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Last One to Know, Chapter 12

Bobby is a little confused. Mom and Tammy seem to be very concerned about something but he is not what it is.


Mom and Tammy followed me from Sue’s bedroom to the bathroom.. I adjusted the water in the big shower then ask Mom and Tammy if they would join me in the shower. Mom told me they were here to talk, not to play around. I looked at them with a pouty face and said” So, now you don’t want to be with me“. Mom laughed as she and Tammy started walking toward the shower.

They both started soaping me up. I placed my hands on the shower wall and lean forward enjoying the warm water and the attention of two of my favorite people in the world. Mom was washing my ass at the same time Tammy was washing my cock. As my cock started to firm up Tammy said” Oh no you don’t, we are here to talk not play.

I wasn’t sure what they had on their minds but I knew it must be serious. As soon as they had me washed we stepped out and dried off. I suggested we go back to the bedroom where we could set on the bed and relax. We set on the bed and I waited for one of them to speak. After a couple of seconds Mom said’ Bobby, we need to know what’s going on between you and Sue”. “What are you talking about Mom, we had sex along with Phil, Shannon and Beth but you already know that“.

Mom said” everyone but you was in the kitchen a short while ago and we were all talking about different things. Shannon ask Kay and Dave if it was alright for first cousins to marry each other. We thought she was joking but then she told us that she thought you and Sue would like to get married”. I ask Mom what Sue had to say. Mom told me Sue just started crying and run out of the house.

She said” Bobby, we all noticed that the two of you seem to be very attracted to each other but something like this had never crossed our mind”. I looked at Mom and Tammy and saw the concerned look on their faces. I reached and took them both by the hand. I told them” I think Sue was upset and suppressed at what Shannon has said in front of everyone. I’ll tell you what Sue and I have talked about. Yes, we are very attracted to each other. We talked about it and how strange it was that we both felt the same way. Let me put all your fears to rest.

We know us marring each other is out of the question for several reasons. You’ll find Sue to be a very smart, levelheaded young lady and I hope you don’t think I’m that stupid. We are aware of our feelings for each other and have agreed to be BFF”. I thought I would confuse with the BFF and they wouldn’t know what it means. Not the case, Mom started smiling and Tammy through her arms around my neck and said“ Oh Bobby. That‘s so cool, to know that you will always be there for each other, no matter what“ .I laughed as I thought“ once again I seem to be the last one to know.

Mom ask if I was ready to eat. I smiled and nodded. Tammy just laughed, rolled over on the bed and spread her legs. I quickly moved between her legs for my first morning taste of pussy. I pulled her lips apart and looking at the pink wetness of the inside of her pussy and it made my mouth water.

I started by licking and sucking on her lips allowing my tongue an occasional pass up through the middle to get a good taste of her sweet pussy juice. Tammy took her hands and pulled her knees back toward her chest and ask” wouldn’t you like to stick your tongue in a freshly cleaned asshole”. I started licking my way down and rimmed her asshole a few times then pushed my tongue inside.

Tammy moaned and raised her ass even higher. I closed my lips around her little rosebud and started sucking as I pushed my tongue deeper into her. Tammy placed one leg on my shoulder to brace herself. She used that hand to shove three fingers up her pussy while she violently attack her clit with her thumb.

Mom was still setting on the edge of the bed watching. I guess she had stood it as long as she could. She laughed and said’ Oh my, the things a Mother has to do for her kids”. She started moving around behind me. I spread my legs and raised my ass as high as I could get it.

I felt Mom’s warm lips as they closed around the head of my cock and her tongue doing circles around the head. After a couple of seconds of this she started licking up and down the shaft, soaking it with her saliva. I knew what was coming next when she placed both her hands on my ass cheeks and started pulling me into her mouth. This time she didn’t stop until I could feel my cock deep in her throat and her nose buried in my closely trimmed pubic hair.

