Maggie Reveals an Anal Secret

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My wife Maggie is hot. She is petite at 5 ft., 4 inches tall. She has lovely and large breasts measuring about 39 D and they look enormous on her petite frame. She has slender and very shapely legs and is one of the sexiest women I have ever known. I am lucky to be married to her and we have a wonderful relationship.

Over the years in our time together (second marriage for both of us) we have had some very sexy fun sometimes involving men outside the marriage. Most times we are together when we play as I love to see her giving and receiving pleasure. Truth be told, I am a voyeur and love to take photos of her with her lovers. There have been times when we have chosen to play together and I have recorded some of those events through my published stories. There have also been times when Maggie has chosen to play without me but she always tells me about it in great detail knowing that I want to hear everything. While she is sometimes reluctant to tell me every detail, she knows how to tell the story in enough sexy detail to make me rock hard and it always results in great sex together.

Recently we were in the throes of a wonderful sexual union and while I was behind her “doggy style” I withdrew and placed my cock at her anal ring, something we had done many times before. She pushed me away and softly said…………..”No.” I was slightly annoyed but we finished a hot sex session and laid in each other’s arms for a while enjoying the moment.

I asked Maggie what was up with the anal sex situation. She rolled over and told me we would discuss it later. Since it had been well over one year since we had had anal sex I was surprised at her attitude. That had never been an issue before. Later that evening while we were having a relaxing drink I asked her if we could discuss the anal sex situation. She sheepishly agreed.

The story actually began over a year ago when I agreed to Maggie visiting an old boyfriend. During college she had dated a guy named Dave. They apparently had a very close and intimate connection and at one point had even talked about marriage. Fortunately that did not happen. That was over 25 years ago.

She and Dave had stayed in touch over the years and more recently he had reached out as his wife was suffering from health issues and he was apparently very lonely. Maggie is always concerned about other people, sometimes caring more about others than herself. Dave, who lives in another state, had invited Maggie to spend the weekend with him at his lake house about halfway between his home and ours. Maggie begged me to let her go and I told her I would agree if she would share all the details of the weekend with me.

While I had some trepidation about this and we had never done anything like this before, I trusted Maggie even though I knew there were certain risks associated with seeing an old boyfriend for whom she had feelings versus the typical sport fucking sessions where there is no emotional connection. Maggie went off for the weekend and enjoyed reconnecting with her old flame. She told me about the entire weekend and she shared with me the sexy details of their connection. She spent two nights with Dave and she told me that they rekindled their rather powerful physical connection as if very little time had separated them. Apparently they had a very physical relationship during their time together and she told me that he was an excellent lover and was gifted with a nice sized cock which he knew how to use. She told me that they fucked every time they had a chance when they dated but they eventually went their separate ways and married other people.

When she arrived at his lake house on Friday afternoon they embraced and drank wine while catching up on family and kids and life in general. After a couple of glasses of wine it was time for dinner and they had planned to cook steaks on the grill. They never made it to the grill as they wound up kissing like old times and soon fell into the bed groping each other like teenagers. They ripped each other’s clothes off and fucked like old times. She told me the sex was hot and steamy and they basically fucked each other for two hours with Maggie cumming multiple times and Dave cumming three times, something he had not done since they dated.

They fucked the next morning, Saturday afternoon and again Saturday night. They fucked again on Sunday morning and again Sunday afternoon before she returned to our home. She told me she climaxed over a hundred times and that Dave was insatiable. Apparently he and his wife had not had sex in many years and he was an eager and attentive lover and could not get enough of my sweet Maggie. She responded in kind and they had the kind of sexy weekend they used to have many years ago. Maggie told me all the details when she got home and it made me rock hard. We had great and passionate sex before she started unpacking her suitcase. I must admit that it took some adjustment on my part as Maggie and I usually did these things together. However, her vivid descriptions bursa escort of their sexual encounters including her giving him a blow job on the deck outside overlooking the lake and him fucking her doggy style in the kitchen made for a delightful afternoon of voyeuristic fun for us.

