Kitty’s AssKissing LegBoy Pt. 04

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My legs were sticking straight up in the air as I laid back on the bed. My LegBoy was standing in front of me, naked except for the pair of sexy, satiny pink sissy panties he had on, which covered up his achingly erect cock. His wrists had been cuffed behind his back to restrain him and prevent him from pleasuring himself, and the pantyhose leash was still attached to his cock and balls.

This predicament had the added bonus of keeping him in a completely helpless and vulnerable state, so I could have my wicked way with him…

And, most importantly, my submissive little LegBoy had been slowly and methodically seduced, teased to arousal, and then denied release for quite some time now! But soon, after just a little while longer, it was probably going to be time, as promised, to “finish him off”, so to speak.

“You wanna cum, don’t you, LegBoy!” I said sweetly.

“Uugghh!” he moaned, continuing, “Y-Y-Yess!” He stammered, his voice quavering as he slowly began to lose the ability to speak in any kind of coherent way.

“Well, kiss my high heels and maybe I’ll let you!”

He leaned forward to kiss them, but I laughed at him and moved them away, only an inch or two. He was so defeated at this point; his will was completely shattered, and he didn’t even bother to try to chase after them anymore, he simply waited there for me to give them back. The look of anguish on his face was wonderful, and I rotated them around a little bit before his eyes and then moved them closer to his face, offering him a chance to have them.

He leaned forward again, only able to move a few inches in his bondage without losing his balance, and he pouted his lips in a vain attempt to kiss them, but I slowly backed them away again, and he burst out, “Please let me have them Mistress! I…I want them so bad, PLEASE!” But I mercilessly continued the cruel denial, moving them closer, then pulling them away, over and over again.

And I taunted him, “Awww…I know you want them, baby! But…is that ALL you want to do to them? You just wanna kiss them??”

“Yes, YES! Please let me!”

“What else do you want? Don’t you wanna lick them too??”

“Yes, Please!! Can I please, PLEASE lick them too?”

“Of course you can! And isn’t there anything else you want?”

“I…I…I… I wanna cum! Please, PLEASE let me CUM!”

“Hmmmm…well, now that’s three things you want! Count them…1…2…3! My, my, my, you ARE a naughty, needy little boy, aren’t you? So, if you want those three things, then maybe I’ll just have to give them to you, but only in that order! First, I’m gonna let you kiss my high heels! Then, you may lick them, and then…you are going to CUM for me!!”


“Okay, let’s begin…”

He reached out to kiss my high heels, but I just held them barely out of reach again, cruelly taunting him with them. To distract him some more, I began teasing his leaking erection with my long red fingernails through his silky pink sissy-panties again, and just to confuse him, I decided to confront him about his sexy fingernail fetish some more.

“Awwww, poor baby wants to have cummies, doesn’t he? Now…what was it I could make you do with these long fingernails? I seem to have forgotten…do you remember??”

“You could make me CUM!!”

“Oh, that’s right, I could make you cum…just by teasing you with these long, sexy, shiny red fingernails, couldn’t I? Mmmm…you’d just LOVE that, wouldn’t you!”

I kept teasing his cock, delicately dragging the tips of my sexy nails up and down the entire length of his cockshaft. As I did that, I took my other hand and grabbed both ends of the pantyhose leash, the end around his cock and the one around his balls, and begin gently lifting them both upward and bouncing them up and down, causing mind-blowing pressure on his genitals.

The sensations of pleasure were incredibly overwhelming at this point as I used both hands to tantalize him…

I continued talking, using a sticky sweet tone of voice, “Yes, that’s right! I could make you cum with my long, sexy fingernails, couldn’t I! Maybe I should do that now, hmmm? And would it help if I kept pulling up and down on your cock and balls with the silky white pantyhose leash too…would that help make you cum for me?”

“Yes, Mistress, please, please keep doing that!”

“Ohhhhh, you’d just love that, wouldn’t you? And what’s gonna happen if I keep teasing you with these sexy red fingernails you love so much, bahçelievler escort bayan and if I keep tugging on your cock and balls with nice kinky leash? Would it make you cum for me??”


“So…what do you say?”

Instead of responding appropriately to my question, he was frozen in place, simply paralyzed by the intense pleasure as I started to focus on his cockhead again, tickling it with the tips of my nails. He didn’t respond for a minute as the sensations overwhelmed him completely, so I commanded him, “BEG me to make you CUM, slave!”

“Please make me cum, Mistress!”

“I can’t hear you!”


“Please WHAT?”

“PLEASE make me CUM!!”

“Is that what you want?”


“You don’t want anything else?” I said sweetly, adding a doubting tone to my voice and rolling my high heels in front of his eyes some more, moving them close enough to let him lick and kiss them. But he didn’t move…he didn’t even try…he had no spirit, no soul left, at all. I had taken it from him completely, and at that point I totally owned him!!

Finally he managed to blurt out, “Please let me lick your heels!”

“Very good! Well…okay, I suppose I can give them to you now. Go ahead – lick them!”

I offered my sexy high heels to him, and this time I did not deny him. He shamelessly licked them up and down, first one, then the other. To toy with him, I took them away for a moment, then gave them back.

