Mary’s Secret Winter Orgasms Ch. 03

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Everybody in this story is over 18


January 1987

It was blistering cold and the girls were shivering on the porch as I fumbled with the keys.

“Hurry up, I’m f.. f… freezing out here,” Mary said with a shiver.

“I’m trying, but my hands are cold and this lock is like frozen or stuck or something.”

“Does this help?” Boots slipped her ice-cold hand down my pajama pants and expertly handled my cock while I tried to pull the stuck key from the lock.

“Actually Boots… that is giving me more leverage.” She smiled and without letting go she twirled closer and kissed me.

Mary snuggled in closer and said “Well do something, I’m r… really r… regretting this short skirt decision, my ppp… pussy is fff… freezing.”

“Oh no!” Boot said out of genuine concern for Mary’s pussy, “here I’ll warm it up for you” She slipped her free hand under Mary’s skirt and gently cupped her lips for warmth.

“YEAHHHIKS!” Mary jumped and shrieked.” Boots! Your hands are freezing!”

“Yeah, they are,” Boots agreed.

“Oh wait! I think I left the back door unlocked.” Mary started trudging through the waist-high snow drifts to the back door and Boots followed closely behind.

Once inside the three of us sat on the couch snuggling and warming up.

Mary was sitting in the middle of our warm cuddle shivering and she snuggled a little closer, “I’m still so cold you guys, could we get naked and snuggle under the blanket on the soft carpet in front of the fireplace?”

“Yeah, let’s get naked, these clothes are soaking wet.” Boots exclaimed. “We can make a Mary sandwich! That will warm you up.”

“YEAH, MAKE ME A SANDWICH!” Mary laughed and shook her fist.

The girls started shedding their winter clothing and while I stripped, I couldn’t take my eyes off of their perfect bodies.

Boots held my shoulder as she slinked out of her black leggings and when she knelt down to take them off she gingerly slipped my cock into her mouth for just a moment.

The girls cozied up in the blanket on the soft carpet in front of the fireplace and Mary was spooning Boots trying to capture as much warmth as possible, just their heads were poking out from the covers in the cutest most snuggly way.

I quickly hung our wet clothes to dry and grabbed a big log to toss on the fire, as I walked across the room my hard cock was bouncing around in a really unmanageable way and the ladies couldn’t help but notice.

“Well that’s about the hottest thing I have ever seen,” Boots smiled.

“Yeah, it is,” Mary scooted closer to boots and wrapped her hand around one of her breasts under the blanket.” Look at it bouncing around while he’s carrying that dirty log… so manly.”

I wasn’t sure if they were being sarcastic or if it was really hot.

“Hurry up!” Mary jokingly demanded. “We aren’t a sandwich without the bread; we’re like, just two pieces of cold Bologna, on the floor.”

“Ha! Well, if I’m bread, wouldn’t that make Boots bread too?

“Mary… I think you’re the only cold bologna.” Boots giggled while the girls snuggled.

“Could you toss me a pillow when you’re done?” Boots asked as she gently kissed Mary.

“Sure,” I knelt down to slip a pillow under the girl’s heads.

Boots tilted her head back and opened her mouth as a silent invitation, so I slipped the head of my cock past her soft lips and gave a few uncontrollable primal thrusts pushing deeper.

Mary gently kissed equal parts my shaft and Boots lips as she snuggled into the blankets, she hugged Boots and smiled, “This is really nice, all cozy here with you guys.” She said contently as she watched me slowly push deeper into Boots’ throat.

I held it deep inside for a moment until Mary slowly lifted her arm from under the covers and gently gripped my balls, “What does it taste like?” She asked as she guided me out of Boots’ mouth.

Boots gently kissed Mary’s soft lips and quietly laughed, “He tastes like my pussy.”

“YOUR pussy? How does he taste like you, when I spent the whole car ride fucking him in the back seat?” Marry giggled and kissed boots before she could respond.

“Mary…let go of my balls its cold and I want to get in there with you guys.” She gave a cute little protest noise into boots mouth and pulled me closer so that my slippery shaft was sliding around their cold faces as they kissed.

Mary eventually slipped her tongue out of Boots’ mouth and let go of my cock as she pulled the blankets back, she smiled, slapped her ass and said, “Yeah! Get in here.”

I slinked in behind Mary and hugged her tight, my slippery cock pushed between her legs and rested between her dripping pussy lips. “Are you that wet or is that cum from earlier that’s making things so slippery down there?”

