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As we sit on the bed I start to kiss your neck. As I move up to your ear I start to gently purrrrr. My tongue darts out and I give a quick lick of the side of your ear. I place my hands on the sides of your face and draw it towards me. I lean in to kiss you, but don’t. Instead I kiss the corners of your lips first, then the top lip, then the bottom, gently. I then give in and kiss you fully on the lips. My tongue reaches out and tastes your tongue in return. Our tongues entwine as I move my hands down your arms and to your back. My mouth can not get enough of yours. My hands feel your back and sides as your hands do the same to me.

I start to remove your shirt and throw it to the side. As I start to kiss down your body I undo your bra and grasp a breast in my hand an start to lick the nipple gently. I then place my lips on it and start to suck, lick and bite gently on it. While doing this I play with your other breast with my hand. Squeezing your nipple between my thumb and finger then letting go. I stand up and move to another part of the room. when I return you see that I am holding a collar and hand cuffs in my hand.

I place the collar around your neck so that the D ring casino oyna is in the back and handcuff you. I make you lie down and then proceed to attach the collar to a long rope that is connected to the bed. I then attach the hand cuffs to ropes on either side of the bed. It is rigid enough that you have room to move but not much. I stand there and watch you struggle a bit. By this point I want you so very much but I don’t do anything, I like watching you strain against the bonds.

I start to take of my shirt and bra. I remove my pants so you can see that I am only wearing black bikini panties. I move back to the bed and straddle your waist. I tell you to beg to touch me, if I am pleased by it I will let one hand go. You beg and struggle, but I just sit there watching.

Finally I lean over, as my long brown hair falls in your face I undo a wrist. Your hand reaches for my chest. I moan in pleasure as you touch me. I place my hand over yours as you play with me. Suddenly I grab your hand and put the handcuff back on. I lean over again and this time my hair fall and surrounds our faces as if we were the only two in the world. I kiss you again and tell you that you are a good slave. canlı casino I grab your hair and pull your head back so I can get to your neck. I lick down from your ear to the end of your neck. I start to gently kiss it but the bite down on your neck.

I get up off your waist and start to take off your pants. As I slide down to your underwear I kiss your nether lips. I decide to leave your legs loose this time. I crawl back up on the bed and position myself between your legs. I tease your lips with my tongue, only licking the outside but not letting my tongue go in. I know you want more but I won’t give it to you. Finally, I let my tongue snake in between your lips and lick you up and down. I open your lips with my fingers and continue to play with you with my tongue. I alternate between slow and fast but I stay away from your clit. I start to lick your clit gently and then harder and faster. I clamp my lips down on your already rigid clitoris and start to suck and lick it as my hands caress your thighs.

As I remove my lips I keep my tongue on your clit, teasing, licking, gently nibbling. I run my nails down your thighs and back up. I start to lick faster and harder, I insert kaçak casino one finger then two, then three. I stop there. I remove them and bring them up for you to taste. As I lie on top, with you licking my fingers I start to join you in the kissing, I love the way you taste and can’t seem to get enough of it. I stand up once more and remove my panties. You have a clear view of me and you see that I am completely shaved. I walk over to you and tell you that I am going to let your hands free you that you can touch me. Your collar restraint allows you to sit up and move around a bit.

I kneel in front of you and you start to play with my breasts and body. I take your hand and place it on my pussy. I am so aroused that my juices are flowing down my thighs. You insert your fingers in me and start to massage my clit with your thumb. All the while we kiss passionately. I pull your hair back and kiss your neck.

As I near orgasm I make you stop. I crawl back on top of you and spread your lips and mine so that our clits can rub against each other. I start to press my body against yours. As I quicken the pace you arch your back to get better friction. I see that you are close to orgasm and tell you to cum anytime. You do, hard and furious, and I follow soon after. I roll off of your body and kiss you again, wrapping my arms around you, I tell you what a wonderful slave you are as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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