Marjorie Ch. 01: The Meet

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It was a horrible night, rain lashing against the windscreen as the wipers struggled to cope with the volume. I suddenly realised I was humming and the radio wasn’t even on, I was definitely looking forward to this meet. I had posted an advert a few months ago specifically looking for submissive women after a long term relationship had ended badly. Being mid 40s I decided I wanted to have some fun before looking for anything more serious again.

I’d had a few meets and enjoyed them but nothing had really got me excited. The contact from Marjorie had intrigued me straight away, her profile pic was OK but nothing special. She stated her age at 56 but looked more like early 60s to me, maybe she just hadn’t aged well. She had a large bosom, large ass and was obviously a bit overweight but she was very pretty. What made me sit up and notice was her sassy attitude and the type of meet she wanted.

From the very first email it was obvious she was quite bossy and she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted a ‘real’ man to spend hours making love to her because her weak husband was useless, apparently he had a premature ejaculation problem and she hadn’t had a decent seeing to for decades. This in itself would probably be enough to get me to a meet but she also wanted her husband to be present and to watch a real man take her, for some reason that really got me excited. Before arranging a meet I did stress that I was dominant by nature and was looking for a submissive woman and she said she was fine with this, I was sceptical but looked forward to pushing her boundaries.

The rain had eased off a lot by the time I pulled up outside an ordinary semi-detached bungalow so I was hoping not to get too wet. I walked steadily to the front door while my heart raced inside my chest, this meet had definitely got me worked up. After pressing the door bell I only had to wait a few moments before the door opened.

“Hello Mark”.

“Hello Marjorie”.

“Do come in and please call me Marje”. Marje had a wonderful smile on her face which was mirrored in her eyes and I reciprocated with a beaming smile of my own as I walked past her. She led me through to the living room where a tall, thin man stood awkwardly in the corner, he smiled briefly before looking down.

“Say hello Jim, where are your manners, this is Mark”.

Jim mumbled “Hello Mark”.

I strode purposefully across the room and stuck out my hand, “Pleased to meet you Jim”, after shaking his limp hand I turned around.

“Do you want a drink?” Marje asked as she walked towards me.

“No thanks”, again I took the initiative and strode back to meet her halfway. With my eyes locked on hers I brought my right hand up gently behind her head and leaned in for a kiss. I could see the surprise on her face but she was still smiling so I closed my eyes and let the passion take over. I have always been a good kisser with just the right amount of pressure, tongue movement and most importantly no drooling.

After a few moments of tender lip kissing I slightly increased the pressure and opened my mouth to gently start brushing my tongue across her lips. Again she reciprocated by opening her mouth and our tongues started playing. By this time my left hand had moved to her back and I pulled her closer while sliding it down to her lovely large bum. Her hands had taken similar positions on me with one gently cupped around my head and the other on my lower back.

I could feel my heart racing and I was actually starting to get hard. The bizarre surreality of the situation was a massive turn on. Here was a 60ish year old woman dressed in a very thick prim tweed skirt suit, a white lacy blouse buttoned all the way up to her neck, wearing pink fluffy slippers passionately kissing a complete stranger while her husband watched less than 5 paces away. I brought both hands down to her bum and started to subtly grind my pelvis while kneading her ass cheeks. We were both starting to get carried away with very passionate french kissing, heavy breathing and lots of body rubbing. I had heard the odd noise from Jim behind me when he coughed quite loudly and said “What about the neighbours?”

We slowly pulled apart and looked deeply into each others eyes, I chuckled and said “good point” since we were stood in the middle of the living room with the curtains wide open, anyone walking past would have a great view.

“Lets go to the bedroom” said Marje and led me by the hand down the hallway. Halfway along she suddenly stopped and loudly said “Come on Jim, you need to see this”. She led me into the master bedroom which had a nice large king-size bed. The décor was very old lady with floral duvet cover, white lacy pillow cases and doilies for the old fashioned bedside lamps. I wasn’t bothered about the style but again it just reminded me of the bizarre situation.

We immediately started kissing and groping each other. I felt Jim squeeze past behind me and then close the curtains while I got to grips with Marje’s impressive bosom. pendik escort We eventually broke our embrace and looked each other in the eye while trying to get control of our breathing. Her chest was heaving and even with all the layers of clothing it was a sexy sight seeing her all worked up. I decided it was time to take control “take your clothes off”.

