Internet Flirtation Gets Real

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He was a best selling author. If you knew his name, well, let’s just say you’ve heard of him and lawsuits would follow.

She was well known in literary circles; a well respected book reviewer. The funny thing was that she never actually read any of his books, so obviously never reviewed them. Nonetheless, one day she got an email from him, complimenting her on her reviews and especially on her picture. He was mesmerized, he wrote, by her eyes.

She was flattered to receive such an email, especially from an author so well known that he couldn’t possibly be flattering her for a review. Intrigued, she visited his website and found a picture of a man about her age, maybe a couple of years older. He looked stocky and strong and wore leather. But in an ironic coincidence, what she especially liked about him were his eyes. They were glacier blue, but it wasn’t the color that was so appealing, it was the sparkle there – the mischievous look of a bad boy. She always went for the bad boy, married one in fact and was happy. But there was something there, in that picture, that drew her in.

She answered his email, flattering him back, and so an email correspondence was begun. They slowly revealed things about themselves. He too, was married, and had a small son. She was married with two children. She had never strayed. He claimed not to, but she wasn’t convinced. They were both big flirts and enjoyed each other’s email.

Gradually, the emails got more personal. She asked him about the first time he had sex. He told her about a girl in high school and how innocent he was. She told him about being young and horny and a bit of a slut.

One day she sent him some porn shots that she thought he would like. Not of her, of the Internet variety. He loved them. He sent her pictures that he thought she would like. Then they moved to video clips. A woman sucking a big cock. A man cumming on a woman’s face and tits. Fucking in every position.

They learned of each other’s likes and dislikes. They both had a thing for eyes. He loved big tits. She had them. She had an oral obsession with sucking cock. He loved that. She enjoyed being fucked in the ass occasionally. He’d never tried it but was intrigued. She described her favorite position for sucking cock: lying on her back across the bed, her head hanging over the edge. He stands above her, his cock sliding down her throat, his balls bouncing off her nose, his hands on her tits.

He started to get a little obsessed with the porn, joined a service and was paying for the clips he sent her. Finally he told her it was getting out of control, he was spending too much time looking at porn, ostensibly for her, and he wasn’t getting any work done. He had a contract, and a book to write.

Things cooled off, slowed down, as they are wont to do in this medium. But every now and then a sexy email would appear in her box, or in his.

Then there was a conference.

A writer’s conference. He was invited. She was invited. She was scared, and excited and nervous, but mostly excited. She wrote him and asked if he was going. He wasn’t sure, he had some family conflict. She wasn’t sure she could manage it either. But as it turned out, they both went. She stayed for several days; he was flying in only for an afternoon. She was relieved, in a way, and excited, but disappointed too.

The conference was a dream for her. She got to meet some of her favorite authors, and reunite with others that had become friends over the years. There were panel discussions and luncheons and interviews and dinners out. She flirted of course; if she was breathing, she was flirting. But she was also on edge. No one else got close to her. She was waiting for him.

He arrived on the last day. She knew he would be there, he was giving a presentation and she found the room where he would be speaking. As she entered, she saw him up on the podium, talking with another writer. She moved to the front row, and he saw her. They finally met, in this very public place, and they hugged. She snuggled into his neck, breathed in his scent, and it pleased her. As did the feel of his arms around her, his body so close to hers. He had a job to do, however, and he went and did it. She watched.

Afterwards, he was expected to sign books. There was a line of people waiting for him, so she wandered around, wondering if that was going to be it. Maybe she wasn’t what he expected. The line finally got shorter, and a man she knew was chatting with him. She walked over, and asked the man to take their picture. He did, with a knowing leer. They finished their conversation while she hung around, then the man she knew said goodbye and left. They were alone, yet surrounded by people. He asked her if he could buy her dvd porno a cup of coffee.

They grabbed some coffee. She might have been happier with a drink, but he was flying and couldn’t drink and she was afraid of what she might do if she had a few. She was afraid anyhow. She was very drawn to him. She found him incredibly sexy, and his eyes were even more mesmerizing in person.

They found a quiet corner in the lobby and sat down with their coffee. They chatted about inconsequential things while staring into each other’s eyes. She felt very surreal; it was almost an out of body experience. She felt as if they were having one conversation with their voices, but she was not even sure what she was saying or what they were talking about. And another, much more personal conversation, with their eyes. She was drowning in his eyes and felt the heat pulsating through her body. They finished their coffee and he said he had to go.

She walked with him to the front entrance of the hotel. There wasn’t anyone but the doorman around, and he was outside. She dropped her bag and threw her arms around his neck. He was being respectful, allowing her to take this where she wanted it to go. She kissed him then, hesitantly, and he kissed her back just as softly. She stepped back and he watched her. Again she hesitated, then stepped back into his arms. She kissed him again, this time with no hesitation, only with pent-up heat and the passion that she was feeling.

All thoughts of her husband and family flew out of her head. She was dizzy with desire and he knew it. Her nipples were like bullets, hard and pointed straight into his chest. A soft moan escaped her as she kissed him, holding on for dear life. She could feel his hardness pressing into her belly.

