Lyza Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: Lyza Returns Home

“Yeah, honey, I know she’s 29 today. Yeah, I know it’s her birthday and I know she deserves a big party! Yeah, Yeah! I know all that! Now let me get back to my work and earn the money to give her the party!” I quietly said to my wife over the phone. She’s always calling me and interrupting what ever it is I do. Sometimes I would prefer to be married to someone else.

Don’t get me wrong; she’s a good wife. Maria and Lyza came to me when Lyza was 14. Maria has been faithful to me now for over 10 years and has never done anything wrong…that is as far as I know, because sometimes there are things we don’t tell each other. Maria left Lyza and me when she was 18. Maria came back to me 5 years later, after Lyza and I had been living as man and wife. Then Lyza met Dwight, fell in love as she called it, married and moved in with him. We seldom saw them except at holidays or big family events.

Like after Maria and I had been married for 10 years, her sister finally got a divorce from that alcoholic she was married to. I remember it now after even 10 years: Maria was out with her girlfriends; Amy came over crying her eyes out because she had finally had enough of him. He beat her a good one that time. I consoled her, held her close, cuddled her tight, and somehow we did it right there and then. Never again. Amy moved away, found a really good man, a computer programmer analyst or something, Steve made really big money, she said even more than me, and she told Maria, he was a really good fuck! But that’s another story.

Any way, the point of the story is my daughter. Yup, today was her 29th birthday, yep, she needed a party. Just two weeks ago she came home from her job and told us her husband was cheating on her with one of her friends from work. She only found out because the friend was bragging to other girls in the washroom and didn’t hear Lyza come into the room. She confronted the girl and they got into a fight, a real cat fistfight and both of the girls got fired on the spot.

Lyza went home unexpectedly because she had nowhere else to go and found her husband in bed with yet another girl! So she got into a fight with both of them then came back home to live with Maria and me.

The last week and a half had been murder…helping Lyza get her stuff out of the apartment, get it into our place, get settled in her old room, then get her a lawyer to get her gone from that creep of a husband. They had been married for over 8 years and he kept declaring they had no time or money for children. So Lyza wanted a baby and wanted a family.

Let me describe Lyza, she’s only 5’2″, 100 lbs, and nicely built. She’s a 32C, size 4 jeans, and has the curviest hips and ass you’ve ever seen, at least I think so, and legs so long they reach clear from her hips to the ground.

Her eyes are the lightest, clearest blue, so deep and gorgeous blue, you can’t believe. Her hair is a light brown with light streaks here and there. I remembered back to those days and nights long ago when her mom was gone and it was just the two of us, when I began her training and made her learn to mind me, back to the days when I had eaten her to unconsciousness, to when I had finally fucked her and taken her cherry.

But that was long ago and this was now. I wondered what would happen now, now that she would soon be 29, single, and living at home again.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long. We had her party, her mom, Lyza, and me. It was a really great drunken bash-out. She invited several of her girlfriends over for the weekend, some had stayed over all sleeping together in Lyza’s old room upstairs, staying awake till almost dawn with their whispering, giggling, and laughing. I had no idea what was discussed, but could only guess it must have been men, husbands, ex-husbands and who was best. Sunday night, the other girls/women finally decided to go home and they left Lyza alone. Can you imagine what I went through that weekend, seeing 3 and sometimes 4 women, including my wife, roaming around the house half and less dressed all the time?

Monday bostancı escort came along and everyone wanted to get back to work to rest and relax from the crazy weekend. So everything went back to normal, wake in the morning, go to work, come home, visit with the family, go to bed and fuck my wife, fall asleep, wake and do the same thing again, day after day.

One afternoon at work, just before I was ready to leave for the day, my phone rang. I picked it up; it was Lyza, calling from her cell phone, crying like a little baby, “Daddy”, she sobbed, “I can’t stand it.”

“What, Baby?” I asked as gently as possible.

“The loneliness,” she flatly stated.

“Honey, when you divorce, it’s to be expected. It comes with the change from being together to being single again,” I told her.

“I know that, Daddy, but that’s not what I mean,” she sobbed.

“OK, so tell me about it Baby,” I quietly said.

“Daddy, I miss it. I miss the cuddling, the holding, the kisses, the closeness and the intimacy. I miss the nights and the fun we had.” “Oh,” I said, “What else?”

“I’m too embarrassed to tell you, it’s too personal,” she whined.

“Oh? Really? You want to keep a secret from me now that you are back in my house? I thought I taught you long ago who is the boss in my house. Do I need to remind you?”

“No Daddy, I just miss it, Daddy.”

“What, Baby?” I asked again. The floodgates burst. Lyza sobbed uncontrollable. Her voice broke and wailed.

