gentle, slow rocking of my hips, the movement causing not only my anus to move on his cock but my pussy to move around the knot inside it. As the knot inevitably bumped my g-spot and sending tremors through my body, my anus relaxed with the distraction and Hein pressed deeper into me. After a few more movements back and forth, he was fully into me, his thighs pressed against my butt.

Even with our earlier trials of this, Max still stirred with some anxiety, pulling and flinching more than normal. Of course, he was going to be tied to me much longer than normal and I didn’t know if that was something he, or Axel, would really become fully comfortable with. Hein pressed on, though, offering the dog some soft words and relying on his full trust in both him and me.

As soon as he started fucking into my anus, the memory of the sensation came rushing back. The tightness, definitely, but also the pulling of the knot into my g-spot on his pull of his cock, then thrusting it back into me with the knot moving somewhat with it.

I orgasmed, again, and it was loud, not aware enough to know what was coming from my mouth. I collapsed to the mat, at least my upper body and shoulders did. I was still tied to Max and further anchored by Hein’s cock in my ass. I noticed a change near my head and focused on a new pair of bare knees on either side of my head. I pushed up to find Chris naked, holding his hard cock out to me. I smiled up at him and knew in that moment they had this worked out, just like Raul moved to Sharon earlier. I opened my mouth and he guided his cock into it. I sucked voraciously in a desperate need to make him cum, also.

It wasn’t long, though, before Hein erupted in his own orgasm. I felt him twitching inside me, then slam his cock as deep as he could manage. With his seed deposited in my ass, he eased his cock out by standing up and stepping over me rather than over Max. Almost immediately I felt Max pull hard on the tie and his knot came out with a rush of cum. I still had one more cock to make cum.

I rotated my head to look up at Chris with my mouth full of his cock. He was looking down at me. I pulled my mouth from his cock and asked, “My mouth, pussy, or ass?”

He smiled and for a moment thought about the choice I was giving him. I think the plan was for him to present himself to me and be sucked off and here I was offering him his preference. He didn’t say anything. He moved me by my shoulders and hips until I was pointing in the opposite direction and he smoothly and effortlessly slid his nice cock into my asshole, which I was sure was still gaping and very well lubricated.

In my new position, though, I was surprised, if not shocked by the scene that had begun out of my sight. The three couples were in various stages of undress and all engaged in sexual activity. One woman was still dressed except for her pantyhose and panties being removed as her husband pressed his cock into her. Another was naked from the waist up with the top of her dress hanging there and her bra removed while she sucked her husband. The other couple was blocked from my view for the most part, but they appeared to entirely naked and involved in the missionary position.

When Chris did cum and slip his cock out of me, I rolled onto my back with my legs spread, quite tired, but very excited by how the evening had progressed. I heard the words, ‘Go to her’, and looked up to see Sharon pointing the dogs to me. They both came and began licking at my pussy. I looked at Hein with a look that he knew meant something was about to happen, he just didn’t know what. He didn’t hesitate, however, and nodded for me to do whatever it was I was thinking.

I pulled my knees toward my chest, grabbed them and pulled them alongside my head. This fully exposed both my ass and pussy. Each dog picked a hole and began licking. I was back on my way to heaven, at least sexual heaven.

* * CHAPTER 23: THE WEDDING NIGHT GIFT will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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