Jennie’s “Nightmare” Ch. 02

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“I really wish you hadn’t convinced me to wear this bathing suit!” Jennie sighed as a couple of young guys passed them on the beach.

“Why?” Greg grinned. “Don’t you like the attention you’re getting?”

“I feel like every guy on the beach is staring at me!” Jennie replied.

“They are!” her husband laughed. “Not to mention quite a few of the girls.”

“Greg!” Jennie cried. “How could you say such a thing?”

“Because it’s true,” he replied with a shrug. “I don’t blame them. You look amazing in that bikini!”

“I’ve never worn one before in public,” Jennie said. “If my mother saw me now…”

“…she’d pass out!” Greg finished. “But she’s not here and I am. I like seeing you in your bikini. To be honest, I like seeing the attention you get while wearing it.”

“Really?” she asked in surprise.

“Definitely!” he smiled. “I know how lucky I am to have you for a wife, but it never hurts to be reminded by your many adorers.”

“You’re so bad!” Jennie cried, but she finally relaxed and smiled slightly. They lay silently on their blanket for a while and enjoyed the sun. Mindy had the children today for a function by the pool. Vacation was only just starting and both of them needed it badly.

“Greg, I want to go cool off in the ocean,” Jennie said eventually.

“Go ahead,” he smiled.

“Don’t you want to come with me?”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes,” he replied. “I want to see how everyone reacts when they see you stand in that bikini.” His wife looked at him oddly for a few moments.

“You’re serious,” she finally said.

“Yep,” he agreed. “I’m sure I couple of guys won’t be able to get up for a while!”

“What’s gotten into you?” Jennie said with a frown.

“I don’t know,” her husband shrugged. “Does it bother you?”

“Not really,” she said after a brief hesitation. “It’s just a little embarrassing.”

“Babe, you have nothing to be embarrassed about!” he said emphatically.

Jennie smiled and shook her head as she slowly stood. She took her time going to the water. She wasn’t model material or anything like that, but she could feel the guys ogling her large breasts and round ass. Her thin waist gave her a perfect hourglass shape.

Three guys walked by wearing sunglasses. They were all young and well built. One of them nodded in her direction, but she could tell that all of them were giving her the once over despite their sunglasses. The odd part was that she found herself liking it. Normally she would be embarrassed and cover up, but today she decided to enjoy the attention. It seemed to be what Greg wanted anyway.

Jennie kept her shoulders back and smiled sexily at the three. One of them actually stumbled as they went by! She had to suppress a giggle.

“That was mean,” a voice from her side said with a laugh. Jennie jumped slightly in surprise before turning and seeing an attractive redhead standing next to her. The woman was wearing a hat and a one-piece bathing suit that covered a lot of her body, but that didn’t stop Jennie from appreciating the fact that she was nicely shaped.

“You’d get the same reaction if you were wearing this bathing suit,” Jennie said, surprising herself. She wasn’t normally the type to talk like this.

“Hunny, I couldn’t fill that suit in a hundred years!” the woman laughed. “That top would swim on me.” Jennie smiled as she looked briefly at the redhead’s breasts. They were average sized, but you could make out her hard nipples. They reminded Jennie of the blond woman she kept dreaming about. Jenny blushed at the thought and looked away.

“My name is Rosa,” the redhead offered. “And before you say it, I know, I don’t look Latin. That’s because I’m not. My mother just loved the name. Actually, on days like this I wish I did have a little Latin blood in me.”

“Why?” Jennie asked.

“So I could wear a bikini and drive the guys crazy like you’re doing!” Rosa laughed. “But if I tried that I’d look like a lobster in fifteen minutes!” Jennie laughed.

“I’m Jennie,” she said in introduction. “I’m here with my husband.”

“I’m here with a couple of friends,” Rosa replied. “We just finished the semester and decided to take a vacation.”

“You’re in college? How old are you?” Jennie asked without thought. “I’m sorry! That was rude!”

“No, don’t worry about it,” Rosa laughed. “I get that reaction a lot. I took a few years off before going to college and I’m a grad student now. I’m coming up on thirty.”

“Yuk!” Jennie said. “My thirtieth passed at the end of last year. It wasn’t a fun time.”

“Tell me about it,” Rosa laughed. “Just imagine going through it on an island with a group of coeds!”

“When is your birthday?” Jennie asked.

“This coming Friday,” Rosa replied.

“Wow,” Jennie said, unable to resist. “You really are a glutton for punishment!” Rosa laughed as Jennie added, “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks!” the redhead said with a shake of her head. “But it’s not as bad as all that. My friends are grad students as well.”