“Where are you Baby?” I asked.

The sobbing didn’t quit; it became even worse and louder.

“P…p….p…ark…..” is what I heard.

“Sit on the swing Baby, I’ll be right there.”

We lived just 2 blocks from the biggest park in the city, where everybody went in the summertime and where the fireworks happened on the Fourth. She must have walked there to relax.

I grabbed my bag, stuffed some things I needed to work on for the next day into it, and ran from the office. “I got a problem!” I yelled over my shoulder, “be back tomorrow.”

I ran down the hall and out the back door to my car, got in, started it and raced out the lot exit. In a matter of minutes I parked in a space near the children’s playground. I shot out of the car, barely slamming the door closed in my rush to get to my daughter, my baby. I ran toward the playground, toward the line of swings. There she was at the end of the line, in the first swing, her favorite spot.

Her back to me; she swung only slightly, her sobbing almost stopped. I crossed the yards, and then feet quickly, brought my hands out, and gently pushed her once to give her a bigger swing. She looked back, identified me and relaxed noticeably.

“Daddy…thank you for coming,” she almost whispered.

“Welcome Baby”, I said. I stopped her swinging by putting my hands on her shoulders, began massaging them, moving my thumbs and fingers in a symmetrical rhythmic pattern over her shoulders and lower neck. She tipped her head forward, allowing me more access. My thumbs found her neck, and began pushing and alternating up and down, back and forth on the tenseness in her muscles. She relaxed even more. Then it hit me; I wanted her. I brought my left hand up into her hair, twisting my fingers in her long silky strands, capturing a hold on her hair and head, pulled back, pulling her head around and leaned forward around the chain of the swing, a movement I used to do long ago. I kissed her full on the lips. She melted. She began to purr in the way she did long ago when we were together.

“Daddy, I missed that most!”

I kissed her deeper, forcing her lips apart with my tongue and began a deep tongue thrust in and around in her mouth.

“Oh, Daddy, Fuck me! FUCK ME!” she begged onto my tongue, “I need it so bad! Women have needs too you know!”

I thought back to the times 10 years ago when we were alone in the house and we could take each other anytime we wanted. I thought of the many different positions we tried and liked; the many different places we made love.

I büyükçekmece escort broke the uncomfortable pose, moved around in front of the swing, pulled her up and out of the seat, and surrounded her with my arms, capturing her against me, feeling her breasts against my chest.

I brought my left hand to her right breast, “You’re not wearing a bra”, I whispered in her ear, nibbling on it because I knew how she loved/hated it.

“No. I didn’t want to be confined if I got the chance to have someone feel them,” she pouted.

“So you came here looking for just anybody to feel you up?” I angrily demanded!

“No Daddy, I wanted only you.”

I squeezed her breast hard through the fabric of her blouse, digging my fingers deep into her female flesh, only a bit softer and just slightly more pliant than 10 years ago. She was still in really good shape. I felt her nipple begin to harden. I moved my hand to capture that nipple between the knuckles of my first and second fingers, squeezing hard like I remember she liked. She gasped, a loud, deep gasp of surprise and pain. I shifted my fingers and took the nipple between my thumb and first finger tip and really squeezed hard, twisting and forcing the nipple deep into her milk mound.

“OH!” she winced, cried, the sobbing and crying suddenly stopping and a look of shock and pain on her face, “that hurts!”

“Good,” I said, “you should know better than to bother me at work and make me drop everything just to come reprimand you, ” I said as I twisted the nipple harder and forced it deeper into her chest. “It’s too light here now, let’s go home, go get into my car and we’ll punish you correctly there.”

Lyza looked up at me with love, admiration, and respect in her eyes and in her expression, “OK Daddy” she gleefully stated.

She looked around and located my navy blue Miata, headed toward it, wiggling her curvy butt at me. I followed. I whacked her bottom and she jumped, looked back at me and quickly smiled and said, “Yes Sir!”

It looked like she hadn’t forgotten how to mind.

We crossed the distance in a short time, her arm around mine, almost leaning on me. I guided her to the other side of the car, unlocked the door, opened it and allowed her to get in. Her skirt rode up, showing lots of leg and thigh. I stared openly at my daughter’s luscious legs, remembering my many times between them, then closed the door and walked around the front of the car to get in my side. It wasn’t locked; I had been in too much of a hurry to get to Lyza. I slid into my seat, the Recaro seats I had purchased after I had the car custom built and delivered to me. This seat fit my body perfectly, but then when you got the money, why not have only the finest of everything?

