Master and Slave: The Meeting

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Please note: This is unofficially the first story in a series of stories about Slave and his meetings with Master. It was not a planned series, it just morphed into it.

On to the story.

The sub stood at the door, butterflies in his stomach. He has exchanged emails, and chatted and even talked a couple of times on the phone but now it was the moment of truth. He was going to explore a new side of sex with what some people would call a stranger.

Would he be able to go through with it. What would his buddies say if they ever found out he was doing this. Finally with what felt like sweat pouring down his face he knocked.

The door slid open and his Master was standing there. He looked normal, wearing khaki pants, shirt and shoes. His dick hardened a little as he felt his heart beat increase more. If it got any faster it might blow his heart out of his chest. After saying hello, he walked in.

The sub put down the bag containing the items his Master requested and the Master closed the door and locked it. They shook hands and the sub sat down in the chair. The Master took the chair next to him. They spent a few minutes making small talk. Finally Master hinted that it was time to start. He sends the slave off to the bathroom to get changed.

The slave picks up his bag and walks into the bathroom. He opens it up and pulls out the babydoll with matching sheer panties. The slave strips off his clothes and his erect cock, betrays his nervousness.

He slides the panties on and tries to tuck in his cock. It won’t stay so he just picks up the sheer top. He pulls the top over his head and it settles in on his shoulders. The top is just long enough that it reaches the top of his panties. Allowing anyone to see his excited cock. He looks at himself in the mirror, takes a deep breath and walks back out into the room.

The slave sees Master’s eyes open a little wider and then a small smile crosses his face. As the slave walks over Master tells him to walk slower and to swing his hips a little more. Slave struggles to walk like a sissy. Once slave is in front of Master, Master orders him to turn around and walk back to the other side of the room again.

Slave walks away while feeling his cock continue to throb and drip. He turns again and walks back. Once he is standing in front of Master, he just stands there waiting for the next command. Master looks at him and says “It is good to see that your clit shows how excited you are” Master orders him to turn around and face away from him.

The Slave stands there facing away. He jumps when he feels the hands of a man on his ass for the first time. His cock/clit is still throbbing. Master runs his hands across the slave’s panty covered ass. He smiles as the slave jumps at his touch. After caressing the slave’s ass for a few minutes he orders him to his knees. Slave drops down nervously wondering what is next. Master then orders the slave to remove his pants. The slave reaches out and unbuckles the belt and unbuttons the pants.

The slave begins to tug down Master’s pants. Master raises his hips to allow the pants to slide down. The slave can see Master’s cock tenting his underwear. Can the slave really take another man’s cock in his mouth? It looks like he is about to find out. After pulling down the Master’s pants and getting them over his feet, the slave was told to sit up.

The Master orders the slave to put his hands on his Master’s thighs. The slave is then ordered to move closer in between the Master’s legs. The slave could see the wetness of the head as it peeked through the silken boxers. “Oh my god, am I going to really do this?” was all that was running through the slave’s head as he got closer and closer. The Master then began to use his hands on the slave’s head, moving it closer and closer to his now erect cock.

The master gently urged him on, saying, “You can do it, You know you want to try it.” The slave slowly opened his mouth while reaching up to pull down the Master’s boxers. After working them over the length of the cock the boxers quickly fell to the floor. The slave knelt back between the Masters legs and looked at his large cock looming in front of him. The slave slowly opened his mouth, the master’s hands on his head guiding him closer and closer. He could smell the excitement from the pre-cum and the smell of being freshly showered, as he got closer. The slave’s hands were on the Master’s thighs for balance.

The swollen head got closer and closer, the slave could feel the heat coming off of it, he could see the pre-cum. His own heart felt like it would explode in his chest. He could still use the code word to stop if he wanted. He was so horny though, that he couldn’t help himself. His tongue, his mouth and his dick had taken control of his brain. He opened his mouth and his tongue slid out to touch the crown of the cock. Finally after what seemed like ages, the slave felt the warmth of the Master’s cock on his tongue.