Jennie was surprise at how quickly she alsancak escort bayan and Rosa hit it off. They didn’t seem that much alike, but she liked the redhead’s sense of humor. The only problem was that she kept catching herself looking at Rosa’s body. That damn dream of hers had her thinking things she’d rather not!

“Don’t look now,” Rosa said. “There is a rather tasty hunk making his way over. He’s giving you the eye.”

That’s not a hunk,” Jennie smiled as she looked where Rosa was watching. “That’s my husband Greg.”

“You lucky bitch!” Rosa snapped. “He’s hot!” Jennie was shocked by Rosa words, but instead of getting mad, she started laughing.

“Don’t I know it!” she said as Greg walked up.

“Know what?” Greg asked.

“Nothing,” Jennie replied. “This is Rosa. She’s a new friend.”

Greg’s eyebrows rose briefly in surprise. Jenny wasn’t the type to make new friends quickly and she’d spent less than five minutes talking to this redhead.

“I’m Greg,” he said holding out his hand. Rosa took it and shook it. Greg smiled at her and the redhead felt a jolt down to her toes.

‘Just my luck!’ she thought. ‘The hottest guy at this resort near my age happens to be married to this sex goddess. I can’t even hate the bitch because she’s so damn nice!’

“It’s nice to meet you,” Rosa said aloud.

“We’re going for a swim,” Jennie said to Rosa. “Would you care to join us?”

“No thanks,” Rosa smiled. “I’ve had enough of being a third wheel on this vacation already.”

“Third wheel?” Greg asked.

“I came down with a couple,” Rosa replied. “They were kind enough to invite me and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but…”

“I understand,” Greg said kindly. Rosa shook her head as she felt herself responding.

“Why don’t you and your friends join us for dinner?” Jennie asked, surprising them both.

“But before you answer, we should warn you,” Greg put in. “We have our children with is. They are seven and five years old. It normally makes for an interesting meal.”

“It won’t be that bad,” Jennie laughed. “We also brought a babysitter along. Mindy is in college so you’ll have something in common, although she just finished her freshman year.”

“That sounds great,” Rosa said. “But before I ask my friends if they’re willing, you should know something.”

“What?” Greg asked.

“Joanne and Tara are a gay couple,” Rosa replied. She saw the looks on both of the couple’s faces and smiled sadly before adding, “Don’t worry about it. It was nice meeting you.” Rosa then turned and walked away.

“That was a surprise,” Greg said. Jennie nodded, but didn’t say anything. She was thinking about Rosa and her friends. Joanne and Tara might be gay, but Rosa certainly wasn’t. Her reaction to Greg was too obvious. What surprised Jennie was that neither the gay couple nor Rosa’s attraction to Greg bothered her as much as she thought it would.

“Let’s go for a swim,” she said. Greg took her hand and they went into the water together. It wasn’t that cold and the water was calm. They swam out pretty far.

“How about a kiss?” Greg asked as they floated next to each other.

“Oh, I think we can do better than that!” Jennie grinned, surprising him. The next thing Greg knew she was kissing him and rubbing his cock through his bathing suit.

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked in surprise.

“Why? Does it bother you?” Jennie asked.

“Are you kidding?” Greg laughed. “I’m just surprise. You’re acting the way you normally do after one of your nightmares. Is it because of the way all those guys were staring at you?”

“Maybe,” Jennie smiled. “Or maybe it was the way Rosa kept trying hard not to stare at you. She called you a ‘hunk’ and me a ‘lucky bitch’ before you arrived!”

“Did she now?” Greg grinned, helping Jennie stay afloat as her hand slipped into his suit. “Now why would she say that?” Jennie looked at him and smiled sexily. What the hell? Why not have some fun and see how Greg reacted?

“I bet because she’d love to feel this thing inside of her,” she said, giving his cock a squeeze. Greg moaned and Jennie relaxed.

The last few months proved to her that Greg was more than willing to accept a wife that wasn’t quite so prudish as she used to act, but this was the first time she was talking like this and it was dangerous in a way. If she kept trying new things sexually, eventually she might go too far for Greg’s liking. Of course, she was having fun and nothing she’d suggested to date did anything but excite her husband.

“I can’t blame her,” she continued. “It does feel amazing! Just like what I’m doing to you now, right?”

“You have no idea!” Greg moaned.

“Oh, I think I do,” Jennie grinned, reaching lower and cupping his balls. “You don’t mind me talking like this, do you?”

“No,” her husband groaned. “It’s so hot!”

“So, would it bother you if I said that I wanted to make love to you right now?” Jennie asked. She felt his cock jump at her words.