After an eternity, he pushed her back a bit and said, “Show me your room.”

She had a blind moment of panic, followed by an overwhelming rush of scorching heat as she kissed him again. Then she took his hand and led him outside. They walked through gardens of lush foliage, hummingbirds dancing on the air, until they reached her building. He opened the door for her, and she led him to the elevator. The building was deserted. They kissed some more, waiting for the elevator. She was shaking and she wasn’t sure if it was nerves or desire or most probably, a combination of both.

The elevator ride was painfully slow. She was on the third floor and she stood trembling in the elevator until he pulled her close again. He just held her, let her feel his desire and his heat, and she started to calm down. They walked down the hall to her room and she couldn’t get the card key to work. He took it from her and opened the door.

The sunlight was streaming through the open drapes and across the freshly made bed. There was a bench at the foot of the bed, and he backed her up to it until she was sitting. He stood above her, all the while just staring into her eyes until she finally had to look away. She was sitting there, looking at the floor, when he put his hand under her chin and turned her head up towards his. He bent down and gently kissed her.

Nervous energy made her stand up again. With her heels on they stood nose to nose. She stepped out of her shoes and tugged at his shirt. He tugged at hers, and it fell away. She stood before him in her black lace bra and while he watched her, she opened the button on her pants and pulled down the zipper. She started to slide her pants down, revealing a matching black lace thong. She turned around and used the bench for balance, and pulled one foot then the other from her pants, offering him a view of her wide ass with only the thin lace of the thong covering her.

His hands went to her ass, gently caressing her. She stood up and leaned back into him, and his hands slid around to her front, sliding up her belly to her bra. He softly caressed her breasts, teasing her through the lace. She moaned, and turned around in his arms, kissing him again while his hands wandered over her warm skin.

“Honey,” she whispered in his ear, her tongue flickering at his lobe. “take my bra off, please?” she asked.

He complied with her wishes and unhooked her bra. Her breasts came tumbling out and he gasped at the size of them. His hands automatically moved up, and with both hands wrapped around one of her mammoth tits, he bent his head and suckled her nipple into his mouth. Her nipple filled his mouth and he tongued it, sending feelings of rapture through her body.

She lifted the other breast to his mouth and said, “Suck them both?”

He wasn’t sure if he could, but with her help, both of them squeezing her tits tightly together, he was able to get his mouth around both of her rubbery teats, ensest porno his tongue running from one to the other as he sucked gently. Her hands were on the back of his head, urging him closer. He gave her a little bite, and she jumped. He laughed and stood up again. He took her hand and led her to the side of the bed. She turned down the bedspread and climbed up, lying with her dark hair fanned across the pillow.

“Get undressed,” she demanded. “I want to see you naked.”

“You’re not naked,” he pointed out.

“But I can be,” she replied, as she lifted her hips and slid down her wet thong. She tossed it at him, and he caught it and brought it to his face, breathing in the scent of her excitement.

He shoved them in his pocket and grinned.

“Souvenir,” he said with a smile.

He pulled his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants. He kicked off his shoes and sat down to take off his socks. When he stood again she saw the tent he was making in his pants and he slowly pulled down the zipper, taking care not to injure his raging hard-on. As he slid down his pants, she turned on the bed and scooted over until her head was hanging off, right under his dick. He rubbed it around her face and she smiled, loving it. She kissed the head then opened her lips wide, taking him inside her warm, wet mouth. He was so excited he thought he might cum immediately, but somehow held back a bit. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them in his hands and puling gently on the nipples, making them sway. She moaned against his cock, and he felt her relax her throat and take him deeper, swallowing his cock until he felt her lips pressed against his hair, his balls covering her nose.

He idly wondered how she was breathing, when she let go of his cock and gasped a new breath. With his cock still in his mouth, she said, “Fuck my mouth” and it was his turn to moan. He started pumping his cock in and out, feeling it slide down her throat while her tongue, her wonderful, magical tongue, swirled all around the head, flickering along the underside and driving him wild. Her hands were on his thighs, holding him close.

He grabbed her tits hard and squeezed, then the first shot of cum went down her throat. She sucked hard, hungry for his cum, but he pulled out of her mouth and shot some cum on her face, and then another load went on her magnificent tits. The last of it he wiped on her lips, drawing his cock round and round. She lobbed on to him again, sucking the last remaining drops from him, her tongue sliding into his peephole, and she licked her lips with pleasure.

His cum was hot and salty and tangy she knew he loved how it looked on her. She also knew he would love her to eat it, and she did, first scooping it off her face with her finger, then sucking her finger until she got every drop. Then she bent her head forward and her hands went around her tits. She lifted them towards her face and her tongue snaked out, licking the rest of his cum off of her tits. It was wild watching her, and he felt his dick start to grow hard again.

