Laura’s Sleepless Night Ch. 02

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Laura followed the captivating grad student hand in hand. Her hotel really was only a couple of blocks, but the walk felt longer as she wondered if anyone saw the pair’s hurried escape.

They entered the lobby and as soon as Cassandra entered the elevator, she pushed Laura up against a wall and kissed her. Laura’s momentary shock wore off faster this time, as she put a hand on Cassandra’s back and let herself return the kiss.

“Fast learner, huh?” Cassandra flashed her evil grin.

Laura still held on to some shred of defiance. “I’m not doing anything more than kissing – I won’t do anything I don’t want to.”

“Of course not, darling. I just want you to have fun.” This time Cassandra’s kiss was more affectionate than lustful, tender as opposed to fierce. They only got a few short seconds of making out in, or so it felt, before the elevator reached its destined floor.

As soon as the door opened Cassandra dragged Laura out by the warm and around the corner into her room. Once she slammed the door behind them, Laura took it in. Cassandra has a pretty impressive apartment for a girl who still had years of college loans to pay off, presumably.

As if reading her mind, Cassandra declared “Don’t be that impressed, my parents have money.” The apartment door led directly into her living room, furnished with a large, plush white couch and a big screen TV. The walls were adorned with various photos and paintings, knick-knacks she had picked up the past few years. They only held Laura’s attention momentarily.

“Have a seat.” Cassandra gestured to the sofa. Laura followed, and Cassandra sat down next to her, close by. “Now where were we?”

She moved close again and pecked Laura’s lips – “Relax…” She reached up to the girl’s shoulders and her reassuring smile allowed Laura to relax as her mouth was explored. Her hand slid up Laura’s leg up to her hip, where Laura put hers over it. Cassandra pulled away and looked into her blue eyes.

“Just relax and let me give you a lesson in kissing another girl.”

Cassandra pulled herself up and over so that she was straddling Laura on the couch. Laura’s mouth was agape. “Oh, my…” she half-laughed. Cassandra stroked her face with one hand, studying her jawbone and her lips, her face above Laura’s. Cassandra dark hair flowed over both of their faces as she put her glasses to the side and began kissing Laura’s face. She soon took Laura’s lower lip between hers and her new partner parted her lips, offering herself again.

Laura had gotten gradually less hesitant, less resistant as her tongue mingled with Cassandra’s, but her hands remained at her side. She wasn’t sure what line she was willing to cross, and as her face remained mostly in Cassandra’s hands, she didn’t have to worry about it. It surely would look to the viewer that Cassandra was casino siteleri the dominator, but Laura was getting a foothold.

Her mind hazy from alcohol and arousal she had little protest to issue when, again, Cassandra’s hands trailed down her neck and caressed her collarbone through her shirt. But when her hands again cupped her small, firm breasts, she gasped into Cassandra’s mouth and arched her back a bit off the couch. Cassandra broke the kiss just long enough to smile, then continued, her thumbs feeling the rise of Laura’s nipples through the fabric, teasing her. Laura sat up straight, her toned legs tensing in her skintight denim as she was worked over.

Laura’s hazy mind was spinning. She wanted this. But she had a fiancée. “If my clothes are on, it’s fine…” she thought to herself. She let Cassandra feel her up through the striped shirt, those small, perfect breasts her TA had surreptitiously studied in class now being kneaded between her fingers years later. In between kisses her breath was getting heavier, almost turning to panting. She thought to herself that she was being seduced, that she should stop it, but it had been a long while since she had felt this kind of physical attention. It was intoxicating.

She felt the hands disengage her breasts and go lower, down her stomach, which firmed to their touch, to her belt…when they reached their destination, Laura gasped and clamped her thighs shut around them, trapping them before they could do more. There was still resistance. Cassandra removed the offending hand but continued to distract her with kisses, wandering around her neck a bit now. Her hands stayed on Laura’s tummy, feeling it raise and lower with each breath. Cassandra leaned into Laura’s neck and began licking and tracing patterns around her smooth skin.

Laura felt the tongue on her neck, felt her back shudder as her would-be-seducer blew on the saliva. But she let out a soft moan when she felt Cassandra begin sucking on her neck – hard. Her hands reached for Cassandra’s sides to gently push her off but her arms didn’t cooperate, paralyzed as she melted into the couch. She hardly noticed through the shudders when Cassandra’s hands spread Laura’s thighs apart again. When one of her hands began applying pressure to the crotch of her jeans, her eyes widened and she suddenly sat up straight off the couch.

“Don’t worry…” she whispered. “This will feel good.”

Laura’s legs clenched together again, trapping Cassandra’s hand, which she pulled out from between them. “Please, I’m not sure I…let’s just keep making out.” Cassandra saw Laura’s head lean back a bit, giving her better access to her neck and jawline.

“As you wish.”