“I’m not sure,” she giggled, “this is super-hot though.” She gave a few thrusts to slide her clit up and down my shaft and I wrapped my arms around Boots to pull the three of us as close as possible.

Boots wiggled her butt around a little and asked, pendik escort “Is that your cock poking me from between Mary’s legs?”

“Hee hee.”… Mary giggled. “Yeah, it’s poking through, it’s like I have a short little dick.” Mary scooted back so as much as possible poked through.

“Can I…” Boots scooted around trying to find a good angle, “Can I get it in me like this, maybe just the tip?”

“Yeah!” Mary said excitedly, “It’s like I’m borrowing your dick!”

“Ha! …Oh my god, you girls,” I laughed at the ladies antics.

Boots wiggled around a bit… “I don’t think it’s going to reach.” She concluded.

“Aww…” Mary was disappointed. “What about in your ass?

“Maybe…” She wiggled a bit more. “It’s right there, I can feel it almost pushing in.”

I held Boots’ hips and squished us together as tight as possible. “Mary? Is this squishing you too much?

“Yes… but I love it.”

I could feel the head of my cock finally pushing into boots tight asshole and Mary’s dripping wet pussy sandwiched between us was providing a wonderful lube that let me slip right in.

“Ooooh!” Boots yelled. “It’s in!”

“Oh wow!” Mary giggled.

We stayed still for just a little while until Mary started wiggling her hips and sliding her pussy lips around on my cock. “Mary, I’ m going to slip out if you keep wiggling around like that.” I gently informed her.

“Well if it comes out just shove it back in,” Mary said as she continued wiggling and sliding her clit around on my shaft. “I want to feel your cock fucking Boots in the ass.” She held my hand and we both hugged boots.

“Oh Yeah, do that!” Boots agreed in her cute French accent. She held both of our entwined hands and slipped them between her legs.

Boots was thrusting and writhing with pleasure as three hands explored the lower half of her body, and with every thrust; I popped out of her ass and had to push through Mary’s slippery thighs to get back in.

Being connected at all points by our most sensitive body parts felt amazing, even the slightest movement was amplified and I felt on the verge of orgasm for an eternity.

The girls were both smiling contently with their eyes closed while they were getting gently and peacefully fucked.

I kissed the top of Mary’s head and watched them for just a moment before laying my head on Boots soft dark hair that was covering the pillow… it smelled like coconuts.

We snuggled like this for quite a while, the three of us just comfortably connected and sharing orgasms while our naked bodies soaked in the warmth.

Mary eventually broke the silence with a little moan and she tried to arch her back, but she was fairly unsuccessful since she was sandwiched so tightly between us.

I held their hands that were between Boots legs and both girls were slowly fingering Boots clit, so I slid two fingers into her pussy and tried to match the slow thrusting of her anal intrusion.

I could feel the warm waves of an orgasm washing over me and by the sound of Mary’s squeaks and Boots gentle uncontrollable moaning the girls weren’t far behind.

When they got closer to orgasm they sped up the thrusting, and as they did, the head of my cock left Boots body, and then pushed back in, over and over again.

“OH GOD!” Boots yelled as she squirmed and pushed my fingers deeper inside.

With my free hand, I held her thigh still while I quickly fucked her ass as she squirmed and writhed.

Mary was quickly grinding her clit into my shaft while she joyfully squeaked with every thrust, and just as I was about to cum Boots lurched forward quickly pulling my cock from her ass.

Boots went tense and was shaking with orgasm; she gently pushed back and my cock nestled between her soft butt-cheeks as I started to cum.

I slowly pumped every last drop between her slippery cheeks, and our combined juices squished between our naked bodies.

The sudden lubrication sent Mary right over the edge and she also tensed up and started shaking. “OH…Oh…OH…” She said into Boots’ ear with every little thrust one of us made.

As the girls wiggled and danced in orgasmic bliss they smeared our combined natural juices all over our lower half’s until we were thick with slippery love.

Eventually, both of the girls stopped any voluntary movement and nobody said a word, they just shook and quivered as I held them tight and we all drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken a short time later by Mary squirming around in her sleep, I squeezed boots tight to sandwich her in a hug, but In a typical Mary fashion, she didn’t stop squirming until my cock slipped from between her thighs and rested on her tight little asshole.

She pushed back ever so slightly, as her sleeping mind was trying to convince her sleeping body to open up and start taking me in.

“She wants you in her butt.” Boots quietly said.

“I know, I’m already in there, she likes to sleep like this,” I said quietly. “If I rest my cock between her üsküdar escort cheeks she just pulls me right in and keeps it all night… it’s weird.

