Katie and Ted Learn from an Expert

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This story is based on true events in the life of a happily married young coupe and a stranger who changes their life forever. Fate brought Ted and Katie into contact with “Reggie” Williams to help salvage their marriage.

My name is Ted Harrington and wife is named Katie. I am 38 and Katie is 36. I am 5’10” 170 lbs with light brown hair and Katie is 5’2″ 108 lbs. green eyes and blonde hair. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. All of my male friends are quick to agree she is beautiful. Some have even been vocal about how great they thought she would be in bed. I always pretend to get angry when they say things like that, but inside I feel a sense of pride that other men find her so desirous. Besides, I am more than certain Katie would never cheat on me because she really didn’t seem that preoccupied with sex. I have never seen her eyeing other men.

We live in a small city in Kansas and I own the local Volvo Dealership. I met Katie in the summer between her junior and senior year of high school. She had just turn 17 and I was 19, getting ready to start my freshman year of college. It was love at first site for both of us. We dated six month before we had our first sexual intercourse. Up until then we engaged in a lot of heavy kissing and sexual exploration. I played with her breast and vagina through her clothes. She rubbed and fondled my penis through my clothes. It later progressed to me sucking her breast and putting my finger in her vagina until she had an orgasm. She would jack me off until I ejaculated into a napkin. Katie was the first and only girl I had ever been intimate with.

After we had known each other for about 18 months we slipped away and got married. Our first child, Jason, was born nine months later. Approximately two years later Ella was born. Katie became a stay at home Mom and devoted all of her time to raising the children. We had a relatively normal sex life. We had sex a couple of times a week, but that soon began to decrease in frequency as the children got older. The sex was always good, but Katie was shy and neither one of us were really experienced and we never experimented with sex at all. We were content with the missionary position and on occasion we would try the doggy style. She would give me an occasional blowjob and I would lick her vagina. I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t really familiar with the anatomy of the female vagina. I didn’t know to spend any time stimulating the clitoris. I just stuck my tongue in and out of her vagina like it was my penis. Katie was too shy to tell me to do anything else. We had been married about 18 years when I noticed that Katie was becoming distant and seem to lose interest in sex altogether. I mentioned it to our pastor and he suggested we get away together and spend time rekindling our love life.

There was a dealership convention coming up in Los Angeles that would last about a week. I asked Katie to attend it with me. We decided to add another week and drive out to Los Angeles, taking our time and enjoying the sites along the way. We headed first to Denver, then south down to Durango. From there we made a stop at the Grand Canyon. We made it a point to travel the back roads in order to enjoy the scenery. Everything was going fine until we neared Death Valley, California. We had driven for miles without seeing anything but desert.

We were getting hungry when I saw a sign that said ‘RESTAURANT AHEAD’ and we decided to stop for lunch. Just fifty yards from the restaurant the engine started knocking. I looked at the dash panel and realized the engine had over heated. I threw the car in neutral and coasted the rest of the way. Luckily there was also a service station and a motel near the restaurant. I stopped at the service station. Smoke was pouring from under the hood. I got out of the car and raised the hood. While I examined under the hood, a tall black man approached and introduced himself as the owner of the service station. He told me that his name was Reginald Williams, but most everyone called him Reggie. I estimated his height to be about 6’2″ or 6’3″ and maybe 200 pounds. He was slender and muscular; probably a former football player. I told him I was Ted Harrington, and then introduced him to Katie. She shook his hand and blushed. Later I asked her why she blushed and she said that she really didn’t know why. It was just an involuntary thing that happened. I figured that was true, because that’s just how shy Katie is in reality.

Reggie determined that the problem was a busted heater hose, costing about $50, and it would take him about an hour to repair. Reggie told us that he also owned the restaurant and lunch was on him. He would come get us when the repairs were completed.

We had taken a booth in the back of the restaurant and enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch. When done, we just sat there and talked excitedly about the rest of the trip. We were so engrossed in our conversation that it surprised us when Reggie slid into the booth bahçelievler escort next to Katie. I noticed she blushed again and seem to be very uncomfortable around Reggie.