I asked Maggie specifically about her feelings for Dave and while she told me that they had a great time and had great sex, she had no emotional attachment to Dave. She enjoyed their time together but indicated that she had no further need to connect. In other words there was no emotional fallout from their connection so any trepidation I had was quickly put to rest.

Once Maggie told me about the weekend and we had our fun together we got on with life doing our thing as a couple with little thought about her weekend. I never thought any more about the discussion or her weekend and there was no apparent difference in Maggie although she did seem to be a little sexier than usual and we had some great sex in the weeks following her weekend away.

Fast forward to today over a year and a half later. As mentioned at the beginning of this tale she promised to talk to me about anal sex. Over our third glass of wine Maggie somewhat sheepishly reminded me about her weekend with Dave. I asked her what that weekend had to do with our having anal sex. Her response surprised me greatly. Apparently Dave was the first guy she ever had anal sex with. And in her recounting of her weekend with him she never mentioned that fact or that she and Dave had anal sex at least three times while they were together. Still I was unclear on the relevance to us.

Maggie dropped her head and seemed very remorseful, almost sad. I noticed a tear in her eye as she kept her head bowed. She quietly, almost in a whisper told me the following.

“Dave and I had a wonderful and very sexual weekend as you know. He was insatiable and as you know, I can be too.”

I urged her to go on knowing that she was having extreme difficulty in opening up to me.

“Well, he was the first guy I ever had anal sex with all those many years ago. He was such an attentive lover and made my first experience with anal sex a fabulous experience for me.”

“Go on, please.”

“When we got back together at his lake house he couldn’t wait to fuck me and it didn’t take long for him to remind me about our wonderful anal sex connection.”

“Okay……………..sounds like there is more to the story.”

“There is. When we had sex on Sunday afternoon he was really appreciative of my sexual appetite and he loved how I climaxed over and over, especially during anal. After our final sexual connection on Sunday afternoon he asked me if I would do him a favor.”


“He asked me if I would save my ass for him since he was the first guy to ever fuck me there.” “AND…………what else?”

“I told him I would and that meant not having anal sex with you anymore.”

I was shocked and surprised and was momentarily speechless.

All I could say was WOW and then I asked, “Is there more to this story? You might as well tell me everything now so I can understand where you are coming from.”

She said, “Yes, there is more and I want to tell you.”

I asked her to proceed but I was beginning to feel pretty uneasy about where this was going.

“Well, he has been in town on business a couple of times and we have gotten together.”

“What does that mean?”

“Uh, when he came to town I had lunch with him and one time had dinner while you were out of town. After we met we went back to his hotel room and had great sex……including anal. He always asked me if I had allowed you to have anal sex with me and I told him no………….that I had saved myself for him as he had asked.”

I was again speechless. This was so not like my loving and trusted wife with whom we shared everything.

I asked her why she had made this commitment to someone she had not seen in two decades and who was married to another woman.

She told me that was somewhat overwhelmed with emotion when they got together at his lake house. They really did reconnect and during “pillow talk” he had reminded her about her first anal connection. He told her it would mean a lot to him if she would honor their connection by not allowing anyone else to have anal sex with her. For some reason she could not explain, she agreed. I didn’t know how to feel since this was a total shock to me. On the one hand I was proud of her for finally telling the truth. On the other hand, I was really upset that she had not told me everything about that weekend and, worse, she had made a commitment to a former lover to NOT allow me to have anal sex with my own sexy wife. So what’s a husband to do when he finds out about a rather bizarre episode with his unpredictable wife? I decided to turn the situation into a positive.

I asked Maggie what she thought we should do about the situation trying bursa escort bayan my best to act pissed off. She was embarrassed and ashamed and not sure what I was going to do. She looked at me sheepishly and said, “What do you think we should do?”

I told her we needed to go upstairs to the bedroom………..NOW.