She smiled, “turn the light off Jim”.

“No” I said quite forcefully, “I want to see every curve” I said with a mischievous grin.

“But it’s mostly flab and wrinkles” she said.

“I’m sure it’s beautiful and I love real women with real curves”. Her smile had disappeared and she looked quite nervous.

She removed the tweed suit jacket, I took it from her and passed it across to Jim, “hang these up Jim”. He raised his eyebrows but complied without a murmur. Marje was undoing the blouse from the top with shaky hands, I was tempted to help but wanted her to do it herself. I looked directly at her and waited patiently while she undid all the buttons and slipped the blouse off her shoulders. Again I took it from her and handed it to Jim who was also patiently waiting next to us.

Marje gave me a hesitant smile as she reached behind to unhook the huge industrial sized bra, the straps were at least an inch wide, I was really looking forward to seeing those tits. She slowly peeled the cups from her boobs revealing very large dark aereoles, they were flabby and drooping but extremely impressive and I was dying to start playing with her nipples, but I resisted. I especially liked the fact she handed me the massive bra rather than handing it directly to Jim even though she knew that’s what I was going to do, it definitely increased my sense of domination over the pair of them.

I smiled and continued to stand patiently waiting while looking into her eyes. She had stopped and I think she was hoping for a kiss or a bit of a grope before undressing further. When I didn’t make a move she reached behind to undo the heavy tweed skirt and let it fall to the floor. She bent over to pick the skirt up and my cock twitched as I saw her massive boobs hanging straight down. Again she handed me the skirt and I passed it on to Jim. She kicked the pink fluffy slippers into the corner of the room and then hooked her fingers into the waistband of her large silky knickers. Again I enjoyed the view as she pushed her knickers down and stepped out of them before handing them to me. I passed them to Jim without even looking at him and reached out to embrace her naked body.

“Thank you”, I said as I bent down for a gentle kiss. I ran my hands up and down her back while I increased the pressure of the kiss. I moved both my hands sensually down her back and could feel her quiver before gripping each of her meaty ass cheeks and pulling her forcefully against me. By now the kiss was very passionate, nearly out of control with our lips mashed together and our tongues almost fighting each other. I slowed the pace down while letting go of her ass and caressed her sides as I moved my hands up to her enormous boobs. I gradually increased the tempo again as I kneaded her large boobs, gently pulling and twisting her nipples. As our kissing became more frantic I was more aggressive with her nipples until finally I pinched them and pulled them towards me as far as they would go. At this point I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes while still putting pressure on her nipples. She was breathing very heavily, when I let go her flabby boobs fell back down with her rock hard nipples pointing straight down.

I kicked my slip on shoes into the corner and said “on your knees”. She knelt down and rested her large bum on the back of her legs while still looking me in the eye. I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and passed it to Jim who took it without a word. “Undo my belt and trousers” I commanded. Her hands were no longer shaking and she was very keen to comply. “Pull my trousers and boxers down”, she gripped the sides of my trousers and boxers and firmly pulled down. Her eyes were locked on my semi-hard cock, “hold them down while I step out and pass them up”. She reluctantly dragged her eyes away from my cock and complied, again I silently handed them to Jim who was doing a great impression of a butler.

I stood completely naked in front of Marje, she kept looking at my cock for a few moments and then back up into my eyes, I think she was keen to get on with things but I wanted to make her wait. Finally I said “reach up grab my cock with one hand and cup my balls with the other”.

“Now stroke it and gently massage my balls”. Marje was very eager and started to pull a bit too hard, “slow down there’s no rush”. Again I was struck by the weirdness of the situation, I could see Marje’s wedding and engagement rings wrapped around my cock as she stroked me. I was also aware of Jim stood fully clothed less than two foot to my left watching as his wife played with my cock. Marje had a look of deep concentration on her face and I was starting maltepe escort to get really hard.

“Stop Marje, now pull back my foreskin”, she complied to reveal my bright red shiny helmet. I had definitely been aroused earlier because there was a bit of slimy pre-cum on my bell-end. “Grab hold of your boobs and pinch your nipples”, I was really enjoying this and so far so was Marje. I reached out with my right hand and caressed her cheek, “now open your mouth”, she got a scared look on her face and I realised this could be one of her limits.