He said, “Folks I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that your car is repaired and ready for the road. The bad news is that the water pump also had to be replaced. Instead of costing $50 the cost is $493.85.”

I told him that’s no problem and slid my credit card across to him. Reggie informed us that credit cards were not acceptable for mechanical work; it had to be cash or check. Since we never carry checks, I pulled out my wallet and counted my cash. All I had was $196.00 cash. I suggested I have money wired through Western Union. Reggie told us that the nearest Western Union was over 100 miles away and he didn’t have anyone he could send to pick it up. I looked over at Katie and she had a strange look on her face. She seem to be unusually nervous; it may have just been my imagination, but it looked like she was preoccupied with Reggie’s crotch. I thought about that for a second then dismissed it because that would be totally out of character for Katie. Katie and I were totally speechless. I had no idea where I was going to get the money. My mind was completely blank; I couldn’t think of a single option.

Reggie broke the silence with what he considered a solution.

“Well, we could always barter.”

I thought for a moment and then it dawned on me what he was possibly suggesting.

“What do you mean barter? I have nothing to barter?”

Reggie looked over at Katie and then back at me. Katie blushed and then looked at me with a concerned look, then diverted her eye down. Reggie and I bickered back and forth, with me telling him there was no way I going allow my wife to be used that way. Reggie shrugged his shoulders and told me that it looked like we were stuck there in this out of the way place. He would not entertain the option of letting me mail a check. It was cash on delivery or no release of my vehicle. We were struck in a strange place with no other options.

Reggie also owned the motel and suggested we get a room because he couldn’t release our car without us paying for the repairs. Reggie and I continued to bicker back and forth. The argument was becoming quite heated. It was beginning to look like it may come to blows, in which case I didn’t have a chance of becoming the victor.

Katie broke in and said in a low, barely auditable voice said, “I’ll do it.”

The room seemed to fall silent. I could not believe what I had just heard from my shy little, sexually inexperienced wife. My first thought was that Katie had apparently misunderstood just what we were arguing about. I reached over and touched Katie’s hand and said, “You don’t know what you are agreeing to, Katie?”

She blushed, looked down at the table, nodded her head and said, “Yes I do. I’ll do it, Honey. I’ll do it. Now let’s not argue and get it over with.”

I was sure I had not heard her correctly and asked Katie again if she knew what she was really agreeing to do, and she blushed and again nodded her head yes. She couldn’t make eye contact with me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Katie. I was astounded and still didn’t think she fully understood what was going on.

Reggie said, “OK, now that it’s all settled, I will get a room over at the motel and Katie and I will take carry of business. The sooner we get started, the sooner you will be on your way”. He acted like he wanted to speed this along before Katie had a chance to come to her senses and back out of the agreement.

I had to find a way to slow this down and let her come to her senses. I sprang to my feet and said, “If you think I am going to allow her go to a motel room alone with you, then you are crazy.”

Reggie was ready for my continued objections and countered by saying, “Ok you can come and watch. Maybe you might learn a thing or two about pleasing your woman.”

I became really angry. In fact, I became so angry I tossed caution aside and stepped toward Reggie with my fists doubled. Katie stepped between us and told me to settle down and go along with the plan so we could get back on the road and enjoy the rest of our trip. It was probably my imagination, but for a minute I felt like Katie really wanted to have sex with this man. I dismissed that thought immediately. I finally realized that I had run out of options and resentfully agreed. The three of us walked over to the motel and Reggie got a room key from the office and led us to a room on the second floor.

The room had a king size bed, a sofa, and a computer desk. Reggie told me to sit on the sofa and be prepared to learn the art of love making. It only served to anger me more, but Katie quickly moved in to de-escalate the situation. She told Reggie that she was not getting in bed with a dirty sweaty man and suggested he take a quick shower. Reggie agreed balgat escort to the shower and told us that to insure we didn’t sneak away while he was in the shower, Katie would have to join him in the shower. Before I even had a chance to object, Katie started walking toward the bathroom. Reggie winked at me and joined her, closing the door behind them.

