Lovers Lane Intrigue

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Matthew had been doing highway duty before he switched to undercover and investigations. Before he switched jobs though, his squad car had been out run by a delivery truck, of all things. He complained to his boss, and when he blew up the engine in pursuit of the same local delivery truck, it was agreed he should have the latest model of police interceptor. It was a 1968 Plymouth Polara 440 Mopar Pursuit Special, one of the fastest squads ever made with good handling and braking. He didn’t know until later the delivery truck was run by a private contractor who had installed an Allison V-12 supercharged aircraft engine.

Matthew was watching the cheerleader practice for the homecoming game. There was no admission charge for him, and they liked him there for protection in his off duty capacity of investigations police officer. Matthew liked being there because the coed cheer leaders were pretty, and friendly to him. Since it was just practice some of the cheer leaders didn’t wear shorts, only panties. Some of them seemed to flash him their panties. His day was made when one of them who flashed him was naked under the cheerleading micro skirt. It was a beautiful and tantalizing sight. He saw the cleft and frontal form of her pussy. This was becoming a fetish and he was just beginning to realize it was a growing and infatuating fetish. He had dated one cheerleader before and still had her panties, which he sometimes took out and smelled once again.

Deciding to go, Matthew reluctantly went to his car, a Plymouth Police Interceptor. It was a 1968 Polara 440 was one of the fastest squads ever made. Matthew was friends with the city mechanics and had a radical, nasty, and lumpy cam put in it with thrush headers and pipes, steel wheels, advanced timing, and a multi-layer deep blue metal flake paint job that looked deep and wet enough to take a swim. They knew he worked undercover and needed the horse power. One touch of the throttle is all it would take for this car to jump like a tiger out of a cage.

After the cheer leader practice Matthew decided to cruise past the liquor stores and red light district. It was already dark and he saw a few prostitutes already coming out. He got a cheap thrill out of seeing how sexy they dressed in exhibition. Often they wore micro mini skirts and he could see their panties and most of their ass. Sometimes he would see one who wore no panties at all patting her pussy advertising to passers by. They looked so sexy he would get a hard-on far faster than from seeing women in a decadent-promiscuous night club.

Some of them wore high heels and thigh high fishnet hose showing skin all the way up to their crotch. Some wore sheer see through tops exposing tits and nipples.

One of the ladies of the night came up to his driver window leaned in toward him causing her nipples to be exposed. “Do you need some company honey? How would you like to see some more of these?” She held her boobs up in her hands, tweaking her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. “How about this?” She took a half step back and lifted her mini skirt to show she had no panties on and Matthew could see her clit hood packaged with pubic hair and displayed on a sweet mound. She opened his car door so he could get a closer look and have partial privacy.

Unable to control himself he let her take his hand and put it on her pussy. It was firm and had nice shape. He felt of her clit and rubbed her clit tunnel. She didn’t object when he let the cup of his hand travel through her furry mound and along her engorged pussy lips all the way back to her ass crack. As he drew his hand back he let his fingers sink into her pussy. It was open and wet and he didn’t have to work them in. He fingered and felt around inside her pussy which seemed to get wetter. “You want some of that?” she asked. “Take your time while you decide.”

“You can taste it to see what you are missing.” Matthew took his wet fingers out and stuck them in his mouth. The juices tasted good, salty, creamy, and a little raunchy. She cocked a leg up on his seat as he got his face closer. Sticking his tongue out he tentatively licked her clit. It felt fascinating on his tongue. He wetted her pussy lips and licked the insides of her pussy lips kissing deep feeling the firmness of her inner pussy crack. He licked and tasted juices. Some were a bit salty, and he tasted a trace of urine. He licked further down and finally into her vagina where he found wetness he could almost drink.

“Eat my pussy baby,” she said.

He licked and licked enjoying the taste until he had nearly licked her dry. He let his tongue go further back as she hunched to give him more access. When his tongue was feeling the wrinkles of her asshole, he was surprised that it suddenly slipped into her open hole. Surprisingly to him there was saltiness there as well. It was his first time rimming.

“Did you like that baby?” she asked.

“It was good,” he said.

“Ok,” she said. “You can pay for getting laid, or you need to give me something canlı bahis for what you just did.”