“I wouldn’t call it alsancak escort that,” Greg grinned. “Making love is what we do when we’re in bed sharing. What you want is sex! Wild passionate sex!”

“Okay, if you insist,” Jennie said with a shake of her head, but she was smiling.

“Say it,” Greg said. “Tell me you want to have sex with me right now!”

Jennie looked at her husband and thought about what he wanted her to say. She might have been brought up a prude, but she knew what he really wanted to hear. The question was whether she was willing to say it or not. She thought for a moment and then shrugged. She was feeling very horny. If he wanted to hear it, why not just say it?

“I want to fuck you, right here and right now,” Jennie said lustfully. Greg’s eyes grew big before he spoke.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that word before,” he gasped.

“What?” Jennie teased. “Fuck, do you mean the word fuck?”

“Yes!” Greg groaned, trying to pull her bottoms down.

‘Wow! He really is excited!’ Jennie thought, but then pulled away and added aloud, “We can’t do it right now!”

“Afraid someone will see?” Greg asked in frustration.

“Not as much as I’m afraid we’ll drown!” Jennie laughingly replied.

“You teasing bitch!” Greg cried in frustration. Instead of getting mad, Jennie just continued to laugh.

“I have an idea,” she said after a few moments.

“What?” Greg asked, trying to calm down.

“How about we stay out here for a few minutes and I continued to talk like I was?” she asked.

“You mean you’ll continue to talk dirty to me?” Greg asked pointedly.

“Yes,” Jennie smiled. “I’ll talk dirty to you.”

“And then?” Greg asked.

“And then we go back to our room and you get to release all your pent up desire,” Jennie answered.

“Why wait?” Greg groaned and reached for her. “I’ve got more than enough already!”

“Not so fast mister!” Jennie laughed, pulling back again. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you can keep your hands off of me for the next fifteen minutes, I’ll let you do anything you want when we get back to the room.”

“Anything?” Greg asked in interest. Jennie frowned, not sure what he was getting at, but decided to go with it to see what happens.

“Anything,” she finally replied.

“Then you’d better make it good, because I want your ass!” he growled.

“My ass!” Jennie cried in surprise. It was so loud that a guy who was swimming twenty yards away looked their way. The tide had pulled them both in. Jennie blushed and started swimming back out. Greg followed her.

“Are you serious?” Jennie asked when she deemed that they went far enough.

“I’ve always wanted your ass,” Greg shrugged, “But before the last few months I didn’t dare bring it up.”

“I don’t know…” Jennie began, but her husband silenced her with a kiss.

“If I win, you have to promise to at least try it,” Greg said. “If you really don’t like it we can stop and never do it again.”

“Okay,” Jennie finally said.

“Really?” Greg asked in surprise. He obviously hadn’t expected her to agree.

“I’ll just have to make sure you don’t win,” Jennie replied.

“Give it your best shot!” Greg grinned. “Only hurry! I know we both like the water, but how long do you think we can float?”

“Just long enough,” Jennie smiled. “I doubt you’ll make the whole fifteen minutes anyway.”

“Watch me!” her husband grinned.

“Are you ready?” Jennie asked with her back to the shore.

“Yes,” Greg said, swallowing hard once.

“Okay, then lets start,” Jennie said as she looked around and made sure they were alone. Greg’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when she flashed one of her breasts at him. No one saw because Jennie did it in a way that the people behind her wouldn’t realize what she was doing, but that didn’t help Greg.

“Oh fuck!” he cried. “You are such a tease!”

“I’m only just beginning,” Jennie promised, seeing his expression and realizing just how much he liked it. She swam close to Greg without touching him. Her breast was back in her bathing suit, but the damage was already done. Greg’s cock was hard.

“Wouldn’t you just love to feel my breasts in your hands?” she asked, her face only inches from Greg’s. “Maybe you could lean forward and nibble on my nipples? That always drives me crazy! It makes me throb you know where!”

“You know I want to!” Greg said tensely. “This is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.”

“I’ll bet it is,” Jennie smiled sexily. “I’ll bet it’s so hard that the head is peaking out of your suit already?”

“You’re not wrong!” her husband groaned, obviously already fighting to keep his hands off of her. “I could just picture my cock with those monsters of yours wrapped around it!”

“Do you like when I lick the head as it peaks out between my breasts?” she asked knowingly, and then added seductively, “Or should I say when it peaks out from between my tits?”

“Big tits!” Greg groaned.

“Big tits,” Jennie smiled in agreement.

“Yes! escort alsancak I like it,” Greg said. “I like it a lot!”

