Little Red Pill Ch. 02

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((The characters in my stories aren’t particularly smart when it comes to preventing the spread of STDs. but you should be! Wear condoms, people!))


Two days after the shocking and impromptu hookup with Lorenzo in the gym shower room, my cock measured in at 5 and 7/8 inches during my morning measurement. Not only that, but I had begun to notice a bit of added girth to my shaft as well. For the first time in my life, when I looked down into my lap, I didn’t see a tiny baby dick. Through the years, I had done my share of research on the subject, and I could say with a good degree of scientific certainty, that my penis was finally within the range of what could be considered ‘average’ in size.

Granted, nobody would yet be able to look at me and say “Wow, you’re so big,” with a straight face, but I also could finally feel relatively certain that they wouldn’t burst into a fit of laughter at the sight of me with my pants off.

Over the past few days, I had shut myself away in self-imposed isolation. I was still two days away from my first scheduled shift back at the grocery store, and was still coming to terms with what I had willingly, in fact eagerly, done with a stranger in the locker room of the local gym where I usually worked out.

I had opted, instead, to exercise at home over the previous 48 hours. My days had consisted of that, vigorous masturbation, taking my dose of Little Red Pills as scheduled, and tearing through everything in the fridge and kitchen cupboards. Indeed, it seemed my rapid dick-growth required an increased diet and plenty of exercise. But hell, if sandwiches and cans of Spaghetti-Os, crunches and burpees were what it took to keep my cock growing, I’d do what I had to do.

I had to admit, though, I was starting to get a little stir-crazy. Not to mention some of the concerned looks I was getting from my mom. I also couldn’t get the thought of Lorenzo out of my head. I was no longer ashamed at what I had done. I had quit trying to answer the question of whether or not it made me gay. All I knew, was that I had enjoyed it greatly, and that I craved more.

Acceptance aside, I still headed to the gym that evening convincing myself that it was just to work out. It was a different time of day than the last time, and there was no rule that said Renzo would be there every day. He didn’t live at the gym. Yet I felt the disappointment in the pit of my stomach when I got there and didn’t see him around anywhere.

I put him out of my mind and focused on my workout. I ran through sets at every machine imaginable, and was finishing up at the bench press when I felt a presence looming over me at the head of the bench, taking some of the weight off of the bar as they spotted me and helped guide it back onto the rack. I tilted my head further back until I was staring right into the crotch of someone’s tightly fitted shorts. My eyes lingered on the bulge there for a second before traveling up the body it belonged to, to the face of Lorenzo. The Latin hunk smirked down at me.

“Hey, buddy. what’s up next?”

For a moment, I was tongue-tied. clearly I had come here hoping to run into Renzo again, whether I wanted to admit it or not. Now here he was, crotch hanging over my face, and I couldn’t even stammer out a response.

And then, something else took over.

“Actually, I’m getting pretty sweaty. I was gonna hit the showers.” I replied, smirking back up at him.

And then I was climbing off of the bench and sauntering past him in the direction of the locker room.

“You coming?” I asked as I passed him. I couldn’t tell you what I was thinking, or where the sudden burst of confidence was coming from. It was like my dick, and the Little Red Pills, were doing the talking and moving for me, without asking for my input.

Without glancing back to see if Renzo was indeed following me, I headed into the locker room, past a few other gym-goers changing in the locker area and into the shower area. I picked an open stall, stepped inside, and pulled my shirt off over my head without closing the curtain. I had no time to question what the Hell I was thinking or doing, as Renzo appeared and let himself into the stall with me. He tossed a small zippered bag down on the bench and pulled the curtain shut behind us.

We were at each other instantly. My hands continued moving of their own accord, tugging at his workout clothes and rubbing at muscles even as his own hands explored my bare midsection. I had him stripped to his yellow briefs with white trim before he knocked my hands aside and went for my shorts. A momentary panic went through me at the thought bahçelievler escort bayan of him getting an unobstructed view of my dick. The panic was quickly overruled by my uncanny new confidence.