He gave her a 20 dollar bill, and closed his door.

She stuffed away the 20 and smirked as he had eaten her pussy which had just been fucked and cummed in, by another stranger. She had watched while he swallowed the cum.

Matthew wondered to himself, “Have I let my fetish go too far?”

As a cop he knew where ever these women were there was bound to be a pimp or a drug dealer nearby. He was aware that there may come a time when this part time passion could become a police action in a fraction of a second. But for now it was entertainment.

*** Domestic Dispute ***

Matthew got a call on the radio. It was a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. It was now 1:30 in the morning. Arriving at the residence he could hear the arguing about her role playing a hot nasty prostitute, and one of them let him in the door. The man was in his boxers calling her a whore, and she was in a torn short nighty top with her boobs exposed. Her panties were also torn and partially pulled down and he could see her fluffed up pussy hair with the hard clit knob sticking out. He could see her pussy crack and her mound. It looked good.

He couldn’t get them calmed down, so he intimidated and told the man to go find a motel for the rest of the night.

After the husband left, the wife hugged him in gratitude and thanks. It was a lingering hug with her face on his neck while he put his arm around her, letting it slide down her nighty to her exposed ass. Matthew was intrigued. She scissored her legs with his and rubbed her pussy on him as they hugged. She took one of his hands and placed it on a boob. Then as he hugged her neck back she pulled his head to her boob offering him to kiss and lick a nipple.

He licked and sucked her boobs in entirety and teased her nipples until they strained. He could feel her body heat building up even more. Kissing between her boobs she lightly pushed on his head to go lower. He could see her fluffy pussy hair below his face Her puffy pussy hair, clit hood and hard clit sticking out, were begging for attention.

Soon his tongue was traveling at her waist and her hips were humping and flexing at every motion of his tongue. Reaching around to hold her ass he pulled her clit firmly to his lips and tantalized the tip with his tongue. “Eat my pussy!” she desperately said. Soon he was doing just that licking up and sucking her juices. Pushing her back on to the couch he took her panties the rest of the way off and discreetly stuck them in his back pocket. He let his tongue travel every crevice of her pussy and sucked her clit. When his tongue teased the outer edges of her vagina visible trails of pussy juice leaked out faster than he could lick it up. Her juices turned from a clear liquid to a thick white cream and he took enough in his mouth to swish it around. To make sure he didn’t miss any he licked the juice trail all the way down to her wet asshole and licked it up. He loved to eat pussy.

He blew on her wet asshole which made her tingle and clinch. He licked behind her asshole where her clinched butt cheeks formed a little tunnel-hole behind her asshole. He wetted it with his tongue and blew on the wet skin, taking the broad side of his tongue and licking up her ass crack until his nose and his tongue were pinched between her butt cheeks.

Licking back up to her vagina he licked up more juice, and licked her pee hole and all of her secret crevices. He sucked her vestibule and pee hole while sticking his tongue in her pussy trying to lick her G-spot. She responded by humping on his tongue. He got more juices and he licked the exotic skin of her perineum passionately.

“Fuck me,” she said, “Please fuck me.” Raising up to pull down his trousers, he stuck his cock in her mouth to let her wet it, and taste some pre-cum. Then raising her legs he lowered his body and let his cock run up and down her slit. She reached down and inserted his cock in her pussy. She was warm and wet. It almost felt like his cock was melting in her pussy. His cock slid in and out on a slippery slide of dripping juices.

They fucked in many positions as he had taken off all his clothes and she tongue bathed his nipples, stomach, cock and musky balls. She licked and kissed his rancid ass. They both came at the same time and he could feel her juices soaking his cock and draining out all around his cock and down his balls. It was wonderful, raunchy, nasty sex of the best kind.

She sucked his cock and balls clean, licking his perineum and rimmed his asshole. Then she asked him to lick her clean. Greedily obliging, he licked every bit of her pussy sucking her pussy lips, and clit, her inner crevices and vestibule, and reached with his tongue into her pussy and licked up all remaining pussy juice and his own cum. He cleaned her perineum and rimmed her asshole. He kept it up until there were no more slippery drops or smears. He licked her ass crack, bahis siteleri and then kissed and licked her clit tunnel, kissing around her pubic hair until his mouth had been on every part of her sex.