They were in the shower for about 15 minutes. When the door to the bathroom finally open; a very naked Katie hurried over to the bed and slid under the covers. Reggie followed her at a much slower pace. The first thing that I noticed was Reggie’s huge black cock. I estimated it to be 10 or 11 inches.

Reggie apparently guessed what I was thinking and boasted his cock was a shade over 10 inches. I thought to myself there was no way my wife was going to be able to take a cock that large without suffering terrible pain. I voiced my objection about the size of Reggie’s cock and my fear of it hurting her. Katie urged me to just sit there quietly and keep my mouth shut. She assured me everything would be fine and then reminded me she had pushed to babies through her vagina. She said the sooner they got started the sooner it would be over with. I quietly returned to the sofa and sat down. Reggie walked over to the bed and jerked all the covers off and piled them on the floor. Katie tried to cover her naked body with her hands.

Reggie laughed and said, “Baby, how do you expect your husband to learn how to please you if everything is hidden under the covers?”

Reggie crawled onto the bed and began stroking Katie’s breast. She scooted closer to him and urged him to get started. Again, I worried she was acting too much like she was looking forward to having sex with this man. Reggie continued to take his time and looked over at me while he explore her body. Katie showed her impatience by openly urging him to get on with the task. It appeared she was a bit embarrassed to have sex in front of me and for Reggie to taunt and tease her in front of me was a little much. Katie laid there looking up at the ceiling and Reggie toyed with her nipples. It appeared he was intentionally trying to piss me off. I think he was hoping I would get pissed and throw a fit and storm out of the room. I was determined not to leave her there alone with him.

Katie’s patience finally ran out and she abruptly said, “Ok, if you are going to FUCK me let’s get it over with so my husband and I can get on with our vacation.

I sat up and took notice. It startled me. I had never heard Katie use the “F-word”. In fact I had never heard her talk dirty the whole time I had known her.

Reggie just smiled and said, “Baby, I am not going to just fuck you. I am going to make unbelievable, animal love to you. You are going to experience true, unbridled passion and lust.”

Katie swallowed hard and then looked over at me. She looked somewhat terrified by him, but anxious to get on with the deed, but I couldn’t determine if it was because she dreaded what was to come, or was she actually looking forward to fucking her first black man.

Reggie said, “Just relax Baby and enjoy the ride.”

Katie clenched her teeth and called him an asshole, but kept maneuvering her hips, and pushing him to get started, as if to ignore what he had just told her. Reggie continued to resist her urging as he started to tease and kiss his way down her body. He took his time kissing and licking on her neck, nibbling on her ears and telling her how amazingly gorgeous she was. I kept thinking he was doing all that for my benefit.

Katie blushed again and pressed her hip into his. Reggie continued down her body, slowly licking every inch of her luscious breast. He teased each nipple for what seemed like forever. Finally, Katie’s pushed on the back of his head, and he engulfed her tits in his mouth. He paid particular attention to her nipples; licking, sucking and lightly biting. Her breathing was getting heavier and more labored; and her moans were louder. She was so wet it puddle on the sheet beneath them. The large wet spot on the sheet didn’t go unnoticed by Reggie or me.

She pushed her hips into Reggie sighing and whispering softly in his ear, “Yes…yes…yes. Keep going.”

I could tell she was hoping I did not hear her, but I did. I didn’t know what to think. I really couldn’t interpret any of her actions at this point.

Reggie looked over at me and said, “The secret to good sex is to go slow and make the woman literally beg to be fucked.”

The son of a bitch was beginning to act like he was holding a classroom lecture on making love. He continued kissing down her body and I fought the urge to hit him over the head with a God damn chair. I felt sure the son of a bitch was enjoying taunting me.

Reggie’s next stop was that sensitive area just above her pubic region, where the top of her bikini panties had been. He slowly licked along the panty line around to her right hip batıkent escort with his tongue. Then slowly, keeping his tongue pressed lightly to her skin, traced the same line back around to her left hip. It was obvious he could smell, from there, the scent of her very wet pussy. He knew that the teasing was driving her crazy. He had to know by her moans that she was rather frustrated that he would not get on with his business; and he had to know by her gyrations that his actions were generating the desired effect, and she liked the treatment she was getting.

