In Charge Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 — Slippery Slope.

I didn’t spend my entire college career waking up with strange women, still drunk from the night before and covered in bodily fluids. OK, so I did a lot of that, but I did hold down a steady relationship for two years with a pretty little thing named Gina. It will be a long time before I run out of stories about this girl.

Gina was dark and sexy with a full body of luscious delights. She had this strange ability to be cute as a button no matter what she was doing. Her smile was a weapon; you couldn’t resist it. Her teeth were big and perfect and her lips seemed like they could no longer contain them as she beamed her giant smile at you. She was dark of eye and hair, the latter semi long and flowing, the scent of tea roses never absent. Her figure was on the verge of voluptuous, a term she hated but that fits her perfectly. Perhaps she was an inch or two wide at the hips, but with a thin, high waist and full young breasts her figure was a lovely hourglass.

She was a good girl when I got my hands on her, but she was looking for the flimsiest of excuses to get out of that business. A girl who proclaims she is saving her virginity for marriage while she is rubbing the head of your cock against her clit is lying, my friends. She had a lot of fun being horrified at the things I asked her to do, but she put very little effort into resisting them.

After a while our sexual relationship became a little stale as we reached a point where we were a bit timid in really asking for what we wanted. We decided to try something we called “being in charge,” which was a date where one of us was to follow the other’s requests without fear of hurt feelings or unfulfilled desires. I don’t think it was really a dominance and submission thing, just a more one-way affair where one person got to be the center of attention for the night.

I went first to get the ball rolling, and that night was fairly successful. We didn’t do anything shocking or revolutionary but it gave us both a certain comfort level to be a little bit selfish and really express what we wanted. Gina’s first night involved a set of instructions on cards and contained a not-so-secret message for her final command.

My second night in charge was almost a failure. I think in the end it turned out well, but I sure wouldn’t have predicted it that way. I had some ideas and plans but an unfortunate series of events including tests, forgotten homework, detailed labs, a group project and an emergency trip home (a two hour drive each way on a Tuesday night) to say good bye to my 15 year old dog Lucky pretty well torpedoed my creativity and libido. By Thursday evening, our normal play time, I was a burned out shell of a man. Gina arrived at my door glowing with anticipation and eager to get to it, but I just didn’t have it in me.

She knew many of my reasons for being so wrung out but I hadn’t shared the loss of the family pet. I’m a big tough guy, you know? I was a walk-on to the football team for a season (well, the practice squad anyway) until my knees gave out. I’m a powerful slab of man meat, damn it! I’m not supposed to cry when my dog gets put down, right? Well, I went and lost it.

Crying in my girlfriend’s arms isn’t sexy, I know. Sorry. I’ll skip past half an hour of touchy feely crap, but I will mention that in terms of non-sexual intimacy it was a pretty powerful moment that served to bring us closer together. Eventually she brought the conversation back to our original intent for the evening.

“So czech sharking porno what can I do for you? I’ll understand if you just want to walk me home. It’s your night so you get what you want.” Gina had an uncanny ability to shine at nearly anything. She could be the cutest of cute, the raunchiest of raunchy, the coyest of coy — you name it. As I lay in her arms and she looked down at me with her deep brown eyes I felt positively covered in love.

“Oh no, I need you here.” I ran my fingers through the dangling threads of her soft brown hair.

“Then you need to come up with some orders, sir.”

“All right. Tell you what; I want a massage. Full body, slow and relaxing, gentle and calm. Is that OK?”

“Baby it’s your night! Of course that’s OK. Can it be naked?” That twinkle in her eye was irrepressible.

“You better believe it.”

In a flash we were both naked and I went belly down on my enormous throw pillow on the floor. The thing was four feet to an edge and more of a piece of furniture than a pillow. And it was perfect for all kinds of shenanigans. Gina fished the big bottle of massage oil out of my desk and popped it open as she settled down to sit on my butt. She poured a bunch of it out on my back and went to work.

