LAN Party (complete)

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*Disclaimer: This story contains recurring characters from my other stories. If you’d like to read their introduction you can do so in the story An Odette Duet. If this doesn’t bother you and your interest is in lactation, expansion, and girl x girl themes, then read on. Thanks!*


LAN Party

Part 1

Word Count: 6302

“Pari. . .”

“No, I’m not taking you trick-or-treating. You’re nineteen!”

“But I can pass for younger! All we’d have to do is milk me right before we go out and then-. . .”

Pari’s left arm was mummified in plastic bags as she closed the trunk of her car. It was a little after seven, and she’d just transported Odette from community college to home sweet home. Upon reaching the front door, Pari unlocked it and replied. “You’d eat your weight in sugar and complain about your tummy aching for days.”

“But that’s part of the fun!” Odette scooted past Pari as the door was opened, turning in the entryway so the girls could face one another and prolong the conversation. She looked weary but engaged like the recently released part-time worker she was, happy to be home. “Dressing up, eating candy, spending the night with friends.”

“It’s no fun for the person who has to medicate you. You’re twice as needy when you’re sick.”

“Fine! For you, I’ll swear not to eat all my candy haul in one night. In exchange, we wear those matching outfits I text you about earlier-. . .”

“The point of compromise is to offer something I’d actually want, Odette,” Pari shook her head dismissively.

The girls arrived at the kitchen. As a pair who had done so hundreds of times, they worked around each other putting away the goods from the store. Odette, who was barely five feet tall, handled dishwashing liquid, a new skillet, and everything else kept in the cabinets down below. The soda, sugary cereal, and frozen pizza were handled by Pari who stood about eight inches over her friend and partner.

Every so often, they would meet in the middle. Skillfully, they avoided head on collisions yet subtly they made contact. Pari was in the fridge arranging for the older food to be grabbed first when an ash blonde blur whooshed into her vision with a bowl of grape vines that had already been picked from. Later on, in return, Odette would feel a shadow as she bent to get to a spot in the cupboard and erect herself to find a soft body directly behind her.

“Oh! Ahh,” Odette sighed with the base of her neck tucked between Pari’s C cups. The stress of her day melted when they touched.

“Oh Odette,” Pari nearly scolded, but refrained when she saw that all the bags had been emptied and all the purchases had been dutifully allocated. Feeling drained from her day as well, Pari humored the girl and simply enjoyed having Odette against her body.

Later, after splitting up to change into house clothes, Odette appeared in Pari’s bedroom.

“So trick-or-treating is out?”

Pari’s chair turned left ninety degrees. She leaned back, considered a moment, then spoke. “If you and a few friends want to dress up and hit the street, I’m not exactly going to stop you. Just be responsible.”

“No, I mean it’s out for you? You aren’t going to go out with me?” Odette barely moved her lips as she talked. Moving further into the room, it became clear that she was wearing her human candy corn top. Spaghetti straps met a sheer white top, an orange middle, and a bright yellow bottom. The shirt was off limits outdoors because of the white band at the top which would look frisky and fresh on a girl with fewer curves. But for a girl with Odette’s specific qualities, it served as a dangerous window, morphing the garment from innocuous fun to salacious lingerie.

At the peak of the day, Pari had the will to look past the small blonde’s outward appearance and get to the heart of any matter quickly. But night had crept up on her and exhaustion dulled her inhibition. Fighting through, she yanked her attention away from the wealth of cleavage shown in the see-through portion of the shirt. “Yea, I’m a little over it. Halloween was never my favorite holiday anyway. I’ll pass, but like I said, you’re welcome to invite a few friends and go as a group.”

“Actually, I was just thinking,” Odette crawled onto Pari’s mutely colored bed and wallowed in the comforter till she found a spot she liked. “Maybe I’m a little too old for trick-or-treating too. I mean, come on. I’m nineteen!”

Momentarily looking at Odette’s white cotton shorts, Pari’s brow drooped slightly. “Didn’t. . . I say that?”

“So,” Odette proceeded, ignoring Pari. “I was thinking we could have a more responsible, mature, adult gathering. You know, since I’m quite responsible and fully capable of being a sensible hostess.”

“Uh-huh,” Pari thick mane was shaken out with her fingers.

“Seriously! You wouldn’t have to do anything. I could handle the whole thing.”

“What is this ‘thing’ anyways?”

“A LAN party.”

