Lisa is a Wonderful Friend

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“That was strange,” thought Mark as he hung up the phone. Lisa had been talking about her new friend Jayne. Now Jayne is a good-looking girl but, to put it politely, was carrying a few extra pounds. In spite of this she was certainly attractive with a sparkling personality to match. Lisa had been saying how beautiful Jayne was, especially her face and hair.

He knew that they were spending a lot of time together and drinking a lot and going bar hopping and clubbing. Mark was very pleased because he wanted Lisa to create more of a social life for herself. He had only met Jayne once and enjoyed her company greatly.

Jayne was single with two children. Probably in her early forties and contrasted wonderfully with Lisa, Lisa was slim and athletic and very dark and Jayne was large, fair and blonde.

Not much more was mentioned but Lisa continued to see more of Jayne and stay at her house when they went out and generally do all the girly things that girls do.

Mark and Lisa were due to go out for dinner and spend the night together, an event that due to circumstances had become not as frequent as both would like. Lisa phoned Mark and asked if he minded if Jayne came with them for dinner. Mark didn’t mind, as he quite liked the company of two women over dinner, although he hoped it wouldn’t impinge on their “private time” later.

They went to Teatro, their favourite restaurant and had a boozy meal. Most of the conversation revolved around sex and shopping, Mark was enjoying the atmosphere as other diners were looking at them and trying to work out what was going on.

Lisa suggested that they go back to her flat where she had a Champagne stash. Mark looked at her quizzically but she just smiled at him. He was beginning to think that they would never get rid of Jayne before one of them, or all of them passed out.

The taxi ride was uneventful but Mark felt a distinct change in atmosphere when he opened the first bottle of Champagne. Lisa and Jayne were giggling together on the couch. Mark ignored it and concentrated on the task in hand. They drank and chatted some more, Mark wanted Jayne out of the picture, he wanted Lisa, he was horny and he needed the medicine that only she could prescribe.

Mark enquired as to how Jayne’s manhunt was going. Lisa and Jayne collapsed in a fit of giggles as she told Mark that she hadn’t seen a cock for six months. When Mark enquired as to what she was going to do about it, she replied cryptically that she was going to leave it up to her new best friend Lisa to sort it out for her. Mark understood that to mean that as Lisa was a man magnet she would live off Lisa cast offs. It wasn’t long before Mark realised how wrong he was.

“Come and sit here my you” Lisa said to Mark indicating that he should sit between them on the sofa. Mark complied, still wondering when Jayne was going. “Jayne has been so good to me”, she continued, “she has taken me shopping, drinking and to that fabulous fashion show, and I feel that I would like to repay some of her kindness.”

Mark wasn’t sure where this was going so he made a non-committal reply, “Fair enough” he said.

Lisa continued in her best dominant voice “So My You, I have decided to lend her you tonight so that you can pleasure her.” Her tone then changed, her voice was now lower, sexier, raspier, “I will direct you, I will tell you what to do to her and when, you will do it for Jayne and you will do it for me.”

“Yes Lisa” Mark replied, his cock coming to life. This was escort ulus fantastic; she had done it again, shocked, amazed and surprised him. His mind whirred; he looked at Jayne, then at Lisa, who had an evil smile on her face.

“Mark, I want you to kiss Jayne” Lisa ordered.

Mark leaned over and kissed Jayne softly on her lips, he cupped the back of her neck and explored her lips with his tongue. Her mouth opened as she greedily sucked his tongue. Mark took his right hand and rested it on Jayne’s right breast, feeling its weight even captured in her bra.

“Get your hand off my friend’s tit” hissed Lisa.

Mark recoiled as if struck, Lisa took his head in her hands and gave him a deep lingering kiss. “I will tell you when you may touch my Jayne” she said. Mark began to understand.

“I like the way he kisses” said Jayne, “I want more please Lisa”.

“You heard the lady” said Lisa.

The kissing continued, getting more passionate and Mark found he was enjoying the experience more and more. “Stroke those huge tits” commanded Lisa. Mark ran his fingers over Jayne’s massive breasts as she pushed them out to receive his touch. “Undo her bra and get them out, then worship them, lick them, stroke them and bite them. Jayne says that she can cum if her tits are played with properly.” Lisa said in an imperious manner.

