Long Night Ch. 02

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“Oh!! FUCK ME HARDER!!” My wife cried out. She had already cum twice, but she was still wanting more cock. Her moans became louder and more guttural as she neared her third orgasm.

At that moment with a cock buried deep inside her she looked over at me, sitting on a bench next to the bad, still bound and on a monstrous dildo, and she smiled a wicked smile. She had gone out and she had come home with her new toy. She was getting all she could out of this huge cocked man. She continued to look at me and she laughed. “You are a pathetic excuse for a man, you aren’t a man! You are a pussy! Watching another man fuck the shit out of your wife! And look at your little clit, dripping wet. You like it…”

With those word another orgasm washed over her, and for the third time her wet pussy gripped the huge dick inside her as her muscles contracted. She rode the orgasm for as long as she could. At that exact moment her new friend let out a grunt, and slam his dick hard and deep into her. From my vantage point I could see his balls contract, and I knew he was emptying his spunk deep inside my wife.

He slowly slid his dick out, and my wife was quick to grab his cock and lick it clean. She looked at him, and said, “Please wait outside for a few moments.”

As he left he turned and laughed at me. I diverted my eyes and tried not to think about the humiliation. It was too late, my wife had seen it in my eyes and she was quick to pounce. She quickly flicked the tip of my dick, and made my eyes water. “Ahh, what’s the matter you stupid cunt? Are you going to cry? Are you upset that you can not satisfy bostancı escort bayan me? You just wait we are not done!”

With those words another naked man walked into the room and right behind him was a third man for the evening. My wife moved quickly to the larger of the two men, and decended her pouty lips onto his massive cock. Before I could think she was deep down on his cock…he was moaning, and if I did not know better she was looking to milk him of his cum quickly. Just as it appeared he was getting close, she withdrew his dick and moved to the other.

On her knees she placed his dick in her mouth, and spread her legs. I had the perfect view as a load of cum spilled from her pussy. As I gasped she turned, removed the cock from her mouth long enough to say “You will clean it all up when I am done!”, and she was back to sucking his cock deep into her mouth. The other man moved to place the tip of his cock against her pussy. I was humiliated that he was so huge, looking down I knew I had lost.

He slammed his cock forcefully into her cunt, and she let out a deep moan. I watch as this man fucked her so hard, that wondered how she could enjoy it. It was answered quickly by the sound of my wife giving into a fourth orgasm for the night… I was enraptured by the cock pounding her, that I lost focus on the dick in her mouth, but only for that moment. When she started cumming it sent the man over the edge and he started to buck his hips hard against her face. At that moment he grunted and thrust hard, spraying his load down her throat and in her mouth.

Spinning ümraniye escort around quickly, she turned to look me in my eye, but I was so embarrassed that I could not look. At that moment I was rewarded with a face full of spit an cum from her mouth. The man that was fucking her had taken his cock out and was now jacking it off furiously. As he was about to cum, she demanded that he cum in her pussy. He gladly relented and slammed his enormous cock back into her pussy, just as his load was deposited in her cunt.

She demanded all three men back into the room. Her demand was clear. “I want to cum again. I need one in each hole. I need someone in my pussy, someone in my ass, and I need to suck a cock so bad.” The men quickly obliged her, one moving to each location.

Almost like they had rehearsed it they slammed their hard dicks into their respective holes. Quickly a rhythm was formed, and I could tell that she was getting everything she could have wanted. As they sawed in and out of her, she succumbed to not one but two more racking orgasms.

She was starting to fade, and I could tell…but I could tell she wanted to finish the job. The first man to cum, was the man in her ass. His large cock expelled it’s second load of the night deep in her ass, and he fell out. The man receiving the blow job was next to pop, and he quickly pulled out of her mouth just as he was cumming and sprayed his juice onto her face. Finally the man fucking her pussy came, leaving the largest load I have ever seen into her pussy.

Each man turned and smiled at me as they dismounted my wife. escort kartal I swear they were laughing at me.

My wife was apparently exhausted, but not to much to humiliate me further. “Get off that cock you bitch!” When I pulled off I felt very empty as the cock fell out of my “boy pussy”.

She then looked at the three men in our bedroom and said, “Boys you can stay and watch this sissy clean things up if you wish.” All three men found places in the corner of the room.

“Clean up the bed first.”

As I hesitated she slapped me so hard that there was no doubt that there was a red hand print on my face. She grabbed my head and forced my face into the puddle on the bed. “Tongue out, pussy!” She forced me to clean up the mess… “Every drop!”

She rolled over and offered her ass to me. “Get in your proper place!” I moved over to lick her ass clean, and was greet by the rich smell of another man’s cum. “CLEAN IT!” I was face deep and cleaned her out.

She rolled over once more, and offered her pussy to me. “Two loads in there, so make sure you do a good job! This is the perfect job for you! You like other men’s cum don’t you?” I was forced to admit that I did as I nodded, completely embarrassed by the admission.

She forced my face deep into her pussy. As I licked her clean she started to moan. Just as I thought I had got every last drop, she came hard. When she came her pussy opened up wide, and a large amount of cum dumped right into my mouth.

She looked at me, completely spent and said “You are such a pussy and slapped me hard across the face. She started laughing as she looked over my shoulder. I turned to find out what she was laughing at, only to be greeted by a face full of cum as one of the men had jacked off over me and sprayed his load all over my face.

“That is the fitting end to the evening for my cum lover!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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