I stuck the key in the hole, looked at her, capturing her eyes, and shifted my gaze to the key and back to hers again. She looked at the key, I pushed it in and pulled it out a few times, then pushed it in hard and twisted it, starting the car. She smiled, tipped her head back, and laughed a quick fast giggle. She caught my joke. She had grown up in the last years, that was good.

I backed out, drove around the park car-path, pulled out into traffic and within a few minutes we were at the house. I punched the button for the garage, watched as the door went up, and pulled forward into my spot. I hit the button again and closed the door.

Maria’s car wasn’t there. Good, Lyza and I would have a bit of time alone. I killed the car, dropped my hand onto her leg, and began massaging and moving my hand upward on her leg, moving my fingers down and half way toward her crotch.

“You wearing anything there”, I asked.

“Thong,” she obediently whispered.

“Good, get out.” She remembered too. I liked when she wore a thong, I could use it to torture her.

She got out, closed the door, and turned toward me and stood by the car, obediently waiting. I opened my door, twisted, put my feet on the floor, lifted out, and closed the door. I walked around çağlayan escort the car, stepped up in back of her and with my right hand, reached under her skirt, finding the fabric between her cheeks while moving my left hand around her body and into her blouse, capturing her right nipple with my thumb and forefinger. I grabbed both objects simultaneously mashing and twisting the nipple in my fingers deep into her breast, while pulling the thong up hard, and forcing the fabric deep into her ass crack and pussy. She lifted onto her toes, following the force of my upward and backward stretch.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” she panted. “Oh Daddy, I missed that! Dwight never made me feel as loved and as good as you always made me feel.”

“Well Baby, you got it again, now bend over.” I wanted to take her here and now from the rear.

“Move to the front of the car, no, the rear.” I guided her still in the same position to the back of the Miata, forced her head down onto the trunk, lifted her skirt, let go of the thong with my right hand and moved it down onto her ass. I slid my fingers into her crack, massaging and moving downward, closer to her asshole and pussy. I could feel dampness. Good, she was getting aroused. Moving my hand up and down, twisting my fingers in and out, finally I found her wet hole and tenderly pushed forward, slightly entering her vagina with my longest finger, my middle finger.

“You still like that?” I asked.

“Yessssssssss!” she quietly hissed.

I pushed my finger in deeper wiggling and withdrawing, then forcing in deeper. I added my first finger, repeated the process, then added a third finger, turning my hand in circles as well as pushing and pulling in and out.

“OH! DADDY! I’m gonna cum!” and she did, in great heaving, jerking spasms.

She slumped down onto the trunk flattening her body on the car for support. “That was so good, the best I’ve had in years!” she gushed into the metal of the car.

“Well, good Baby, but I am still hard and need some satisfying too.” I told her. “Get down on your knees and blow me.” She slid off the car, down onto the floor of the garage, and reached out to my pants and opened my zipper, undoing my belt and top buttons to release my now hard and erect cock. My slacks fell to the floor. She moved her head forward, longingly gazing at the tip of my member, watching the fluid ooze out.

“I missed this too,” she whispered. Her head moved even closer, her mouth opened, her tongue came out, and she licked the head, wiping the pre-cum off the tip and into her mouth.

“MMMMMMM!” she purred.

I reached down with both hands, caught her pretty hair in my fingers again, and forced her face toward my pole, “NOW!” I told her, forcing the crown against her mouth. She opened up and shot forward, taking my whole length to the back of her mouth, deep into her throat, just like she knew I liked it. I used her hair in my hands to guide her and push-pull her head back and forth on my man-snake. She sucked deep and long, not letting up, vacuuming me into her throat, and taking me deep into her face. I felt the juices begin to boil up from deep within me.

“I’m ready.”

She knew what to do, she pulled back, twisted around again, and laid her upper body on the trunk of the car, pulling her skirt up and around her waist and pulling her thong aside.

I moved forward, put my cock head against her asshole, and thrust one time, sinking all the way in, exploding in the same movement. She exploded again from the force of my insertion and my ejaculation. I fell forward over her, trapping me deep in her butt, locking her beneath me.

“Baby, that was good, like old times.”

“Yes, Daddy it was. I mean it is. Can we do it again now?”

I reached under us with both hands, found her breasts, and nipples, caught each of them between my thumb and finger, pulled them outward away from her body, causing her to huff with the pain and surprise, twisted and turned her nipples in circles and stretched them backward, and said, “Not right now. I’m spent, and need some rest. Later tonight after I satisfy your mother and get her to sleep I will come to you and make you mind again.”

I pulled away looking down at her bottom to see my cum leaking out of her puckered place. I pulled her thong back into place rubbing the thong in the juice and smacked her ass with a flat hand. I knew I would smell and taste that thong soon.

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