I was really working on Tammy’s ass and she was finger fucking her pussy like the expert she was. I knew she was getting close so I started tongue fucking her ass. We were all three groaning and moaning and having the time of our lives. I suddenly became aware of some one standing next to the bed. I rolled my eyes up enough to see Kay and Sue watching the action.

Kay said” Well, Well, what do we have here. Is this how you usually have a talk with your son”? Mom pulled back on my cock just a little and mumbled something I don’t think anyone understood. Sue said” Mom, did I understand her correctly, is she asking us to join in the fun”. Both women laughed and I could see Sue as she climbed up, assumed a 69 position with Tammy and very soon she and I were eye to eye as we devoured my sisters ass and pussy.

I felt Kay’s hand touch my ass and I could feel the coolness of the lube as she covered my ass. We were close enough to the edge of the bed that she could easily reach my ass from where she was. She pushed two fingers in my ass and started slowly fucking in and out. She then added a third finger and had me stretched pretty good. She told me to take a deep breath and relax. I thought” with all this going on how the hell an I going to relax.

Not knowing what she had in mind I took a deep breath and tried my best to relax. She pulled the three fingers out of my ass. In just a second I could feel her fingers at my ass again. I could also feel the coolness of the lube and knew she had added more to her fingers. She put one finger in my ass and twisted and wiggled it around a little. That felt good and I could feel my balls tighten up and knew I would be shoot my load down my Mother’s throat very soon now.

Just as this thought was going through my mind Kay backed the finger out a little. Then with out warning Kay shoved four fingers in my ass and didn’t stop until they were knuckle deep in my ass. This was more than Dad’s cock and it felt like she was splitting me wide open. There was pain but there was also like an electric shock running through my body.

My tongue went deeper in Tammy’s ass and my cock deeper in Mom’s throat and I was shooting what seemed like a river of cum non stop. Sue and Tammy were both bucking like wild animals as Tammy’s juice started coming faster than Sue could swallow. It was running out the sides of her mouth, down across her ass and onto my waiting çeşme escort bayan lips.

Just when I thought things were claming down a little Kay pulled her finger almost all the way out of my ass then jammed them back again. I thought I was through Cumming until then but here come another shot. I heard Kay tell Mom” Hey you greedy little shit, you better same me a good taste of his cum“. Mom pushed up on my hips and I raised up for her to slide out. When she did I set up and looked at Sue. Our eyes met and I thought” Damn, I love this girl. She smiled and softly said” Yes, I know and I feel the same”.

I turned to see Mom and Kay locked in a passionate kiss swapping my cum back and forth between them. Oh shit, I could feel the stirring of my cock again just from watching. Tammy broke the spell when she announced she was going to have to get another shower. She told me to come along and I could get another shower and my enema also.

Sue ask Tammy if it would be okay if she give me the enema and take a shower together. All three women was watching as Tammy ask” Best Friends Forever, Right”? Sue and I looked at each other for a second , then Sue said” you bet your sweet bippy, for ever and ever” We all hugged then Sue and I walked hand and hand to her bathroom and I closed the door.

As soon as the door closed Sue turned to me. I could see the big tears rolling down her cheeks and she put her arms around my neck and I pulled her close and just held her. “Oh Bobby, what are we going to do?. I know I have to control my feeling for you but I love you so much it’s hard to do”

I told her” Baby, I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think for now we just need to deal with it and give it some time. I would like to have some private time with you, not for sex but just to be with you. We are still young and even if things were different we wouldn’t get marred now. So we can just wait and see how things work out. Something good has to come out of this and there has to be a way for us to be happy.”.

While we were talking Sue had been getting everything set up for my enema. I started to lay on the floor but Sue pointed to the toiled. As I set down I noticed she had on rubber gloves and had the bottle of lube in hand. She hung the bag on the towel rack behind me and pulled the tube around and dropped it between my legs. She kneel in front of me, covered her fingers with the lube then covered my ass with the it.

When Sue looked up at me she had a mischievous smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes. I knew whatever she was going to do to me was something she was going to enjoy. She pushed a finger up my tender ass and started finger fucking my ass. She knew exactly where to go and had my cock standing at full mast. She used her other hand to cover my cock with the lube.

