Lovely Nina

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Been in the IT field I tend to work a lot of long hours. My office is situated away from all the cubicles on my floor but I still have to walk pass these cubicles to get to the copy room. It was about 6:30 a Wednesday afternoon and everyone had gone home. While going to the copy room I had the go by the Training manager’s desk, which was a large cubicle with privacy walls. He was a young guy in his early thirties and we got along very well, always trading dirty jokes and stuff. On my way back from the copy room I heard a faint pant and stopped to listen for a while. I noticed that the sound was coming from his cubicle and it was a moaning. One filled with pleasure. I snuck up to his desk and peeked around the wall and saw the most beautiful ass I have ever seen. Nina was one of the training coordinators and she was a drop dead gorgeous blonde. She was about 5′ 7″ with long soft hair, blue eyes and just yummy. We have often spoken, as I’m the IT guy who fixes everyone’s problems so I had a good working relationship with her. But here was my buddy Richard having an even better relationship. Her ass was in the air with her legs stretched out and she was bent over his chair sucking his cock. His head was all the way back enjoying her warm mouth. And my cock just hardened. I slowly walked away back to my office, rubbing my cock and wondered what to do. I quickly grabbed the digital camera, which had a setting to record 10 seconds of MPEG and walked back to his cubicle. I turned it on and started recording zooming in on her ass and getting a great view escort kartal of her cunt. After the 10 seconds were up the camera automatically shut it self off and this gave me away. They both looked at me stunned at the fact that they were not only caught but they were on camera.

Richard immediately started to beg me not to say anything while trying to cover his cock. It was a nice size tool too. About 6″ and about 2″ wide. But the best view was when Nina stood up. Her tits were amazing. She was totally naked. Here tits were about 36 B with really small nipples that stood out. She started to apologize and was started to beg when she saw the camera. She knew my field and was begging me not to say anything and most of all to get rid of the pictures.

Her clothes were on a chair behind me and she tried to walk over to get them, but when she got near to me I stepped in front of her and said jokingly, “you can’t leave my buddy hanging like that”

She looked at me puzzled and I took her hand and led it to my dick. She looked back at Richard and then at me and I let her hand go, pick up her clothes and said follow me. I walked away with her blouse, skirt, panty and bra and headed towards my office.

Richard got up and took her hand and they followed me. Once inside my office I closed the door and told her to get down on her knees. I slowly pulled my cock out and had a view of my 7 incher.

She immediately started to suck me while Richard got undress. Her mouth was warm and she looked up at me with those blue maltepe escort bayan eyes as inch after inch she slid me into her mouth. Richard now naked had positioned himself behind her and was fucking her doggy style and just staring at me with a grin. I took the camera and reset it and got ten seconds of her sucking my cock. Ohh how I will cherish this movie forever, I thought. My thought was interrupted as she started to cum. She took my cock out and was softly screaming as not to attract any attention ( I guess this is how she is used to doing it at the office).

I shoved my cock back into her mouth, and she made a grunt and rolled her eyes at me. I felt the juice in my balls start to boil and I knew I was about to explode. She knew this too. She positioned her head at an angle and slid my cock down her throat just as I was about to cum. I spray her throat with my juice and she just kept sucking it down. She tried to pull away but I grabbed her head and shove my manhood deeper into her throat. My balls were touching her cheeks. All this time Richard had gotten up and was massaging his cock waiting to explode in her mouth as well. I withdrew and he replaced me shoving his member deep into her mouth. I went and took up position under her wet pussy and started to lick her clit. Her juice was amazingly deliciously. After a few flicks of my tongue against she came again squirting her juice into my wide open mouth. I swallowed up everything and licked her pussy clean.

By this time my dick was hard again and Richard pendik escort bayan was stroking his flaccid dick trying to get it hard again. I had a half bottle of coke on my desk and Nina took a sip to wash down double dose of come she had just swallowed. I sat on my chair and told her to straddle me, which she did. The warmth of her pussy captivated me. It felt great. I have dream of creaming this ass before but never thought I’d get a chance. We fucked in the position for a few minutes and now Richard was hard from watching us. I asked her how she wanted it and she said Richard in her pussy and me in her ass. Wow , I love a woman who knows what she wants.

I laid flat on my back on the carpeted floor and she sat over me, slowly inching my cock into her ass. It was tight. Holy shit. I wanted to scream. She final work me in and had a good rhythm going before she stopped and laid flat on my chest to allow Richard to position himself on top. This was amazing cause with every stroke that Richard made, not only did her ass tighten but the sensation of both cock rubbing against each other separated by the thin wall sent her into multi-orgasms.

She came several times during this sandwich and I felt my volcano boiling inside me. Richard was gasping and I knew he was ready too. Just as he started to cum I my balls tighten and I shot my second load deep into her ass. She was panting and I could tell she was worn out and quite frankly so was I. We got up and got dress and she looked at me and said ” no internet right’ point to the camera. I laughed and joking said “naw just our company intranet.” I kissed her and she and Richard left and went home. when I got home I pulled into the garage and before I could close the door my wife came out naked and I knew as spent as I was I couldn’t disappoint her. I love pussy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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