The Master let out a low groan. The slave began to gently lick the bostancı escort head and tentatively licked a little of the shaft. Finally the slave opened his mouth and took the head into his mouth. It filled his mouth with warmth. The slave couldn’t believe the feelings. He felt dirty, kinky, perverted, horny and ashamed all at the same time. What would his friends think if they saw him like this? The Master began to use his hands to work some more of the cock into the slave’s mouth. All other issues ran out of the slave’s mind as he tried to take more of this cock into his mouth.

The Master began to gently fuck the slave’s mouth, pushing more and more in. The slave began to gag and push back with his hands on the Master’s thighs to give him some breathing room. As the Master’s cock slid in and out of his mouth, the slave began to run his tongue over as much of it as he could. He even took one hand and began to massage the Master’s balls. The slave heard another groan of pleasure. His own cock was now dripping with cum into his panties. The Master continued to talk words of encouragement. The slave tried to think of all the things he liked to feel on his cock and duplicate them on the Master’s cock. He licked and sucked the shaft working up and down the length, letting on hand jerk off the shaft as he sucked just the head. Swirling his tongue around the head, tasting the pre-cum that was leaking out.

The slave began to suck harder and harder, wanting to please the Master. His hands now massaging the Master’s balls and shaft. The slave was trying to suck the Master deeper into his mouth. As he was sucking it, he saw a flash of light. The Master had taken a picture of him with a cock deep into his mouth. His lips stretched wide around the cock. The slave’s face blushed with shame. The slave was so horny that he began stroking the Master faster and harder. The slave could feel the cock in his mouth get hotter and harder. It filled his mouth even more. He began to feel the balls tighten in their sack; the slave could hear the Master’s breathing become a little more rapid.

The Master’s hands on his head gripped him a little tighter. The Master was forcing the cock back into the slave’s mouth. Driving it deeper, making the slave gag as the head tried to go back into the slave’s throat. The slave continued to suck and lick the head and shaft as best as he could. His hands massaging the Masters balls, and stroking the shaft. The slave’s mouth was getting tired from being open for so long. Finally he felt the balls tighten more as the cock swelled one final time and began to shoot the first load of cum into his virgin mouth.

The slave quickly swallowed as the first spurt was followed by several more. The slave continued to lick and suck the Master’s cock until all the cum had been drained out and it was clean. The slave finally leaned back as the Master released the grip on his head. The slave’s panties were wet with his pre-cum. The Master looked down and just smiled at the slave.

The slave sat there on his knees in shock and awe, realizing that he had just sucked another man to orgasm and swallowed it all. The taste was different than what he tasted when he tasted his own cum. The feeling of the warm cum sliding down his throat, as the cock swelled and pumped in his mouth was a new sensation. Part of the slave’s mind was humiliated that he had done that. Part of his mind thought it was the coolest, kinkiest thing in the world. The slave’s heart rate began to return to almost normal.

Master then picked up a collar and motioned for the slave to come forward again. When the slave was kneeling in front of him, he fastened it around the slave’s neck. He next used a blindfold to cover the slave’s eyes. The Master then picked up another strap and told the slave to stand. The slave stood in front of the Master. He jumped when he felt the Master pull his panties down and quickly wrap the strap around his cock and snapped it closed.

The Master then attached a leash to the strap and pulled up to make sure it was tight. The slave grunted as he felt the sharp tugs on the leash that was now attached to his cock and balls. The Master then stood and walked over to the bed, leading the slave to the bed. He then ordered the slave to lie down on the bed on his back.

Once the slave was on his back, Master picked up a rope and tied one leg and then the other quickly to the bed. Leaving the slave’s legs spread wide and his hard cock on display. The Master then tied each arm, spreading the slave out even more. The slave tugged at the bonds and realized that he was now immobile. The Master reminded him that the code words were yellow for Slow Down or hold on and Red was for stop. The slave began to speak that he understood when the Master picked up a gag and pushed it into the slave’s mouth. After strapping the gag in place, the Master put a handkerchief in the slave’s hands and let him know that if he needed to stop at any time all he had to do was drop the handkerchief and he would be released. ümraniye escort bayan The slave nodded that he understood.