With a rough yank, Renzo had my shorts and underwear pulled off my hips and down at my ankles. Rather than bursting into laughter at the sight of my already hard cock, Renzo licked his lips and gave me a push backwards. Ankles tangled up in my shorts, I stumbled and plopped down into a sitting position on the small wooden bench behind me, my cock jutting up at attention in my lap.

“You ran off last time before I could return the favor,” Renzo huffed out, falling to his knees on the tile between my splayed legs.

And then he was reaching out, grabbing hold of my cock as he leaned forward and engulfed my glans in his mouth, running his warm moist lips down my shaft. I stifled the urge to let out what would have been a much too loud moan of satisfaction from his oral attention. I quickly realized that he definitely knew what he was doing. The pleasure from his lips sucking and gliding around my head and down my shaft as he simultaneously stroked his hand upwards from my base was almost too much to handle. When he started adding an expert twist of his head each time he plunged downwards I found myself needing something to hold on to. I leaned back on the bench and brought my hands to either side of Renzo’s head, gently tangling my fingers in his hair.

Renzo didn’t skip a beat as he continued sucking and jerking me for all I was worth. At the same time he reached his free hand out and ran his palm upwards over my midriff and chest, stopping to kneed into my right peck before ever so lightly twisting on my nipple.

Lost in the pleasure, I absentmindedly ran my hands through the hair on the top of his head as I leaned my own head backwards against the wall of the stall and closed my eyes. I felt Renzo’s hand leave my chest, and the other one leave the base of my shaft. They both came to rest on either of my legs, where he began gently rubbing and running his nails up and down my upper thighs.

I soon realized that without his grip on my shaft, as Renzo continued bobbing his head up and down in my lap, he was now gliding his lips further down my shaft. Yes, I had grown significantly since starting my Red Pill regimen, but my just-shy-of-6-inch cock was still small enough for Renzo to determinedly fully engulf. I felt his lips making their way to where shaft met balls, and his nose poking into my buzzed short pubic area. Each time he swallowed my length it was accompanied by a throaty gulping sound that sent a thrill through me.

His lips were wet, warm and tight around me. His pace quickened. He applied more massaging pressure with his fingers on my upper-thighs. The sensations were all becoming too much for me to handle. I began panting quick breaths through my mouth to match each time Lorenzo swallowed my pole. I couldn’t stop my hips’ instincts to want to hump upwards off the bench.

A glorious release was building in my groin and I couldn’t find the breath to form the words to warn the hunk between my legs with my cock in his mouth. Was he oblivious to what he was about to make me do? Surely he could tell by the way I jerked and twitched and bucked my hips that I was about to blow. My fingers more tightly twisting into his hair had to be a sign. My breathy pants had acquired an involuntary “uhhn” noise from deep in my throat with each expelling of air.

I could no longer delay the inevitable. I was seconds away from release. As Renzo’s head fervently bobbed up and down in my lap I was wracked by indecision. A shockingly selfish side of me wanted to push down on the top of Renzo’s head and force him to swallow me down before I blew my load down his throat. The other half felt obligated to pull his head back off my cock before he unwittingly choked down my hot cum.

This was it. I couldn’t hold it in any longer- actually felt it pumping up my shaft from deep in my balls even as Renzo sucked away on my cock. At the split second before eruption, I had a change of heart and frantically yanked backwards on Renzo’s hair, pulling my cock from between his lips even as it started pumping. The first shot exploded wildly inches from his mouth and splattered his face. Somehow he had the presence of mind to reach out and grab my spasming cock, stroking out even more spouts of warm jizz that hit him, his fist, my thighs and abdomen.

