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“I’ll take one more Max, and then I should probably head for home.”

“OK, Mrs. Higgins. Coming right up. Are you alright?”

“Yeah Max. I’m fine. I guess I’m just finally realizing that as of 3:30 this afternoon, I’m a 50 year old divorced woman.”

“Well, you are the hottest 50 year old woman I’ve ever seen,” Max said.

“Thanks Max. You’re sweet.” Max walked to the bar and then returned with another glass of wine. “Thanks Max. Can I have a menu?” Max returned to the bar and brought a menu back to her.

After she ordered her dinner, she sat alone contemplating her life. Maggie Higgins was 5’3″ tall and weighed 120 pounds and had a very nice body made that way by three visits to the gym each week. She married Ron Higgins a month after they both graduated from college at the age of 22. Both of them were teachers at a nearby high middle school.

Two years after they were married, they had a daughter named Megan, and two years after that they had a son named, James. Megan, a legal secretary living 35 miles away, married and has two children age three and five. James lived 200 miles away and had just married a year ago and had no children.

Ron and Maggie had a relatively normal marriage for many years. They were involved in their children’s lives growing up. They had a nice middle class home in a typical middle class neighborhood. Their sex life was adequate; sometimes Ron wished it was more frequent and sometimes Maggie wished it was more intimate and intense.

But now it was all over. Over the last four or five years, they had fallen out of love with each other, so Ron wasn’t getting frequents sex and Maggie wasn’t getting intimate sex. As a matter of fact, neither of them were getting sex at all as they tried to work out their issues. Finally, they both had to admit that it was over and move on. They had an amicable separation and split things equally. Maggie asked, and received the house as part of the agreement.

So here she was; a 50 year old divorced woman sitting alone in a restaurant sipping wine alone while waiting on her dinner, which she would also eat alone.

Maggie finished her dinner and decided to have one more glass of wine before heading home. She moved to the bar and ordered another glass of wine. As she was playing with a swizzle stick and sitting with a glazed look on her face, she felt someone sit beside her. A deep voice said, “Buy you a drink pretty lady?” Maggie continued to look at her swizzle stick until she felt a tap on her arm. When she turned to look at who touched her arm, she saw a young black man sitting next to her. In that deep voice, he said, “Can I buy you a drink, pretty lady?”

“Uh .. . . er, uh , well, uh . . . ” she mumbled. The man looked at the bar tender, pointed to Maggie’s drink and nodded. A few seconds later, Max sat another glass of wine in front of her.

Max asked, “Are you OK, Mrs. Higgins? Do you want this drink?”

She paused for a minute and then nodded and said, “Yeah Max. But this is it for me. OK?” He nodded and left. She turned to the man next to her and said, “Thank you.”

The man smiled and said, “You’re welcome. My name is . . . “

“Hey Lester! I couldn’t find you. I see you decided to come over to the . . . Whoa! Hello there sweet stuff.”

Maggie looked saw another young black man walk up behind the man who had bought her a drink. She said, “So I assume your name is Lester?”

He smiled and nodded his head. “And this here is Ray,” he said pointing over his shoulder.

She smiled and said, “Hello Lester. Hello Ray. I’m Maggie.” She noticed that both men were over six feet tall and probably more than 200 pounds. They looked solid and were actually kind of cute.

“So, Maggie, why is a pretty lady like you sitting here all by yourself?” Lester asked.

“Tough day,” she said. “I’m just relaxing and enjoying a nice dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. Why aren’t you two guys out looking for young girls tonight?”

“No need to Maggie. We’re sitting here with the hottest woman around.”

Maggie laughed and said, “This woman is old enough to be your mother. How old are you boys?”

“Boys? We ain’t boys,” said Ray. “We’re both 20 years old.”

She laughed again and said, “Both of my kids are older than you two.”

As she nursed her glass of wine and Lester and Ray drank their beers, she told them about her divorce being finalized today and she was sort of celebrating tonight. The boys invited her to go with them to a small jazz bar nearby and she told them that she should probably be heading home. After a little more talking, she finally agreed to join them for one drink as long as they promised to get her to a cab or Uber afterwards.

The three of them left together and as the guys followed her out the door they noticed that she had a great body, even though it was pretty well covered in a knee length pencil skirt and a loose fitting button up blouse. Maggie sat between them when they got to the jazz bar. As they sat listening to the music and mamak escort bayan sipping their drinks, Ray told a joke and then patted her leg. She felt tingles as his hand touch her skin. As they continued taking, Ray continued to touch her leg whenever he made a point or told a joke. He noticed that she didn’t stop him so he kept doing it.