In spite of himself Mark wondered what these two talked about when they were alone. He knelt on the floor in front of Jayne, undid her shirt and slipped it off her shoulders. Although her bra was simple it amplified the size of her breasts, they looked massive. He nuzzled his face in her cleft and reached round and undid the double clasp. He gently eased the bra through her arms before letting it slip forwards revealing Jayne’s tits in all their glory. Mark cupped one in his left hand and put his mouth to her large nipple, as he licked it and grazed it with his tongue he looked up at Lisa and raised his eyebrows. She smiled at him and took a sip of Champagne and a drag on her cigarette. The look said that he was pleasing her. He liked that.

He redoubled his efforts on Jayne’s incredible breasts, he kneaded them, he licked them, he sucked them, he bit them, he teased her nipples unmercifully, he buried his face in them, he played with both nipples at the same time. Jayne was groaning and pulling Mark’s hair, he could tell that she was getting closer, his mouth was making sloshing noises as he licked her nipples already moist with his saliva. It was he was biting one and flicking the other that Jayne bucked in her seat, gave a deep groan and sighs and went limp. She pulled Mark’s head up and kissed him, and then she smiled at him and then at Lisa.

Lisa put out her cigarette. “That’s a good start” she said matter of factly “lets go into the bedroom now”. She led the way followed by Jayne and Mark, both silent. Jayne lay on the bed, her breasts spilling off the side of her chest, her face flushed. Lisa was still standing, as was Mark. “Take your clothes for my Jayne, please” ordered Lisa. Mark complied until he was standing naked in front of them, his cock, semi hard jutting out in front of him. Lisa sat on the edge of the bed. “Let Jayne play with your cock My You” she said. Mark lay next to Jayne and she grabbed his cock roughly and began to stroke it.

“Play with her tits while she plays with MY COCK” Lisa instructed. Jayne looked at Lisa as she stroked Mark’s cock to its full length. “Do you like MY COCK Jayne?” escort yenimahalle asked Lisa.

“Yes Lisa I like your cock” replied Jayne, a bit taken aback.

“Jayne, play with his balls with your other hand, he likes that” Lisa said. Jayne fondled Marks balls while she stroked his cock. They both stole glances at Lisa who was just watching, enthralled.

“OK stop” commanded Lisa. “Its time for Jayne to cum again. Jayne, Mark is going to play with your pussy. He is going to make you cum and cum with his fingers and his tongue, just like he does to me. You are not to touch him, you are to concentrate entirely on your own pleasure. You may play with your tits though, he likes that.”

Jayne removed her trousers while Mark looked at Lisa and stroked his cock. Her face was unreadable but Mark reckoned he knew what was going on in her head.

Jayne was wearing a white thong and her stomach obscured the waistband, her thighs were large but the overall effect was very sexy. Lisa was right Mark thought, she is beautiful.

Mark teased her from foot to thigh, he tickled the back of her knees, he licked the inside of her thighs, he could smell her arousal, her thong was wet with anticipation. Lisa was just staring, she nodded imperceptibly and Marked plunged a finger into Jayne’s dripping cunt. She groaned loudly and shuddered from the shock, it wasn’t textbook Mark thought but what the hell. He worked her pussy with his fingers, inserting two then three fingers, exploring every inch of her pussy. He could feel her cumming again, he lowered his head and started licking her clit, the effect was instantaneous, she came with a shout and Mark could feel her pussy spasm as she gushed out yet more juice. Jayne relaxed but Mark didn’t stop, she tried to push his head away but he resisted, he carried on finger fucking her and licking her clit, her breathing became heavier and she relaxed. Mark looked up and saw her lying back with her eyes closed, she was pinching her nipples and moaning, he took his fingers out of her pussy and opened her lips, Lisa taught him that, he liked it, he worked on her clit with his tongue, Jayne was going crazy, she was shouting and moaning, Mark licked faster and with his other hand started stroking her anus, sneakily inserting a finger. Jayne was bucking now, but she was quiet, Mark looked up and saw Lisa kissing Jayne deeply and passionately. He like that and smiled to himself. He went back to Jayne’s clit and licked and sucked it, all the while with his little finger in her arse. Jayne froze, and then came again, her hips bucked, her legs twitched and her breasts shook with the sheer force of her orgasm. Lisa stopped kissing her and stood up, she beckoned to Mark, his face was covered in his saliva and Jayne’s cum. Lisa kissed him.

