Laura’s Special Doctor

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I sat in my doctors office, sore from all the testing I’d been through all morning. I’d been in a wreck a year prior and despite months of physiotherapy and x-rays and countless other tests I still had pain in my back that the doctors said I shouldn’t have.

“I’ve been over the results again Laura and I can’t see anything wrong. Your spine is pristine, your yoga has your back and core muscles nice and strong, even your chiropractor said you shouldn’t have this pain.” Said my Doctor.

“I’m not making this up Doctor Miller, pain pills aren’t working but I seriously sit and cry most days it gets so bad.” I replied, trying to keep the tears at bay.

“I want to send you to a specialist, she’s a good friend of mine and I’ll put it through your insurance as a Preferred Referral so they don’t charge her usual rate. Here’s her address, are you free this afternoon?”

“Yes, I took the day off.”

“Good, her methods are not what you’d call conventional but she’s helped a few of my patients.”

“At this point I’ll try anything, thank you Doctor.”

I went home and showered then took the short drive to the address I was given, I fully expected a little office but it was a private address in a nicer part of town. I pulled into the driveway, the garage door opened as I pulled up and a lady gestured me to pull in.

“Thank you, my HOA get really pissy with me if I have cars other than mine on my driveway. You must be Laura, I’m Melissa.” She said with a smile.

“Yes.” I replied.

Usually, when I meet someone new I’m open, friendly and will engage in conversation no matter what but this woman had me in awe. She had shoulder length dark brown hair, softly tanned skin and piercing blue eyes. She reminded me a lot of the actress, Eva Green and her beauty seemed to resonate from every pore. I’d never felt like that towards a woman, or even a man for that matter but I felt my face getting red and I was getting wet. I missed what she asked me.

“I… I’m sorry?”

“I said you look a little flushed, are you okay?”

“I uh, I’m fine.”

“Shit, I’m so sorry, come on in. Please relax, I have to shower. I’m wearing a special pheromone spray from one of my previous patients, I’ll explain later but I didn’t think it worked on women.”

I sat down on the couch and drank the bottle of water she’d given me, she didn’t take long but came back out in a silk robe, smelling fresh and wonderful from her shower. I’d never really felt attraction for another woman before, I knew and could appreciate a beautiful woman sure, but sexually? Not until then.

“I have some questions for you then I’ll explain further but do you know why you’re here Laura?” She said, sitting on the couch beside me.

“Doctor Miller said you were a specialist, she didn’t say what but I’ve been through a lot of testing and nobody can explain why I’m still getting pain in my back, long after the wreck and my body is supposedly fine.”

“I’ve spoken to Gloria, oh, Dr Miller about you and from what little I know I think your pain is all in your mind my dear.”

I could feel myself getting angry and almost got up to leave.

“You mean I’m making this up?”

“No! Sorry, I may have phrased that wrong. It’s usually referred to as psychosomatic but I don’t like using that word. Basically your body is manifesting pain from your mental anguish and together we’re going to get rid of it.” She said, smiling as she touched my leg.

“H…How?” I stammered.

“I’m going to ask a few questions that are going to get deeply personal, please accept this house as my office, everything you say to me is held in the strictest confidence but there is a reason I need to ask okay?”

“Uh, sure.”

“How long ago did your husband leave you?”

“I uh, oh. Right after they told him I may not walk again.”

“Have you had any partners since then?”


“Do you feel it was your fault he left?”

“I… No, he was a selfish prick and didn’t love me like he said he did.”

“Do you masturbate Laura?”

“I, what? I…” I felt my face getting red again.

“How long since you climaxed Laura.”

“I don’t know.” I said quietly.

“Come, lets start with a massage then I’ll tell you more.” She said, getting to her feet.

Melissa led me to a small room off the main lounge, it was cozy looking with a massage bench and a small dresser with candles on top. Melissa dimmed the lights, lit a few scented candles and stood smiling.

“You can put your clothes on the chair then lay face down on the bench.”

I half expected her to leave while I undressed but she just turned around. I turned my back and stripped and turned to get on the bench in time to see her hanging her robe on the back of the door and got a glimpse of her breasts as she turned to face me.