I was left panting and momentarily paralyzed from the intense orgasm. Renzo swiped a forearm across his slicked balgat escort bayan mouth and chin as he stood from between my legs. I watched enraptured as he stripped his briefs off, semi-erect banana-curved cock bouncing free from it’s cotton confines. He reached beside me and grabbed the little zippered pouch he’d brought in with him, and then grabbed my arm and dragged me up out of my lethargy on the bench. We stepped over the low tile lip that led into the actual shower area of the stall, and I watched Renzo’s rippled body work as he turned his back to me to start up the shower.

His pouch contained an intoxicating smelling body wash that he squirted a blob of into my hands and his. We lathered up our palms and went to work rubbing the suds into each other’s naked bodies.

While Renzo stuck his face under the hot spray to wash away my sticky cum, I paid particular close attention to making sure he was nice and clean between his legs, rubbing and massaging and stroking suds into his balls and rapidly growing shaft.

I felt his own strong hands soaping up my cock, which I just then realized was still somehow rock hard and jutting out in front of me. It had never deflated after the blow job.

“Someone is still ready to go,” Renzo whispered, his voice only barely reaching my ears over the sound of the cascading water. The sounds of someone else starting a shower a few stalls away meant we were not alone in the shower room. The thought sent a dangerous thrill through me. “We’re going to have to finish taking care of that,” he smirked.

We rinsed off and Renzo literally pulled me by my cock back out of the shower and into the little bench area just inside of the curtain. I stood there, mind trying to keep up with what could be coming next. Renzo pushed me back down into the same seated position on the bench that I’d just been in before our mutual shower. My cock still rose up at eager attention in my lap. I thought about how lucky I was to be on the receiving end of a repeat blow job.

Renzo went back into his little shower pouch and pulled out a small clear squeeze bottle. I watched transfixed as he squeezed some clear liquid out into his palm, reached behind his back and began rubbing it seemingly between his ass cheeks.

Still frozen, I sat with my hands at my side and watched as Renzo squeezed another blob out of the bottle onto his palm, leaned forward, and took my shaft in his fist, stroking the warm lubricant up and down my pole. The strokes sent a shiver of pleasure through me. I almost whined aloud when he pulled his hand away.

I finally became aware of what was happening as Renzo turned his back to me, displaying a gloriously toned caramel colored bubble butt. I got a brief glimpse of his puckered hole as he reached back and splayed his cheeks with one hand and backed up, squatting down into my lap. He brought his other hand back and blindly grabbed my shaft at the base as he lowered himself down. Stunned, I did nothing to help as my sensitive head met the flesh between his ass cheeks. Renzo was left on his own, dragging my tip up and down his crack until he lined things up and began slowly lowering himself backwards the rest of the way onto my lap.

I felt a moment of tantalizing resistance as my tip pressed against his lubed anus before my swollen head pushed it’s way through and was enveloped by warm tightness. Lorenzo let out a sharp gasp and I let out a euphoric sigh as he sank down into my lap and I sunk up inside of him. Finally his ass pressed into my lap and I was buried in him. He ground his hips around in circles with me deep inside, sending a pleasurable thrill through me that snapped me out of my trance. I brought my hands up from my sides and latched them onto the taut skin of his waist.

I panted, biting my lip to stifle tell-tale moans, as I used my hands to guide Renzo in which way to rock and sway and swivel in my lap to seep the most pleasure out of my crotch.

“Uuuuh… does that feel good, man?” Renzo huffed out in a hoarse whisper.

I pushed Renzo by the hips away from me in my lap and then dragged him back against me. He let out an “Uhhn” breath of approval and I felt him take over, dragging himself slowly back along the same path I had just guided him on, sliding forward on my lap and then backwards into it and against my body. The motion felt just fine for me, and so I let him repeat it again and again, slowly at first, picking up speed each time he squirmed forward and back.

“That’s it… that’s the fucking spot,” he whispered.

As I pondered over what ‘spot’ exactly Lorenzo was talking batıkent escort bayan about, he continued increasing his speed until he was frantically shimmying forward and backwards in my lap. I gripped his hips tighter and couldn’t help myself from rocking my own hips beneath and along with him.