After an hour, Ray said, “Let’s go back to our place and have one more nightcap.”

“Oh, fellas, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she said. “It wouldn’t look right.”

As they all got out of the booth, Lester grabbed her hand and said, “Come on pretty lady. Just one drink. We’re all alone tonight so we might as well keep each other company. Besides, we want to help you celebrate your divorce. It’s just a little harmless fun, Maggie.”

“Well, . . . I, uh, . . . OK, but just one more drink and then you guys have to get a cab for me. Agreed?” The two young men eagerly nodded their heads.

They walked to Lester’s car and Ray held the back door for Maggie. She was surprised when she got in that he followed her into the back seat. She noticed that her skirt had ridden up her thighs. When he sat down, he slid his arm around her while she was trying to pull her skirt back down. When she leaned back, his hand rested on her shoulder. She made no move to remove it so he slowly moved his fingers around on her shoulder. She knew it was wrong, but it felt so good to have a man paying attention to her and touching her like this.

She leaned into him and let his fingers move on her shoulder. She closed her eyes and moaned, “Mmmm.” Ray slowly reached over with his other hand and touched her chin. She felt her skin tingling as he slowly turned her head towards him. Her eyes were still closed as he put his lips on hers and kissed her. She froze. He pulled back and she opened her eyes. He looked into her eyes, smiled and kissed her again. It took her a couple of seconds, but then she began to return his kiss. Their tongues were like swords gently fighting in each other’s mouths. She moaned again.

Lester watched in the rear view mirror and knew that they were both going to get laid by this hot older white woman. He grinned as he thought about giving this recently divorced MILF a night she’ll always remember.

When they got to the boys apartment, Ray and Maggie broke their kisses and they got out of the car. She said, “I think I should probably leave now before we do something we shouldn’t. I’m a lot older than you guys.”

“Come on Maggie, “Ray said as he pulled her by the hand to the door. Maggie didn’t fight but knew this could easily get out of hand. When they entered the apartment, Lester walked to the kitched to get them drinks while Ray moved behind Maggie and put his arms around her waist. She leaned back on him and he used his hand to turn her head and kissed her again. As they were locked in a kiss, his hands slid up and cupped her breasts. She moved her hands on top of his and tried to pull them off her breasts, but gave up very quickly when she realized her nipples were rock hard.

“Mmmm” she moaned. As he gently squeezed her breasts, she moaned again. He broke the kiss and she leaned her head back on his chest. He kept one hand on her breasts and slid his other hand down to her waist and quickly unzipped her skirt. She gasped as he shoved her skirt to the floor. She moved one hand down to try to catch her skirt and he quickly slid his hand down the front of her panties. She grabbed his hand but he slid a finger into her wet pussy.

She tried to pull his hand away, but he was too strong. He slid a second finger into her pussy and she stopped fighting, moaned as her hand fell away to her side. She knew she couldn’t deny this young black man whatever he wanted. As he fingered her pussy with one hand, he began unbuttoning her blouse with the other. Her arms were at her sides and her head was against his chest as he removed her blouse and bra. She didn’t see Lester standing in the doorway watching his friend strip this hot white MILF. When Ray slid another finger into her pussy, she screamed as she climaxed, and then her legs became weak. Ray supported her by his arm around her chest and his hand on her pussy.

He turned her around and he smiled down at her as her put his arms around her. She hesitated only briefly before sliding her arms around his neck. As they were kissing and shoving their tongues into each other’s mouths, Lester came up behind the naked woman and roamed his hands over her body.

It suddenly dawned on her that she and Ray weren’t alone and she jerked back from the kiss and tried to turn around. Ray held her tight as she shoved her hands against his chest. Lester took the opportunity to reach around and slide two fingers into her pussy and another hand around her breasts and began tweaking her nipple.

“N-no! Plea . . . please, no! Don’t. I can’t do this . . . ” she said.

Lester increased the tempo of his fingers working on her pussy. Her hands still pushed on Ray’s chest. She ofise gelen escort looked at Ray with a combination of fear and lust. “R-R-Ray, pl-please. Aaaaaah! N-No, I . . . .Aaaarrrrggh! Oh shit shit shit!” she screamed as she climaxed again. Lester held her up so she didn’t collapse to the floor as her hands slid from Ray’s chest.

