Lara , Jack to Melissa – part 3

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That Monday morning I woke up with a smile on my face.
I was happy because Melissa had semester break and she had free time. After waking her up she had to get dressed but this time in a ‘normal’ way. She got a black medium length skirt, a blue t-shirt, her bra with tits, a body-forming slip with white hotpants, pantyhose, sneakers and the blonde wig. She had to do her make-up and after we had breakfast I ordered her to clean my apartment while I went out to town.
Two hours later I came back home and Melissa was still cleaning. I sat down and watched TV until she had done everything. She had to change her shoes and again had to practice walking in high heels. After lunch I fucked her several times in the ass and her sweet face, which was continued after dinner.
With the same daily routine the next few days passed by only interrupted by two visits at different clubs where Melissa had to suck cocks or was fucked in her ass.
It seemed that she loved her new role as a slutty whore because every time we left the apartment in the evening she got excited.
On Friday morning two weeks after starting her training Melissa asked: “Miss Lara why my bra is getting smaller? It started some days ago… since then the bra does not fit anymore. Combined with the silicone breasts I barely can close the bra.”
I smiled at her. “Melissa, is that the only change you notice? Your male sexual drive should be reduced as well, isn’t it?”
“You are right. I thought it would be the result of your education and the chastity rod but I don’t even think about fucking women anymore. What is happening with me?”
“Maybe your body starts to develop little titties? What do you think, could that be the reason?”
“But Miss Lara, why should that happen?”
“I don’t know… maybe it is my education and your acceptance for your new role. We will see how your body is developing.” was all I said. I quickly hid a devilish smile because I knew what was going on. Since the Monday two weeks ago Melissa got female hormones through every meal.
The application dose she got was two times higher than the normal dose a pre-op-transsexual got, so I hoped it would take less time to change her.
Melissa had to squeeze her fake boobs a bit but she closed her bra. Other effects of the hormone therapy were that her skin began to smooth, her hips started to get rounder and softer and her voice got softer. Melissa did not notice all these little changes but I did. That day I bought some new and fitting bras and some even bigger ones.
This urla escort bayan weekend was like the others before… Melissa had to suck many different dicks and had to bear many cocks shoved up her ass but she enjoyed that.
Another week passed by and her tits grew to a nice 36A. With her fake tits she got 38B but my aim was a full 38C. During these changes I often had to relocate her chastity rod because her dick got smaller and smaller. After three weeks of therapy she only had a 4″ cock left.
All in all she was a good looking girl, only one thing bothered me. Melissa’s hair was to short so she had to wear a wig all the time. But then I got an idea.
Melissa no longer was afraid to go out onto the streets as a woman so one day we both left the apartment to go shopping. After shopping lots of new outfits and shoes for both of us, we went to a hairdresser and Melissa got her first female haircut. It was a modern female short haircut and both of us were amazed. Even though it was her own short hair she now looked like a modern and stylish woman especially with her outfit. She wore tight black boot-cut jeans combined with black 3.5″ boots, a white blouse and a violet knitted dress. A silver necklace, some silver rings and pearl earrings completed her appearance.
On our way back to my car she wanted to see her reflections in every shop window so we needed much more time. In addition Melissa got new sunglasses and her first purse.
All the way back home Melissa was happy and smiled. She even smiled at me as I told her the truth about her development.
Back home Melissa had to change her outfit into something sluttier. I did not lay out anything so she had to choose this time. I changed my outfit into something more dominant… I chose a white latex nurse outfit with a big opening at my décolleté, matching white latex stockings with a red cross on it, white plateau high heels, white latex opera gloves and a white latex nurse’s cap.
Watching TV i waited for Melissa. Her appearance with her new haircut, a white really short blouse, wearing a pink tie, a matching pink short pleated skirt, white cotton stand-up stockings and black high heels was breathtaking. I don’t know how she got one but she even had a lollipop in her cute mouth.
“Melissa, you are so cute… I can’t believe that. I adore you. Come over here.”
I kissed her passionately opened my mouth and our tongues met. This moment was incredible. Our tongues started to wrestle and my hands went down her back to escort urla her firm little ass. I kneaded her butt and noticed that she was wearing a plug.