We went up the stairs to the bedroom, me walking behind her lusting after her wonderful ass. She went in first and once fully in the room I turned her around and kissed her deeply. She was tentative at first and then returned the kiss in earnest.

I pulled her blouse over her head. She never wears a bra so her wonderful breasts were on display and ready for some nipple play. I tweaked her nipples roughly and mauled her breasts as I continued to kiss her deeply.

I pulled her draw string pants down and jerked her shoes off of her sexy feet. I am normally very tender and loving when we have sex but I wanted it rough and physical. I had to try hard to act angry because that is not who I am. I simply wanted to fuck the daylights out of my unfaithful, or perhaps disloyal would be a better word, wife. Maggie was standing in front of me with nothing on but a pink thong which barely covered her dark hairy bush. She calls it a thong. I call it an eye patch. Either way she looked unbelievably sexy. I could not tell if she was afraid or if she was playing along knowing that I was only acting like I was pissed.

Scooping her up in my arms I took her to the king size bed and dropped her on her back. I quickly shed my clothes and jumped on the bed. I flipped her over onto her stomach and stuffed two down pillows under her pelvis forcing her lovely ass into the air.

I ripped the thong off with my teeth and pulled it down over her ankles. I removed the leather belt from my trousers and started spanking her softly on both cheeks. Within seconds she was writhing on the bed and it was not from pain. She was getting turned on in a big way. We had not done anything like this since the early days of our dating many years ago.

Soon her ass was bright red and I could tell she was close to her first climax. I asked her if it hurt and she said no. I slapped the leather a little harder causing her to squirm. Stopping abruptly I reached between her legs and she was sopping wet. I roughly stuck a finger into her and she came………almost violently. Her whole body shuddered and shook almost as if there were electrodes attached to her.

I leaned in to her and whispered hoarsely in her ear. “I want you to tell me everything you did with Dave………………and I mean every little detail.”

Maggie is a moaner and sometimes a screamer but she has never liked to talk dirty or talk about her other lovers especially during a lovemaking session. However, as I told her my desires I smacked her harder with the belt causing her to wince and buck on her pillow throne.

“Okay…………….I will…………….I’ll tell you everything…………..”

I dropped the belt and grabbed her ass making sure to have my fingertips on her sopping wet pussy. I told her to start with the details of the first time Dave took her ass when they were together at the lake house.

She was almost whispering as if she was embarrassed to tell me but I grabbed her harder and told her to talk.

“I told you that I had not been at the lake house more than two hours when he kissed me deeply and it took almost no time to get our clothes off and get in bed. He fucked me hard and fast. He seemed almost desperate to climax and he really fucked me hard. It was almost too rough but it felt good. I don’t know how many times I climaxed but it was a lot.”

I started stroking her pussy and soon moved to her clit. The more she talked the more I stimulated her and she was soon cumming loudly on my fingers. I told her to keep talking. I wanted more details. “While he was fucking me he started probing my ass with his fingers and I knew exactly what he was doing. It made me so hot and I remembered almost every time he fucked my ass. It made me so hot and I kept cumming and cumming.”

“Did he fuck your ass then?”

“No, he came too fast and he really came a lot. I could feel it pouring into and then out of me. I don’t remember when anyone has cum that much at one time. It must have been months since he had sex. He was like a teenager.”

I told her I wanted more details on how and when he took her ass. She nodded.

“We laid in the bed for a while and soon he started kissing me again. I was surprised to feel his cock as hard as a rock pressing into my stomach. It couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes after he came and he was ready again.” “We kissed some more and he went straight to my tits and started sucking like he was on life a life support machine. He fingered me to another orgasm and it seemed like I never stopped cumming. He turned me over and started roughly fucking me from behind. I got into the moment and pushed back as hard as possible.” escort bursa

I leaned in and asked, “How big is his cock?”

She quickly responded. “Oh, he is bigger than you and thicker too.”

“How big?”

“I think he must be about 8 and a half inches, maybe more.”

“How thick is he?”