It was nice. I can’t tell you how much that helped my state of mind. Her slippery hands roamed my back, pressing the knots out and shooing the stress away. I was in heaven as she worked my back slow and gentle. And she did a very nice job; she took her time and she was very thorough, rubbing my legs, calves, feet, arms, hands, etc. I was actually enjoying it so much I started to drift away into glorious sleep.

She didn’t take kindly to that.

Had I been a few minutes further on I might not have noticed that she wasn’t using her hands anymore. I perked up when I recognized her heavy breasts sliding over my back. That didn’t last long and in moments she was lying on me and sloshing around, pressing her fun bags into me and whispering into my ear.

“Time for the other side.” Oh hell yes! I flipped over and punched up the pillow to prop me up a little, then settled down for the show.

Gina got back down on top of me, straddling me across my thighs. She dumped another load of slippery oil on my chest and belly and then got to work. That lasted a far shorter time than the backrub, since we weren’t alone for long. Big Jim quickly rose to the occasion, since every time she bent over to reach my upper chest she rubbed into him. That and the view of her lovely, heavy tits dangling over me were quite enough to produce a rigid boner right quick.

I groaned when her slippery hands wrapped around my shaft. This was going to be a good one. I’ve never been a fan of hand jobs but I had a feeling this one would go above and beyond.

She scooted up a bit until her bush was just at the base of my cock so it almost looked like it was hers and she was jacking herself off. I hate to say it but it was pretty hot.

“So this is what I would look like with a penis.” She stroked it absently, examining more than exercising it.

“I don’t think I could date you if you had one of your own.”

“No? You wouldn’t suck my cock, baby?” The lurid sneer on her face was just plain nasty. “I bet you would. If I had a big dick like this you’d beg me to suck it.”

“No way, baby. I love that pussy too much.”

“Well what if I had both? What if I had a big dick and my tight little pussy and they were both yours?”

“Then I guess we’d czech streets porno be having very, very weird sex right now.”

“I think I’d like watching you suck me.” Remember this conversation for later, in case you read further installments of the In Charge series.

She let the hermaphrodite musings behind and got back to work. She started rocking her hips and grinding her clit against the base of my cock in time with her jacking hand. That was nice and sexy. What had started as a slow, relaxing massage had quickly turned much more active. I was glad I hadn’t drifted off.

I grabbed for the bottle of oil and handed it to her.

“Get those big titties all lubed up and jack me off with them. I want to see my dick slide between your tits.”

“Yes, master!” She said it with breathless enthusiasm like she always did, like a lusty Jeannie from that old TV show. Damn, I should have gotten her to wear an outfit like that for Halloween. Ah, well…hindsight is 20/20.

Gina squirted the slippery stuff all over her D-cups and smeared them around in a hell of a show. Her breasts are full and plump, not so big as to be cumbersome or distracting, but damn near perfect for whatever you want. She’s got enough to smother me in an avalanche of boob, enough to keep my hands busy without heavy lifting, and the perfect amount of space in between for some slip and slide. Her areolas are smallish and her nipples dark and hard most of the time. She loves gentle stimulation and languid tongue strokes on them almost as much as she likes a bit of teeth or a hard pinch.

Regrettably, the pillow was the wrong place for a titty fuck. She bent over and tried to obey my commands but the position was troublesome. She got down on her front and sort of mauled my cock a bit, pushing it around with her breasts but not really getting the job done.

“That’s not working. Lets try the chair.” She got off me and I rose, then dropped into the comfy chair. That was much better, though I almost slid right out of it due to all the oil. She sat down on the floor in front of me and lifted her luscious tits to my lap, then wrapped my big dick in soft, slippery flesh.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the only thing better than the feel of that girl is the sight of her. She pushed her plump, heavy breasts together and engulfed me, then started moving them up and down, caressing my dick and sending me to heaven. The whole time her lovely, angelic face smiled up at me. She could always find that perfect balance between cherubic glee and naughty leer.

