Incarcerated Ch. 02

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I awoke Sunday afternoon with my conscience racked with guilt. The house was quiet and I threw on some shorts and went down to the kitchen to make some coffee. On the kitchen table was a note from Jim informing me that he had taken Rebecca, the nanny, and the kids to the club so they could play with friends at the pool while he played golf. At least that would give me a few hours of solitude to get my feelings straight and calm my upset stomach. The nausea I felt was probably caused by a combination of too much wine, a restless night of sleep and the guilt I felt for my actions the night before.

As the caffeine began to hit my blood stream I began to think more clearly and I knew what I had to do. I had to put last night behind me and move forward. I would avoid Debbie and try and forget that the night before had ever happened.

I was feeling much better after eating breakfast and I had just stepped out of the shower when the phone rang. When I picked it up I knew that forgetting that the night before had ever happened was not going to be as easy as I had hoped.

“You left your bathing suit over hear last night, come over and pick it up,” she said matter-of-factly as though last night had just been a normal evening. Her calm easy manner made me feel comfortable and I told her I would be over in a few minutes.

Debbie met me at the door wearing a pair of white shorts and a bikini bathing suit top and as usual she looked amazing. She stepped aside and invited me in and walked into the living room ahead of me. My pulse quickened as we entered the room, but I relaxed as I saw my suit on the table in front of her.

“How are you feeling,” Debbie asked with a seemingly genuine sense of concern.

“I’m alright now. My head was killing me when I woke up, but once I got a little food in my stomach and a few cups of coffee I felt much better.”

“That’s good, you had a few too many glasses of wine last night and we were afraid would wouldn’t see you for weeks. Here’s your suit.” She handed me the damp bathing suit. “Sit down, I’ll get us a few glasses of Iced Tea,” she said as she motioned to he couch.

I sat down and watched as she walked off toward the kitchen I watched her ass gently sway from side to side. Stop that, I thought as dirty images of the previous night danced through my mind.

Debbie walked into the room with two glasses of Iced Tea. She handed me one and sat down in the chair across from me.

“This is really good,” I said sipping the cool liquid. “I really should be going. casino siteleri I have a ton of work to do today.” I placed my glass on a coaster, stood and started walking toward the door.

Debbie looked at me with those blue green eyes and my resolve to leave melted. “Please,” she motioned back to the couch. “Stay for a while.”

I sat back on the couch and watched, unable to move as she crossed the floor. She sat close to me on the couch and softly brushed a few strands of my hair from my cheek. “You enjoyed last night, did you not,” she inquired in a low sexy voice.

“Um, yes,” I said softly.

“I thought your might want a little more,” she teased as her fingers traced small light circles on my neck. A shiver shook lightly through my body as Debbie pulled my face to hers. “You like to kiss don’t you,” she queried as she pressed her lips to mine. It was the first time I had kissed her and her lips were wonderfully soft yet firm. My mouth parted, inviting her tongue inside and she didn’t disappoint. We kissed deeply as she pulled my top down to expose my boobs. Her fingers expertly caressed my heaving chest as we continued to kiss passionately. “Nic is coming over soon,” she whispered. “You like Nic don’t you. I sensed you two had some chemistry. Why don’t you lick me before she gets here, then you two can be alone for a while.”

I slid down between Debbie’s soft thighs and pulled her shorts down baring her pretty pussy. I kissed her thighs before nuzzling into the soft downy fur. Her scent caused my pulse to quicken and I parted her lips and licked her moist center. I closed my eyes and lost myself in her delicious pussy. I teased her lips licking and nibbling them as her juices began to flow. They covered my chin and I began to move in toward her clit. I stuck my tongue deep inside her searching for more of her nectar. Debbie’s hands grabbed my hair and pulled hard. My face was thrust into her grotto as her hips bucked against my mouth. I sucked her clit into my mouth rubbing my tongue on it as I did.

“That’s it breeder, eat my cunt,” she yelled. “Oh yeah you fucking pussy slut suck it there. Her hips thrust violently against he as she fucked my face harder still.

My eyes were closed tightly and I felt her juices covering my face as I continued to suck her clit. I felt her thighs quiver and shake as she came hard.

“Yes, fuck, you damn pussy slut, I’m coming,” she said loudly as her hips bucked wildly. Her hands held my hair tightly forcing my face into her soaking wet pussy and I could barely canlı casino breathe. “Damn, you eat pussy like a pro Karen. Who’d have thought that yesterday you were a useless breading cunt. From worthless cunt to cunt eater in a less than 24 hours,” she chided as the door bell rang.

