Making Mom Happy Ch. 02

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As I returned to the living room with the talc, mom turned her head and said “you look your time.”

“Had to use the toilet” I said.

“Oh” she replied, and lay her head back down in position as before.

“Please do my legs now. And you can lift my skirt up to above my knees.”

She raised her legs a bit so her skirt would slide up.

I put the talc container down and slowly peeled back mom’s skirt, exposing more and more of her lower legs. I thought I’d try to lift it higher than ever before so it showed more of her thighs, so instead of stopping just above the knees, I finally folded the upper part of the skirt so that almost half her thighs were showing. She didn’t say anything in objection.

The only disadvantage for me now was that the folded skirt fabric now lay over her butt, in effect hiding it with a double layer of cloth.

Never mind, I thought, looking at her legs. They were more exposed than ever I’d seen them, and that was the trade off. As I massaged them from the ankles, I slowly moved up in circular movements.

As I reached the back of ümraniye escort her knees, I thought I’d try my luck and go up a bit further, up to the lower part of her thighs. Slowly, I slid my hands up, over the fleshy part of the back of her lower thighs and slid them under the edge of the skirt where it had been folded. As I couldn’t see where her buttocks began due to the fold of her skirt, my fingers went a bit too far and I felt the lower part of her panties.

I realised my error, and quickly moved my hands back down, but not before to my surprise she said out loud, “that feels nice Rasheed”.

I was a little stunned by her response. I’d just felt up the lower part of her well formed ass cheeks albeit through her panties, but instead of telling me off, she actually seemed to enjoy it! My cock responded as you might imagine, forcing itself against the fly of my jeans.

I looked over at dad, who was still engrossed in his newspaper. Suddenly he looked up.

“Make sure you do a good job son” he said.

“Rasheed is doing yenibosna escort fine” piped up mom. ” Do the tops of my thighs a bit more” she added.

“Do as your mom says” said dad.

“Yes sir” I replied.

I moved my hands over the base of the back of of mom’s thighs, above the knee and slid them slowly up, squeezing firmly as I did so. As she seemed to want me to do the tops of her thighs, I slid my hands further up like before, under the fold of her skirt, and let my fingers feel the lower part of her butt cheeks through the fabric when I got to the edge of her panties. When I squeezed the flesh of her butt cheeks where my fingers touched them through the panty fabric, I realised what an ample and large ass she must have.

I carried on like this rubbing up and down for the next few minutes or so, being careful not to go too high over her ass, but stopped, as before, when I felt the material of her panties.

Occasionally mom would utter some appreciative word, I noticed mostly when my hand reached the lower part yeşilköy escort of her ass cheeks, which I was enjoying getting the feeling of immensely. I started to feel more confident and wondered if I should dare going up further over the whole of her butt cheeks and feeling each ass cheek fully.

I was feeling quite turned on at this stage and feeling like I needed to cum again. I realised we’d probably be stopping soon, so decided to try my luck as we got to near the end of the massage.

I began just above the back of her knees again, and slowly started moving up, gently squeezing and rubbing the flesh of the back of her thighs. I slipped my hand under mom’s skirt and moved upwards. Any moment, I would reach the panty line. As I felt it, rather than pull my hands back down, I let them wander up over the panty fabric and over the full mounds of her ass cheeks, one in each hand.

The feeling was ecstatic and I squeezed down hard enough to grab a full handfull of thick, juicy flesh in each palm. I didn’t circle my hands around, so as not to seem too obvious, and then quickly moved both hands down again to the thighs.

“Ooh, that’s nice” said mom before my hands completely left her ass cheeks.

I swallowed, not sure what to make of the compliment, but said in a rather timid tone “I’m glad your enjoying the massage mom.”

“Thanks son” she said, “I think that’s enough for today.”

to be continued….

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