“Yeah, it is.” Boots agreed and gently kissed me before we drifted off.

I awoke sometime later to find I was still rock hard and still lodged deep in Mary’s ass, Boots was nowhere to be seen but I heard the unmistakable sounds of Mickey Mousecapades.

I twisted myself around to see Boots Naked and slumped on the couch playing Nintendo.

When I twisted to look at Boots, my cock slid out of Mary’s tight little ass and nestled between her soft cheeks, I could feel some of the cum I have been filling her with for the past two days trying to escape while it had the chance.

Mary was loudly snoring and I hugged her tight as I pushed my cock back in.

She just kept snoring and had no noticeable reaction, so I pushed deeper until I felt the resistance of her second sphincter muscle… still no reaction, so I slowly pushed in farther, I could feel her body opening up deep inside as it accepted me completely.

I hugged Mary tightly and gently kissed her soft neck while her ass muscles quivered and massaged my cock as her body tried to expel the secret intrusion.

Eventually, I slowly pulled out but instantly missed the feeling of this beautiful girl hugging my cock from the inside so I quickly pushed back in.

This time I was met with very little resistance, so out of pure primal instinct, I pulled out and quickly forced my way back into her lifeless body … Still snoring Mary had no reaction, so I went a little faster, and a little harder.

Boots looked over and quietly said, “Why don’t you come over here and let me ride you while we play Nintendo, this game is two players and Mary can’t even appreciate you fucking her right now.”

“Ok.” I agreed as I vigorously pounded Mary’s ass, “It’s pretty crazy how she never wakes up.” I said as I fucked her faster and harder to actually try to wake her… but she just kept snoring.

“I know right, I have done some weird shit to her in her sleep and she never wakes up.” Boots smiled.

I snuggled Mary and gave a few more, quick goodbye thrusts before escaping the cozy confines of her cute little body.

My glistening rock hard shaft bounced as I stood up and stretched.

“God… you’re so cute with your bouncy cock.” Boots laughed and slid the corner of the controller up and down her clit.

“You’re so cute with your sexy naked Nintendo playing.”

I tucked Mary into the blanket like a burrito and gently kissed her soft lips before joining Boots on the couch.

When I sat down, Boots slipped my cock into her mouth for a quick cleaning, and when she pulled it out she said, “There you go governor, that’ll be five cents.” She said it like a turn of the century shoeshine boy.

“Ha! You’re crazy Boots!” I laughed

“That’s a pretty good deal for five cents,” she giggled and slid off the couch. “Do you want to be Mickey or Minnie?” She knelt down on all fours with her cute little butt in the air to reset the Nintendo.

“I’ll be Mickey.”

“No, your Minnie, I want to be Mickey.”

“Why did you ask me if I had no choice,” I asked as I stared at her butt, she was slowly waving it in the air assuming I was staring.

“It’s the illusion of choice that makes people happy.”

“Ha! The illusion of choice sounds like a guns and roses cover band.” I slowly dragged two fingers up her inner thigh and slid them up and down her clit. “Have you heard appetite for destruction yet?”

“Not the whole thing, I do have the cassette single of welcome to the jungle, but I listened to it so many times the tape is almost worn out.”

“I’ll wear you out,” I said as I slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy.

“HA! That’s unlikely.” She said confidently.

“Well, I can try,” I slid my wet fingers up and down her clit a few times and kissed her butt cheek as I picked up the second controller and sprawled across the whole couch giving Boots nowhere to sit.

She looked back at me sweetly and said, “I hope you do wear me out.”

Boots did a little sexy crawl back to the couch and upon finding nowhere to sit she smiled and said in a fake dramatic tone, “Oh no, where ever am I to sit, the whole couch has been taken up by a naked boy.”

She grabbed the controller and with a dramatic fainting Sothern bell motion, she slowly sunk my cock deep into her body as she sat down.

“Ah, that’s nice.” She said while she wiggled around and bounced a few times before hitting start.

“This is nice.” I agreed.

My controller was slippery from wet fingers and I was distracted by Boots fucking me so I wasn’t really playing at top form, but we soon got the key and when we beat the first level, Boots bounced around and yelled “Yay!” While the cut screen of Mickey calling Minnie to the ocean stage played.

“Awe, I hate the ocean stage,” Boots complained while she slowly slid up and down my shaft.

“I anadolu yakası escort know right, those big waves suck.”

“I hate them… But I love how hard you are right now, those pills are really working.” Boots said as she gently bounced. “I’m surprised they have the technology in 1987 to make a cock hard for a whole day, that seems more of like a 1998 invention,” she said in a rather lame and transparent attempt to cover up a clear lack of research.

