Kim’s Massage

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The story I’m about to tell was actually a story that my wife Kim had told to me. It happened to her during her college days and she only confessed it to me after years of marriage. I hope others who read it will get as much of a turn on as I did hearing it.

Kim was very attractive in college. She was about 115 lbs with perfect c-cup breasts and long brown hair. As with most kids in college, she had plenty of stress with juggling classes and work. A friend of hers had gotten her interested in getting massages from a local massage school that offered free massages from it’s massage students – the only cost to her was the tip. Kim got into a routine of going about once a week, and found one particular girl (Lisa) that gave her a great massage and started requesting only Lisa for her massages. Lisa was a young single mom in her mid 20s. She was very attractive with blond hair and about the same build as Kim.

Lisa had a great soft and gentle touch yet knew when and where to apply pressure during the massage sessions. Initially Kim thought it was all in her mind that Lisa was starting to touch her differently. It seemed that Lisa’s touches were just a bit sexual, nothing blatant at first but she could sense it. The way Lisa would rub down her back and let her fingers teasingly touch her ass crack under the towel. Or how Lisa would let her hands go a little further under the towel when she was rubbing Kim’s thighs. It was a feeling new to Kim as she would never consider herself gay or even bisexual. But there was something about Lisa and the way she touched her that actually made Kim start to wonder.

Kim was laying on her stomach and Lisa was massaging her back. Lisa would concentrate on her shoulders and let her hands trail down Kim’s back. Lisa would work Kim’s lower back, occasionally moving her hands under the towel to Kim’s ass and hips. She would then stand at the head of the table and work her shoulders and then her hands would gently trail down her spine to just where her ass crack started. It felt so good and Kim uncontrollably let out a moan. Kim was afraid that Lisa might get the wrong idea but didn’t really care. It felt that good.

Lisa’s finger’s were moving just under the towel, at the top of Kim’s ass cheeks and slightly in between her casino oyna ass crack. Lisa then moved down and started working on Kim’s feet and legs. As Lisa rubbed Kim’s legs and worked her way up Kim’s thighs, Kim sensed that Lisa’s hands were getting very close to her pussy. Was it all in her mind? She wasn’t sure, but what she did know was that the massage felt great. Then it became obvious that Lisa’s hand was nearly touching her pussy. Lisa worked her hands up Kim’s thigh, under the towel and worked her ass cheek and hip. Kim started feeling herself getting wet, and a tinge of embarrassment swept over her.

Lisa moved from the Kim’s one side to the other. Kim felt a fresh application of warm oil being applied to her other thigh. Lisa worked her other thigh much the same and Kim’s embarrassment was replaced by the wonderful feeling of Lisa’s warm hands rubbing the oil into her skin. Lisa’s hands were working Kim’s hip and butt under the towel and Kim couldn’t help but notice that Lisa’s hands would move closer and closer to her ass crack, almost to the point where it felt like her fingers where going to touch her anus. However her touch never did go that far. But it was turning Kim on like she’s never felt before. Lisa’s hands then moved from Kim’s butt and trailed down to her thigh. Kim instinctively spread her legs just slightly and again a wave of embarrassment swept over her. She thought to herself “what am I doing?”. But Lisa just rubbed down her leg and back up to her thigh. But this time Kim slightly jumped as she felt the back of Lisa’s hand brush against her bare pussy.

Kim’s emotions were going haywire. In a weird way she wanted Lisa to touch her there but at the same time was unsure. She started questioning her own sexuality. She wasn’t attracted to other females yet she was becoming more turned on than she had ever gotten. And in some strange twisted way knowing that she was becoming so turned on by another attractive girl somehow added to her excitement. By jumping did she send the wrong message to Lisa? Whichever message that might be she wasn’t sure herself.

Lisa then moved to Kim’s other side and started again rubbing her other leg. It was at that moment that Kim had made up her mind that she DID want Lisa to touch her there. She was canlı casino already on fire and wanted that fire extinguished, even if it was by another girl.

