It’s Just Us Girls

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Lisa looked herself over in the full-length mirror. She was wearing a new bikini, and while she probably wouldn’t be wearing it to the beach, she thought it looked good enough for the backyard. The top was a bandeau, not super flattering on her D cup breasts, but it would keep her shoulders free of tan lines. The bottoms were little more than a thong, but she didn’t mind. The only person who would see her ass hanging out today was her.

She admired the way it looked on her curves. After having 2 kids, her body seemed to sag more than it used to, but she didn’t mind. All the same, this suit was for her eyes only, and she would enjoy the time she had to be in it while her husband had the kids out of town for a camping trip.

Lisa slathered on sunscreen, grabbed a towel and water, and laid out by her pool.

About 10 minutes had passed when she heard a cheery voice call out. “Hi, Mrs. Charles!” Lisa looked around to see the neighbor’s daughter peeking over the fence.

“Hi, Amber! How are you, sweetie?” Lisa responded. She liked the girl, a fun, bubbly brunette, with an easy laugh.

“Do you mind if I join you? Our backyard has so much shade that I can’t get a tan over here.”

“Of course! Come on over! The gate should be unlocked!”

Amber walked over to the gate and let herself in. She was wearing a bikini already, with flip flops and a sheer cover up, and carrying a folding lounge chair and a cup. She set up her chair – next to Lisa, but so that her head was by Lisa’s feet. “It’s so we can actually see each other while we chat,” Amber explained with a giggle, as she pulled a towel from a bag that had been on her shoulder, a magazine, and some sunscreen.

Amber covered herself as best as she could, then laid face down on her chair, untying her top as she did so, and asked, “Mrs. Charles, would you mind getting my back?”

“Of course not, dear.” Lisa sat up and held her hand out for the bottle. She squirted some of the lotion onto her hands, briefly rubbing them together to warm it up, then rubbed it onto the younger girl’s shoulders and down her bare back.

She noticed the full coverage bottoms that Amber was wearing and remembered her own lack of coverage. Lisa blushed with embarrassment at first, but told herself not to worry. Amber would understand the concern of tan lines, and wouldn’t be critical of an older woman’s body.

Lisa continued rubbing the lotion in to the young, taut body, and admiring it’s lack of rolls and wrinkles and stretch marks. She allowed her hands to wander slightly on the sides, almost but not quite feeling the softness of the girl’s pert breasts.

“Can you get my upper thighs as well, please?” Amber didn’t seem to mind Lisa’s wandering hands, and, in fact, seemed to encourage the exploration.

Lisa squirted more lotion on her hands and focused her attention on the area right above the back of Amber’s knees. She felt Amber readjust her legs further apart, then she felt her hands wander up. She rubbed in the lotion, and briefly, as though on accident, ran her thumbs between the girls thighs, and gently touched the strip of fabric there.

Amber, though the touch was brief and gentle, let out a slight moan. In response, Lisa felt her nipples harden, and looked down to see them clearly peeking through the fabric of her top.

It had been a long time since she had felt anything like this for another woman. In college she had done her explorations of the same sex, but had never considered it again since her marriage 15 years ago. Lisa shrugged it off, and laid back down on her lounge chair, pulling her sunglasses down from on top of her head.

Amber turned over, holding her top carefully as she did. Lisa, from under her dark sunglasses, looked at the tiny triangles barely holding in the girl’s breasts. Though they were smaller than Lisa’s – a B cup she guessed – the top was pretty much just covering nipples. To her surprise, Amber reached up to the ties around her neck and undid them as well, leaving the bikini top completely unfastened and balancing precariously on her chest.

Lisa’s casino oyna eyes widened in surprise. Her jaw must have dropped too, because Amber only giggled and explained, “I figured you would understand about tan lines, since you don’t have straps, either. In fact, if I were alone like you were, I’d go topless.”

Somehow Lisa gathered her composure. “I’ve certainly thought about it. If I were young again, I suppose I would, but not after pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you’d like to, feel free. My husband and the kids are away for the weekend, so it’s just us girls here today.”

Without hesitation, though tantalizingly slowly, Amber reached across her body with one hand, and gently lifted away the top to reveal her hardening nipples on top of the small, perky mounds. All the while, she held eye contact with Lisa.

“Are you sure you really don’t mind, Mrs. Charles? I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable. If you don’t want to see my tits, I’ll put it back on,” Amber held the top up, her arm extended over the bag she had left on the ground.

“Like I said, Amber, you are free to be topless here,” Lisa took a sip of her water and cleared her throat, “You might want to put sunscreen on them, though, just in case.”

“Oh, you’re right, Mrs. Charles, I should do that!” Amber dropped the bikini top into the bag and leaned forward to reach for the bottle – Lisa watched as the girl’s tits swayed and jiggled with her movement – and squeezed some lotion on to her hands. She leaned back again and started with her hands on her rib cage.