“LAN, escort beşevler huh? That’s the one where you guys dress up and hit each other with plastic bats, right? Live-Action something or other?” Pari raked her fingers in her hair, enjoying the pull of it and of having it tousled even by her own fingers.

“That’s LARPing! Really? There’s no way you’re out of the gaming loop that much,” Odette, on all fours, dangled her head off the side of the bed, nose pointed directly at Pari’s cheek.

Pari giggled, stealing a glance at two soft, weighty masses that were tenaciously bidding to be released. “I know, it’s just cute seeing you worked up.” The line made Odette flinch like a mosquito was trying to land on her nose. Pari became smitten with the blonde’s cuteness. Her eyes lowered like drapes as she shrugged off the prudence that kept her shoulders from loosening. “So, go on. Tell me about your party.”

Odette’s cheeks had a direct line to her emotions. When she detected an unwinding Pari, heat bloomed in her face. It wasn’t often her doctor and caretaker let herself fully unravel, but something about the autumn night depressurized Pari, revealing a gorgeous, accessible gal pal and a skilled partner. “What’s gotten into you?” Odette couldn’t resist asking.

“Nothing, sweety. Really. Tell me about your plans,” Pari’s dark eyes were obscured by her lengthy lashes as her shawl slipped away and revealed her tan shoulders. “A responsible girl like you probably has everything planned out. I’d be so proud of you if you did. . .”

Odette gulped. Her fingers gripped the edge of the bed before her legs came around and dangled from it. The resulting posture had her swollen boobs catapulting even farther forward thanks to the aid of her inner arms. Her focus was still entirely on Pari, regardless.

“We could do it in the den. Maybe have food and refreshments and we play some variety games. Then, there’s the Great Pumpkin Raid in ForeverAge2 – I emailed you about it a few days ago. It could be our first legacy raid together.”

“Sounds fun, babe.”

“A-and probably we’ll have about five people over. Maybe four. Janet, Amanda, a few guys from the gaming club. . .”

“We could even have Theo over.”

“Y-yea. . .” Most of the planning had come from the top of Odette’s head, not having much substance. It freed up her mental faculties to ingest every inch of Pari’s nonverbal seduction. Perhaps seduction was too strong a word, yet Odette certainly felt the draw of her withering, tired friend and the casual use of the term “babe” made red blood thump in Odette’s round ears. “Seriously, Pari. Everything’s okay?”

Pari rolled to the left in her chair. Her arms crossed under her bust while her luscious thighs folded one over the other. A lengthy pair of curvaceous legs had been served up for the blonde as Pari said emphatically, “I’m perfectly fine, Odette. Just getting relaxed and listening to you. Anything wrong with that?”

“It’s like you turned something off. . .” said Odette, unable to vocalize the blend of pleasure and confusion in her body.

“Oh. Maybe I did,” Pari rolled her shoulders, meeting Odette’s eyes. She knew fully what she was doing, but only accounted for half of her overall impact. Pari didn’t exactly see herself as sexy, afterall, no more so than other girls with large rear ends and tan skin. In fact, she found Odette superior in nearly every way and was playing fast and loose with her appreciation by flagrantly noting the size and shape of the blonde’s bountiful torso.

Odette’s chest was fascinating for Pari in a different way – different from how most would be fascinated by a huge set of tits, that is. Odette’s rare genetic defect, which was seemingly acquired as a child but which flared up during puberty, resulted in a persistent – and sometimes troublesome – production of breast milk. What gene had been turned on or off, what hormone was too present, and what circumstances propagated the change were all questions a genius geneticist like Pari were supposed to be figuring out; it was supposedly her life’s work.

However, on this one particular evening, Pari’s quest was distorted by a blizzard of need. She couldn’t escape it; the cold was too treacherous to brave. Her vision was shortened and, like any reasonable person trapped in a cabin by vicious snow storm, she had no choice but to enjoy the cozy, simple life. Later in the night, Odette’s chest would certainly require milking which was a fact that lit a tender box warm enough to make Pari shift around in her seat, adjusting the way her thighs rubbed each other. But acting on the warmth, catapulting into an ardored titty squeezing fit, would bring a sudden end to a night that stretched out like a vacuum. “Just enjoy this. . .” Pari communicated with her stressless face and the gentle bend of her body.

