Innocent, Yet Slutty

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Maria glanced up from her drink for the fifth time that night to find the same brown eyes on her, sending her smokey, inviting gazes. The pair of seductive eyes belonged to a sexy guy, surounded by a couple of friends who were laughing and joking along with him.

Maria gave herself a mental shake and looked away. He may be attractive, but she didn’t trust men right at that moment.

Maria had just broken up with her boyfriend and now her self-esteem was shot. Now she found herself in a nightclub with a few other girl friends and dancing the night away. She had just taken a break and was sitting by the bar. She tried to concentrate on the music, but she couldn’t. All she kept thinking about was Tony, her ex. His sweet smile, his soft lips, his eyes…and yet such a deceitful heart. All those months of her life she had given to him, and for what? A broken heart?

But it didn’t matter anymore. Right now, all that mattered was trying to lift her spirits up with a night out with just the girls.

Maria had spent extra care with her appearance this evening, wanting to look her absolute stunning best. She was dressed in a revealing skinny tank that stretched tantalizingly over her 32C cups. A short flirty skirt followed that just barely covered her ass. Usually she wouldn’t wear anything like this but just for tonight she made an exception.

Maybe a part of her wanted to run into Tony because she knew he frequented this particular club often. No! Maria gave herself another mental shake. Stop it, it’s over already.

Maria downed the rest of her drink and was just about to order another when she was interrupted.

“Hey, beautiful” a voice said, “I saw your pretty fine ass from across the room and just thought I should come over and say hello.”

Irritated, Maria swiveled around and gave a bored once over of a middle-aged man, dressed in a hideous maroon frilly shirt. He was short and balding. “No thanks.” She began to turn back around to get the bartender’s attention but the short man wasn’t so easily deterred.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.” The man stepped forward and placed a sweaty palm on her arm and turned her around. Maria almost gagged on his repulsive breath.

“Get you’re disgusting hand off of me!” she demanded. She was becoming more alarmed by this outrageous behavior.

The desperate man angrily jerked at her arm, “Hey bitch–!”

Another voice stepped in. “I don’t think you heard the lady,” a deep voice said with authority. “She said let her go.”

Maria looked over and was brazzers porno shocked to see the guy that had been eyeing her a moment ago standing right next to her. She took a double take as she saw how much more sexier he was upclose.

He was at most 28, but looked younger and very attractive. His clothes were clean and his hair cut and face freshly shaven.

The short man immediately let go and stepped back timidly in the presence of the taller, more fit man. He backed up and quickly left.

“I’m sorry about that,” the guy said, drawing Maria’s attention back to him. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ethan.”

Ethan had noticed this girl since almost the moment she walked in. He had been dying to talk to her all night but she looked too hot to be single. But now since the chance had presented himself, he did not regret it at all. My god was she stunning. From far away he thought she was beautiful, but now he could clearly see she was gorgeous.

She was about 5′ 7″ in heels. Her mocha brown hair was long and wavy, just barely skimming the top of her large breast that was nearly popping out of her tight top. Her shirt ran over her flat stomach and down into a skirt that hugged her hips and a nicely round ass.

But Ethan sensed a sort of untouchable innocence about her and it drew him to her even more. Her soft full lips were slightly drawn and her eyes held sadness in them.

Alright, Maria thought, I know I said that it would just be a girls night out but this guy was too tempting to let get away.

“I’m Maria.” She smiled tentatively. It had been a while since she had actually flirted. Truth was, she had only had 3 boyfriends at the age of 22. One was her highschool sweetheart. Then she had a couple great guys in college, although one of them turned out not so great…Tony, specifically.

Somehow the two found themselves sitting down at a table. It was slightly secluded, although they could still view most of the dance floor. Ethan had bought Maria and himself a drink and they were both sipping it.

“So what is a beautiful girl like yourself doing here without a guy?” Ethan asked in a slightly kidding tone.

Maria smiled briefly and glanced away. “Just enjoying myself,” she replied with a forced lightness in her tone. Then she smile brightly and said negligently, “a girl is allowed to have fun isn’t she?”

Ethan chuckled, “True.” Although he couldn’t help but note the slight tinge of sadness in his eyes. Must be problems with her significant other he guessed. castingcouch-x porno “Boyfriend?” he asked.

Maria’s eyes widened momentarily as they fell on Ethan’s questioning eyes, thinking that he might be trying to move in on her. But instead she only saw concern.