She then pulled her finger out and pushed the tube up my ass a little further that I was used to. She raised up and kissed me on the lips as she released the clip. I could feel the warm liquid rushing up my ass and filling my bowl. Sue was gently stroking my cock at the same time. This caused a most unusual feeling and it felt like I was going to come every second.

Sue told me” don’t try to hold it in Baby, just relax and let it flow, you’ll love the feeling”. I did as I was told . The combination of the fluid in and fluid out along with the slow stroking of my cock was more that I could stand. My legs went out to the each side and I fell back against the toilet tank. Sue was moving the tube in and out of my ass and saying” Yes Baby, just relax and enjoy, Sue will take care of her sweet Baby.

The bag empted and Sue pulled the tube out, refilled the bag and pushed the tube back up my ass. When she released the clip I could tell this bag of fluid was quite a bit warmer. Sue took my cock by the shaft and placed the head in her mouth. While her lips and tongue was swirling around the head she was stroking back and forth on my shaft.

All the while she was moving the tube back and for the in my ass and I could feel my balls tightening up again. I could feel the cum as it made its way from my cock to Sue’s mouth. I was so out of it I was totally at Sue’s mercy. I could hear a loud noise and it was a few seconds before I realized it was me crying out at the top of my voice.

When Sue pulled the tube out I couldn’t move. I just set there sprawled out on the toilet stool. After a while my brain started functioning again. Sue was still in front of me and said” Honey, we have an audience”. I slowly turned my toward the door to see all the other family member standing just inside the door smiling at me.

I also noticed that all the females were stroking their mound and the males were stroking their cocks. Mom said” good show Sue, you really got a thing going there, I would love to have you attend to me sometime”. Sue smiled at the group then ask” could someone go fix Bobby a late breakfast and I’ll get him all cleaned up and have him there in just a few minutes”.

Everyone left the bathroom except Kay. She laughed then told Sue” I don’t’ think this poor boy is able to walk, if you don’t mind I stay and help you give him a shower. “Thanks Mom, I’m sure I could use the help and Bobby will enjoy having you three. Even as much out of it as I was I still enjoyed the two lovely female bodies pressed against me as they helped me to the shower. Sue adjusted the water and she stood behind me with her arms wrapped around my waist and Kay was in front soaping me up. Then Kay held me around the waist with my head resting on her lovely breast as Sue washed my backside. All through the shower I just kept thinking what a luck guy I was.

Kay helped Sue get me out of the shower then she left Sue to help me dry of. By the time we got to the kitchen I was almost back to normal. There was a nice breakfast of eggs, home fries and bacon with as small glass of juice and a large of milk. Beth, Shannon and Phil as still setting around the table. Everyone said good morning as I set down to eat. Everyone was very quite for a short while then Shannon said” Bobby, I’m sorry about the marriage thing, I hope you know I didn’t intend to say anything to hurt you or Sue“.

I told her it was okay and not to worry about it. Beth was staring at me like she had something on her mind. I told her” okay little Sister, out with it, what’s on your mind”? “Well, since you ask, Shannon has worked up to the large butt plug. We have talked it over and she would like for you to be the first to fuck her in the ass. I’m going to let Phil have my ass and we would like for you t do a piss enamel like we did before. Then Phil and I will suck it out and share some with Shannon. What do you think, will you do it”.

I looked at Sue who was setting with her mouth open and looking at Beth in amazement. As I looked around the table everyone seem to be waiting for me to speak. “Beth, my sweet baby sister, I’ll be happy and proud to do as you have ask. Only thing is I ’m not sure I’ll be up to it today. I think you guys have about got the best escort çeşme of me”. Beth looked so disappointed I though she was going to cry. Then she smiled and said” I got it, Mom and Dad said we are staying over tonight. If you rest and we take care of you and do anything you need then you could be ready by tonight”.