Ray reached down and picked her up and she put her arms around his neck. She was still breathing hard from her climax and as he carried her to the bedroom, he said, “We’re going to give you a night to remember, Maggie. Both of us are going to fuck you. Do you understand?”

“But, I-I-I . . . . but I d-don’t think . . . “

“Sssshhh,” Ray whispered. He gently put her on the bed.

She looked up at the two fully clothed young black men as she lay naked on the bed. Lester removed his shirt and crawled between her legs. He began kissing her thighs and slowly worked his way up one leg and back down the other. By now, Ray was naked and had walked to the head of the bed and watched his friend. Lester worked his way back up her legs and buried his face in her soaking wet pussy.

“Aaaarrrrggghh! Aaaaah, yessssss! Uuuunnnnggh!” she moaned as she came immediately. As she was coming down from her climax, Ray let his hard black cock slide over her forehead and down towards her mouth. Although Maggie had only given her husband a few blow jobs during their 28 year marriage, she quickly opened her mouth to receive this young black cock. As she was sucking Ray’s cock, she felt the head of Lester’s cock rubbing against her pussy and then slowly slide in. The two men pumped her from both ends as she laid on the bed thinking of how these two young black men were probably going to use her body any way they wanted.

There was once a time when it would have bothered her to be in a room with one black man, let alone two black men who were less than half her age. But not tonight. Tonight she belonged to them. She sucked harder on Ray’s cock and he rewarded her by shooting his cum down her throat. She swallowed all of his cum and then he pulled his cock from her mouth and said, “Suck on my balls, Maggie.” She eagerly shoved one of his balls into her mouth and then switched to the other and then eventually got both balls into her mouth at the same time.

Lester yelled, “Unnngh” and blew his load into Maggie’s pussy. When he pulled out, he walked to the head of the bed, and as Ray stepped away, he shoved his cock into her mouth and she licked and sucked it clean.

The two men stood over the naked older woman admiring her beautiful body. They gave a quick high five and she smiled at them. She said, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had. You two are awesome!”

“Oh, we ain’t done with you, bitch yet,” Ray said while smirking at her.

She smiled back at them and said, “Oh yeah. What else do you have planned for me?”

Lester said, “We promised you a night to remember.”

She smiled and said, “Well, I’ll tell you guys, I’ll remember tonight. I’ve never had sex with a black guy or a younger guy or two guys at once or had as many orgasms in one night.”

“And the night is still young, Maggie.” The men sat on the side of the bed and began moving their hands over her body. “Close your eyes.”

Maggie closed her eyes and the men moved their hands over her breasts and stomach, up and down her legs, over her arms and finally one hand found her pussy and two found her breasts. As fingers entered her pussy and her nipples were twisted, she felt lips cover her own lips. She didn’t know whose lips, but she shoved her tongue into his mouth as she felt the hands working on her body. Four fingers were in her pussy and her nipples were being tweaked hard. Maggie screamed as she had another orgasm. The two men smirked knowingly at each other. They knew that this bitch was theirs.

The men continued using their hands on her body for the next 45 minutes giving her multiple orgasms. The feeling of four hands and two mouths manipulating her body was unbelievable. They kissed and sucked on her breasts and then twisted her hard nipples. They moved their hands up and down her shapely legs and arms. They gently moved their hands around her face, in her hair and down her neck. They kissed her over and over again as her body sensuously moved under their machinations of her body.

When she came down from her orgasm, Ray stood and said, “Suck our cocks until they’re hard again, bitch.” Maggie knew she should be offended by him calling her a bitch, but she realized that it actually made her feel kind of slutty and she really didn’t mind. She got to her knees and the men offered her their cocks. She moved back and forth sucking their cocks and balls, sucking one of them while jacking the other.

It didn’t take long for their cocks to be hard again. Lester lifted her and Ray lay on the bed. Lester put her down on Ray slowly sliding his cock into her pussy. She yelped as she slid all the way down on his big cock. As she was sliding up and down otele gelen escort on Ray’s cock, Lester lubed up his cock and rubbed it on her beautiful ass. The head of his cock pushed slowly on her ass. Maggie stopped pumping Ray and, in surprise, said, “Hey! Wait! I’ve never done that . . . Aaahhh! I don’t think . . . Aaaah! Owwww! D-d-don’t . . . “

Lester slowly slid his big cock into her ass and shoved it all the way in until he was balls deep. Maggie was crying and screaming as Lester slowly began working his cock in and out of her ass. In a few minutes, her cries of pain turned into cries of lust. The men’s cocks began to piston in and out of her two holes.