As the slave lay on the bed, the Master began pulling out some toys to torment his new slave. The master started off with applying some clothespins to the slave’s nipples. The slave gasped though the gag as he felt the pins on his nipples. When the Master began to apply more pins to the slave’s “clitty” he began to squirm more and more.

Finally as time passed the slave began to get used to the feeling. The slave thought he heard the whir of the camera and this caused his cock to surge in excitement. Just as the slave was getting used to the feelings, he jumped as his thighs were hit by a flogger type device. He felt the strands hit his legs and then slowly be drawn over the skin. The flogger worked its way across the slave’s stomach and across his chest, bringing groans of pain from the slave as the clothespins on his nipples finally got knocked off. It wasn’t serious pain but it was enough to make the slave groan into the gag that was in his mouth.

The slave then felt the Master remove the strap around cock and balls and began to quickly pull the clothespins off of his balls and shaft. This caused the slave to jerk against his bonds more and more. The sensation of another man’s hands on his balls caused the slave’s cock to surge again. His clitty/cock was dripping cum in excitement. All the slave could do is wonder what was next. The slave could feel the Master then attach another harness to his balls and clitty/cock. This time it stretched out his balls from his clitty/cock and another strap ran between his balls pressing them apart from each other. The slave groaned into the gag as the straps were buckled.

The Master asked him if he was alright and the slave nodded his head up and down indicating that he was okay. The slave again heard the whir of the camera and he thought he saw several flashes of light.

The slave jumped again as his clitty/cock and balls were now being tapped with some type of crop. The crop quickly hit and moved all over his exposed and bound balls and cock. The slave continues to jump and squirm. Just when he doesn’t think he can stand anymore, the Master stops. A sigh escapes from the slave’s mouth as he breathes around the gag.

While the slave recovers, the Master unties the slaves feet and folds them up towards his balls. The Master then takes the ropes that are attached to the slaves ankles and begins to tie them to his balls. The slave grunts as he feels his legs and feet being pulled up towards his waist. As he naturally tries to stretch his legs, he groans when he feels the pressure on his balls and clitty/cock. Now one foot is attached to his balls and the other has been tied to the head of his clitty/cock.

The whir and the flash of the camera added to his humiliation. The slave jumps as he feels the crop begin to strike his clitty/cock, balls and ass now. Some slaps are harder than others and they come in an irregular pattern. The slave’s clit is beginning to drip onto his stomach. Finally the slaps stop. The slave feels the Master pick up his head and remove the gag. His face is covered in drool. As he works the stiffness out of his jaw he feels the Master roll his head to the side. As the slave does this, he feels the Master’s cock at his lips again. The Master tells the slave to open wide. All he can do is open wide as the Master slides his dick into the slave’s mouth.

As the Master slides his dick deeper into the slave’s mouth, he tells the slave “Don’t let a drop spill out” Just a few seconds after that the Slave feels a warm watery liquid begin to fill his mouth. He struggles to swallow as the Master continues to fill his mouth with pee. Finally the Slave feels the flow slow down and stops. The slave instinctively licks the head clean and as he does this, the Master’s cock begins to swell in his mouth. The slave couldn’t believe that Master was getting hard again already. As the slave continues to suck and lick the shaft filling his mouth, he feels Master’s hand beginning to stroke his cock. The slave’s cock jumps at the touch. With his hands still tied above his head and his feet now tied to his clitty/cock and balls, all the slave can do is continue to suck on the Master’s cock.

Once Master was hard, he pulled his cock out of the slave’s mouth and proceeded to untie the slave’s feet from his cock and balls. The slave’s “clitty” was still hard. The Master then untied slave’s arms, removed his blindfold and gag and told him to stretch out for a minute. The slave sat up, wiped his mouth some and began to stretch his arms and legs, working out the kinks. The slave asked permission to use the bathroom. The Master walked into the bathroom and returned with a cup and told the slave to use this. Once the cup was almost full the slave had to stop. He looked at Master who just looked back and said, “If the cup is full, empty it” As the slave stood up to pour it out, the Master smacked the slave in the ass kartal escort and said. “No, use your mouth and drink it all” The slave brought the cup to his mouth and began to swallow it all. He had to drink quickly since he still had to pee some more.