I will take a moment at this point for a public service announcement: always use edible massage oil. I didn’t have the stuff back then and I wish I did because that tit job would have been even better if she would have used her mouth. Alas, the stuff I had was fairly nasty on the tongue if not downright poisonous. Don’t make my mistake.

Now…Oh yeah, the slippery boob job. She made an event out of it. She would let my cock languish in a delicate, relaxing press of her warm flesh for a while, then change pace for an energetic bouncy titty fuck for a bit, then slip back into the slow and low. It was glorious. After maybe twenty minutes she dropped her breasts and recoated my cock with oil, then gave me a very strong double hand job that brought me right to the edge. There she paused.

“Are you ready to cum for me baby? I need some orders.”

“Get up and turn around. I need that pussy right now.” I was always amazed that her wide, lovely czech super models porno smile could go wider. She hopped up and turned around, pushing her full, soft derriere at me. I took her by the hips and guided her down while she reached between her legs and pointed me straight up. I slid in without a hint of resistance. She was pretty slippery herself, but with all that oil on me I was seriously lubricated.

“Go as fast as you can, baby. I can’t hold back.”

She rocked forward and back, grinding her pussy on me and wrenching my cock around by the base in just the way she knew would get me off fast. I can hold back an orgasm pretty easily with a straight in-and-out or if I am on top, but when I was buried all the way inside her and she started grinding…I was a gonner.

In moments I gripped her hips and held her down, my cum flowing out of me as I convulsed. She had to hold on the chair arms to keep from toppling as my orgasm roared through me. I didn’t think that pussy could get any sloppier, but as I filled it up I discovered it could. I was deliriously happy and I deflated into the chair as the last of it left me. You couldn’t get that smile off my face with a crowbar.

Gina didn’t stop gyrating, though. In fact she sped up, putting a bit more hip into her motions.

“I want another,” she said, throwing a lecherous glance over her shoulder. I desperately wanted to see her hop off me and slurp up the mess she made but the oil wouldn’t allow that. Still, I was happy with another round. My second orgasm is usually tougher to conjure than the first but I was down for the challenge and Gina was a wizard with my cock.

“Then you go get it, baby.” I had very little work to do. I just sat back and watched her work. My body always seems to go slack after I cum and it took a few minutes before it came back online, but before long I was in the groove. I entertained myself with handfuls of her slippery tits while she worked.

After a while I started to tense up with a sequel. She had been paying close attention to my body and she recognized the signs.

“Did you make another one for me?” she asked.

“Special delivery in about one minute,” I announced.

“I’ve got a special place for this one.” Holy shit, I loved that girl.

She pushed herself up off my dick and moved it back just a bit, then slick as a whistle she dropped herself on my cock again. I was balls deep in her back door in a flash, no preamble, no gradual insertion — nothing. Boom! Dick in ass. Gina grunted a little as she landed, then went right back into her gyrations as if nothing had changed.

I moaned like a beached whale as another lightning bolt flew out of me, splattering her insides again. She rode me like she had before, her ass clenched tight around the base of my cock, milking it hard. My eyes rolled back up in my head and I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. My body was twitching and jerking in ecstasy, even after the last drops were out of me.

When again I collapsed, she still didn’t stop. Instead of the grinding she switched to long strokes, letting me slip almost all the way out before dropping back down to engulf me again. She did it several times, slow and gentle on the upstroke and fast and hard on the down. After a few minutes she had to stop because my well-used erection was giving way. She finally let me slither out of her back door when she stood up and turned around. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at me with a glow of triumph and superiority, almost gloatingly pleased with herself. She was naked, gorgeous, shimmering with oil, gleaming with happiness, and dripping semen from both holes.

“I am the best girlfriend ever.”

“You were that half an hour ago. Now you are…legendary.”

“Are you going to write epic poems and stories about me?”

“You know, I just might.”

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