He continued licking down the front of her right thigh, kissing softly around, but never making full contact with her wet pussy. He licked the wetness of her inner right thigh down to her knee and back up; lightly grazing her vaginal slit with his tongue as he crossed over and did the same thing to her left thigh. She was pulling at his head with all of the strength she had, begging him to put his mouth on her wet vagina. She was driving her hips up to meet his licking, partially spreading her vaginal lips with each thrust. I had never seen her want sex so badly. I wished I was the one that was driving her to this level of ecstasy. I never dreamed she would ever get this passionate.

“Reggie….PLEASE!!!!!” She moaned softly.

That’s all she needed to say. He pushed her legs as wide as they would go, revealing her wet and willing vagina. He went directly for her clit with his mouth and as he sucked it in, she let out a loud scream.

“Yessssssss… Oh my God!!”

She pushed his face into her pussy; squirming and shuddering as her thighs slammed close on his head and squeezed.

He let his tongue fall down to her vaginal entrance and pressed it firmly inside as far as it would go. Her hips bucked up to meet him and she started to fuck his tongue. He held his face in one place as she worked her pussy on it. When her legs finally relaxed and her hips fell for the last time, his tongue was firmly in place on her clit. He started to lick it vigorously and then sucked it back into his mouth. About that time she let out a loud scream.


Her hips were thrashing violently, but with the pressure of his hands on her legs and his suction on her clit, he never broke contact. Her pussy began to gush, and I could tell he was pleased that his new found sex toy was a squirter. Her fluids quickly smeared across his face and ran down her ass to the sheets below, leaving what would become a giant wet spot.

I sat glued to the sofa. I had never known Katie to be a squirter. I had never seen any woman squirt. I thought to myself how much I would love to be able to make Katie squirt. I felt myself getting an intense hard-on and became angry with myself for getting so aroused while watching my wife with another man. She was enjoying this man in ways she never enjoyed me and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Reggie laid his head there on top of her pubic mound, gently kissing and licking her still very sensitive clit. Her body shook with each touch as he caressed her body with his hands. As her orgasm subsided, she cleared her throat and looked down at him. She had apparently forgotten that I was a witness to this amazing orgasm. Yes, I was still sitting there speechless. She probably wondered what I might think of her now. I guess she decided that she really didn’t care at this point, because she went on fucking him like I wasn’t in the room.

“Reggie, that was amazing. I am completely ready for you to finally enter me. Please make that lustful animal love to me like you promised.”

I didn’t want to hear Katie talk like that to this man so I cleared my throat, but it went unnoticed by both Katie and Reggie. They were in their own zone now; a place where nothing else seem to matter, except her next orgasm. Without saying a word, Reggie moved up her body, never breaking eye contact with her. He leaned in to kiss her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him in. She kissed him deeply, tasting all of her fluids that had soaked his face during her orgasm. She bucked her hips, again, trying to get him into her. He resisted as he continued to make out with his lovely new sex toy. She groaned in frustration. I got more pissed off. I had never seen Katie so lustful and wanting.

“Reggie, I am begging you, please fuck me. Please fuck me now!”

“I told you, baby, I am not going to just fuck you. I am going to make lust, animal love to you.”

With that, he pushed himself up and brought his knees forward positioning himself between her spread legs. He started to rub his cock head up and down her pussy, starting at her clit. With each pass he put more and more pressure until finally he pushed the head into her tight, wet opening. It was the first time that his cock had actually entered her sexy pussy. I could see the feeling was intense for both of them. Reggie remarked that he was fucking the hottest white woman he has ever been around; and to top it off, he was fucking her in front of her husband of 18 years, and with my permission no less.

“Are you certain you want this baby?” he asked before he made his complete entrance.

“Yes Reggie. I have never been more ready or more eager about anything.”

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