Little Johanna is not straight

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Little Johanna is not straight
That afternoon at office I was feeling my body very tensed and my mind very aroused. I finally went to the ladies’ room and sat inside one stall.

I put my trousers down and felt my smooth soft clit. As I started rubbing, I felt the tension growing insider my body. I felt myself getting wetter, aware of my ragged breathing. I had not had a decent orgasm in many days…

Just when I was really getting into it; I heard the entrance door slam and somebody talking. Then I removed my fingers as fast as I could and did up her trousers, as the stall door opened…

The young girl standing there was very nice and she had a very slim figure.
I recognized her as Johanna, the good secretary of one of my Bosses. She paused to see me there sitting at the toilet, with my face a bit red…

She smiled politely and realized I was out of breath. She thought that I could be ill; so she asked me if I was fine.
I smiled back and replied I was just masturbating myself there.
My answer looked to shock the little girl…but then she laughed.

I thought Johanna was straight; but however, I invited her to share a drink at the coffee shop around the corner. She accepted, saying she was not busy.

We chatted for a while, talking about our husbands and making some critic about several stupid girls in the office. We shared good time that afternoon.

A few days later, I was again feeling the strain of my lack of orgasm.
My beloved Victor was fully stressed and he was not fucking me properly.

I was at my office, struggling with too much paperwork, when Johanna came in and invited me to go for a coffee. I looked at my desk and decided kaçak bahis her company would be much better than those fucking papers…

As we were there chatting and having a nice coffee, I felt aroused.
I excused myself and I went to the toilet. I took my phone and entered a lesbian’s site. I got a video and proceeded to watch it.

I found myself getting wet very quickly and played with my soaking clit, screaming and moaning along with the video. I moaned in pleasure and came, hard and fast, giving me the most intense orgasm I ever had…

Seconds after my breathtaking orgasm, Johanna suddenly opened the door of that booth and a sweet smell greeted her nose; one she recognized for sure, but she could not figure out what it was.
The young girl looked in my eyes and she saw I was looking breathless, relaxed and very flustered. She knew instantly what had happened and I saw she looked a little jealous.
Then she said that she had not had a release in many days either.

I looked at her with my legs wide spread, my dress lifted up my waist, my thong aside and two fingers still buried deeply in my wet hungry cunt…

My fingers were still sending shockwaves through my sensitive and throbbing clit, making me moan quietly.

I did not smile this time. I knew Johanna was worried about me, after spending more than fifteen minutes inside of the ladies’ room.
Bright red in the face I just muttered that I was sorry…

But she smiled and said everything was fine for her…

I noticed she was staring at my wet labia and it got turned me on again.
As we returned back to our table, I asked in my head what was going on with me. It was probably that bets10 wild orgasm. I was attracted to that nice young married wife; the one I thought would be straight and happy every time she was fucked by her loving husband…

Then I asked Johanna directly and she confirmed she was also bisexual.

I was shocked at what she had just said. Worst of all, Johanna said she was attracted to me, although I was old enough to be her mother…

She suggested if we could share a nice afternoon at a local motel…

As we entered the room, we both stripped off our clothes. Before she could back out, I slowly bent over Johanna and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Her mouth was on my wet lips for a long time.
Then we both climbed onto the bed.
I could feel my pussy getting soaked again.

I crawled down onto her naked sweet body, working my way to her shaven wet slit. As soon as my fingers touched her clit, Johanna gasped… She whispered that her husband had not fucked in days and she had not even touched herself…Now she was craving a long and hard orgasm…

I began working on myself, first slow, trying to control my own moans that were getting louder and louder. As I was to orgasm, suddenly Johanna asked me some attention for her.

So, I climbed again between her wide spread thighs and I saw her wet cunt.

I pinned her down and sat on her. Both of us had our shaven pussies on show and I felt a damp patch on where Johanna was sat.
Then I explored her body with my mouth, starting at the neck, kissing and licking it, making Johanna to get aroused…

I reached her round beautiful tits and I nibbled down to her hard nipples.
I sucked them, bets10 giriş making Johanna to get crazy.
The married girl cried and squealed, pleading me for sweet release.

I needed no more persuasion, as I just slid my hand down her labia, feeling how wet she was, feeling her soft clit, where I rubbed it slowly, still nibbling down her hard nipples.
At this point the nice girl was convulsing every time I slid my finger over her clit. Now my mouth had reached her wet labia and I stuck my naughty tongue out into her sweet slit.

This drove Johanna crazy as she screamed and moaned my name…

I sucked on her swollen clit, teased it and finally I inserted two fingers into her tight pussy, pumping hard inside of her womb…

It did not take long for her to get an intense orgasm and when it came, the little bitch screamed again my name loud. She shook violently.

Johanna looked got lost in the intensity of her orgasm and she kept getting waves of pleasure, making her squeal and shudder each time.

I eventually came just few minutes later, when I opened my eyes and noticed the sweet babe was smiling and masturbating furiously.

Then I swiftly got up and held Johanna’s busy hand, telling her to stop.
I maneuvered on her, so she was sat on my face, a position I enjoyed.

I shoved my tongue into her wet pussy as far as I could manage and sucked up all of her salty juices. Johanna moaned and squirmed in pleasure. Then I focused my attention to her throbbing clit that begged my care.

In no time at all, she screamed my name again and she fell onto the bed in a heap, panting and shaking.

We spent the rest of the afternoon locked in that filthy motel room.

Next day I was sitting again at my desk under a pile of paperwork, when Johanna appeared at my door. The little bitch just pointed to the toilet room.

And of course, I got up and followed her with no hesitation…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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