Just One of Those Things

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My friend and I had been friends for years, from all the way back in school. She knew that I was gay; we never kept any secrets from one another. She moved away when we were 21 to marry and we only got to see each other every once in a while.

This one particular week She and I decided that She come to mine alone for a long weekend to go out, watch movies, chat and generally just catch up.. Not ever thinking anything would ever happen between us, but that was about to change…

The Friday evening that She came over we decided to stay in, have a meal, a couple bottles of wine and watch movies.

We ate our meal and had several glasses of wine, then we talked for what seemed like hours and by now the wine had started to take effect.

Then out of the blue She asked me what it was like to kiss a woman. We had never really gone into too much detail about my relationships as there are some things you have to keep between yourself and your partner. This night I wanted to tell Her all. I told Her that a kiss from a woman was the most sensuous kiss that you could ever imagine; tender lips caressing your own, exploring and massaging with your tongue.

She told me that She had always wanted to experience the kiss of a woman, that it was just one of those things you had to try just once. I looked at Her but ignored the comment…. We were just friends… right?

She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, long dark hair, big brown eyes, slender body, perfectly shaped bre@sts… You know the type!

I got up and poured more wine and went over to put on a DVD. We decided to watch a Scary film as all the others we had seen many times before.

I dimmed the lights and took my seat on the sofa. She scooted over to where I was sitting, raised my arm and tucked Herself under it, Her head on my shoulder. She held a cushion in front of us “That’s casino oyna in case we get too scared” She said… Now I’m not one for getting scared at movies but I knew that she was. This was definitely a good thing as I was about to find out.

A scary bit on the movie made Her flinch and tuck Her head against my bre@sts, Her arm went around me. I looked down at her and laughed. She looked up at me, lightly tapped me on the cheek “You’re so bad to me, you know that”. Still holding Her gaze, looking deeply into Her beautiful eyes, a smirk on my face, She suddenly made Her move.

Sitting up and taking my face between both Her hands, She placed a soft gentle kiss on my lips. She pulled away almost as quickly as She had kissed me “Oh my god, I’m so, so sorry” was all that She could say.

I couldn’t resist the temptation. My hands went around her waist and pulled Her closer, my lips locking with Hers, parting my lips gently as my tongue glided against Her bottom lip. A moan escaped Her as one of Her hands went around to the back of my head pulling me closer as the kiss deepened and became passionate, Her tongue darting against mine. Her other hand came up to cup one of my bre@sts; I could feel the heat of her hand through the fabric of my top.

She pulled away from the kiss, looked into my eyes and asked “Will you give me an experience I’ll never forget?” I didn’t answer. Instead my hand went to Her waist and under Her top; I felt the soft, delicate skin of Her tummy, moving further and further up before reaching Her beautiful full bre@sts, cupping each, playing and teasing until I could feel Her hard erect nipples through Her bra.

She pushed my hands away, climbed off me and took hold of my hand, pulled me towards the door and led me up the stairs.

We entered the bedroom and She stripped, leaving me stood staring at Her body in awe. She turned canlı casino to me and said “Do you like what you see?”

Her body was perfect. You wouldn’t believe that She’d had three children. All I could do was smile, and from this She knew I liked what I saw.

“OK” She said, “Your turn to strip. I want to see your body too”. With that I stripped quickly and stood in front of Her while She eyed me up and down. “Mmmm, very nice”. She walked over to me and took one of my nipples into Her juicy mouth. My knees went weak and I found it hard to stand at the feel of Her tongue lapping at my nipple, then switching and sucking hungrily on my other nipple, biting it gently and rolling Her tongue across it.

I couldn’t resist Her any longer. I placed a finger under Her chin and brought Her face up towards my mouth, kissing Her with so much passion. The heat inside me rising, I pulled Her towards the bed, pushed Her down on it and climbed on top of Her, my tongue still darting in and our of Her mouth, our pussies and bre@sts rubbing against each others.

Pushing Her hair away from Her face, kissing my way down to Her neck, sensuously licking and gently sucking so not to leave any marks. My hand working its way down across Her tummy to Her now very wet pu$$y.

Her pu$$y was so smooth. The thought crossed my mind that She shaved as if She’d planned to seduce me. I didn’t care. My fingers gently parted Her lips, She moaned and I knew She was enjoying what I was doing to Her.

I clawed my fingers and dragged them down Her inner thigh down to Her knee, then back up again, teasing across Her lips before dragging down the other leg and back up again to Her pu$$y. She arched Her back up towards my fingers, ready and waiting for me to enter Her.

I slowly inserted one finger into Her wetness, Her hands clamped around my back pulling my body even tighter to Hers. kaçak casino Now inserting another finger and massaging Her c1it with my thumb. Thrusting deep and hard, in and out, feeling Her close to climax. I lowered my head and took Her swollen c1it into my mouth, sucking slowly and flicking my tongue over it, tasting Her sweet juices. A noise escaped from Her mouth and I knew She was close to org@sm. Now sucking harder, my fingers drenched with Her wetness. I felt Her start coming, Her body was shaking with delight and Her breathing heavy.

I moved up Her body and lay down beside Her. Kissing Her, letting Her taste Herself on my lips, my tongue gently caressing Hers, waiting for Her to come down from the high that She was on.

“Now your turn” She whispered. I told Her that she didn’t have to if She’d rather not, but She just looked at me winked.

Laying on the bed my legs open, She moved down and started to kiss the inside of my thighs, blowing my c1it, teasing me, before thrusting Her tongue deep into my hole. Lapping and sucking at my c1it, the sheer pleasure was almost too much. She looked up at me smiling, knowing I was intoxicated with pure ecstasy. Continuing to suck at my c1it She inserted 2 fingers deep inside me, moving in and out slowly, waiting on my reaction. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I started to come. The feel of Her tongue on me while I was coming was indescribable.

She pulled out Her fingers and moved up to kiss me, her bre@sts resting on mine. She whispered to me “Did you enjoy that as much as I did?” I looked into Her eyes and said “It was perfect. Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” She just smiled at me not giving me an answer.

We continued until the early hours of the morning when we fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning when we awoke, we talked of the previous night and agreed that it would never happen again. We are still best of friends and we never regret one moment of that one lustful night. It’s an experience She’ll never forget and if the opportunity ever arises again… Who knows?!?!?!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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