Lisa’s hands once again found their way up Kim’s thighs. But this time as Lisa’s hands were nearly touching Kim’s pussy, instead of jumping Kim almost intentionally let out a soft moan. She thought this would surely be a positive message of acceptance to Lisa. Kim then felt the back of Lisa’s hands gently brush her bare pussy. This time Kim made sure to only let out a faint sigh or moan – nothing too obvious but not to mislead Lisa either that she was NOT liking it. Lisa then asked Kim to turn over on her back. This was nothing new and part of her regular session. What was new however was how wet Kim had become. Kim was very aware of how turned on she had gotten and started to think that if it were all in her head, that Lisa would not notice.

Now laying on her back with her eyes closed and a towel covering her mid-section and breasts, Kim fell right back into that relaxed state as Lisa started rubbing Kim’s feet. Lisa would raise Kim’s feet slightly, one at a time as she massaged her feet. This slight movement was enough to remind Kim of just how wet she had become, and started her thinking again about wanting Lisa to touch her pussy and relieve that pressure that’s been building.

Lisa’s hands worked their way up Kim’s thighs. Before long Kim could feel Lisa’s hands just inches from her pussy. Lisa then pushed her hands under the towel, working Kim’s hip. As she did Kim could feel Lisa’s hand nearly rub her pubic hair …or maybe it did. She wasn’t sure, but what she was sure of was that it’s the farthest Lisa had ever touched her towards her private areas. What she was also pretty sure of is that Lisa must have moved that towel up quite a bit so that Kim’s pussy could very well have been fully exposed. Did Lisa notice how wet Kim had gotten? Kim could feel her own wetness was probably dripping wet, literally. Was this all in her head and was she making a fool of herself?

She felt Lisa pull the towel back down and move to the other side of the table. Lisa started on Kim’s calf and moved up her leg. Her hand again moved up under the towel working her hip. This time as Lisa’s hands moved back kaçak casino down to Kim’s thighs, the feeling was unmistakable as Lisa’s hand slowly moved over Kim’s pubic hair, slightly grazing her clit as she moved to Kim’s thigh. It was more like her very inner thigh, where your thigh meets your lower crotch area.

Lisa continued to rub Kim’s inner thigh with a gentle steady motion. With Lisa’s hand movement the towel, which was still covering Kim’s mid-section, was gently rubbing against her clit almost put her over the edge into a full blown orgasm. Just at that moment Lisa moved up and started working Kim’s shoulders. Kim then felt Lisa apply a fresh amount of warm oil to her hands as she started rubbing it into Kim’s stomach. Lisa’s hands felt warm and wonderful. Kim could feel Lisa working the oil in higher and higher up her stomach to her chest, until she was eventually massaging Kim’s breasts under the towel but not going as far as to touch her nipples. This was most definitely farther than Lisa had ever gone during her massage session, but Kim was embracing it and even wanting it.

Kim was now breathing heavily, not very aware or having much control of it. She kept her eyes closed, not wanting to let on to Lisa of the sexual state she had fallen into under Lisa’s touch. Kim felt Lisa’s hand move back to her stomach, rubbing her warm oil soaked hands back and forth. And then Kim’s pulse quickened even more as she could feel Lisa’s hand slowly rub lower down her stomach and then under the towel. This is what Kim was waiting for, or was it still all simply her imagination? With all the built up sexual tension, Kim couldn’t think straight. Was Lisa going to push that envelope or just keep her on the edge.

Kim held her breath, eyes closed tight, as she felt Lisa’s hand begin to move over her pubic mound, rubbing her oily fingers into Kim’s pubic hair. Kim wasn’t aware of how erratic her breathing had become. Then she felt it. Her heart nearly jumped from her chest as she felt Lisa’s hand move down past her pubic mound to her clit. Kim let out a moan and sigh as she uncontrollably pushed her pelvis upward to meet Lisa’s touch. She felt Lisa’s fingers push over her clit into the folds of her very wet pussy. With her one hand on her pussy, Lisa’s other hand moved up and fully grabbed Kim’s breasts, this time pinching her nipples. Literally within seconds Kim was hit with a powerful orgasm. Her body shook as Lisa’s hands brought her to heights she had never been before.

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