With my legs sticking straight up in the air, my high heels were right in front of his face like that, to be made fully available to him easily, but only if I so chose. And, with him kneeling in front of me, with his hands cuffed behind his back, his erect, totally aroused and needy cock was also available to me for sensual, erotic teasing…again, only if I chose!

I loved putting myself in this position, a position of complete power and total control, and having him available to me like that…everything about it puts both of us in a simply perfect little situation to explore each of our mutually shared erotic interests…

“What do you say?”

“Please, and thank you, Mistress!”

“Now kiss them! Every inch of them! And don’t forget to keep thanking me for letting you do it!”

He obeyed, kissing each one slowly, up and down, while thanking me graciously.

“Thank you Mistress! Oh, Goddess, your high heels are so sexy, I just love them so much! Thank you for letting me have them, THANK YOU!!”

As he proceeded, I stopped teasing his cock with my long red fingernails for a moment, removing the distraction so that he could focus more on the task at hand. Then, suddenly, right when he was really starting to get into it and enjoy it, I took the heels away from him again and began stroking his cock with my nails some more.

“Now, LegBoy, that’s enough high heel worship for now. You know what we’re gonna do next?”

“What, Mistress?”

“Now we’re gonna play another little game. You wanna know what it’s called?”


“Mmmmmm…it’s one of my favorite games in the whole wide world! It’s called, ‘Cum, Don’t Cum’. You wanna play it with me??”

He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t even think. The title of this game slowly sank into his soul, and his mind simply short-circuited at the thought of me toying with his sexual release via some kinky erotic game like that.

Did I really say what he thought I said? Could it be possible that I was finally going to give him the mind-blowing explosion he’d been so desperately needing and begging me for?

I didn’t explain myself at all, I didn’t tell him what the rules of this new, kinky game would be, I just simply started by tugging his pink panties to one side so his cock came bouncing out. I batted it around a little with both hands, slapping it gently back and forth, letting it flop from side to side. Then I let it slip in between my slender, feminine fingers on one hand, holding it gently as I said one simple word…


I pulled my hand away and looked at him. He was panting like a dog now, so aroused and confused that he couldn’t begin to comprehend what was happening. He wanted to cum more than anything he could possibly imagine, but he needed more stimulation to take him over the edge. And he wasn’t getting it!

“Please, Mistress!”

“Please, what? Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“But I…I…I…please make me cum, Mistress!”

“Make balgat escort bayan you? MAKE you cum?? Can’t you cum all by yourself??”

“Yes, but…”

“What do you mean, yes, but…! But what? If you can cum for me, then do it, slave! Cum for me, right now!”

He was completely unable to obey this command, standing there, so aroused and erect, but unable to bring himself to orgasm, since he was completely restrained in bondage…what a simply diabolical situation! I waited for a few seconds, watching his cock twitch and throb as the blood pulsed through it. A small bead of pre-cum slowly formed on the tip, then fell downward, dangling from the slit in his cockhead in a long strand.

“I’m waiting!” I said, tapping my slender long-nailed finger against my leg.

“But I can’t…”

“You can’t what?”

“No, please help me!”

“Help you?? You can’t cum? You mean to tell me, after all this teasing, that you can’t cum? I got you all turned on like this, and now…you can’t do it? Seriously???”

“No, I can’t, I’m sorry, Mistress! Please make me cum, Mistress!”

I rolled my eyes, giggling at his pathetic situation, and disdainfully said, “Oh, all right, all right! Here you go!”

I tucked his erection back inside his pretty panties, and began stroking it with the fingertips of one hand. He moaned loudly as I slowly tantalized the sensitive underside with the tips of my nails some more. Very slowly, I began to increase the pressure on his cockshaft, going up and down with my soft fingers all over it, and I continued to stroke it until I could tell he was getting ready to explode.

“There now, how’s that? Is that better??”


“Now, what was that you wanted to do again?”

“I wanna CUM!”

“Yeah?” My nails kept stroking his cock relentlessly, moving down to his exposed balls and tickling them gently with the sharp tips…

“Yes, please, Mistress!”

“Please what?”


Suddenly my voice switched to a commanding tone, quite firm, even a little mean, and I stared directly into his eyes and said slowly, “Don’t you dare!”

I continued to look at him, mercilessly stroking his cockshaft with my fingers, and then I switched to the tips of my super-sexy fingernails, using them to tickle the tip of his cockhead.

He couldn’t believe his ears…did I just forbid him to cum?? Oh, the sheer mental cruelty of this little mind fuck, jerking him back and forth as I was…it was just too cruel!

“But Mistress, I thought you were gonna let me…”

“Shush!” I interrupted him, “I changed my mind!! Now don’t you dare cum, you have not been given permission!”

I took my nails away for a moment, letting this command sink inside his brain, and then I smiled wickedly and began tantalizing his cock with my sexy nails again. The sensations were driving him simply out of his mind as I brought him closer to orgasm, but the torment continued as I reinforced my order, “Don’t you dare cum, baby!”

