Kay Winds Down After Work Ch. 03

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I urge you to read the first 2 chapters of this story or at least chapter 2, before you read this one.


We got back to the car and stowed our stuff. Mitch was eyeing me the whole time. I could tell he was itching to hear my tale about my new “friend.” We were barely buckled up when he turned to and opened his mouth to say something. I put my finger to his lips and said “before I tell you anything, there will be no action. You have to save something for this evening. I have a feeling we aren’t finished with our adventures for today and you have been very busy already.” He nodded glumly and said “ok.”

I told what had happened since he fell asleep on the beach. I left out no detail. By the time I had finished, Mitch had a sizable tent in his shorts and to be honest, my crotch was very wet. It took quite some willpower to not tell him to pull over and fuck him right on the side of the highway.

Soon, we were back at home and showered and changed into some new swimsuits. Mitch had on some Hawaiian themed surfer shorts and a matching tank top. I put on one of my many bikinis. It had a very skimpy red top that barely contained my boobs. The bottoms were a pair of black boy shorts. Mitch liked this outfit. Little did he know, I had recently bought a matching thong to wear underneath the shorts. I can’t wait to reveal it to him and anyone else who might be around.

Just before 7:30, the phone rang. It was Jenny. “Hey, we should be home in about 15 minutes.”

“Hi Hun. That’s great. Why don’t you drop the kids off and go home and get changed. We’ll set them up in Annie’s room and get the drinks ready for us.”

“Awesome. The girls won’t be up for too long; they’ve been on the move all day and haven’t napped once. “

“Then we will be free to do what we want then. See ya soon.”


Soon after, the girls came crashing through the door excited to tell us about all the animals they saw during the day. Thirty minutes of animal talk later, the girls were finally settled in Annie’s room watching a movie.

Mitch and I had just finished putting some beer, wine and various other drinks in the fridge in the outdoor bar, when Jenny and Bob came in the side gate to the back yard. Bob was dressed similar to Mitch in shorts and a tank. He is about six feet tall, dark hair, dark complexion and 200 lbs of muscle. Jenny wore a blue and yellow bikini with a matching sarong. She also has dark hair and darker skin. She is about five and half feet at 110 lbs.

“Is that your new swimsuit?” I asked. “You look great. What do you guys want to drink?”

“Thanks. You look hot yourself” said Jenny. “I’ll have a glass of white wine.

“Beer please.” Replied Bob. Then he asked “Are you guys up for some shots?” And he produced a bottle of Patron tequila.

“Patron? Now Bob, are you trying to get my wife drunk? You know she can’t resist that stuff. Come to think about it, neither can I.”

Bob laughed.

“Line them up Bob. The shot glasses are behind the bar.” I said grabbing Jenny’s hand. “We’re going to check on the girls.”

I dragged her into the house and shut the door. “You won’t believe what happened to Mitch and me today.” I then proceeded to tell her the day’s events, not leaving out anything. The look on her face when I finished was priceless. Her mouth was gaped and then it changed to an almost evil smile.

“You aren’t shitting me are you? That really happened?”

My turn to smile. I just nodded as I stared into her eyes.

“I thought he didn’t sound right when I called this morning. And you guys had sex with a couple you just met?”

“We hadn’t met them yet.”

“Wow Kay, Mitch let you blow that guy? No hesitation?”

“He encouraged it”

“I’ve always wanted to have group sex like that. Are you going to do it again?”

“I hope so. If the opportunity presents itself and Mitch is up for it. Hey, didn’t we come in to check on the kids?”

We crept upstairs and peaked in on the girls. Both were sound asleep.

“Well it looks as though we won’t see them until the morning.” I said. “Let’s join the boys.”

When we got back outside, Mitch asked “What took you so long? We’re already two shots and a beer ahead of you.”

“Well, we better catch up then.” Said Jenny as she downed her wine. She looked at me and then my glass. “Hurry up Kay; we can’t let them get ahead of us.”

“You heard her. Line ’em up boys. Two each.” I said and then downed my wine too.

Bob poured four shots and placed them on the bar. We grabbed one each and said “cheers.” Jenny raised her glass to her mouth but I placed my hand on her to stop her. She looked at me as if to say what are you doing. I winked at her and raised my glass to her lips and poured the contents in. She returned the favour. I turned to Mitch and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. Our tongues swirled around each others for a few seconds and then we separated. Meanwhile, Jenny grabbed another shot and winked escort bahçelievler at me.