She didn’t say much at first but her hands felt amazing, casino siteleri she worked my back and shoulders, my arms then worked her way down my spine. When she got close to my ass she started talking again.

“I’m going to touch you in some pretty sensitive areas, if at any time you feel uncomfortable, please ask me to stop and I will.”

“Okay.” I said quietly.

She carried on with her massage, getting my calves then when she got closer to my ass again she kneaded it firmly and worked her hands between my legs to my inner thighs, getting closer to my pussy with each pass. When she got close enough that I could almost feel the heat from her fingers on my labia I felt myself getting wet. She had me turn over, I’d never felt so exposed in my life before. My nipples were like bullets from my excitement and I couldn’t help but look at her breasts until she put a damp towel over my eyes.

“Plenty of time for looking later sweetie, you doing okay?” She said softly.

“Y… yes.” I replied.

I half expected her to start at my shoulders again but I felt her pour more of the warm oil straight on to my breasts then she began to massage them, gently pinching my nipples. A soft moan escaped my lips and I felt myself get soaking wet and was almost squirming on the bench when she massaged my inner thighs. She rubbed all around my pussy with her wonderful warm hands and I felt myself opening my legs to give her better access, getting a quiet ‘good’ from her as I did. She took the towel from my eyes and wiped her hands off then raised my back a little with the touch of a button.

“You need this, you can watch me or close your eyes but I promise you will leave this house smiling. Remember, you can ask me to stop at any time.” She said as she slowly slipped a finger into my pussy.

“Please don’t stop.” I gasped.

She slid another finger inside me then used her thumb to rub my clit, my orgasm came from nowhere, I arched my back and cried out in pleasure as it exploded through my body, Melissa’s fingers still sliding in and out while she rubbed my clit. I came so hard I was pretty breathless, it took me a few seconds to form words.

“Sen…sensitive, please stop a second.” I gasped. She did.

She caught me off guard but when she leaned over and kissed me, it felt right, it felt natural and I wanted her. With her breasts pressing into me she looked at me with her amazing eyes and just smiled.

“Do you want more?” She asked.

“I do, I really do.” I replied, probably sounding like a horny college girl.

She helped me to my feed then led me to another room that was furnished with a beautiful 4 poster bed and a really ornate dresser. She stepped out of her panties then after wiping the oil from my body with a towel, helped me up on to the bed and laid me on my back. She had me open my legs again and instead of her fingers she laid down and slid her tongue inside me. I’d only ever had one guy want to eat me before, he’d lick long enough to get me wet before fucking me but Melissa took her time and wanted to explore every inch of me with her lips and tongue. She rasped my clit with her hardened tongue and brought me to another climax, while I was still cumming she pushed her finger inside me and found my g-spot and rubbed it, setting off another explosive climax. I almost blacked out I came so hard, when I gasped ‘please’ a few times she caught what I was trying to say and stopped licking me.

“You have a beautiful pussy.” She said, wiping her mouth.

“Th…thank you.” I replied, still trying to catch my breath.

“Did you enjoy that?”


“You’ve never been with a woman before have you?”


“What I gave you is a step towards what you need, after that man left you, you forgot that on top of fighting so hard through all the physical pain to walk again you pushed the emotional fight deep inside and forgot to love yourself and your own body. You are stunning my dear, your breasts are perfect and you have such a pretty pussy I really enjoyed eating you.”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, she was right, I had lost who I was, I’d covered most of my mirrors at home and only used my bathroom one to apply makeup or fix my hair. I didn’t know what to say but felt the tears spilling from my eyes and running down my temples.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you cry, I just want you to let go, come, let me wash your back in the shower.”

I followed her into a massive walk in shower and just melted into her when she held me close under the water, her beautiful breasts pressing into mine, my head resting on her shoulder.

“I want you to let it out, sob, cry, scream if you have to.” She said softly as she held me.

I cried a little but I was more interested in how I felt in her arms. When I didn’t want to cry anymore I started kissing her neck and ran my hands canlı casino down to her ass when she looked at me before we kissed passionately. We washed each other gently, I think I spent too long on her breasts but we were both pretty clean when the water started getting colder. We dried ourselves quietly but before she could put clothes back on I kissed her again.