“Right there- just like that- right there- right there- uh huh- uh huh-” Renzo was chanting now under his breath. He seemed ready at any moment to break out of his whisper and begin crying out for the entire locker room to hear. At that point I wouldn’t have cared.

Now Renzo was not only sliding around on my cock in my lap, but lifting himself up off of me each time he slid forward, before plunging back down onto me as he slid back. The tightness of his asshole slid up and back down my slicked shaft each time and ended with a smack as he plopped back into my lap and ass cheeks met my pelvis and balls.

Each hump was the tightest warmest suction I’d ever experienced around my cock, and I felt the unavoidable release building in my groin as I panted out breathless “uhhs” to try and stave it off. Renzo seemed to find an exact rhythm and trajectory that most pleased him, and was at it with an ever quickening determination.

“Right there- gonna make me cum- right there- gonna make me cum- right there-” Renzo repeated in a panting whisper. I was mesmerized by the chant, mystified by how his ride on my cock was going to make him cum. I was the one who should be, and was, about to cum. I squirmed and shimmied beneath him, my breath came out in confused nonsense syllables. Renzo reached down and grabbed my hand, lifting it up off his waist and bringing it around and into his own bouncing lap. He wrapped my fingers around his stiff cock as he continued sliding forward and back and bouncing up and down rythmically.

I got the hint, and stroked up and down his bobbing shaft. Almost immediately he began groaning and jerking around erratically in my lap.

“I’m cumming- I’m cumming- I’m cumming- uuuuuuuuuhhhn,” He whispered.

I felt his cock in my hand pulsing as he shot each jet of his load. On the fifth pulsation, the velocity of his orgasm deminished enough that some of his jizz landed on my hand and I blindly stroked his own fluid into his shaft. His spastic movements and the contractions that reverberated to his anal muscles had driven me to the brink of my own release. I nearly shouted out in dismay as he pulled up and away from me, out of my grasp and away from my rigid cock with a wet plonk as it snapped back against my own pelvis.

Before I could protest my disappointment, Renzo had fallen to his knees in front of me and reached out to grab my cock. It only took a few tight pumps of his hand before I was grunting and climaxing, pumping another load out like a geyser that Renzo suddenly leaned over and opened his mouth for, catching my spurts on his tongue and swallowing them down greedily.

I sat their slouched on the bench in a daze while Renzo jumped back into the shower part of the stall and rinsed off the evidence of our misdeeds. By the time he came back from his quick rinse, I was still sitting there, transfixed by thoughts of what had transpired. Unbelievably, at the sound of his voice, I felt my finally deflating cock flutter, as if it were impossibly ready for another round.

You’re up, big guy,” Renzo offered. He bent and I watched his tantalizingly naked form begin gathering up and sorting out his discarded clothes. “I gotta run.”

Finally I shook myself out of my trance and stumbled on spahgetti legs into the shower compartment myself.

When I finished cleaning myself off and my head had somewhat cleared, I came back into the small curtained bench area to find my clothes piled on the bench and Lorenzo gone. I threw on my clothes in a near frenzy, suddenly anxious to get out of there. After I was dressed, I noticed a small slip of what looked like receipt paper on the bench where my clothes had been piled. On the back was written a phone number and the words “Hit me up sometime. -Renzo.”

I hesitated for a brief moment before snatching up the note and shoving it deep into my pocket, as if someone could see me through the closed curtain.

At home I spent hours sprawled on my bed replaying the unbelievable encounter in my head. So many questions swirled, unanswerable. What had come over me? Where had that uncharacteristic confidence come from? How had these strangely intense desires led me to such bold actions?

I thought back to my first experience giving anal. I was baffled by how much Lorenzo seemed to enjoy it. I had barely even needed to touch his cock before he was blowing his load with my dick buried up inside of him.

More baffling still, how were these thoughts making me hard in my shorts again? Was my sex drive unquenchable now?

Determinedly, I ignored the erection and tried to get to sleep. But not before taking my evening dose of magic Little Red Pill.

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