Taking out his camera he told the wife he would have to take pictures in case she wanted to file for assault. He took pictures of her boobs hanging out of her sexy torn top, he took pictures of bruises on her stomach, her back and her ass. She spread her cheeks and he took pictures of her ass crack and asshole. Her pussy still had a beautiful gape and he got pictures of her open pussy wavy lining and all the way back to her cervix. He got a frontal view of her pussy and a full body view front and back as he got her to pose in various ways that showed all the wonderful curves of her body. He would save these with his favorite pictures.

He let her hold his dick in her mouth for a few minutes to remember him, she took both balls in her mouth and fingered his asshole. He got hard again and she sucked him to orgasm again and she felt the gush of cum in the back of her mouth as she felt his ass clinch. She was happy to have the taste of his cum all through her mouth and the taste of his sex on her lips all day. He finally had to depart. “When can I see you again,” she asked passionately.

The next night Matthew went back to the bad part of town. He wanted to see the legs and asses of the street prostitutes. He found a place to park in a dark area near the corner sidewalk they come to. He saw one with a particularly nice ass and panties with a micro skirt pulled up too high. It was like she was walking in just her panties. Flashing his lights he beckoned her to his car to the driver’s side. He opened his door so she could get closer to him. Asking her to turn around he got a good look at her camel toe and young firm ass cheeks. Running his hand up and down her crotch, he asked, “How much?”

She said, “for what?”

Pushing his hand down the front of her panties he cupped her pussy rubbing her clit in the palm of his hand. “For this.” He loved the feel of her pubic hair in his hand and the firm pussy mound in his hand. He saw her pussy crack as he felt her pussy further back and teased the lips of her pussy before fingering it.

“It will cost you,” she said.

“I need a better look first,” he replied as he pulled down her panties and lifted her legs to take them off one foot at a time. As she turned he put the panties in his pocket. With her ass facing him he pulled her cheeks apart to look at her entire ass crack, and noted she had a cute coin slot asshole that looked experienced. He rubbed her crotch from behind and let her hump the palm of his hand. He enjoyed watching how her ass flexed as she did this. He turned her back around and put her pussy back in his hand while he talked. “I’ll have to get more money, so I’ll be back.”

He started his engine as she moved enough for him to close the door. She stood there naked up to her waist as he pulled away.

Her bare pussy earned her more money that night.

Matthew decided to visit another of his favorite places, called Lovers Lane.

As he was departing to go there, he saw another beauty in a mini skirt. She was very feminine and he wondered what she was doing there. She had high heels, stockings, pronounced lipstick, crop top, jewelry, and a nice hairdo. She looked his way and taunted him by fluffing her dress allowing him to see the top of her legs and her gorgeous ass cheeks and panties. He would have to come back and find her again.

He had the radio playing. The local DJ was popular with the young folks. This evening he had a bikini contest at the station. Women were free to take it all off for the camera. To make the top 10, the contestants had to go into a private room with the DJ. Some of the ladies were actually married, and some of them would win the contests. The private room was said to be used for tie breakers and no one really knew what went on in there.

Young women around town wore their panties tied on their wrist to show they were not wearing panties in public.

As the radio station played the DJ challenged all lady listeners in cars to take their panties off and hold them out of the car window to show they were listeners. It was all in fun and everyone enjoyed it.

*** Lovers Lane ***

Arriving at Lovers Lane and the wooded park area, it was dark but his headlights showed there were rubbers on the ground, a tiny purple thong and a few fresh panties. An obvious cross dresser walked by and fluffed her skirt flashing her ass, and colorful shiny satin frilly panties with lace. Matthew’s fetish started to flare up.

A streaker ran past. Matthew could see down the way a couple of ladies walking around partying in nothing but panties. These were the kinds of things that thrilled Matthew. As his fetish passion inflamed and grew, he would find out how kinky he really was.

He parked near the left behind panties he saw. He saw a spaghetti strapped dress that bahis şirketleri had been stripped off and thrown out on the ground. There was a G-string open front with frills panty, a tiny crushed velvet thong, and a silk bikini panty. They were all colorful, fresh, and attractive. Taking them all back to his car he put them in his police carry bag.