“I’d like to taste you Melissa.” I said when our lips parted.

“Next time. I have a dinner appointment with a client so I’m short on time.”

“There’s to be a next time?”

“Yes, I know Dr Miller didn’t tell you but I’m a sex therapist. I help men and women release the tension that is causing pain and teach them to love their own bodies again. I help men who can’t get hard, that’s what the pheromones were I was wearing when you arrived, I don’t have too many women clients but you needed this and I would love to help you more.”

“I would like that a lot, the pain in my back has faded to a dull ache.”

“Then come and see me tomorrow morning at 9, I don’t usually work weekends but I think we’ll both enjoy spending the day together.”

I slept incredibly well that night, better than I had in months. I barely noticed any pain in my back when I showered and I was smiling when Melissa opened her garage door to me at 9am.

“I had a feeling you’d be on time.” Said Melissa, greeting me with a hug.

“Well I got a great sleep, how was your dinner?” I replied.

“The meal was nice, it was a client so that’s all we can discuss. I thought we’d start with a massage again.” She said, leading me to the small room.

Her massage was more sensual this time, even without oil, she took off the robe she was wearing, no panties this time and spent less time on my back and shoulders and more on my ass, inner thighs and breasts. I was soaking wet by the time she started fingering me, she rubbed my clit and g-spot until I came all over her fingers.

“Did you touch yourself last night after you went home?” She said, wiping her hand on a towel.

“No, I was worn out.”

“Well I hope you had a good breakfast.” She said smiling then led me to her room.

Once in her room she held me close then kissed me then had me get up onto the bed where she put me onto my back, opened my legs and started kissing my neck then kissed her way down to my nipples. She sucked each one to hardness then over my stomach to kiss my inner thigh then teased me a little, kissing and licking closer to my still dripping pussy. After what felt like forever, but was likely less than a few minutes, she ran her widened tongue over my labia then started licking and exploring inside me. I moaned in pleasure as she licked me, crying out in sheer bliss when she rasped my clit, quickly bringing another orgasm to burn through my body. She stopped only when I tried to climb away from her, my pussy getting sensitive, then got up on her knees, smiling and looking at me hungrily as she wiped her mouth.

“Tha… that was amazing.” I said, still catching my breath.

“Ready to return the favor?” She said.

“Oh, Uh, sure.”

Melissa slowly climbed up my body and straddled my head then lowered her pussy to my mouth. I’d really enjoyed having her lick me, got so wrapped up in the pleasure and sensations she gave me I hadn’t stopped to think about the prospect of licking her. With her pussy less than an inch from my mouth I decided I wanted it and slid my tongue inside her. She was already soaking wet and her juices were soon flowing over my tongue and over my lips. I reached up and held on to her ass as I explored her, trying to emulate what she had done to me and I soon had her moaning in pleasure, almost grinding her pussy on my tongue as I circled her clit with my tongue. She came pretty hard, grabbing my hair as her body shuddered, filling her mouth with cream that I had no choice but to swallow. She got off me and stepped off the bed, I went to stand up thinking we were headed to the shower but she just said ‘get on all fours’ as she went to her dresser. I looked over and watched as she stepped into a leather harness then attached a menacing looking dildo to it. It looked way bigger than any man’s cock I’d ever taken and I was worried.

Melissa got out a bottle of lube and watched my face as she coated her toy then got onto the bed behind me. I held my breath when I felt her pressing the toy against my pussy but it slipped inside me with ease and it felt amazing as she slowly pushed inch by inch into me. I’d never felt so full, when she had it all inside me I could feel the fasteners pressing against my ass then she began to fuck me, slowly at first then harder and harder, slapping my ass the pulling me onto each thrust. I lost count of how many times I came but by the time she was done I was a quivering mess and collapsed onto the bed after she pulled out. She took the dildo off and spooned me, kaçak casino holding my breast as she kissed my neck.

“I’m going to let you nap then we’re doing that again, I’ll wake you when I’m ready for you to lick me again.” She said softly into my ear.

The prospect of what she told me had my pussy throbbing, I crashed out for a while and woke up on my back, Melissa kissed me then straddled my head again for me to lick her.