“No she doesn’t do oral”, Jim said.

I turned my head towards Jim, “Jim there is only one way this is going to work, you do not say anything unless I ask you a question or there is an emergency, do you understand?” He mumbled something and looked at the floor. “Look at me and say yes Mark”, he lifted his head, looked at me and quietly said “yes Mark”.

“Sorry Jim did you say something I didn’t hear you, say it again louder”.

“Yes Mark”.

“That’s better, now where was I?” I looked back and was glad to see Marje still had her nipples pinched. My cock had started to go down slightly but the sight of this naked matronly woman kneeling in front of me started to excite me again, my cock twitched in her face.

“Don’t worry Marje I won’t hurt you and I won’t cum in your mouth”, I could see this calmed her down a bit but she still had a scared ‘rabbit in the headlights’ type look on her face. She opened her mouth, I slid my right hand around to the back of her head and slowly pulled her head towards my twitching cock. What a wonderful sight, my red angry bell-end disappearing into her mouth, I was careful to only put an inch inside to let her get used to it.

“Oh god Marje that is fantastic, now close your lips around my cock, that’s it, try and keep your teeth out of the way, now swirl your tongue over my bell-end”, I could see her grimace slightly presumably from the salty taste of my pre-cum. While holding her head with my right hand I very slowly pulled my cock a little way out before pushing it very slowly back in. I very gradually increased the tempo and started to push a little bit more inside, only about 2 inches but it felt wonderful.

“Oh Marje, good girl, keep using your tongue, yes just like that”.

I suddenly heard a bit of commotion to my left, I looked at Jim who was red faced and I noticed there was a large stain forming on his trouser crotch area.

“Ha ha ha look Marje, Jim has just cum in his pants”, I still had hold of her head and was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth so she flicked her eyes over to look at Jim while I carried on enjoying her mouth. The sensations on my cock were fantastic and I could have kept going for ages but wanted to try some other things. I pulled my cock all of the way out, Marje licked her lips and stretched them out. I bent down and kissed her forcefully, pushing my tongue into her mouth. I reached down and grabbed hold of her hands and helped her to stand up. She looked quite flushed with rosy cheeks, her nipples were quite red and impressively hard.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs”, I commanded. Again my cock started twitching as I watched her crawl up the bed with her huge tits dragging against the duvet. She turned onto her back and spread her legs.

“Marje, I’m sure you can do better than that, much wider please”, she complied with a quizzical look on her face, I don’t think she was used to displaying herself so crudely.

“Now reach down with both hands and pull your lips apart, show me your pussy”, again she complied but her cheeks went bright red with embarrassment. She was very hairy but I could tell she was aroused, her pussy lips were pink, puffy and there was copious amounts of juice.

“Use one hand to rub your clit and the other to bang some fingers in and out”, again she gave me a quizzical look but soon she was rubbing her clit and frigging her pussy. She had closed her eyes, I moved up to the side of the bed and slapped one of her thighs quite hard. Her eyes flew open and her hands stopped.

“Don’t stop and keep your eyes open looking at me”, soon she was frigging herself fast and hard. Her breathing had started to get erratic and she was making lots of moaning noises.

“Stop”, she slowed down but carried on, I slapped her hard on the thigh again “I said stop”, she stopped with a frustrated look on her face, she was breathing very heavily and her pussy was pulsating.

“Move closer to the side of the bed and grab hold of your legs, hold them open nice and wide”, she shuffled over and held her legs behind her knees. I placed my hand on the side of her head and pulled it down next to the side of the bed. I lined my cock up with her mouth and pressed it against her mouth, she obediently opened up and I started stroking in and out.

“Good girl, that’s fantastic”, I grabbed hold of her tit in my left hand and kneaded it quite roughly, then I pinched the nipple and pulled it away from kartal escort her body.

I looked up at Jim, “are you watching Jim? I’m fucking your wife’s mouth and it feels great, look how wet and excited she is”, I let go of her nipple and then slapped her tit hard with my palm, she moaned loudly which again felt fantastic on my cock. I repeated the move on her other tit while fucking her mouth, I was super hard now. I pulled it out of her mouth and started whacking it against her lips, her cheek and her forehead. I pushed it back into her warm wet mouth and then reached down to frig her clit, she started moaning on my cock again, lovely.