Lisa couldn’t help but stare at the girl as she rubbed the lotion in thoroughly. Then, just as Lisa thought Amber had finished, the girl continued running her hands up and down, and massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipples as she did so, and letting out a small moan.

“I needed this so bad, Mrs. Charles,” Amber smiled up at the older woman as she removed her hands, exposing her chest again to Lisa entirely, “They spend so much time in bras and shirts and stuff. I’m happy to let my tits feel the sun.”

“I’m glad I could help. You certainly look like you’re enjoying it!”

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to go topless either. In fact, I’d prefer it, so I don’t feel so overdressed!” Amber gave a sweet, disarming smile, absentmindedly stroking the side of her breast with one hand.

Lisa was stunned. What should she do? While, on one hand, it would be nice to not have any tan lines, but on the other…the 18 year old girl smiling up at her was almost 20 years younger. There was no way it would be appropriate for her to be topless around this girl who is almost half her age.

Amber, sensing Lisa’s reluctance, quickly followed up her invitation with, “If you’re worried about anyone seeing, you dont have to. My bedroom window is the only one in my house that can see your backyard. Other than that, there’s no other neighbors to worry about, and my parents are out of town, too. It’s just us girls, like you said, Mrs. Charles.”

Amber wasn’t sure why she was so eager to see Mrs. Charles topless. While she had always thought the neighbor lady was nice, and enjoyed babysitting her two adorable kids on occasion, she had never had any thoughts about seeing the older woman naked before today. After feeling Mrs. Charles’ hands massaging the lotion into her back, almost touching her boobs, then brushing against her swimsuit-clad pussy, she was suddenly curious about the body of the 35 year old woman next door.

“If you want, I’ll help you with the sunscreen too, like you did for me.”

There was something so earnest in the young girl’s voice. Was it a real desire to see Lisa topless? Maybe she was just curious about other women, like Lisa had been at that age. Maybe she really just didn’t want to be topless alone. Either way, Lisa decided it couldn’t hurt. It was just breasts, no touching except for sunscreen, and Amber was 18, a legal adult. It wasn’t like she would be exposing herself to a child.

“I’ll go ahead and take off my top, but on one condition – you can start calling me canlı casino Lisa.” Amber nodded her agreement excitedly, with a huge smile on her face.

Lisa sat up further, spreading her legs so she could place her feet on either side of the lounge chair. Amber’s eyes moved to glance between the older women’s legs and noticed her barely-there bottoms had shifted slightly to show a peek of bare skin on either side of the tiny bottoms. Though she couldn’t see anything but a bit of Mrs. Charles’ – Lisa’s – outer lips, she imagined them to be hiding a gathering wetness, much like the one she felt building between her own legs.

Lisa lifted the bandeau top over her head, and dropped it on the ground next to her. She smiled at Amber and reached for the sunscreen. “My turn for that,” then, not entirely sure what came over her, she added with a laugh, “Unless…you wanted to help me with sunscreen on this side, too.”

Wordlessly, Amber nodded. She moved over to Lisa’s chair, perching on her knees between Lisa’s open legs. As she rubbed lotion between her hands, shaking slightly with nerves, she directed Lisa to sit back and relax.

Lisa leaned back and closed her eyes. She felt Amber’s nervous hands lightly touching her ribcage, then move up, around her sides, to her collar bones, then down along her sternum. She opened her mouth to tell Amber she didn’t really need to do this, but then she felt the fingers lightly brush her nipples, and a moan escaped instead.

From that sound alone, Amber felt her nerves steady, and she confidently massaged the larger, softer breasts in front of her. Once the lotion was rubbed in, she used her finger tips to lightly tweak the dark, hard nipples. Lisa’s back arched, and she moaned again, louder this time. Amber looked down at the small bikini bottoms Lisa was wearing, and was pleasantly surprised to see the light fabric starting to darken with wetness.

Not sure what to do next, Amber moved her hands away, placing them on top of her thighs. Lisa looked up to see the young girl, in a seemingly submissive position, as though she was waiting for direction. Ideas began racing through Lisa’s head. She didn’t really know what to do either, but she definitely didn’t want to stop.

“Would you like to continue, Amber? Or do you want to go back to your chair?”

“I kind of liked that, Mrs. Char- Lisa. I want to feel your hands again, too.”

Lisa smiled. She repositioned Amber so the young girl’s legs were lying on top of her own, legs spread wide open, and so close that their pussies were almost touching. Amber laid back, her hands underneath her head. Lisa ran her hands from Amber’s knees, up her thighs, over the bikini at her hips, up Amber’s unblemished stomach, and – finally – reached her beautiful breasts with their hard nipples.