After fucking me with her strap on the second time she let me rest a little then took me into the kitchen and gave me a salad and a glass of water, got herself the same and ate in silence. When I tried to make conversation she told me ‘no talking’ and carried on eating. When we were done she took me by the hand to the bed and had me lay down again, straddled my face for me to eat her again and once she’d came, laid down on the bed beside me, resting on her elbow to face me.

“You have been wonderful, thank you. I have a dinner date tonight and need a nap before it, you can shower and let yourself out.” She said.

“Oh, okay.” I said.

I showered and dressed, my legs a little weak from all my orgasms but Melissa was asleep when I went to leave. I drove home in silence, wondering if I’d offended her or something but got an appointment reminder from her for the following Monday.

That Monday I pulled into her driveway as usual and Melissa was there waiting for me but so was Doctor Miller. Melissa greeted me with a hug then led me into her office. They sat me in the chair then sat opposite me at her desk.

“You look well, Laura, how are you feeling.” Said Dr Miller.

“I feel great, I don’t have any pain in my back at all now.” I replied, smiling.

“Good, well, Melissa has a few things to talk to you about then we’ll talk more okay.” She replied then left the room.

“You look well rested.” Said Melissa with a smile.

“I’ve been sleeping so well since I started seeing you. I, um, did I upset you on Saturday?” I asked.

“Not at all, I tend to get a little dominant when I’m with women for pleasure, I should have told you. I really enjoyed my time with you.”

“I enjoyed it too, are we finished then?”

“Yes sweetie, you, are a beautiful woman and you have been hurt and repressed for so long it was literally manifesting as pain in your body. What I’ve given you is a start to what I hope is going to be a long and pleasurable journey to self love and enjoyment. The toys I’ve bought for you are all amazing, enjoy them, cum at least once a day and don’t accept a man or woman who doesn’t see you for the sexy being that you are.” She said then handed me a gift bag.

“May I have one last hug before we’re finished.”

“Only if I can kiss you too, I really did enjoy playing with you.” She replied smiling.

She kissed me with a passion that had me getting wet then held me close.

“Dr Miller has something to discuss with you in my massage room, I’ll put this in your car.” She said, taking my gift bag.

I walked into the massage room to find my Doctor sitting on the bench wearing just a towel.

“Oh, sorry I should have knocked.” I said.

“You’re fine, close the door.” She replied.

“Why are you here, I have my appointment with you on Friday?” I said.

“Well, this may be a little unethical but hear me out. Your visits here were refused by your insurance, I knew that before I sent you but Melissa owed me a few favors and I cashed a couple in for you. In return, I’d like to enjoy you and Melissa for a couple of hours, my husband hasn’t been pushing my buttons and I need to explode.”

I was stunned, I’d never looked at my Doctor, or any other woman before Melissa if I was honest, in a sexual way before. She was attractive, more of a reserved beauty than Melissa but attractive all the same. I was flattered she wanted me.

“I would like that very much.” I replied.

I spent the next couple of hours naked, licking my Doctor’s pussy to orgasm while Melissa fucked me with her strap on then switching places to be licked by my Doctor while Melissa fucked her. We then both took turns licking Melissa until she’d cum enough then showered together and let me leave quietly. My gift bag was fun too, I enjoyed it for a long time.

It was quite a few years later and I was sitting eating dinner when Melissa tapped me on the shoulder, I hadn’t seen her since my 3-sum with my Doctor.

“Melissa, Hi!” I said, standing up and hugging her.

“You look well, how have you been?” She replied. She still looked as beautiful as ever.

“I’ve been really good, this is my Fiance, Marcus.” I said. She shook his hand.

“Well I won’t keep you from your food, I seen you and wanted to say Hi.” She said then was gone.

“Who was that honey?” Said Marcus.

“Remember that story I told you when I was drunk, about a hot therapist I had sex with?” I said quietly.

“That was her? I thought you made that up! Holy shit, she was stunning.”

“Glad you agree, seeing her has me in ‘that’ mood too, I hope you’re in the mood to receive, my strap on is hungry.”

“I’ll get the check.”

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