I suddenly stopped and slapped her thighs one at a time before continuing to frig her clit, I repeated this several times until her thighs were quite red. Then I rubbed her clit super fast with my palm, I could tell she was near to climax so I stopped and this time slapped her pussy twice. Her whole body bucked off the bed and she moaned really loudly with my cock still pumping in and out of her mouth.

“I think its time I fucked your wife Jim”. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and strode down to the bottom of the bed next to Jim. I grabbed her legs behind her thighs and pulled her whole body down the bed until her pussy was just on the edge. I started to rub my hardness around her wet pussy lips and slap her clit with it. She was moaning and thrashing her head about.

“Do you want it Marje”.

She stopped thrashing, “Oh God yes”.

“Tell me what you want Marje”.

“I want you inside me”.

“What do you want inside Marje, my finger?” as I jammed a finger up her pussy.

“No, your hard thing”.

“My fingers hard Marje, call it a cock, say it”.

“I want your co…cock inside me” she stuttered, I laughed this was definitely more crude than she was used to.

“Do you want it back in your mouth? Call it a pussy, say it”.

“I want your hard cock inside my pussy”. I had continued to rub my hard cock against her wetness and occasionally slapped her clit with it to emphasise a point but I hadn’t put it in yet.

“That’s a lot better, now say it louder and beg”.

“Please Mark I want your hard cock inside my pussy, please”.

“Again louder”, she was really losing control now with lots of mewling, moaning noises.

“PLEASE Mark I want your hard COCK inside my PUSSY now please”, she yelled, I slammed my cock into her as hard as I could. Her head stopped thrashing, her eyes were very wide and she had an astonished look on her face as she said “Ooooooooohhhhh God that’s wonderful”. I was slamming in and out as hard as I could now, my pelvis making wet slapping noises against her clit, my balls bouncing off her large backside.

I was holding her legs up by her ankles and said “Grab hold of your massive tits and squeeze those nipples”, it took her a moment to understand what I had said but she complied pinching her big nipples in each hand. I carried on pounding her pussy at a furious pace, her juices were leaking and splashing all over the place.

“Tell Jim what it feels like”.

She looked at Jim and said “Mark’s cock feels so big, so hard and its fucking me so good, oh my God its wonderful, look what a real man can do Jim”. She looked back at me, “please don’t stop”.

I laughed, “Don’t worry I’m not going to stop until you cum now”.

I turned to Jim, “take hold of her leg and hold it up”, he reached out and grabbed hold of her left ankle. I let go and immediately started to rub her clit very fast with my hand while fucking her as hard as I could.

“Oooohhh God YES that’s it, Ooohhh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God”, she was bucking her hips up off the bed in time with my cock now and she was really close, “let go of your nipples” I said. She let go and then “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes I’m cumming”. I could feel her pussy pulsating and huge amounts of juice gushing around my hardness, I pulled out and she started squirting all over my crotch, her head was thrashing around again. Her huge tits were bouncing from side to side, her hard nipples looked like bullets, an incredibly sexy sight.

She gradually calmed down with little jolts and shocks spasming her body. We gently lowered and let go of her legs. I moved back to the side of the bed and climbed up next to her, I grabbed hold of her shoulders and pulled her further up the bed. Again I pushed her head down to my side, and while kneeling with my legs wide apart I pressed my cock against her mouth. She opened her lips and let me slide in without even opening her eyes. I gently fucked her mouth.

“Did you cum inside her?” Jim asked.

“I haven’t cum yet Jim, I’m a man and I have some control” I smiled as I said it, he blushed very red as I looked down at the wet stain on his crotch. I let Marje recover while gently fucking her mouth, it felt fantastic but it wasn’t long before I was thrusting faster. I started slapping her tits again, just gently to start with but then harder and harder as my thrusting tempo increased. She opened her eyes, she looked a bit knackered to be fair but I hadn’t finished with her yet. I reached down and rubbed her whole pussy mound with my palm, she moaned loudly, but it didn’t sound like in a good way.

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