It was clear that I was purposely trying to make him cum while forbidding him to do it at the same time…what a delicious little mind-fuck!

My nails were driving him absolutely wild now, and he bucked his hips forward and back in a vain attempt to pleasure himself on my slutty red nails. Every time he did, though, I just stopped teasing him, pulling them away and waiting for him to stay still before giving them back.

Next, I used the palm of my hand to push his cock up against his tummy, and I kept it there and began rolling it round and round gently.

“You like that?”

“Oh Goddess, that feels soooooo good!” The moment he responded I took my hand away and laughed at him as he immediately started pleading for more, “Oh no, please, no, don’t stop!”

“Okay, but I already told you, don’t you dare cum!”

Again I caught his cock with my palm, rubbing it in little circles up against his stomach. I started to slow down as he continued to beg me to cum, and then I paused, pulling my hand away.

“Please don’t stop!”

I reached out and began dragging my nails all over his exposed testicles, pulling the leash around them gently with my other hand.

“Ohhhhhhh my Goddess! I can’t stand it!! I’m gonna CUM!!”

“Oh no, you’re not!”

“Yes I am, I can’t help it, I’m gonna CUM!!”

“Don’t you dare!”

“Please let me!!”





He batıkent escort bayan was right on the brink, he could feel the cum building up in his balls, getting ready to explode, just dying to spurt out of his over stimulated erection, and suddenly, right when he was getting ready to shoot his load, I simply stopped teasing him and pulled my nails away. He groaned in agony and ecstasy and again, I just said one word…


I watched his engorged hardon closely, and it twitched as small spasms pulsed through it. The drop of pre-cum had become a steady stream, and it oozed out the top into the small strand hanging down from the slit of his cockhead. It bounced up and down slightly as the blood pumped through it, and I watched intently, with a big smile on my face, as the denied orgasm slowly subsided.

“Ohhhhhhh,” he moaned in desperation as I laughed at him cruelly, and I said again, “CUM!”



His cock continued to twitch, and its movements slowly subsided as the hot cum continued to bubble and boil inside his balls, unable to squirt out of his cock. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back as the sensations engulfed him fully, and I simply watched him, keeping him dangling right there, not helping his situation one little bit.

“What’s wrong, slaveboy? I thought you wanted to cum?”

“Oh Mistress, please,” he wailed, “this is too much, I can’t take it!”

“So what?”

“Please make me cum!!”

“I already told you to cum, you naughty boy,” I said with a cruel laugh, “Now do it!”

“I can’t! Please make me!!”

“Awwww, pooor baaaaby!!” I taunted with a deliciously wicked tone in my voice.

This cruel little mind-fucking scenario continued for another minute or two, with me ordering him to cum but not allowing it to happen, and I took great pleasure in exploring this kinky little scenario to a wickedly extreme extent. I laughed at him over and over as I brought him right up to the edge and then stopped, and then, after waiting for his cock to stop pulsing and when I felt that he was not close to cumming anymore, I started the magnificent teasing game all over again…

And then it was time for another little teasing technique – so I took my sexy nails and placed the tips of them on the bottom of his cockshaft. Slowly, I dragged them up to the top, lifting them off and moving back down to the bottom again, doing the same thing.

He thrusted his hips forward in response to this, which of course led to me simply taking my nails away, scolding him and pausing for a moment, and then reaching back to tickle his testicles with the nails of my other hand.

The same things started to happen as before…he could feel a mind-blowing orgasm building inside him, and he started to beg, “Please, PLEASE make me CUM, PLEASE!!”



“Don’t you dare cum, slaveboy!”

“I’m gonna CUM, Mistress, I can’t help it!”

It took me no time at all to bring him right to the edge of orgasm again, and again I simply stopped right before he blew his wad. His cock bounced around, so needy for more attention, needing just one more little touch to cum all over the place…

“You’re gonna cum, aren’t you, slave?”




“Are you sure???”


“But we haven’t decided where to make you cum yet!”

“Please, I don’t care, just make me!”

“But honey, I think deciding where you should cum is very important! Now, here are a few ideas…”


“You could cum on my sexy high heels…you’ve done such a good job kissing and licking them, maybe I should make you cum all over them!”


“Would you like that?”


“But what about my ass?? Let’s not forget that a big part of tonight’s activities was to make you be my little AssKisser! You never did get to do that, did you?”

“No, Mistress, you have been teasing and denying me with your sexy ass!”

“Awwww…I know…so maybe I should let you squirt your hot cum ALL over my nice sweet ass, hmmm?”

“OH YEAH, Please let me cum on your ass!!”

“But what about my sexy, slutty fingernails? I bet you’d just LOVE to cum all over them too, wouldn’t you?”


“Ooooooo, you like the sound of that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Please!”

“Well, all right! That’s three places we could make you cum…my pretty high heels, my hot little ass, or my shiny red fingernails! Oh my, decisions, decisions, decisions…now where shall it be, slaveboy?”


Dear readers – as much as I would enjoy sharing the final details of how I finished off my LegBoy, I have instead decided to end it here, just to leave you all dangling…I hope you enjoyed it!


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