This aroused me in such a way that I just wanted to fuck her but this time in a gentle way. But first I had to do something. I broke the kiss and Melissa watched me sadly.
“Melissa, everything’s ok… I loved that kiss and we will kiss again, but first I have to do something. Please be so kind and take off your blouse, bra and your faked breasts.”
Melissa watched me in an irritated way but did as I said. Her nice 36A sized breasts stood there and all I could think was to kiss them. But that was not the thing I wanted to do, I took a small syringe from the table.
“Melissa, this might hurt but I promise you that you will love the effect.” With that I injected the fluid into her right nipple.
Melissa screamed in pain but in the same moment I injected a second syringe into her other nipple. “That’s it Melissa… you are a brave girl. Your boobs are done, there is only one injection missing. Please show me your tiny little girly cock. I have to do that, so help me or I have to use force.”
Having tears in her eyes Melissa lifted her skirt and pulled down her slip to show me her chastity rod. “Please Miss Lara, be gentle.”
“I swear I don’t want to hurt you but I have to inject that…” Barely I said that, the needle penetrated her flesh and I injected the rest. Melissa started to scream and big tears ran down her beautiful face.
I caressed her head and face, I kissed her on her cheeks and lips and I dried her tears. You are a big girl Melissa, you bearded and you will love it.
I once again kissed her sweet lips and this time she answered it. Her lips opened too and our tongues once again met. I could not resist so I once again kneaded her firm ass and started to play a bit with the plug. Melissa kissed me over and over again and her fingers moved to my ass and tits.
Through the thin latex she started to pinch and pulled my nipple-piercing. Then she moved to the other nipple and did the same. I started to moan softly because it felt so good to be touched by someone else than myself. She massaged my ass gently and her nipple pinching arouses me.
Melissa started to moan as well because of moving the big butt-plug in and out her ass and soon after we have begun, we both started to moan louder and louder. All of a sudden her fingers moved to my dripping pussy. Her fingertips straight went to my clit and began to rub it.
I urla escort didn’t expect that so I moaned very loud which Melissa affected to massage even more. After some more caressing of my swollen clit she inserted two fingers in my hot pussy. “Miss Lara… you have to be fucked as well. I will do that for you. Just relax and let it happen.” With that Melissa added another finger into me and aimed straight for my g-spot. Only few strokes she needed to bring me almost to the edge. She felt that and stopped only to start again some seconds later. She slowly inserted her two other fingers and with a little push her whole hand penetrated me.
“I saw how you fisted yourself… now it time for your little slave to fist you, Mistress.”
She made a fist and started to fuck me hard. Within seconds I again was almost over the edge but suddenly two fingers of her other hand penetrated my ass.
My breath hardened and my legs started to shiver but Melissa fisted me without intermission. Her fingers in my ass gave me the rest, my body began to spasm and my eyes turned up into my head. In that moment Melissa kissed me in such a passionate way that I knew that she loved me. I had won!
Next thing I remember were the sweet and gentle kisses on my tits and nipples and as I opened my eyes Melissa was there kissing and nibbling.
“Oh my gosh Melissa… you are perfect. I love you.”
“Thank you Miss Lara.” was all she said.
“Melissa, for this you have won a prize… now it is my turn to give you an orgasm you will never forget. Get on your back, spread your little ass, pull down your slip and take out your plug.”
Melissa did that and I entered her ass gently with two of my fingers. I started to fingerfuck her but soon I realized that the plug was bigger than two fingers. I had no other choice than using two more fingers and soon after that Melissa started to moan.
“Sweetheart, please relax now… this will bring you over the edge.” I entered her ass with my fifth finger and pushed my complete hand into her ass. This time she did not scream or cry she just moaned louder.
I made a fist and started to fist her ass slowly. With every stroke I did her moaning got louder and soon after that she bit her lower lip. I saw that so I quickened up my fucking and moved my fist even more. Her legs started to tremble; she pinched the sheet and exploded. All her muscles vibrated and my fist was squeezed almost to death. Her scream was incredibly loud and long but then her whole body relaxed. She lay there completely motionless and breathed. This moment I will never forget.
After relaxing a bit we together went into the shower and then we slept. This was the beginning of our wonderful life.

— end of this part —

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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