Cassandra returned to her neckline, kissing and licking patterns and blowing on them in a way that made Laura’s body respond canlı casino beautifully. Her body wriggled to her tongue’s touch. Her lips let out an “Ahh” as Cassandra buried her face in the crook of her neck like a thirsty vampire, letting her teeth gently press against the skin as she sucked in. Laura’s back tensed and then went limp to the move, and her thighs unclasped themselves again.

That was all Cassandra needed. Laura didn’t want to surrender, but her body’s brief betrayal gave her another opening, perhaps a final chance to push things to where she wanted them to go. And where, she thought, Laura’s body wanted them to go.

Laura’s eyes widened as a hand once again pressed into her through her denim-clad mound, but this time, before any protest, a pair of lips silenced hers, and a soft whimper escaped into Cassandra’s mouth. The fabric did little, she realized, to dull the feeling Cassandra’s hand had on her, as her open palm ground into her crotch.

Laura’s mind was racing. A woman she hadn’t seen in years was feeling up her most intimate area and she was hostage to the sensations. “My clothes are still on…” she thought again to herself, as if it made what was being done to her any less of a seduction. Any less wrong. “I can stop this…” she told herself in her head. But could she?

Cassandra expertly moved her hand up and down the area, along the button-fly of her jeans. The heat was radiating through the material. Laura’s thoughts were on Cassandra’s hand, on her fiancée, on the evening. She was floored by how well Cassandra manipulated her through the denim and the effect it was having. The building moisture Laura felt between her thighs was proof enough. Cassandra’s other hand roughly clutched at a breast again, her thumb encircling Laura’s erect nipple through her shirt, adding another sensation.

Laura hadn’t had foreplay like this in a while. An “unhh” escaped her lips when Cassandra found the spot on the denim she thought her clit was under. She applied greater pressure there, rubbing up and down harder now, focusing her energy. Laura knew nobody could ever know about this, but she was powerless to resist what was happening to her now – subconsciously, her thighs spread a bit further and her hips started rolling up off the couch cushions, as if beckoning her partner’s hand to rub harder. In the meantime, Cassandra’s tongue flicked and danced as Laura’s head moved side to side, trying to find every sensitive spot on her neck, underneath her jaw, all the way up to her earlobe.

Despite having Cassandra on top of her, muffling her, her heavy panting filled the room now and Cassandra knew from the heat she felt that she was nearing what she wanted. Her slowly rolling hips urged her on further; if Laura’s mind was not racing she may have seen the pure evil on her partner’s face kaçak casino when she noticed her reaction. Harder, now, into the fabric, into her mound. The friction drove Laura crazy – rhythmic pressure between her thighs. Cassandra could almost swear she could feel moisture now.

Laura’s mind was a mix of lust, guilt, arousal, embarrassment – as her hips rocked against Cassandra’s hand she could barely hear the other girl whisper “I want you to cum, Laura”. She felt fingers press hard and fast, up against her clit – as her hips rose, they stayed there, relentless. Cassandra’s fingers pushed hard on her sex, up hard against her pelvis, as hard as she could. It was the breaking point, fast, hard, friction. Laura froze, then shuddered – then released.

“Ohh, ahhhhhh” with a whimper and a moan Laura’s hips pushed up hard off the sofa. Her back arched hard off the sofa and against her seducer. Cassandra lifted her face up out of the crook of her neck to better take the picture in: Laura’s contorted face, laying back, beads of sweat on her forehead as she moaned “Oh god, oh god”.

“That’s it. Cum for me.”

Cassandra focused on what her hand was doing, pushing her through a long orgasm, but she got an unexpected delight – her fingers felt moisture, and as she rubbed the girl hard, she watched intently: a spot of dampness had appeared on the front of her jeans, and as she carried Laura through, it grew to about double the size of a quarter. Laura’s cum had soaked through the fabric of her designer jeans, leaving with it obscene visual evidence of her body’s surrender.

She slowed her hand’s ministrations as Laura slowly collapsed back onto the couch, stars in her eyes. Cassandra kissed her gingerly on the neck, and slowly lowered herself off Laura.

Out of breath, Laura managed to lift her head up to see what the girl was doing. Cassandra made eye contact as she lowered herself so her face was hip level and she was kneeling between her long legs.

“Oh no-”

Before Laura could react to the spot on the front of her jeans, Cassandra interrupted her.

“Looks like you left a stain, love.” She maintained eye contact as she stuck her tongue out flat against the material of her jeans and slowly licked up the dark spot, getting a brief taste before opening her mouth a bit and kissing it hard, rubbing her tongue against the rough material. Laura felt like she was going to faint. Cassandra brought her face up, never breaking the lock on her eyes. Laura looked beautiful and obscene, laying back, her legs spread. She was breathing hard as if she had gone on a long run, but the dark area between her thighs revealed the true story.

Cassandra smacked her lips and reached her hand up to the top button of Laura’s jeans. Whether because she was winded or because she didn’t have one, she offered no protest then it was skillfully undone by the other girl’s fingers.

Laura had thought she could stop her if it got to this.

She could only sigh.

That was all that Cassandra needed to know that she was going to be hers tonight.

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