Sue give out with a big laugh” Honey, how can you turn that down. You get to cum and piss in a virgin asshole and get waited on all day long to boot.. The only thing I could add to that is I would love to be included”. I ask Sue” are you shitting me, would you really like to do something like that”. “Yes, I sure would any time you would like to and I’m sure Mom would like to join also”.

I told Beth” Okay, here’s the deal, I’ll do as you ask if Sue and her Mon can join if they would like ”. Beth jumped , rushed around the table and give me a big hug. Grinning ear to ear she told me” It’s a done deal, I’ve already talked with Mom and Dad. She said it was fine whit them and it would be great if everyone could be present.

When we walked into the den everyone else was setting around enjoying light conversation about the things we had done so far and what we would like to do later. Mom smiled at me and said” Ladies and gentleman, the star of the evening, our son Bobby”. We all laughed and I told them I hoped I would be up to it.

I took advantage of the situation the rest of the day. I found a lounge chair by the pool and had everyone (mostly the girls) waiting on me hand and foot. They were all bringing me drinks and snacks all day long. The guys come over and set around just chatting in general. Although the girls pampered me a lot they also teased me and kept me hard most of the day. When they would bring me food or drink they would make a point of doing something sexy.

Mom and Kay brought me some lemonade and set down on the lounger next to me. We started talking but almost imminently they started playing with each other. They ended in a 69 with both reaching good climaxes. Beth, Tammy and Sue thought I needed some lotion on me. The three of them covered me all over with very little play. Then they started on each other and ended up finger fucking each others pussy and asshole.

Finally, as the sun went down and it started getting cool outside Phil come and ask if I was ready to go to the bedroom. I told him I would take a shower and meet them in Sue’s room. Sue ask if she, Beth, Phil and Shannon could join me if they would behave. I agreed and as I headed that way everyone else followed. Mom told me they were all going to get a shower and they would meet us in Sue’s room

Things went well with our shower and we were all dried off and in the bedroom in just a few minutes. Sue left the room and was back in just a few seconds with a large bottle of lube. She open it and poured a large amount in the plum of her hand. She then spread it like a hand lotion, covering all her fingers. She put a finger in her mouth, pulled it out and licked her lips. She went to each of us and repeated the same thing with a different finger each time. It had a strawberry taste this time but was as slick as the other.

She handed the bottle to me and told me” use lots of this, it will make everything slick as a soap makers ass and it will taste good too. Phil had stepped up to the side of the bed pointing his cock at me. I was applying the oil to his cock and ass when all the others walked in. They all gathered around the bed and watched as I coated Beth and Shannon’s pussy and ass. Shannon took the bottle and she and Beth coated my cock. When I turn around the girls took turns coating my asshole and each giggled as they slipped a finger up my ass.

Beth started kissing and licking Phil all about the neck, face and mouth. Shannon would watch what Beth was doing then do the same to me. I just let her have her was and do as she pleased. I could hear heavy breathing from different ones around the bed and knew everyone was getting turned on. Beth pushed Phil back on the bed, climbed on top an slowly lowered her pussy down on his shaft. I didn’t wait for Shannon to push me back but she wasted no time climbing on board. She was looking down at me and ask” Bobby, you’re gonna piss in my ass aren’t you’? “Yes sweaty, if I can get in your little ass I’ll cum and piss in your it also.

She shivered and I could feel her little cunt tighten up as she had her first orgasm. She was still watching Beth and tried to mimic every move she made. Mom walked up behind Beth and whispered in her ear, Beth smiled and nodded. Mom got the bottle of lube and coated her fingers with it then stepped up behind Beth again. Mom rubbed her fingers over Beth’s ass as she leaned forward giving Mom better access to her ass. Mom held up three fingers then proceeded to work them into Beth’s ass.

