I Wanted My Friend’s Man

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I was in a jealous fit lately. My friend Jenna had the man I wanted. His name was Paul and I ached to have him as my lover. Paul was tall, handsome and I thought he had a big cock. Sometime when I would see Jenna and Paul I would look at the big bulge in his pants. I wanted to feel him deep in my pussy.

I didn’t know what Paul saw in Jenna. She was thin and didn’t have much tits. I was full figured and I knew Paul looked me over on more than one occasion. When we were at the same party together, I made sure my cleavage was showing and I wore tight fitting pants. I couldn’t get Paul to hit on me.

I finally took measures into my hands. I knew where Paul lived, so one night I drove over to his apartment. Paul answered the door. He looked surprised.

“What are you doing here Beth?”

“I had to see you,” I told him.

I was right up front with him.

“I see you looking at me all the time. Why don’t you ever act on it?”

Paul looked embarrassed.

“You know I’m see seeing Jenna now,” he said.

“I watch you gazing at my tits and ass. I know you want me.”

I was tired of debating with Paul. I reached down and pulled my top up over my head. I unsnapped my bra and let Paul get a good look at the real thing. I thought Paul’s eyes would pop out of his head. I stepped closer and knelt in front of Paul. I unzipped his pants and I pulled his cock türbanlı porno free.

It was just as I thought. His dick had to be nearly nine inches in length. He was thick as well. I brought that big prick to my mouth and I inhaled him. I heard this gasp from Paul’s mouth. I finally had his attention. I wrapped my hands around the back of his legs and I started to bob up and down his shaft.

I knew Paul was enjoying this. He put a hand on the back of my head and he urged me on. I could only take a few inches down my throat. He was so huge. It didn’t take long before Paul was erect. Once I had him hard I broke away. I stood up and stripped out of the rest of my clothes. It was Paul’s turn to undress. I got on to the couch and I waited for Paul to join me there.

Paul crawled in between my legs. He lowered his face and used his tongue to lick up and down my slit. I nearly went crazy as he got me worked up. After a few minutes of that, Paul pulled back.

“Fuck me Paul. I need your cock in my pussy!”

Paul took his shaft in one hand and he rubbed his head across my gash. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Paul slowly pushed into my gaping hole. I can say I never felt a cock that size inside me before. He pushed in the whole way to the bottom. His big balls were resting on my ass cheeks.

I remember moaning and even crying türk porno out as he stroked my greedy pussy. I could hear slurping noises as he fed me his big bone. I wrapped my legs around his waist as Paul took me hard. He pounded my pussy with every stroke he gave me. I used my muscles to wrap tightly around his love muscle. I wanted him to forget all about Jenna.

Paul did lower his face. He took each of my hard nipples in his mouth. He sucked and chewed on each one. I screamed with delight. I loved my titties played with. Paul used me that night. I wanted to be his whore. He could do whatever he wanted to me.

He rammed his long bone into my belly. He would circle his cock around inside me, scraping against my pussy walls. I lost count of the orgasms he gave me. Paul took me for a long time that evening. My pussy was feeling raw when he finally let go. I suddenly felt the heat of his cum as he spilled his seed inside my pussy.

I used my muscles to milk Paul dry. I could feel his cock tensing up as he gave me the fucking of a lifetime. Paul must have had a large load saved up. When he finally pulled free, his cum came spilling out of my belly and down my ass crack. Just to make sure I had him under my power, I used my lips to suck the remaining strands of cum from the tip of his prick.

I ended up staying with Paul that night. Early the next morning türkçe porno we made love once more. This time I mounted his bone and he filled me with hard cock. Paul squeezed my large melons with his hands. I knew I had him under my control. I slid up and down his rod until he soaked me with more of his cum.

I couldn’t believe how much baby seed he had stored inside him.

“Are you going to want me from now on?” I asked him.

We came to an agreement. He was going to tell Jenna that they were finished. She didn’t take it well. She asked him if he was seeing another woman. He told her no but he said his face must have betrayed him. Paul said she slapped him hard on the face and told him to get out.

It didn’t take long for Jenna to find out I had been fucking her man. I got a phone call one night from Jenna.

“You fucking bitch, you stole my boyfriend!”

I sat there and let Jenna get it out of her system.

“He wants a real woman Jenna, not you.” I promptly hung up on her.

Paul and I are lovers now. I make sure he is well satisfied in bed. The same thing could happen to me that happened to Jenna. I found out that Paul is an animal in bed. He loves to take me hard with his cock. I will be on my stomach, Paul will lift my ass up, spread my cheeks and take me from behind.

I scream for him to drill my pussy as hard as he can. I love to feel his hard meat deep in my hole. The best part for me is feeling him unload his hot milk into my body. I shake as his cum coats my pussy walls. Maybe Paul will get tired of me one day. Until that happens I plan on having that cock inside me for as long as I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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