Lily Ch. 01

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I started seriously traveling for business several years ago. After you get the Platinum status and free upgrades to first class, you realize you’re spending a lot of time away from home. I also realized that I felt like my time away from home was like a second life… I had different friends, ate different places, did different things.

I also began to indulge myself heavily in my favorite fetish: lingerie. Lingerie to me is the perfect erotic creation… it conceals yet reveals… it is infinitely fashionable and always delights the eye.

At first, I focused on women in lingerie. I began to frequent a high class gentleman’s club where the dancers wore wonderful outfits of satin, lace, and sheer materials. I spent many hours chatting with the dancers, flirting with them and then taking them to the private rooms to let them drive me wild with lingerie caresses. I never left the club without at least two powerful orgasms, usually cumming as they touched me and felt my cock throbbing over and over. I came prepared wearing condoms so I never created a mess or embarrassing stain.

Then I met Lily. She wore the most tight satin lingerie as she danced and was gorgeous. Even better, she was intrigued by my fetish. After a few drinks ataşehir escort bayan and table dances, she asked me if I’d ever worn lingerie. I confessed that I had in high school in college, amassing a large collection of satiny lingerie before giving it up.

Lily challenged me. “If you come in next time wearing a bra, panties, stockings, a garter belt, and high heels, I’ll give you something totally against the rules…”

Her challenge consumed my mind to the point where I took the next day off of work as a sick day and went shopping. I was very nervous visiting stores but I remembered every detail of my sizing in women’s shoes and underwear so it wasn’t that hard. By the evening, I had just the outfit Lily had dared me to wear. Under my slacks and button down shirt, you only noticed the high heels and then only if you happened to look down. I had to force myself not to walk like a girl in the heels so I didn’t attract that attention.

Lily was delighted to see me. A touch to the bump on my thigh where the garter clipped to the stocking, a touch to my back to feel the bra strap and a good look at the strappy black 4″ heels I was wearing sealed the deal.

We went back to a private room and I saw escort kadıköy Lily have a longer conversation with the bouncer than usual. She led me by him and he gave me a rare grin.

Once in the private room, Lily made me open my shirt and unbutton my slacks to show her.

“Oh my god, you look so hot!” she smiled wide. I sat back on the couch and she started dancing. At first I thought it was going to be the same as other times, but then she came in close.

She could see my very hard erection in the pink satin panties I’d bought. As she mounted my lap, her hand snaked down between us and began to stroke my cock through the panties in time with her body moving against me. She’d never been this overt and I moaned in ecstasy. She pressed her naked breasts to my lips as her hands caressed my bra and skin firmly.

She turned around, planting her own satin panty-covered bottom against my cock and began to grind me. I was getting so turned on I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

I watched as she reached back and pulled my panties down low enough to free my condomed cock. Then she shocked me by pulling her own panties aside and mounting my cock. I slid into her perfectly, amazed at how hot and wet she was. She bostancı escort was a small woman so her pussy was extra tight on my cock. I could hear her moaning unlike any of her dances in the past.

She began to dance, grinding on me, around my cock deep inside her. It was delicious and didn’t take me over the edge that was so close. Taking the initiative, I reached around and rubbed her lips and clit through her satin. She leaned back into me and I had her whole weight on my body, something I love to feel. She didn’t weigh too much but I got a grip on her one ass cheek. I lifted her up and let her down again over and over as my fingers danced over her soaked panties in front.

“Oh god yes!” she gasped and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock once, then again and again as she came. I could hold back no longer myself, moaning as my balls crunched again and again, pushing a huge load of cum into the condom.

She only waited a few moments to recover and then eased off my cock carefully. Checking that I was secure in my cum-filled condom, she toyed with the latex, pushing the cum around my over-sensitive cock head with a look of appreciation. She then tucked me back in my panties and told me to get dressed again.

The bouncer nodded knowingly when I tipped him an extra $50. Before we got back to the public area, I asked Lily for her number to see her outside the club. Without a moment’s hesitation, she pulled me close into a wonderfully sensual hug and whispered her digits in my ear.

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