Lisa called for a cigarette break and they lay there on the bed Jayne naked in the middle. Lisa fully clothed on the left and Mark naked on the right.

“Are you OK Jayne?” asked Lisa. Jayne nodded meekly. “Are you having fun with My Mark?” it was as if Jayne couldn’t speak, she just drew deeply on her cigarette and smiled. Lisa knew that she didn’t have to ask Mark.

“What about you My Lisa?” asked Mark. Lisa smiled at him and pointed to her crotch.

“I want some too” she said, “Now!”

She removed her trousers and Mark leaned over Jayne, his cock rubbing on her thigh and put his tongue as deep inside Lisa’s wet pussy as he could. He went wild, he put as many escort eryaman fingers inside her as he could, he licked her clit as she held herself open for him, he used her pussy juice to lubricate her arse and put his middle finger inside her. She protested but then settled down when he felt her relax. Jayne moved Mark onto his knees and started sucking his cock. She licked it and sucked it greedily. Mark was not to be distracted as Lisa came, he carried on as if nothing had happened and shortly she came again. Mark lapped at the juiced flowing out of her, he loved her pussy juice and could never get enough of it. Jayne’s mouth had disappeared from his cock and then she grabbed it from behind and rubbed herself against him as she stroked it hard.

Lisa twisted away from Marks fingers and tongue, gasping as his finger was pulled roughly from her arse.

“Now fuck her My You” she commanded, even lying there naked from the waist down with juices flowing from her impeccably coiffed pussy Lisa still had poise. “Jayne, take his cock and put it in your cunt” she snapped. Jayne’s eyes had glassed over but she complied and gasped when Marks cock entered her. Mark fucked Jayne slowly, kissing her and licking her tits. Lisa took off her top and lay next to them naked. She kissed Mark and stroked his bum, tickling his anus and his balls.

“Don’t you dare cum” she whispered in his ear as she licked it. She moved round the bed and started to lick Jayne’s tits, alternating between the left and right and kissing Mark. They were all groaning and moaning, Jayne was the first to come, much to Marks relief. She cried out and bucked her hips so hard that Lisa was dislodged. Mark slowed down and Lisa reached between Jayne’s legs and pulled his cock out of her cunt. His cock was slick with Jayne’s juice and Lisa kissed it and licked it before putting it in her mouth. Mark groaned, he did not want to cum, he wanted this to go on for ever. Jayne had recovered her composure and sat up, took Lisa’s hand and pulled her down for a deep satisfying kiss.

Mark went to get a cigarette and when he returned Lisa and Jayne were kissing and licking and stroking each other, one hand between the others legs. Mark watched for a minute and then walked round to Lisa’s side of the bed and put his cock in her mouth. She spat it out and turned to Jayne “Do you want to see him cum?” she asked, “Yeah” replied Jayne dreamily. “Do you want him to cum on your tits” Lisa added. “I want him to cum on my tits” Jayne replied. “My friend Jayne wants you to cum on her tits” Lisa barked at Mark. “So you had better cum on her tits, hadn’t you, My You?”.

Mark stood at the side of the bed next to Jayne, what a sight he thought to himself, Lisa and Jayne naked and kissing and stroking each other. His cock was aching as he stroked it, wanting to make this last for as long as possible. Lisa took Jayne’s hand and directed it to Jayne’s pussy, Lisa’s hand went to her own pussy. She knows, she really knows thought Mark. The sight freaking him out just as Lisa knew it would. His hand moved over his cock faster and faster, he could feel his orgasm building from his toes.

“Give us cum My Mark, all over my friend Jayne’s beautiful tits” whispered Lisa. That was it, she had him, Mark’s head went back, he shouted her name over and over as thick spurts of cum shot out of his cock and onto Jayne’s huge tits. Jayne bucked again as the spunk hit her and her fingers stopped playing with her clit as she looked up at Mark who had a look of shock and satisfaction o his face, Lisa was grinning. She rubbed his cum into Jayne’s tits, she knew he liked that.

Mark collapsed onto the bed and they all hugged and kissed. Then they laughed, and laughed and laughed. What a night and what a wonderful thing to do for a friend they all agreed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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