Hitchhike to Frisco Ch. 02

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“Can you lift me to Frisco please?” Pete asked.

“It’ll cost you son!”

“Aint got no money”

“Who’s taking money!”

This was just history repeating itself for Pete who had just hitch hiked this far with a couple of other truckers – who said they were going to Frisco but at the café stop said they weren’t so he’d have to get another pick-up. Pete thinking what bastards they were too after all he had given them, first in the back of the truck and then in the motel when they hammered the asshole off him like he was a pin cushion.

So there he was again, same tune same story, he could get a lift but he’d have to pay with his ass, but now he not only had two to contend with as before, but three.

“So what do you say, punk, you want a lift or not!?” Yelled the guy with a Canadian accent.

But Pete was desperate to reach Frisco for his gig, it was a real opening for him as an up and coming drummer and he just could not miss out.

“Okay I’ll go for it, but one at a time huh? And my name’s Pete”

They all gave out a roar of laughter and Pete felt like a virgin hoping they would be gentle with him, he was still sore from the black guy who was bigger than the other, who gave him torture, now he saw there was another coloured guy, a white and a Chinese.

“It’s gonna be tight sitting between three guys” said the driver whom the others called Jed, “but you have got a nice trim and tight ass so you won’t have any problem, Ching here loves tight t asses so you had better sit across his knee, he will like that, wont you Ching?”

“Sure thing boss,” Ching replied in a broken Chinese accent, his mouth looking like it was foaming as he nudged Pete upon his lap showing just exactly what he had in mind as he forced Pete’s thighs apart and wedged his crotch with a good stiff hardness.

“Wow! Yelled Jed, just look at China boy here, he looks mighty hungry for ass if you ask me, he’ll have Pete’s jeans down to his knees in no time just you wait canlı bahis and see”

And he did and no messing, what had Pete got himself into, it was like out of one shag pile with the first truckers who gave him a lift to the second as Ching aimed to give him some of his kinda Chinese torture and before Pete could even resist his jeans were well and truly dropped like a flash and there was Ching’s fat cock prodding underneath, Ching frantically splitting Pete’s ass so he could get an entry, and. forced that it was, so Pete was obliged to assist because otherwise it would be most uncomfortable with Ching trying to enter him sideways, so Pete moved around over the top of Ching’s lap and helped get it up him in the most undignified way.

Driver Jed was all eyes and nearly drove the truck into a siding saying that he knew about the rumour that Chinese cunt was sideways – “you moved at just the right time, son, Ching would have got you in a most uncomfortable position, he doesn’t care you know!”

Meantime Pete was involved in the most energetic fucking he’d ever had in that position, the force of Ching’s fuck bobbing him up and down as Ching really went for it big time, his mouth foaming and his vocal chords sounding like a tiger.

“Hey steady on, don’t wear him out, we want a poke later you know Ching. Yelled Jed. But at that moment Ching came strong and filled Pete with his spunk and no messing, no condom or anything.

“I’ll make him suck it out” said Jed and Ching did, arranging Pete with his head down and legs up each side of Ching’s head as Ching went for it, his mouth deep between Pete’s crotch sucking him out like a goodun!

“Now you suck me” Ching said to Pete afterwards, his cock half mast now, Pete looked apprehensive, it didn’t look all that appetizing after all but next thing he knew Ching’s strong hand was pressing his head down and forcing his steaming sticky cock into his mouth and for the next five he had to endure the smell and taste of ripe well fucked bahis siteleri Chinese cock that had just been up his ass.

Jason the other guy of the three yelled for Ching to save some for them because they were well ripe for a prodding now.

Ching came away, Pete breathless. “You can have him now, I’m done” replied Ching looking very satisfied pushing back his cock and balls into his briefs and doing up his zip.

“Right” said Jed, “you can drive and we will take Pete up into the rest cabin at the back.”

“You both gonna have him yeah?”

“That’s the general idea, Ching, he’s had his Chinese rib and now for some Canadian spike and Jason will supply the Brazilian viper”

“You better watch out for Jason, Pete – his Brazilian stake is something to be praised and he likes his meat medium rare” Ching laughed.

Jed pulled the truck over so that Ching could take over while they led Pete up into the back bunker, Jed’s hand into Pete’s crotch feeling his balls and ass, and Pete could see that already Jed had the mother of hardens’ and there was Jason rubbing himself up. God knows what he had let himself in for – his hole still aching from Ching’s fuck.

The guys were eager potent and wasted no time in undressing, stripping Pete too, helping themselves to his body as Jed started to rub up Pete’s face with his hard seven inch cock, stretching back his foreskin to reveal a real red knob oozing with pre-cum “sniff this you fucker and you will know what real cock smells like, and while you are at it get a taster while Jason here gives your ass the fucking of a life time and maybe then afterwards, if you are really good and suck my cock good, you will get a good deep dose fresh sucked cock too up your sweet tight fucking ass!

The guys handled Pete like a loose rag making positions to enjoy him to their preference, Jed arranged his head beneath Pete’s crotch next taking a full suck of young cock whilst Jason started to measure up for Pete’s well presented bahis şirketleri asshole, but not before a bit of asshole licking and sucking first just to get the mood he said, so Pete was having everything attended too very attentively and was quite enjoying just being all ass and all for the guys. Before Jason took Pete though Jason paused, he wanted to satisfy another passion of his, to give his ass a real good firm spanking.

By the time he had finished Pete’s ass was crimson and Jason commented just how spankable it was and how he loved to suck freshly spanked ass which somehow added to the occasion ,so when he did get his stiff cock into Pete it was soon done with a lot of relish and satisfaction and murmurings, Jason saying just how good a fuck Pete was inside.. And then Jed wanted his ‘poke’ telling Jason just how he wanted Pete, wedging Pete’s head tight between Jason’s legs as he closed his crotch over it, holding Pete tightly in an all fours position as Jed really went to town like a steam piston and fucked Pete in different directions, Pete yelping, his face and head still held between Jason’s sweating thighs as Jed eventually shot his load lodged full length up Pete, then shaking his well satisfied dripping cock over Pete’s ass .

If Pete thought that was the lot it wasn’t because soon, Ching pulled up into a siding and enthusiastically joined the others so Pete was in for a real session from the three of them , each of them taking his ass and mouth in turn with a bit of spanking, sucking and licking between, each time Pete had been ass fucked he had to endure the taste of well cum cock dripping over his face, then having to suck each of them bone dry.


We he eventually got to Frisco thinking the fare was realty high – in fact he could hardly walk.

But guess what, on entering the Gig studio he discovered the Gig wasn’t until the following month, that he had got the date wrong!

Oh well, that’s another couple of trips because he didn’t even have a dollar to spend. But then he thought about maybe staying over in Frisco and becoming a rent boy = that’s it – well he was well versed and could earn a few hard dollars for his services…

But that’s another story …

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