Odette talked on and Pari listened, but she double tasked by watching the narrow, airy blonde’s boobs – boobs that were escort balgat bigger than any girl Odette’s size had any right to have. More accurately, she enjoyed experiencing Odette’s gazongas as they shrank the shirt around them, lifting and stuffing the top like a circus tent. The shirt-distorting titties were slightly elongated and the very definition of “full”. Each extended down Odette’s petite, sullen frame and the bottom curve of each was parallel to her belly button. The minimal sag present was only evident in equal part to how each yummy cushion displayed their ladenous burdens so clearly. Bountiful, productive, and ripe were Odette’s tits. The girl’s top only accentuated this fact.

Pari sighed, eyeballing measurements just to tickle her imagination. “I think it’s a wonderful idea. It’s going to be a fun Halloween party, Odette,” Pari complemented superficially while the deeper parts of her mind crunched numbers. She licked her lips, recalling how rail thin Odette’s underbust measurement was and tightened her folded arms around her own C cups when she figured up twelve inches to be the measure of projection. Odette had a wondrous tit shelf going on, one that could obscure her view of the ground even as it crept further forward.

“Mhmm! You’ll need to get level forty five before you can do this event raid, though.”

“Shouldn’t take long. I’m level thirty nine.”

Odette hoisted a single finger and waggled it. “Tsk. Tsk. Oh, to be a noob. If only you knew the all-nighters you’ll have to play to get those last few levels.” Pari made a dubious face and Odette explained further. “At the rate you play, it would be Christmas before you got to level 45. But I,” she placed a hand on her chest and it sank slowly as if in quicksand. “Have taken it upon myself to schedule a few nights where we’ll be up all night together questing, mob slaying, and grinding for some gear. Each night just happens to fall on all of your lighter work nights.”

“How. . . considerate of you. How did you figure out when my lighter work nights are?”

“Uh, yea. I, erm, g-guessed?” Odette’s charade of preparedness had been thinning through the whole conversation. Now, it was translucent. She’d been flying – or planning – by the seat of her pants and it showed. “Pari, I swear it will be a good party. I don’t have all the details yet,” she pleaded, like a puppy sighing to be taken for a walk. “But it’ll be fun and I won’t make you dress up – unless you want to, ’cause that would be really, really nice.”

A series of emotions flashed beyond Pari’s dark eyes. Odette tried to read them, but the nascent emotions blinked out of existence too quickly. Toes brushing at the floor, fingers wrapped around the edge of the bed, Odette had no choice but to hope Pari would be on board.

Pari’s long, curvy body rose from her chair. The small, seated girl’s attention followed the womanly body before her. Relaxed Pari had an elegance and sureality all her own, one that drew eyes – or at least, the eyes of a booty-obsessed girl like Odette. She didn’t even really grasp why it was she enjoyed hips on women. She knew she didn’t have much for hips herself, so maybe that contributed to her curiosity.

“Lay down,” Pari nearly commanded.

If Odette was being an enthused puppy, then Pari was being the knowing owner. Odette listened and obeyed, rolling onto her back, her chest a swishing swing as both boobies swam in opposite circles. It wasn’t subservience that caused Odette to roll onto her back, either. After months of working together, of learning about each other, of understanding the quirks and tendencies they each had, Odette had learned to trust Pari’s judgement. It was a specific tone, a clairvoyant sort of speak, easy to pick up on, that Odette was obedient to and she was only obedient because Pari, an excellent caretaker and leader , had never steered Odette wrong before.

Still, Odette felt a little silly on her back. “Okay, Pari. Now I know you’re not alright? Did I do something?” There was a longish list of things Odette had going for things Pari could one day punish her for. As she heard rummaging in Pari’s master bathroom, she twiddled her fingers and awaited what uncertain something there was to come. “If I did anything, I’m sorry. Honest, whatever it is you heard, there was a good reason for doing it at the time.”

“Baby, please,” Pari poked her head out of her bathroom. The rest of her body seemed busy with. . . something. “I’m not mad. You aren’t in trouble. Just relax.”

“Alright, I guess,” Odette’s pillowy chest was so weighty that each orb lolled to her sides and piled up on the covers. “I’m relaxed,” Odette answered (whether to Pari or to herself it was unclear) and adopted a roaming playfulness with her hands – as one with jiggly, squishy bits does. It helped empty her mind the more she filled her hands. One would think a busty girl would grow tired or well-acquainted enough with her body for such regular roaming trips escort batıkent to lose their appeal, but that simply wasn’t the case. When questioned, Odette might answer “Just making sure everything’s still in place,” or even deny that she was conscious of her lascivious pawing in the first place, mindfulness being completely diluted in the tingly radio signal she felt each time her finger grazed her nipples. But there is something infinitely alluring about a woman’s body – every woman’s body, actually. Odette believed that to be the case.