“Yeah they are pretty great, I think I just pumped a load into Mary as we slept, and I’m still rock hard.”

“Yeah you did, I was watching you guys fuck in your sleep, and it was super cute… Mary had an orgasm and didn’t even wake up.”

HA! … Mary… She’s so cute, she never wakes up; I looked over at her snuggled into her cute blanket burrito.

“Yeah, she couldn’t get much cuter.” Boots smiled and almost on cue Mary squeaked, tossed around a little and started sucking her thumb.

“You know,” Boots smiled devilishly, “If you slip your dick into her mouth she will suck you dry, thinking it’s her thumb.”

“Really, that works?”

“Yup, she loves it, one time a guy was doing it and filled her mouth with cum, she didn’t even wake up, she just made gurgling noises as she snored.

“Really, that’s hilarious, was she upset when she woke up?

“No, of course not, I told you she loves it, she said it was her breakfast.”

“HA! That girl is amazing.”

“Yeah, she is.” Boot said as we returned to our game and she returned to lightly bouncing on my cock.

We stayed like this for some time, naked on the couch in the warm comfort of the soft living room having sex and playing games until… it happened…

Somebody jiggled the handle of the front door.

I looked at Boots wide-eyed… and she looked at me even wider-eyed… then she looked down at her naked belly… and then she looked at her naked pussy… that was impaled on my naked cock.

We both looked at the door and stayed perfectly still listing for the faintest of clues as to what was about to happen… and then…

We heard keys and the clear sound of the deadbolt unlocking.

“Guys? Did you hear that noise?” Mary jumped up out of a dead sleep and was standing in the middle of the room completely naked.

Before I could say anything the front door swung open letting in a cold gust of wind and a blast of blinding winter sunlight, and then…

Mary’s Dad burst through the door… and immediately ran upstairs frantically yelling, “HEY KIDS, I FORGOT MY SUITCASE AND HAD TO COME all the way…” He trailed off as he hit the top of the stairs.

We all just stayed frozen for a moment trying to understand what just happened.

“OH MY GOD!” Mary silently yelled.

Boots quietly mouthed to Mary “He can’t see us, it’s really bright outside and it’s dark in here.”

We heard him rustling around upstairs and then tromping through the hallway about to come back down.

Mary, thinking quickly grabbed the big blanket and ran over to us on the couch; she sat down on my face and threw the blanket in the air.

“Hey guys, I forgot my suitcase, ” He said, and just as he turned his head in our direction the blanket draped over us, completely covering any sign of me and making it look like the girls are just playing an innocent mickey mouse game.

“Where is your stepbrother?” he asked.

“Umm, I think he took the snowmobile to town or something,” Mary answered as I was being suffocated by her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh ok, well if you kids shovel that driveway before your mom gets home I’ll stop and get pizza hut for dinner.”

“Oooo, Oooo, Can I stay for pizza?” Boots said excitedly as she bounced up and down.

“Boots, you know you’re always welcome.”

She was happily swaying back and forth, and as my cock secretly slid around deep inside her I started to feel the beginning of an orgasm washing over me while they chatted it up.

“Well this is just the worst timing,” I thought as I pumped cum deep inside Boots and tried to steal a breath of air around Mary’s slippery pussy lips. “How do I keep getting myself into these situations?”

“Well I have to go, I’m on a lunch break, I’ll see you kids tonight, and remind your brother about the driveway please.”

“Ok bye dad!” the girls yelled as he slammed the door shut.

I clawed my way out from under Mary and Boots slid off of my cock as I stood up.

Boots was doing a little naked dance chanting, “pizza hut to-night, pizza hut to-night.”

“Wow! That was crazy!” I said while trying to catch my breath.

“I could feel you cum inside me.” Boots whispered as she kissed my panting lips.

Mary locked the deadbolt and laughed, “We need to be better at this.”

Boots was chanting her pizza song louder to drown out our worries, PIZZA HUT TO-NIGHT, PIZZA HUT TO-NIGHT!” She yelled as she danced.

“YEAH, WE NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL,” I yelled over Boots pizza chants.

Boot pizza chanted even louder to drown out my yelling,” PIZZA HUT TO-NIGHT!!” She screamed as her dances turned into marching.

Mary got a concerned look on her face and said, “Maybe we shouldn’t be so…”

Boots cut her off before she could finish her thought, “PIZZA HUT TONIGHT!!” She said in a fake possessed exorcist voice.

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