He climbed on the bed between her legs. He laid his head on one soft, fleshy thigh and looked at her pussy. She had shaved the lips, leaving them smooth and hot and slick with her juices, while the top had a neatly trimmed bush. He used his tongue to part her lips and found her clit, pulsating like a wild thing. He grinned, and licked all around it, using his thumbs to spread her wide open. He licked up one side and down the other, then slid his hot tongue into her waiting hole. He felt her muscles clamp around his tongue, and wondered how those muscles would feel clamped around his cock. She was pushing against his face and moaning, her hands playing with her tits.

She was squeezing the fleshy orbs hard enough to leave fingerprints. His tongue finally found her clit and licked it up from her hole to the tip, making her yowl with pleasure. She grabbed her nipples then, pinching them with her long, red nails, while he went to town on her pussy. He alternately licked and sucked her clit and he knew he was on to something good when she wrapped her thighs around his head and trapped him there. He licked faster and sucked harder, alternating between the two and keeping her on the edge of orgasm for so long she thought she was going to lose her mind. He finally took pity on her, as she begged and moaned for release, and he concentrated on licking her, beating her clit with his tongue, then finally taking it between his lips and sucking hard while his tongue kept moving.

When he put his teeth on her she came, bucking and screaming like a banshee, and she flooded his face with her juices. She started pushing him away then, this time begging for mercy and he backed up, wiping czech amateurs porno his face on the sheets. He’d never been that drenched before.

He couldn’t wait to put his cock in her hot, wet hole and she couldn’t either. She spread her legs wide and begged him to fuck her. But he knew he needed a condom, and went to go get one from his pants. She rolled over, her ass sticking up, inviting a good, strong smack, which he obliged her with. She moaned, and put her head down into the pillow and got up on her knees, her wet pussy wide open and waiting for him.

He grabbed her hips and pressed the head of his dick against her opening. He slid into her warm, velvety channel and she pressed back against him. He could feel her muscles grasping his cock and it was wonderful. She was fucking back at him, her ass shaking and, she begged him to fuck her hard.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. He started pounding her then, his balls slapping against her clit and his cock filled her cunt. A few minutes of that and she was off and screaming, juices running down her thighs.

He pulled out of her cunt, breathing hard, and said, “I want to fuck your ass.”

She rolled over, also breathing hard, and said, “Okay, but let me get something first.”

She went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of Astroglide. He’d never used it before but she told him he was too big to fit comfortably in her ass without it. He slathered some on his cock, and she assured him it wouldn’t affect the condom. She asked him to put some up her ass, too, and she climbed on the bed and got back on all fours, presenting her ass to him. She leaned forward on her face, then reached back and spread her cheeks for him, showing him her asshole. It was incredibly erotic, watching this woman expose herself like that for him. He pushed one fat finger into her ass with the lube, moving it in and out and she was extremely tight back there. He wondered how he would fit his cock in there.

She told him she needed to be stretched a bit first, and asked him to use two fingers. He added more lube and shoved two fingers hard up her ass, making her gasp. It hurt, but as he slid them in and out she tried to relax. Finally she said, “Okay, I want your cock now.”

He saw her fingers playing with her clit as he approached her. He put the head of his cock against her asshole, pressing firmly. She begged him to go slow, and it was hard for him because he was so excited he just wanted to plunge in. But he went slowly, pushing his cock in a little bit at a time, and thought he’d never felt anything so tight and hot before. She started pushing back, her fingers moving faster over her clit, and she started moaning.

“Fuck my ass, “she said. “Fuck it hard!”

That was all he needed to hear. He pushed his cock the rest of the way inside, feeling a pop when he pushed past her sphincter muscle. She screamed with pain, but he was way beyond caring. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as her orgasm built, and as she came her ass muscles clenched his cock, drawing him even deeper inside her. She ground her ass against him, loving the feeling of fullness, and screamed out her pleasure this time.

He couldn’t take it any more, he shot his load deep up her ass, feeling his balls pulsate as they emptied. He started to pull his cock out of her ass and she warned him to be careful of the condom, or it could get lost in there. He got it out and collapsed on top of her, breathing heavy. She smiled, and sighed with contentment before wiggling her ass enough to move him over. He rolled over next to her and drew her close. He gently kissed her mouth, and as she looked into his eyes, she saw he was also content.

They dozed off for a little while but then he stood up and stretched. “I’m late,” he said, “I need to get back.”

“I know,” she answered. “Do you have time to shower?”

“I better, or my wife will know where I’ve been,” he said.

That touch of reality was enough to get them both moving. She wondered how she would feel later on, after he left. How she would feel when her husband called later that night and asked her about her day.

He showered while she lay in bed thinking. He got dressed and pulled her out of the bed to walk him to the door. He pulled her to him to kiss her goodbye and couldn’t help grabbing her tits again.

“These are truly amazing,” he said. “But I better not start up again or I’ll never get out of here.”

He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, and another on her left breast, and left. As the door closed behind him, she slid to the floor, her back against the door, and a tear rolled down her cheek. She wasn’t sure why she felt like crying – because he left? Because of what she’d done? Because she betrayed her husband?

She hugged her knees to her chest and just sat there a while. Then she got up, got in the shower and had a good cry. She got dressed and went down to the bar and tried to feel normal. But she didn’t know if she ever would again.

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