Lisa massaged and pinched and flicked for several minutes, enjoying the way that Amber moaned, arched her back, and pushed her pussy further into Lisa’s. Suddenly, Amber lifter her upper body and wrapped her arms around Lisa’s neck, pulling the older woman in for a deep, passionate kiss.

While at first surprised, Lisa relaxed into the kiss, and allowed her hands to wander Amber’s body once more. She ran one hand down to Amber’s tit, again tweaking and tugging on the nipple, and the other wrapped around Amber’s body, felt its way down her back, into the waistband of the swimsuit bottoms, and grabbed the hot, tight, 18 year old ass underneath. After a few squeezes and some rubbing, Lisa moved her hand to the crack and began circling the puckered hole with her middle finger.

Amber moaned through their deep kiss, enjoying the sensations on her. Both her nipple and now her virgin asshole. Her own hands had moved to Lisa’s beautiful, big, round tits, tweaking the nipples and feeling their weight as she lifted and massaged them.

Lisa knew she should probably feel guilty about this. Here she was, a happily married woman with two kids, basically naked and playing with the hot girl next door’s ass and tits. She would probably regret this whole episode later, but that kaçak casino nagging feeling went away as desire for more from the young woman on her lap began to grow.

Lisa’s lips left Amber’s and found the hard, sexy nipples instead. Amber shifted to her knees, giving Lisa better access to her boobs. With her now free hand, Lisa went straight between Amber’s legs and began rubbing her pussy through the material in unison with the circles she was doing on Amber’s tight asshole. Amber, to make things easier, deftly untied the knots on her sides and tossed the bottoms away. Lisa felt the smooth, bare pussy, then spread the lips to rub Amber’s clit.

It was so wet, so ready. Lisa had a sudden idea of what she really wanted to do.

“Turn around. Bend over in front of me. Let me see what that ass looks like.”

Amber obeyed, ass in the air, her face at Lisa’s thighs. She began kissing and licking the sensitive skin left uncovered by the tiny thong. This was exactly what Lisa hoped for, and she smiled as she plunged her tongue deep into Amber. She pulled out and ran her tongue around Amber’s clit, not wanting to miss a single centimeter of the wet pussy in front of her.

Before long, as Lisa continued fucking Amber with her tongue, she felt her own suit be moved to the side and then Amber’s lips sucking and circling her own clit. Lisa moaned into Amber’s pussy and slid her body down further, spreading her legs wider. Amber dove in further with even more enthusiasm, and Lisa returned to her ministrations.

Amber pulled away and turned around to kiss Lisa, enjoying the taste of herself on the older woman’s lips. “You are far too overdressed, Lisa,” she whispered.

Lisa looked down at her tiny thong, now fully off-kilter, and smiled, “I think you’re right. Help me take it off.” Amber obliged very willingly, carefully lowering the thong all the way down Lisa’s legs, then diving back between them, face first, at first teasing her neighbor’s bald outer lips, the creases where thighs met with hairless pussy, and finally, her tongue circled the hardening clit before she spread Lisa’s legs as far as they could go and tongue-fucked her as deep as she could.

Lisa allowed Amber to suck on her pussy and tease her clit for several minutes before pulling her up closer. She stuck her fingers between her legs and rubbed her little nub, letting her wetness grow again.

“You like this, Amber? You like eating an older woman’s pussy?”

Her head was tossed back, breasts thrust into my face. “Ohhhhh, Lisa…I love your pussy! And your tits. Fuck, that feels so good!”

Deftly, Lisa managed to move one leg under Amber’s and one leg over, and pressed their clits together. She was still on her knees, breasts still in Lisa’s face, so she began grinding on her and nibbling on her delicious nipples.

Amber pushed back, the two bodies in sync. She reached down to pinch and play with Lisa’s breasts, and enjoyed the feeling of their juices mixing together, as well as the sensations growing in her pussy. Amber became desperate for release, holding down Lisa’s body and manically humping against the older woman’s pussy.

As Amber grew more and more desperate for release, Lisa grew closer and closer to hers. The sensations in her clit were unbelievable, and she could feel it building and building before her whole body clenched, and she cried out. Lisa’s hand automatically reached out and found Amber’s tits, and she began mercilessly tugging and pinching in her orgasmic fervor.

The combination of seeing and feeling Lisa’s orgasm, the rough handling of her nipples, and the additional wetness that now was between them was exactly what Amber needed. All of a sudden it hit her, and at the same time she was hit with a wave of pleasure, she felt a sensation like nothing she had ever felt before, and a lot more wetness between them.

“Holy shit, Amber, you fucking squirted!”

Amber collapsed on top of Lisa, suddenly drained. Even though she should probably get her towel to help clean them up, she needed a minute to catch her breath. She curled against Lisa’s breasts, sprinkling kisses as she did, wrapped her arms around her, legs still entangled in a mess of girl cum and sweat, and closed her eyes.

“That was amazing, Lisa. We should do this more often!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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