Shannon was watching every move. She saw Sue as she stepped up behind her with the lube in her hand. Shannon smiled and leaned forward. She let out a low moan as Sue pulled the butt plug out of her ass. Sue held up two fingers then gently eased them into Shannon’s ass. I could feel Shannon’s pussy tighten as the fingers moved up her asshole. Sue moved in and out of her ass a few times and I could feel it as Sue spread her fingers and twisted them around. Sue pulled the two fingers out and added a third, pushing slowly but continually up Shannon’s ass. She was almost in tears by the time Sue had the fingers as far as they would go in her ass. I ask Shannon” Sweetie are you sure you want to do this”. “Yes Bobby, more than anything.

Mom helped Beth move off Phil’s cock and into a kneeling position. Mom kept her fingers in Beth’s ass until Phil was in place behind Beth. As Mom pulled her fingers out Phil replaced them with his cock. Beth told him” all the way Homey, shove it all the way in. Shannon watched with a look of amazement, then ask Sue to help her get in place. Sue did as Mom has dome and held her fingers in Shannon’s ass.

As soon as Shannon was in place I started to move behind her. She reached up and took my arm and told me” Bobby, I know this may hurt a little to start with but that will be okay, just don’t stop. I really want this”. When I was in place Sue pulled her fingers out, took the head of my slick cock and lined it up with Shannon’s asshole. Her ass was still open up and was shinny and slick with the lube. I give a firm push and my cocks slipped past her sphincter causing Shannon to quickly inhale. I held still for just a second before I pushed in a couple more inches then pulled back. I repeated this, moving a little more each time until I was ball deep in her little tight ass.

Shannon told me” Bobby, go all the way in and hold it there for a couple of seconds, I want to feel your whole cock in my ass. Then fuck me hard and fuck me good”. I did as she had ask and after a second of holding my cock buried in her ass I started fucking in and out. A little slow at first but quickly picked up the pace until I was slamming her ass as hard as I could.

Phil was fucking away in çeşme escort Beth’s ass and she was loving every minute of it. Mom ash if some of the others could join in if it didn’t interfere with what her and Phil were doing. I heard a loud HELL YES from Beth. Shannon didn’t have to be asked, she just started nodding her head.

Mom slid up under Beth and started eating her pussy while Dave started eating Mom’s pussy Sue eased under Shannon and I could hear her sucking on her pussy While Dad moved over and started working on Sue’s pussy. I felt a hot tongue on my balls then moving up to my asshole. I looked back to see to see my hot Aunt with her head between my legs. Mark was positioning himself between her legs, lining his hard cock up with her sweet pussy.

Now everyone was involved, licking, sucking and fucking so hard I was surprised the bed didn’t collapse. Beth and Shannon both started orgasm, reaching one climax after the other. The moans and groans filled the room. Phil cum in Beth’s ass and she ask if he though he could hold on long enough to piss in her ass. He told her he was sorry but he didn’t think he could.

Mark spoke up to say he thought he could if Beth did mind. She ask if he had cum yet, he replied” not yet but I’m damn close“. Beth squalled and told him” Oh hell yes, I don’t know if my little ass will hold it all but I would love to try. Phil stayed in place until Mark was ready, then Phil pulled out and Mark shoved in with only a few drops of cum leaking out.

I told Shannon to be ready, I was getting close to cumming. She was so out of it her only reply was” YYYEEESSS”. Kay was sucking first one of my balls into her mouth then the other. I could feel my balls tighten up and the cum making the trip from my cock to her tight ass.

When I had pumped the last of my cum in that light little ass I took her by the hips and pulled in close so none of the cum would run out. I heard Earl grunting and knew that he was pumping his load in Beth’s ass and was holding in close also.

All but the four of us had moved back to the edge of the bed and was waiting for Mark and I tried to relax enough to start pissing. Mom ask if everyone wanted some of the ass juice. They all replied Hell Yes!! I told everyone” there was probably going to be some juice running out both assholes before Mark and I were through pissing. Shannon being so small and her first time and Beth with the piss on top of a double load of cum. If anyone would like to get under us and catch the overflow they may want to get in place now”.