“Aaaaahhhh yessss! Aaaarrrgggh! Fuck meeeee! Ooooh! Fuck my ass. Please . . . “

Lester yelled, “You’re our black cock slut, Maggie. You’re our bitch. Tell us, Maggie. Tell us what you are.”

“Aaaaahhh! Oh shit shit shit! F-f-fuck me!”

They both stopped pumping and Lester said, “Tell us, Maggie. Tell us what you are.”

“Please. Please let me cum.”

“Tell us what you are, Maggie.”

“OK. OK. I’m your bitch. I’m your black cock whore. Please fuck your old white slut. I’m begging you. Please fuck me.” The two men began pounding her two holes again giving her an immediate orgasm. When they pumped their loads into her exhausted body, they both stood and had her clean their cocks. The two men walked to the kitchen and returned with beers for them and a bottle of water for their white slut. Maggie quickly drank half the water and then lay back on the bed with her whole used body exposed to the men.

Lester and Ray stood and looked down at their slut and grinned at each other knowing there was more to come for her. They knew that this hot older slut would do whatever they wanted.

“How do you feel, slut?” Lester asked.

“Mmmmmm. I feel wonderful. I think I like being your slut.”

Lester gave her a knowing smile and said, “As our slut, what do you think you should be doing to prove it?”

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “I’ll do whatever you want. I’m your slut to use as you want.”

Ray walked to the head of the bed and said, “So you’ll do whatever we tell you to do, huh?”

“Mmmmm, yes. Anything,” she whispered.

Ray slid his cock into her mouth and watched as she greedily sucked on it. After a few minutes, he pulled out his cock and moved forward so his balls were over her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked his big black balls into her mouth.

The two men looked at each other smiling and Lester quietly whispered to Ray, “Go for it.” Ray grinned and nodded his head. He gradually lifted his balls from her mouth and slowly moved forward so her tongue would be under his balls. She continued licking. He moved further forward until his ass hole was directly over her mouth. When she stopped licking, he said, “Lick my ass hole, slut.”

Maggie hesitated only briefly. She knew that she couldn’t deny these two black men anything. She wanted to submit herself to them. She knew that this act would demonstrate that she was completely their property to do with as they wished. She began licking around his ass hole and then slowly shoved her tongue deep into his ass. As she tongued his ass, the two men smiled and high fived each other again.

While she was rimming his ass, she reached around and began jerking his cock until it was hard. Ray was twisting and tweaking her hard nipples and Lester had gotten a hard on while watching this pretty white woman lick his friend’s ass. He stepped up and shoved his cock into her sopping wet pussy.

Ray was so excited with her tongue up his ass that he didn’t last long and when he was ready to cum, he slid back and put his cock into her mouth. He shot his load into her waiting mouth and she swallowed all of it. When he stood up, Lester moved up and had her suck his balls and rim his ass. Eventually, he shot his load into her mouth.

Maggie was exhausted. She lay naked on the bed while the two big black men stood and looked down on their conquered white slut. They walked back to the kitchen for another drink and when they returned, Maggie was right where they left her. The men used their phones and took a few pictures of their naked white whore.

“I’ve never done the things that I’ve done tonight,” she said. “You two young men have worn out this old lady.” She smiled up at them.

“You ain’t no lady anymore,” Ray said.

She looked at Ray and said, “You’re right, Ray. You two have worn out this old slut.”

“We still ain’t done with you slut.”

“Wha . . . what more are you . . . “

The men laughed and said, “We’re gonna fuck you again and then we’re going to piss all over your slutty body.”

“You’re going to what?” She yelled.

Ray leaned down, grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head. He said, “Open your mouth slut.” She had a puzzled look on her face but she opened her mouth. Ray spit into her mouth and said, “Now swallow that spit, bitch.” Maggie was shocked but she did as he told her. “Now listen to me, slut. You are our black cock whore. You’ll do what we tell you. You belong to us. Do you understand me, slut?” She nodded her head. “Good,” he said. “Now we’re going to fuck you again and then we’re going to take you into the bathroom and piss all over you because we own your slutty whore ass. Do you understand?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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