“On your knees.” She said. I smiled and complied with her command. She stood so close that I could have touched her belly if I had stuck out my tongue. Looking down at me, she held the glass at about breast level. “Open wide.” I did and she poured it into my mouth. As I stood up she said “oops, you missed some.” She wiped a drip off my lip with her finger and then licked it off. My nipples hardened instantly.

Noticeably aroused, Bob not so quietly whispered in Jen’s ear “what the hell are you up to?”

Equally not as quiet, she replied “I’m horny and I want to tease you and get you horny before I take you home and fuck you.” She then grabbed his crotch and gave it rub.

Not hesitating, I whispered “Your turn Jen. On your knees.” She did and I stood in front of her as close as she did to me. She then did something I wasn’t expecting. She grabbed my hips and pulled me in and tongued my belly button ring. I heard Bob groan and Mitch gulp almost simultaneously. I smiled at Jen. “Open wide.”

I poured her shot into her mouth and then pulled her to her feet. I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear. “Let’s work them up a bit more.”

I went behind the bar and turned on the stereo hoping that one of Mitch’s rock CDs wasn’t in it. Lucky for me, and everyone else for that matter, it was one of mine. Dance music started pumping out of the speakers. I turned up the volume just enough to cover our voices but not enough to disturb the neighbours. I grabbed Jen by the wrist and pulled her to an open area and started to dance. I removed her sarong off and threw it at Bob. I was facing the boys and Jen. Her back was to them. As we were swaying back and forth, I noticed that Mitch wasn’t taking his eyes off her ass. I spun her around and looked down while dancing. Her bikini bottom was as small in the back as it was in the front. It wasn’t quite a thong but it didn’t really conceal her cheeks.

I grabbed her hips and “ground” her from behind. The guys were like statues. Barely breathing. Certainly not touching their drinks. Just staring at us.

“I’m going to turn it up a bit more, okay?”

She giggled a little and nodded. As we danced, I slid my hands off her hips and back to the top of her ass. I grasped the edges of her tiny bikini and pulled it up the crack of her ass, turning it into a thong. She laughed loudly and pushed her ass back into me. We danced a little longer all the while teasing the guys with little peaks of her ass. I spun around so I was between her and the boys with my back to them.

I leaned into Jen and whispered. “Pull my shorts down.”


I hadn’t told her about the thong I had on underneath.

“Trust me, it’s okay.”

“Just do it slowly.”

She put her hands on my hips and slowly pushed the top of my shorts down. I could tell she found out I had on a thong. She paused and then winked at me.

“Any other little secrets I should know about?”

I just winked back. She hooked her thumbs into my shorts, careful not to catch my thong and pushed them down over my butt. After they were at my thighs, they just dropped to the floor.

I heard Mitch say “Wow.”

Jenny spun around and so her back was to the guys. We danced like this until the end of the song. We both made sure to bend over and wiggle our butts at them. When the song was over, we walked over to the bar for our drinks.

Jenny hugged Bob and said “Enjoy the show?”

“Awesome. You two need to wear thongs more often.”

“I agree.” said Mitch. “This calls for another shot.” Then produced four more tequilas.

We all downed our shots and topped up our respective other drinks.

“How’s about we get in the hot tub then?” I asked.

We all went over to the tub. While Mitch and Bob took the top off the tub, I went behind Jenny and said. “What do you say we take our tops off too?”

“You’re not kidding are you?”

“Nope.” I then took off my top. “You wanted to tease Bob before you take him home to fuck him right?”

Jenny nodded.

“Then let’s do it then.”

She took off her top just before the guys turned around from the tub.

“Wow again.” Said Mitch.

“Holy fuck.” Mumbled Bob.

I grabbed Jenny’s hand and climbed down into the tub. Jenny and I sat beside each other. Our nipples were just above the surface of the water. The perfect position to tease the boys. I leaned back and took a deep breath and exhaled slowly and whispered “Are you boys joining us or are we going to entertain ourselves?”