With her own, it was always changing. It changed faster than should ever be expected, faster than the speed of puberty and, sometimes, swifter than a plastic surgeon’s knife. At times, to detect it, she had to listen to her body like listening for a fly in another room and other times her own milk would slosh like oceans. In the peaceful time just as Pari appeared from her bathroom with an assortment of bottles and bowls, Odette was being lulled by a gentle wash within each breast that felt unusually like a soda that was just beginning to go flat. Just as she started thinking about what carbonated breast milk would taste like, Pari’s weight shifted the mattress.

“What’cha thinking about?” Pari’s voice was like a candle in a dark room.

“Fizzy breast milk.”

“Oh Odette. . .”

Odette rolled partially to her right side. The most beautiful parts of her body followed the motion: ash blond ribbons of hair bisected her face as each boob thumped like sandbags. One, two, wobble for almost three seconds, then settle. A sly grin slithered to Odette’s pink lips once she was balanced.

Pari swallowed a pearl of aching lust but only after taking tally of Odette’s swelling and finding it both faster than she could have hoped and leisurely enough to mesmerize. Maybe an extra inch and a half was to be factored in, or whatever increment it took to ride the flowy candy corn top up and expose Odette’s waist and hip bones. Just seeing that slice of exposed skin catapulted Pari’s fantasies into sweeter places. Odette was so easy to lift, to hold, and to hug, particularly by her narrow middle. The blonde had even expressed a exhilleration for being wrestled a little, an act that, when transitioned to a bedroom, had all sorts of alluring sexual implications.

Odette being so relaxed on her bed, hair tousled, breasts no doubt brimming with milkable ambrosia, was already more than enough visual stimulation for a whole dorm of heterosexual college boys. That same sexual force was focused to a dazzling gleam for a single audience member – multiplied because Odette just didn’t seem to get how amazingly desirable she was.

Make that two pearls that Pari had to swallow before pressing on.

She started to speak, then cleared her throat when she felt her voice sounding three orgasms too husky. “I was thinking we could try an old favorite. It’s been a while since we’ve broken out the good stuff.”

“Ooo,” Odette’s fingers clasped in prayer position. Her head was swiveling as she looked for what Pari had claimed to be providing.

“I guess that means there are no objections then,” Pari chuckled.

“None at all! Gosh, how did I forget about this stuff? It’s literally the best. How much did you manage to get?”

“A whole bottle this time,” Pari answered.

Odette sucked noisy air that rebounded in her lungs and blew forth in giddy excitement. Her ankles turned to jelly as she kicked her legs, displaying an enviably bare sort of joy. “Then what are we waiting for?!” In a wink, Odette was yanking at the sleeves of her shirt, disrobing where she lay, anticipating what was coming next.

Pari watched as the fabric of Odette’s shirt caught on the hurdles of her gargantuan chest; how each squishy orb was dragged upward on her tiny body, and how wrinkles were pulled tight around and between pale balloons. After all too long a time, Odette’s top came clear off and, bounding in slow motion, her tits dropped energetically. To be specific, her left udder was divulged first, popping free and beautiful with rose bud tips and a raised, smooth areola halo. Then the right joined it and the two began to slap each other like a pillow fight being had between pillows themselves.

Topless, shirt half on and half off the bed, Odette spread herself as far and wide as she could, branching fingers from hands and arms from her body. “My body is your canvas.”

“Uh, what?” Pari teased after trying and failing to look at something other than Odette’s leaky nipples. “You’re such a dork, sweety.”

“Yes, and I’m your dork so hurry up and lay it on me!” pearly teeth showed. Odette was entertained by her own humor. “It’s cold in here.”

“I can. . . tell,” Pari answered.

Odette heard a plastic cap being opened. She knew her evening was about to get three times better. When Pari moved slightly, she felt the wind coming off the swiping motion on her tender, sensitive breast skin, but like a breeze to a young kindling the cool air only heated her inner fire. Just as her expectations were reaching their end, she briefly considered that Pari must be waiting for something. Not a detectable moment existed between that questioning thought and the application of something sizzling against her skin.

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