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Lars and I had planned this vacation for months; I’d been looking forward to revisiting San Francisco and spending time with my old friend Teddy. Lars had business come up at the last minute, but suggested I still go alone. I left the cool crisp air and blazing colors of Midwestern autumn and jetted to catch the morning fog still clinging in ghostly wisps to the shoreline hillsides. Teddy, of course insisted I stay at her place, saying it would be like old times and that she’d lined up fun things to do while I was here, like a masquerade party. She even promised to take care of the costumes, so how could I say no?

I remembered the old times vividly; we’d been friends in high school and then rented an apartment together. As room mates I had often lain in my bed listening to the sounds of passion she and her many male admirers made in the next room. Of Polynesian lineage, she was truly an exotic beauty, totally at ease with her own sensuality. She had waist long, deep mahogany hair, wide hips, and almond shaped golden brown eyes. She had invited me to join the fun in her room a number of times, but the farthest I’d gotten was the doorway, where I stood watching the shifting forms in the darkened room for a moment before stumbling back to my own bed. I’d felt guilty for listening, imagining and resorted to masturbating, caught in a web of my own fears.

The night of the party we started off drinking wine and toking, lounging around in our robes and laughing at old memories while vintage 70’s music flowed. Around 8, Teddy finally said it was time to get ready and I followed her into her room where I saw 2 costumes laid out on the bed and between them a green crystal orb with a golden chain attached. As I removed my robe and turned to hang it over the back of the chair I was startled as Teddy’s fingertips outlined the hummingbird tattoo on my shoulder blade then traced shivers down my spine to the dragon low in the small of my back and over to the raven on my hip. ‘I can see you have gotten a bit braver over the years. Yes, I think you are finally ready and hungry enough to let go of your fears and fully explore your sexuality,’ she murmured.

We helped each other get into our costumes, gentle hands on sensitive skin becoming lingering, teasing caresses. I almost swooned when she leaned down and kissed and tongued the butterfly on my breast, the feeling was so exquisite. By the time our open lips touched I was barely breathing as our tongues met in a silken dance. Teddy stepped back and caressed my cheek. ‘There will be sex at the party tonight and you are going to participate, not just watch this time. I won’t let anyone hurt you. Do you trust me?’ She turned me to face the mirror and I barely recognized the Genie standing there next to the Polynesian queen. My breasts were barely covered by a green gauze scarf tied in back, and short velvet vest trimmed with gold, my stomach and tummy exposed. A number of gauzy green scarves hung from a green velvet girdle that parted as I moved, allowing glimpses of the green and gold thong beneath. The outfit was finished by slave bands on my arms, wrists and ankles and satin slippers. She was stunning in a short red and yellow jungle print pareo slung low and knotted over one hip, showing the whole leg. She completed her outfit with matching bikini bra and thong, a slender aromatic lei and narrow sandals. She picked up the green orb, wrapped antalya escort the chain around her wrist a couple of times and snapped the closure. ‘You are a genie; whoever has the orb controls you. You must stay in character no matter what.’ I paused for a moment, figured who the hell would bother with me, I’d be safe just watching. ‘Yes Maam’ was all I said and she smiled, squeezed my hand and we left.

The house she took me to seemed huge. In the front room I stood there marveling at all the people in various costumes. I was trying to figure out if the Tigress wore costume or body paint when I heard the sexiest male voice behind me. Damn, it was like dark smoke, warm honey, rough and silky all at the same time and my tummy quivered in response. ‘Ah, Teddy my sweet, I see you made it, and you’ve managed to talk your friend into coming along.’ Turning around, I faced the furred chest of a 6′ pirate wearing a vest, black breeches, black boots, and a wide bandolier type belt from which a large sword hung. His dark beard contrasted starkly with his vivid blue eyes as he smiled down at me. ‘A green eyed genie… how unusual. She’ll do quite nicely Teddy.’ I looked questioningly at her as she unfastened the chain from her wrist and handed the orb to him. ‘My gift to you Frank. Rae will be an obedient genie for her new master. Wont you?’ I opened my mouth to protest, thought what the hell, it’s just a game and nodded acquiescence. We stood there talking and I grew more comfortable with him. He offered to get us drinks but I declined, since I was still feeling a bit buzzed from earlier. Our host came over and invited us to go down to the basement, where the ‘action’ was.