I have never seen anyone get in the hot tub faster than Bob did. Mitch got in fast too, but allowed Bob to enter first. After all, he had a quite a day already. I moved to allow Bob to sit next to Jenny and slid next to Mitch. Jenny snuggled into Bob, her one hand under the water and clearly in his lap. Mitch put his hand between my legs. I spread them to allow him escort balgat access to my pussy. I heard Bob moan. I looked over and saw him with his head back and Jenny’s hand clearly working him over. I stopped Mitch from rubbing me and stood up. With my back to Jenny and Bob, I bent over and removed my thong. Staying bent over, I reached down and undid the string of Mitch’s shorts and pulled them off, with his help of course. I took hold of his cock and started stroking it. I looked back at Jenny and Bob. He was staring at my exposed pussy. I caught his eye and winked at him. I bent over farther and spread my legs. I continued to wank Mitch, whose eyes were closed and didn’t catch my exchange with Bob. With My other hand, I began to rub my pussy. It was so wet that I didn’t have any difficulty sliding a couple of fingers in. I alternated between stroking my clit and finger-fucking myself.

After a couple minutes, I stopped stroking Mitch and myself. I didn’t want either of us to cum just yet. I pulled him up and said to him “Let’s continue this in bed.”

He nodded and stood the rest of the way on himself. When he was fully upright, Jenny looked and said “Oh my.” She was staring at Mitch’s hard cock. Her hand didn’t stop working Bob though.

I leaned down and whispered “We’re going to take this inside. You guys should use the guest bedroom. I don’t think Bob will want to walk down the street with a hard-on.”

“Thanks. I think we will.” She replied. She stood up and bent over the edge of the tub to retrieve her bikini.

I caught Mitch checking out her ass as she bent over. As she stood up, she slipped and fell backwards into Mitch. He caught her under the arms and supported her until she caught her footing. She reached up and back and grabbed the back of his head in a sort of odd hug. “Thanks.” She said. She ever so subtly ground her rear into Mitch’s still hard cock and then smiled at me. I handed her towels for herself and Bob and took two for Mitch and me.

“Just make sure you guys lock the door when you come in. See you in the morning.” Said Mitch.

“We will.”

We weren’t even all the way upstairs and Mitch had his hand up inside my towel from behind and between my legs. His finger spread my lips but didn’t penetrate me. He managed to find my clit even though we didn’t stop moving upstairs. His touch made my knees buckle. I regained my legs and spun to face him. My hand found its way inside his towel and grasped his rock hard cock. I led him or should I say, practically dragged him the rest of the way to the bedroom with my hand wrapped around him.

In our bedroom, Mitch closed the door behind us and forced me down, face-first onto the bed. He got me on my knees and pushed my head down to the pillow. I was waiting for his cock to push into me, but he got down and began licking me. His tongue licked up and down my slit careful not to touch my clit. He teased my back door by circling around it but not actually pushing in. Finally he went after my clit. He slowly tongued it at first and then sucked it in and released it over and over. I was going crazy. My hips were rolling. I knew I was about to cum. Suddenly he pulled away. I was about to protest when I felt his thumb on my clit and then his finger push at my opening. With very little effort, his finger was buried in me. Then he began licking my ass. I could feel my orgasm building. Mitch pulled his finger out of me and pushed it against my ass. Slowly he pushed it in past the initial resistance and held it there. His tongue went back to my clit and rapidly licked at it. My hips started bucking fast now. This forced his finger deeper in me. On top of licking me, he began fucking my ass with his finger. There was no stopping me from cumming now. I was moaning and bucking. My hands were grasping and pulling at the sheets. I buried my face in the pillow and screamed as I came really hard.

Mitch crawled up beside me and laid down. As I was recovering, I managed to get a hold of his cock and slowly stroke it. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened. We had no time to reach for the blankets, as they were pushed down to the bottom of the bed. Here we were, buck naked, with no chance to cover up and one of the girls, who we probably woke up, was coming in upset or looking for a drink or something. To our surprise and relief, Jenny poked her head in. We made feeble attempts to cover up even though we were all just naked together a short time ago.

“Umm, hi guys, sorry to interrupt.” She came in and shut the door. She was still naked.

“Is everything alright?” I asked.

She sat on the edge of the bed. “Well, yes and no. After you guys left, Bob and I went into the guest room. I gave him a blow job. And well, to be frank, he didn’t last long. Then he said he had to go to the bathroom. I expected him back shortly. But when he wasn’t back after a couple of minutes, I went to look for him. He was passed out on the couch. I contemplated punching him in the face for leaving me hanging. Instead, escort batıkent I covered him up with a blanket and was going to go back to bed and well, finish myself off. When I heard you two, I couldn’t stop myself from coming up. Kay, I heard you scream and knew I had to come in.”