“Good!” Jennie said. “Because so do I.”

She swam around Greg. He remained facing the same direction and Jennie moved close again from behind. She could see the goose bumps on his neck as her breath gently touched his ear.

“I should have known you’d want my ass,” she whispered. “Ever since I started letting you take me from behind you’ve been a wild man.”

“I can’t help it!” Greg admitted. “Your ass is just so nice and round.”

“I love the way you grab my hips and slam into me,” Jennie said, half closing her eyes and remembering the feeling. “You gave me multiple orgasms that first time! It felt incredible! Think you can do it again?”

“Wait until I get you back to the room!” Greg promised.

“Do you want to know the best part about that position?” Jennie asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes!” Greg cried.

“Me too,” Jennie teased, “But I can’t decide.” Greg groaned.

“It’s either the feel of your…” she started to continue, but then hesitated.

“Say it!” Greg demanded.

“But it’s so unladylike,” Jennie replied. “What would my mother think?”

“Fuck her!” Greg said, actually growling this time. “Tell me!”

“Okay,” Jennie smiled. “I just hope you don’t think less of me later.”

“You know I won’t!” her husband moaned.

“I think I do,” Jennie smiled, swimming back around Greg before continuing.

“The thing that feels best about you taking me from behind,” she continued, “is either the feel of your testicles slapping against my…”

“Call them balls!” Greg said. Jennie blushed slightly, but then nodded.

“The feel of your balls slapping against my…” she hesitated a moment before adding, “…clit!” Greg moaned.

“Or?” he demanded a moment later when she didn’t continue on her own.

“Or,” Jennie added, her lips only inches from his. “How hot it feels with you holding me down and driving into me so hard!”

“Oh fuck!” Greg groaned as he reached for her. “You win!”

“Not so fast!” Jennie cried and quickly pulled back. She wasn’t ready for her teasing to end. In her desperation she blurted out, “Don’t you want to hear about Rosa?” This caused Greg to hesitate.

“What about her?” he asked.

“Nothing much,” Jennie replied, stalling for time. She didn’t know what to say, but she had to say something. At least her husband was obviously interested.

“Have you ever slept with a redhead before?” Jennie asked, already knowing the answer. Greg had only slept with one girl before Jennie and she was a brunette too.

“No,” he groaned.

“I wonder if what they say about redheads is true?” Jennie asked rhetorically. “Do you think they’re really that wild in bed?”

“Maybe,” Greg said. “But they don’t hold a candle to you babe!”

“I bet,” she began, smiling at his words, but not addressing them, “That she’s sitting in her lounge chair thinking about you right now.”

“What else is she doing?” Greg asked.

“Probably fighting hard not to slip her fingers between her legs,” Jennie replied, surprising herself once more. Her own excitement peaked. The thought of Rosa playing with herself was getting to Jennie just as badly as her husband.

“You don’t think she’s a lesbian?” Greg asked.

“No way!” Jennie insisted. “Not with the way she was looking at you.”

“But her friends are,” Greg argued.

“So,” Jennie shrugged. “Maybe she’s bisexual.”

“Oh wow!” Greg cried. “That’s so hot!”

“You like the idea of her being bisexual?” Jennie asked in surprise.

“Are you kidding?” he asked, talking without thinking now. He was just too excited. “I can just picture me fucking your ass while your face is buried in her red thatch of hair. I bet you’d love the taste of her pussy!”

“Greg!” Jennie cried in shock.

There was something in her tone that made her husband think he went to far. It wasn’t true. Jennie was stunned by his words, not disgusted. Greg looked at Jennie and cursed himself silently. It was amazing how quickly all the lust could drain from a situation.

“I’m sorry babe!” he said quickly. “It’s just that you had me so worked up. I think it’s every guy’s fantasy to see his girl with another woman.”

Jennie doubted Greg was right, but obviously it was his fantasy. She was suddenly faced with a choice that she thought she’d never have. She could accept his apology and move on, forgetting this conversation ever happened, or she could admit her own desires to her husband and see what happened. It was both exciting and scary at the same time.

She looked at Greg and saw his concern. She wanted to tell him it was okay, but she couldn’t get the words out. This was in part because it would be admitting one of her deepest and darkest secrets. Yet, Jennie thought she could do that with Greg. She loved and trusted him that much. The problem was what came next.

If she did admit it, would that mean anything would come of it? Would Greg want to see her with another woman? Would he want to join in? Could Jenny watch him have sex with another woman even though she was enjoying that same woman? And what if Jennie realized somewhere in the middle that she didn’t really like women? What if the reality didn’t match up with her dreams?

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