The basement was paneled in dark wood; big cushions scattered all around and lit only by numerous candles. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, the sights, sounds and scents surrounding me overwhelmed me. I gasped as I saw a cowgirl on all fours being fucked by a pirate while she sucked a caveman’s cock. In another grouping 2 French maids loved one another, hands busy between each other’s legs. Another cluster of about 5 or 6 people was writhing as every one clutched, sucked and fucked. My body was reacting and I could feel the hot flush on my face and chest. I stood transfixed, unable to do more than shake my head no when I heard Frank offer to get me a drink or take me back upstairs. In one corner 2 gypsy women were guiding a monks’ cock into the ass of a moaning roman slave girl while they played with her pussy and each other’s.

Frank handed us each a drink and I nervously downed mine and continued to look around. I watched, getting hotter by the moment, as I saw a gladiator eating a dominatrix while she fingered the nun sprawled next to her and bucked her hips up against his mouth as she came. I was breathing fast and shallow as I felt the glass taken from my fingers and another replace it. I downed this drink as fast as the first one, trying to cool down. Frank leaned close in, asking me again if I wanted to go back upstairs. I looked at Teddy smiling knowingly at me and said, ‘No sir, if it pleases you to stay here, then I want to stay.’

I felt his hand slide caressingly along my back to cup my ass through the gauzy skirt and moved closer. My heart raced as he patted and squeezed it. He stroked up my side to my breast, and looking over I could see he was already cupping Teddy’s breast and teasing antalya rus escort her nipples, so I turned toward him and pressed my breast into his hand. His fingers brushed aside the vest and traced circles around my erect nipples through the gauzy top and a whimper escaped from my throat. My head fell back against his shoulder and I traced my tongue along the rim of his ear, then slithered it in, feeling him shiver. I turned to face him and ran my hand slowly up his thigh, meeting Teddy’s fingers at his cock. He kissed us in turns, tongues darting, hands arousing, and bodies starting to move together. Teddy put her hands around his neck and told him that she wanted him to fuck us. He said, ‘I thought you’d never ask’ he laughed and led us into a small curtained off alcove.

It was furnished with cushions, candles, and a low table with an assortment of toys and oils. He removed my vest and the gauze band and then Teddy’s’ bra too. My back arched, body straining toward him as he took one of my nipples into his hot mouth, teasing and sucking at it, and laughing when I moaned. He kicked off his boots and Teddy undid his pants; they fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. He took off his vest and the belt with sword dropping it with a loud clink. I watched her hand wrap around his cock, his eyes closed in sensual enjoyment as she expertly squeezed and stroked the length of it. My pussy began to get damp when I saw her drop to her knees on the cushions and lick his balls. He ordered me to suck his cock and I knelt beside her and ran my tongue along the shaft and up to the head to lick the droplets gathering there. Damn, he tasted so good. Soon both of us were licking and sucking his cock, tongues touching around it, as he moaned above us and tangled his fingers in our hair, urging us on. I took the head of his beautiful cock into my mouth, sliding down to the base, holding him there for a moment and swallowing around it before sucking my way back up then nipping on the way back down. I jumped and gasped in surprise when I felt her fingers on my mound and he shoved his cock deep into my throat. I reached a hand over to caress her too, pushing aside the thong and feeling her plump wet lips. Her legs parted slightly, and I ran my fingers deep into her slick hole as hers raced into mine and I moaned around his cock.