She sighed and pushed her ass and pussy onto my hand. “He is so thick. That is one of the things I really loved about fucking him. He is so thick I could not wrap my hand all the way around his cock.”

“Keep talking…………tell me more.”

“Well, he soon found my ass with his fingers and once he probed my ass I really started cumming hard………….maybe every few seconds or so. It seemed like I never really stopped cumming…………….over and over and over……………”

“Before I knew it he moved his cock to my ass. I pushed back and raised my ass higher letting him know I wanted that piece of meat in my ass. His cock was so wet from my juices he didn’t even need to use any lubricants…………just my own juices. He plowed right into me plunging all the way to the bottom of his cock. It was a little painful at first but it felt so good. It made me feel full and I remembered how much I loved it when he first fucked me like that.”

I plunged two fingers deeper into her and she came on my fingers gushing fluids all over my hand and the pillows beneath her.

I moved behind her and roughly plunged my cock into her sopping wet pussy. I spoke gruffly. “Did he cum in your ass?

“Yes, he came really big in my ass. I couldn’t believe he could cum that much so soon after his previous climax. I felt it running down my leg and he screamed loudly like an animal. It must have been an incredible release for him.”

I fucked her harder and faster. “Tell me about the next time he took you.”

“Once we had dinner and some more wine, we went back to the bedroom.”

“What were you wearing?”

“I took some very sexy lingerie including some you had bought for me. I brushed my teeth and came into bed. He was already there waiting for me with nothing on but a smile and hardon. It was kind of funny because it was pushing the sheet up obscenely and it was pretty obvious what was happening. I thought he might be talking Viagra or something else but I was too polite to mention that. He seemed to stay hard all weekend.” As I continued to fuck her mercilessly I told her to tell me more.

“I climbed in bed with him and it felt quite comfortable. Even though I had not seen him in a long time we had slept together so many times before and he is such a nice guy it seemed so comfortable to climb in bed with him.”

She proceeded to tell me that not only did he fuck her ass again but he did so with her on her back and her legs spread obscenely in the air. I have fucked Maggie in this position and believe it is the sexiest position for anal intercourse as you can kiss, fondle her breasts and play with her clit, which is exactly what he did. She told me it made her cum so hard she literally blacked out for a few moments.

Dave slowed his anal fucking until she recovered but soon he regained a rhythm and pounded her ass with a fury. She recovered enough to cum twice more before he unloaded in her ass again with another enormous load. He rolled off of her and they fell asleep in each other’s arms although I know her and she told me she soon rolled over to “her side” of the bed and slept soundly after hours of fucking.

Maggie was really hot and seriously pushing back against me as I continued to pound her pussy. Soon I slowed and stopped. She knew what was coming. My cock was dripping wet with her juices and I moved the head of my cock to her anus. She pushed her ass higher in the air inviting my intruding love pole.

I pushed my cock into her tight anal ring and soon the head popped in. I pushed harder and soon bottomed out. I held my cock deep inside her trying to imagine how it may have felt with Dave’s thick cock inside her.

I told Maggie to keep on talking and I started a steady rhythm of thrusting in and out as she told me about their coupling through the rest of the weekend. He wanted to fuck her ass right before she left for the drive home and he told her he wanted her to hold his sperm in her ass so it would be there when she greeted me at home. She did. I never knew because we did not have anal sex when she got home. I was so horny I never got around to her anus. Our sex was hot and furious but it never occurred to me to check her ass. I wish I had. She held his sperm and their secret deep inside.

Maggie later told me that he has been to Atlanta twice more since there liaison at the lake. Both times he fucked her in every available hole but he paid special attention to her ass. They fucked doggy style, bent over the sofa, in the bathroom and in the bed. Once again she confessed that he fucked her ass in my favorite position……….with her on her back and legs in the air. He mauled her breasts and played with her clit causing her to cum violently again and again.

I continued to fuck Maggie more and more furiously as I got the point of climax. I spanked Maggie’s ass with my hand and told her to cum one more time.

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