“Well…yes,” she said quietly. “I think I will go now.” She moved to stand up.

“Wait,” Ethan said and placed a hand on hers. “Don’t go. That was rude of me and not my place to go there.”

A tingle of electricity raced up her arm from where Ethan was touching her. Maria paused.

“Please, take a seat? I promise I won’t bring it up again.”

Maria sat back down and resumed her sipping. “We broke up.” She finally said. Her gaze roved involuntarily to his lips and she couldn’t help but imagine them on hers. She looked down at his strong hands and her breath caught when she invisioned them on her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Ethan showed surprise at what he had just heard. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

Suddenly, Maria’s eyes locked onto his. “I’m not,” she said blandly. It took Ethan a moment to realize that Maria was now looking at his lips and felt a burst of desire. “Are you?” she asked innocently.

“No, I can’t say that I really am,” Ethan said.

Maria moved closer to him and smoothly placed her soft lips on his. He was on fire as she put her hands on his chest and moved them up to cup his head as she deepened the kiss. Ethan was losing his mind as he was being seduced by this temptress. Maria pulled back and it took Ethan a second to recover. Ethan was an expert kisser and pulled Maria into his arms so he could skillfully kiss her senseless as she had kissed him senseless. His hands moved over her shoulders and down her back to rest on her firm ass.

His other hand reached for her breast and he firmly cupped them in his big hand. Maria moaned as Ethan flicked her nipples with his thumb, making them harden and push against her bra.

Maria pulled back at that moment. “No!” she whispered. “What am I doing…” She looked as if she was about to stand up, but Ethan flicked her erect nipples again, eliciting another moan.

Ethan knew he should let her go, but it was obvious to both of them that she didn’t want to go. “Let me just kiss you then?”

Maria didn’t look at him, but she didn’t move either. “I don’t want you to get the wrong idea…it’s just…I don’t know you! And…”

“I’m sorry,” Ethan apolegized. “I’ll just kiss you, and if you disagree with anything clips4sale porno I do at any point, you can leave. Deal?”

She stayed and Ethan took that as an assent. Ethan knew they were attracting some attention, which was uncomfortable for Maria, so he tried to be discreet.

Ethan placed a gentle kiss on her lips and slowly kissed her. Slowly, Maria leaned closer to him and he moved his arms around her slender body. One hand moved over her round ass and he just lightly cupped it and left his hand there. After a few drugging kissed, Ethan ventured out and moved his other hand over her breast and lightly squeezed her nipples until they were erect. Maria didn’t protest. Ethan took it a bit further and moved his hand down onto her thigh.

As Ethan kissed Maria, he moved his hand slowly up her thigh, moving closer and closer to her hot point. Maria began squirming in her seat and her legs parted.

Ethan lightly rubbed the outside of her panties and discovered her panties were soaked with pussy juices. His cock hardened in his pants.

Maria moaned softly as she felt two fingers move aside her panties and go inside her dripping pussy in one smooth stroke. She gasped and bucked her hips. “Oh, baby…” she moaned and closed her eyes as his large fingers began to thrust inside her sopping wet pussy. She squirmed as he fingerfucked her faster and harder.

Maria fought with all her strenght not to moan out loud. “Oh, please!” she begged, thrusting her hips against his fingers. “Don’t stop! Harder! Oh!”

“Damn, you’re so sexy,” Ethan whispered huskily in her ear. “You’re pussy is so wet and slick, I want to fuck you right now on this table.”

Maria nearly came when he said that. She gasped and moved her hips harder against his hand, ramming her pussy on his fingers. She could feel her pussy juices drip down one leg.

Ethan found her clit and began rubbing it with his thumb while still fingerfucking her. Maria gasped and fought down a scream. She grasped his arm to keep from screaming. “Oh god! I’m cumming! Ohh!” Her pussy throbbed as she came violently against his hand, her body shaking wildly. She moaned and moved her hips frantically against his hand as she kept cumming and cumming.

Her orgasm finally subsided and she weakly fell on Ethan. “Thank you,” she gasped, her breasts heaving with each breath.

He smiled and lightly rubbed her clit before pulling his fingers out of her gooey pussy. He licked his fingers and pulled Maria in for a deep kiss. “It was my pleasure,” he whispered, squeezing her ass.

Maria definitely didn’t want this night to end. She held him close and said, “Come over to my place? I want to give you some…ah, relief.” She deftly moved a hand down and wrapped her fingers around his straining cock.

Ethan smiled. “After you.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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