Mom moved under Beth and Sue slid under Shannon. Being the playful tease that she is, Sue sucked one of my balls softly into her mouth. I jumped a little but it was like she had primed the pump, I started pissing. I pushed in Shannon’s ass as tight as I could . I had a good flow of piss going, filling Shannon’s ass so full I could feel small amounts slipping out. Sue was making all kinds of sounds as she licked and sucked the mixture of juices off my balls. She was also giving Shannon’s pussy a quick lick for time to time.

I could hear the sounds of pleasure from the other end of the bed and I was sure they were having as much fun as we were. Dave and Phil had moved up beside Mark. Dad, Tammy and Kay had gathered around me. Beth reminded Shannon to pucker her asshole in as hard as possible so she wouldn’t loose much juice when I pulled out..

Not sure what happened on the first posting of this chapter. It shows up for me but the comments say it is not there
***************************************************************************************************************************Mark announced to everyone he was about to pull out. I didn’t have to say anything, Tammy placed her fingers on either side of my cock and started pushing me back with her other hand. When I pulled out a small stream of the yellowish fluid trickled down across Shannon’s little pussy and dripped into Sue’s waiting mouth. “YUM. YUM, that was good, give me some more” Sue said. As soon as I was out of the way Tammy was there to cover Shannon’s leaking asshole. I told Shannon” just relax honey, just let the juice flow out“. Shannon said” I’m trying Bobby but it feels SO FUCKING GOOD”.

Kay moved around and took my soft cum/piss coated cock and proceeded to lick and suck me clean. She is really good at sucking cock and I could feel my cock getting firm again. Kay let my cock slip out of her mouth and turned toward Shannon just as Tammy pulled her lips away and placed the side of her hand over Shannon’s asshole

Kay pulled Shannon’s ass cheeks apart and locked her mouth on her asshole just as Tammy pulled her hand away. Tammy turned and showed me the mouth full of juice. I reached over and pulled her to me. Our lips met and Tammy pushed a nice glob of juice in my mouth. We moved our tongues around in each others mouth until we both had a good mixture of spit, piss and mine and Shannon’s cum. We broke the kiss and both of us make a big show of swallowing the juice.

Kay and Dad switched places just as Sue slipped from under Shannon. She said” the well is starting to dry up down there and I want more. Kay open her mouth to let Sue see the treasure she was holding there. Kay and Sue locked lips and began sharing this special blending of fluids.

I got in place to replace Dad, as he pulled back I quickly locked my lips onto Shannon’s asshole. Tammy told her to push down now to get every drop out. Shannon ask” don’t I get a taste”? Tammy run her hand along Shannon’s back telling her” Yes sweet one, Dad and Bobby both will share with you”.

Dad moved around and helped Shannon raise up a little then shared with her just as Tammy pushed two fingers up Shannon’s pussy. She moaned, pushed one more shot of the mixture out of her ass and into my mouth. I couldn’t help but swallow some of it.

When I was sure I had empted Shannon’s asshole I set up to see Mom and Dave standing by the bed next to me. I could tell they both had a mouth full and I was sure they could tell mine was also full. Mom wiggled her finger for me to come closer. When I did she carefully pressed her lips to mine. We open our mouths just enough to exchange some of the juice.

Tammy moved to the edge of the bed and took my place with Mom. Dave was standing next to Mom eyeing me with a questioning look on his face. I reached out and pulled him to me, then he and I locked lips and repeated the same thing Mom and I had just done.

I now had a mouth full of a combination of spit, cum and piss for almost everyone in the room. Shannon had rolled over on her back, fingering her little pussy while watching all that was going on. I wrapped my arms around her waist and shoulders in a real movie star embrace and placed my lips over hers. She open her mouth very wide, I did the same and just let all the mixture flow into her mouth. She moaned into my mouth then went limp. I thought” Oh shit, she’s passed out. She lay there for a sew seconds, then her eyes fluttered then open wide. She smile and simply said” WONDERFUL”.

Kay was leaning against the head of the bed. She breathed in deep through her nose, looked around the room and said” you smell that, the great smell of a room full of hot sex. We all laughed.

End of Chapter 12

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