Frank pulled back and told us how lovely we looked pleasuring each other. He motioned us to lie back on the cushions and said he wanted me to eat Teddy’s’ pussy. I had often fantasized making love with her, but not with a man watching. I knelt there undecided as he settled on the cushions near her. ‘I think she may require some discipline Teddy,’ he growled softly. She shook her head and patted the cushion between them. I was so hot I didn’t care anymore so I crawled up to her and she embraced me. We started to kiss, open mouthed, angel soft, tender at first, slowly becoming hot and passionate. I had almost forgotten he was next to me when I felt his warm callused fingers softly stroking my neck, shoulders and down my back. It was such a contrast to her soft cool fingers on my breasts; so erotic.

I kissed and licked down to Teddy’s’ full breasts, teasing her dark brown nipples into hard points with my tongue and teeth. His one hand slid along my ass, slipping off my thong, holding my hips in place, while the other pushed down antalya ucuz escort on my shoulder, urging me to continue my downward journey. Frank kissed my back as I licked her stomach and gently bit the crown of her hip. Teddy was moaning softly, legs pressing together in response to the fires building within. As my tongue swept across the outside of her shaven pussy I could smell how excited she was. I traced down the cleft and ran my tongue against her clit, tasting her as she spread herself open for me with her fingers. ‘Lick my pussy, Rae,’ she panted. She was already wet and my tongue slid silkily along the edges of her swollen lips. She tasted as wonderful as I stroked her delicate petals, trying to touch every surface of her pussy.

I felt her shifting and lifted my head to see Frank turning her upper body toward him and then feeding his hard cock into her open mouth until his balls touched her chin. I felt his hands pulling at my hips and tensed, unsure of what he was trying to do. I was rewarded with a sharp slap to my ass and my resistance ended quickly. He pulled one leg over his shoulder and then nibbled his way up my thigh to my sex. I shuddered, moaning as his tongue made contact with my pussy and my legs opened wider involuntarily. It felt like liquid fire as his tongue slid up and down my slit then circled and focused on my clit. I buried my face back into Teddy’s’ pussy thrusting my tongue deeply into her, drinking in her juices and the sounds of her moans as he fucked her mouth. Her hips began to buck hard and I grabbed her tightly so I could keep eating her, loving her. I could feel that I was getting close to release and cried out when Frank pulled away. ‘Okay ladies, next phase, I want to fuck the genie.’

He pushed and prodded me until I was on my hands and knees, then told Teddy to get under me. I felt him pressing against my slit and pushed back; damn, I wanted that cock in me so bad. The head moved past the barrier of my muscles then rushed deeper into my slick hole, and I moaned as he buried his cock in me to the hilt. He held there as my body flexed and contracted around him for a moment and started a slow steady stroking. I looked down, saw Teddy’s’ beautiful pussy beckoning to me, and buried my tongue deep into her, as she rose up against my mouth. I felt her fingers moving to my cunt, pinching my clit and stroking his cock as it moved in and out of me. I moaned and started sucking her clit. She started moaning, urging Frank to fuck me harder and faster, telling us both how fantastic it was to watch his cock sliding in and out of me. I looked under, along the length of our bodies and saw she was tonguing his balls as they slapped against my pussy. He was fucking me with hard, deep, full strokes, both of us grunting each time our bodies slammed together. ‘Damn. Yes, lick us both’, he ground out.

Teddy suddenly shoved her hips up hard against my mouth and I slid two fingers into her and stroked, matching the cock moving in me to push her over the edge. She screamed and started licking at my clit and his cock and squeezed his balls. Frank stiffened and rammed hard into me swearing and moaning as his balls shot his jizz deep and hot into my belly. That was too much, his cock slammed into me, spurting, and I buried my face in her pussy as I moaned and shuddered through my own orgasm. As the intense waves receded and my pussy finished spasming and milking his cock I rested my head on Teddy’s’ tummy. I felt his cock soften and slide out, and then he lay down on the cushions and held us against him in a jumbled heap of sweaty, but satisfied bodies. He kissed me gently, handed me the orb and told me to keep it as a memento of my newfound freedom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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