“Well, you’re in here. Now what?” I asked.

“Considering what you guys did at the beach today and what went on down by the hot tub.” She paused and Mitch looked at me with a raised an eyebrow as if to say “you told her?” I gave his cock a squeeze. “I figured I could come and watch you two while you fuck and I’ll get myself off.”

I wasn’t sure what to think or say. Mitch spoke up “Like you said. Considering what we did today, I don’t see a problem with her…”

I didn’t give him a chance to finish. I wrapped my lips around his cock and taking as much in as I could. He moaned long and low. I pulled almost all the way off and then took as much in as I could again. I kept repeating this over and over. I looked at Jen. She was either staring at me sucking him off or was just admiring his cock. I hadn’t forgotten what happened between them in the tub. She was rubbing herself nice and slow. She seemed to be matching our pace.

I stopped sucking on Mitch and said “If you want Jen, there are some vibrators and dildos in the bedside drawer behind you.”

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“No. Go right ahead. They are in the bottom drawer.”

She turned and stretched over to the drawer. In doing so, she put her foot up on the bed in order to keep her balance. This opened her legs wide, giving Mitch a good look at her shaved pussy. She was taking her sweet time looking for a toy. Probably on purpose. He obviously took advantage of this and had a good look. I felt his cock harden even more.

She produced my favourite toy. It’s an eight inch long, two and a half inch thick dildo. She wasted no time in sliding it all the way inside herself. Fuck that looked hot. She let out a long low moan. Meanwhile, I had continued to suck Mitch’s cock. I don’t think I have felt it any harder. Watching Jen do herself was really getting him going. His eyes never left her pussy as she fucked herself. Consequently, her eyes never left me sucking him off. She was so intently watching me that her mouth seemed to mimic mine as I attended to Mitch’s hard cock.

“Oh god this feels so good.” Jen mumbled. “I wish Bob’s cock was as big as this dildo. Did you use Mitch’s cock as a model for it?”

This seemed to drive Mitch over the edge. He started to fuck my mouth pretty fast now. “I’m gonna cum.”

Jen suddenly stopped fucking herself and moved so her face was close to mine. “That’s so fucking hot, I need to watch it from close up.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her so we were cheek to cheek. There was no way she couldn’t feel Mitch’s cock through my cheek with hers.

“I’m cumming.” He moaned.

“So am I.” She replied. She hadn’t stopped fucking herself with my dildo.

I pulled my mouth off his cock. I kept jerking him and aimed the head toward her. “Aw fuckkk.” He moaned as he let go a stream that went in her mouth and down her chin. I took the second spurt in my mouth. Then she took his head in her mouth and held it there while I was still jerking him. She screamed around his dick as she came. She stayed like this until her spasms stopped.

“Oh my god Kay, I’m sorry.” She said sheepishly. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Mitch did. And it’s okay.” I kissed her on the lips and then licked Mitch’s cum from her chin and cheek. “It looks like you needed that. Don’t worry, Bob doesn’t need to know if you don’t want to tell him. And if you think you need to tell him or want to tell him, I’m sure Mitch won’t mind if we relive this scene with him. Of course, you and I will have to switch roles.”

“Thank you both. But, let’s just keep this between us for now.”

“Ok. Let’s get cleaned up.”

“You guys go first. I need to catch my breath.” Said Mitch.

I turned on the shower and got in. I lathered up a wash cloth and started cleaning the sweat, hot tub and cum from my body.

“Hurry up Kay. I’m getting cold out here.”

“Then come in here with me. This is a shower for two. Mitch and like to spend time in here together.”

I turned on the second shower head.

“See lots of room.”

“Bob and I need one of these.” She said as she stepped under the spray.

I passed her a clean wash cloth. We cleaned the night’s “adventure” off ourselves. Since I had started first, I finished first. I just stood there with the water beating on me and watched Jen. She had her back to me and was bent over cleaning her legs. I soaped up my wash cloth and started to rub it all over back.

“Oooh. That feels good.” She cooed.

“Well, make sure you return the favour.”

I worked the cloth down her back and up again several times. She had stopped washing herself and just stood there with her hands on the wall. She looked like someone who was being frisked by a cop. Every time I worked my way down her back, she seemed to push back into my hands.

“You have such an amazing ass. I know Mitch was admiring it tonight.”

“Thanks. Yours is pretty damn good too. And speaking of your ass, that thong looked awesome on you.”

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