“Come in,” she yelled, her fingers still entwined in my hair. She held me firmly between her thighs as Nicky entered the room.

I thought a saw a twinkle in Nic’s eyes as she looked at me and I beamed. Debbie released her grip on my hair but I continued to sit between her splayed thighs looking up at Nic.

“Do you have the blank contract Nic?” Debbie asked.

“Yeah, what’s it for,” the big butch asked.

“Don’t you worry; just put it on the table. Nic, I think this little breeder likes you and I know you enjoyed her last night. Why don’t you two go upstairs and have a little fun together,” Debbie said as she motioned to the stairs.

I looked up at Nic with pleading eyes. I don’t know why, but it was important that she like me. I had felt the connection the night before, like she was different than Debbie and Sam. She had said some mean things but her tone was softer, and she was a more attentive lover than the other two.

Nic took my hand in hers and led me upstairs into the guest bedroom. I saw Sara’s clothes from the night before on a chair in the corner of the room, but it was otherwise empty. I pressed my body against Nic and kissed her softly on the lips. “Thank you.”

“For what,” she asked.

“For bringing me up here,” I replied as I kissed her neck and began to undress her. She reached for the light switch, but I placed my hand on hers. “Can we leave it on? I want to look at you.”

“Not much to look at honey, but if you insist.”

“I disagree, you are very sexy,” I said in my most sincere voice. I continued to take her clothes off while planting little butterfly kisses all over her soft wide body. Her breasts were huge, easily 42dd, but despite her wide frame her body was surprisingly firm and muscular.

When she was naked I pressed her back on the bed and did a slow striptease looking deep into her amber eyes the entire time. I climbed onto the bed when my clothes were off and strattled her. I bent forward and kissed her deeply. Nic’s hands held me close and I felt myself floating as we continued to kiss. There was no sense of urgency, just a gentle flow and a slowly building passion. I slid down next to her and lay beside her as the passion in our soft wet kisses increased. Nic’s hands touched kaçak casino my swollen sex and I moaned softly into her mouth. I spread my legs wide to allow her unfettered access and her fingers moved gracefully across the soft wet folds of my excited pussy. My excitement built as Nic’s expert fingers brought me to a quick powerful orgasm which left me breathless.

When I had recovered from the tremors I kissed Nicky deeply before leaving her mouth and kissing the nape of her neck. I kissed down to her big beautiful breasts and squeezed and kissed them softly. I continued to make love to her breasts and her moans of encouragement spurred me on. Eventually I left her tits and kissed my way down her surprisingly flat stomach to her thick furry mound. I settled between her powerful legs and licked and sucked lovingly at her grotto careful to avoid sending her over the edge. Finally when I sensed she needed to come to retain her sanity I licked and sucked her clit until she exploded in an enormous quivering orgasm. Her juices covered my face and she pushed me away from her sensitive clit. I continued to kiss and suck lovingly on her outer lips and upper thighs as she gently ran her fingers through my hair.

“You are a fantastic lover Karen,” Nic said lovingly as she pulled me effortlessly up by her side. We began kissing again and soon our passion was at a seemingly new high. Nicky rolled on top of me and with her right hand she spread my pussy wide. I could feel the rough fur of her pubic mound pressed enticingly against my clit as she pressed her full weight down on top of me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss as our tongues entwined. Our hips bucked together rhythmically as Nic rode me to the abyss. The orgasm started in my toes and rose like a title wave. I screamed loudly into Nic’s mouth as wave after wave of orgasms wracked my body. A new tremor would begin just as the previous subsided. The room began to spin as my fingers clutched at my powerful lover’s hips. I rode the storm of pleasure until my body couldn’t take anymore and then the room went black.

I looked up into Nic’s pretty amber eyes as I awoke and I smiled. Her head was propped up on one elbow and she was looking at me with a serene smile on her face. Her face appeared much prettier than before and she had a soft glow in her cheeks.

“Welcome back honey,” she said lovingly and kissed my softly on the forehead.

I continued to lie in Nic’s warm embrace until the sun went down the glow from behind the blinds disappeared. No words were said, we just lay silently as our fingers gently caressed each other.

Debbie opened the door and told me that Jim wanted me home to say good night to the kids. I slowly dressed and kissed Nicky deeply before I walked back to my house.

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