Where he was parked, his car shouldn’t draw attention, and the voyeur in him drew him to the shadows near the sexual activities.

He saw two young women kissing in the night at the edge of the area. They pulled each others tops off and were playing and sucking their boobs, licking the nipples. One of them pulled down the pants and underwear of the other, knelt down and started eating her pussy outdoors in public.

Matthew knew he would bully, exploit, abuse his authority, and trade sexual favors for lenient treatment. He loved to do strip_searches, inappropriate frisk, sexual contact, coercion, with the drunk, and venerable. To him it was intellectual, emotional, lusty, and outrageous stalking play. He loved to use his mustache as a womb broom sucking pussy juices and kissing hairy vulva. After dark a young couple parked down a dirt path nearby, drinking and smoking pot. Matthew knew what the 18 year olds were up to. He shined his flashlight in the car and said, Freeze.”

The woman had her top off, and she had started sucking the young man’s dick. Matthew took them out of the car and questioned them separately. He handcuffed the young man to the car so he wouldn’t go anywhere, and took the young woman aside, where he frisked her intimately. He retrieved her top and sat her in his car for questioning. Coming back to the young man he said, “Young man, after talking to her I am going to drop her off at her parents where she still lives. You are lucky I don’t take you to jail. I am going to let you go this time, and you better not say anything to anyone because this young lady could get in serious trouble. Put your cock back in your pants, and I am going to confiscate the evidence.” He took the marijuana and alcohol.

When the young man drove off he said to the young woman, “I am going to have to frisk you more thoroughly to make sure you don’t have any pot hidden on you. Here drink the rest of this bottle and smoke the rest of this joint, and I will throw away the bottle. I am going to have to strip search you. Chug it down and give me your shoes.”

She was tipsy.

“Now give me that skirt and panties and I will set them with your top.” He took the clothes and set them over except he stuck her panties in his pocket.

“I saw what you were doing with him, so I want you to do the same here so I can make sure you weren’t doing an illegal technique.” She almost made him cum, but he held back. “Now I need to see something else. He leaned her over the fender, and stuck his cock in her pussy. He fucked her for minutes, and then started fingering her asshole doing a ‘cavity search’ and soon he was pushing his cock in her ass for ‘better reach.’ He came in her almost violently. He gave her a lift home with stern warnings. It was her first time anal, and when finished she held her ass cheeks, and looked at him wide eyed.

Later he saw one car was backed into the shadows under some low tree branches and brush. Sneaking up he saw it was a gay couple. They had stripped naked and were making out. He watched silently for a while and lost interest when they went 69 and one of them was swallowing cum. Walking in the woods on the perimeter he saw a couple of females taking a piss. One of them had a natural asshole gape. He noted how lovely their asses looked and tried to determine what kind of panties they had.

He walked down a well worn trail and saw 2 young gay men that had just taken their clothes off. Sneaking up, Matthew took them by surprise and quietly said, “Don’t move! Get on your knees and put your hands behind your back.” He took his cock out and said, “Suck it.” First putting his cock in one mouth and then the other, he had them both suck his cock and balls. “Both of you make fish lips around the top of my cock and lick it.” They did so and he came hard into both lips and mouths. “Swallow it.” Once they both swallowed, he said, “Now both of you lick my ass then each other’s ass for me.” After a few minutes, he said, “Now both of you lay on the ground in 69 position and suck cocks and balls.” After about 5 minutes, he said, “I am about to leave, but I am going to come back in 30 minutes, and you better still be in 69 position and I want to see you sucking cocks, balls, and crotches all the way back to your pretty assholes. Is that clear?”

They nodded with cocks in mouth.

Quietly approaching another parked car he saw a young couple outside of it making out. He watched them necking and fondling until they started removing clothing. They put the clothes on the trunk hood. Matthew got a fine frontal view of her light brown pussy hair and pussy cleft. He could just make out her clit and engorged pussy lips. Briefly he saw her tits and they looked firm with hard nipples. He watched their naked asses as they got into the back seat of the car. “Oh my god,” he thought to himself, “I looked at the guy’s young ass too.”

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