Once the slave was done peeing, the Master ordered the slave onto the bed on his knees and hands. Once the slave was in this position Master began to tie the slaves hands to the bed again. The Master then tied slave’s feet to the bed. Slave then heard the snap of a rubber glove. The slave then felt something cold pressing against his asshole. The slave realized that it was Master’s finger pressing. Master continued to press and push and soon the finger slid into the slave’s hole. The slave let out a groan as Master began to massage his prostate. This massage caused the slave’s clitty to surge and bounce. It began to drip on the bed some.

Master then began to work a second finger in with the first one. This caused the slave to let out a groan of pain. The Master slowed down and let the slave get used to the second finger. After a little break, the Master began working both fingers in and out. Soon slave was groaning in pleasure and even pushing back against the finger invading his ass. Master then added a third finger. The Slave let out another groan as he felt his ass get stretched open. He could only imagine what was next. As the Master plunged his fingers in and out of the slave’s ass he would rub across the slave’s prostate again and again, causing the slave’s cock to drip more and bounce around. Just as the slave felt like he was going to cum, the Master withdrew his fingers from the slave’s ass.

The slave looked back to see what was going on. He saw Master rolling a condom onto his erect cock. Master told the slave to lower his head to the bed and raise his ass up. As the slave got into position, Master walked up behind the slave and began to run his cock up and down the crack of the slave’s ass. He even slid his cock down across the slave’s balls. Finally the Master settled the head of his cock at the entrance to the slave’s virgin ass. He gently began to push the swollen head of his cock into the tight ass of his slave.

The slave let out a groan and a gasp as he felt the large head begin to try and slide in. Gently but firmly the Master continued to push forward. Finally the slave felt the head slide in and he let out a sigh of relief. Master began to slowly fill the slave’s ass with his hard cock. Working the cock in deeper and deeper by pushing in, withdrawing it and then pushing in a little farther the next time. After several minutes of sliding in and out, the Master is finally in as far as he can go. His balls are slapping against the slave’s balls. The slave feels completely filled and used. He feels like a dirty kinky slut. He can’t believe that he could never work up the courage to stop it all even though he was so extremely nervous at the start.

The slave then saw the flash and knew that Master was taking more pictures. His ass was stuffed with another man’s cock and now there were pictures to remember it by. After several pictures were taken which allowed the slave to get used to the size, Master began to work his cock in and out. Pushing in deep and pulling out to the head. Every so often Master would pull all the way out and push back in forcing the slave’s hole to have to stretch wider for a second in both directions. This would cause the Slave to grunt and groan, causing more cum to drip from his cock onto the bedspread. The slave began to push back against the large cock buried in his ass. The feeling was unbelievable. He starts to think that maybe he is a sissy. The Master continues to fuck his new slave in the ass for a few more minutes and finally stops. Leaving his cock buried in the slave’s ass, the Master unties the slave’s feet and hands.

Once the slave is free, the Master orders him to flip over on his back while keeping his cock buried in his ass. The slave slides down some so he can get his legs around the Master’s body while keeping the head of the Master’s cock in his ass. He squeezes the head with his ass muscles while trying to roll over. The slave struggles to get rolled over while keeping the Master’s large cock inside his ass. Just as he thinks he is going to make it onto his back, the head of the Master’s cock slides out of his ass. The slave just finishes rolling over onto his back and looks at the hard cock that is now resting next to his clitty.

He feels like a sissy seeing the large cock next to his smaller one. The Master then grabbed a pillow and the slave picked up his ass to slide it under. The Master then grabbed his cock and began to slide it back in. The slave began to groan as he felt his ass/pussy getting stretched open again. The Master began to slide in and out of the slave’s ass. The slave grabbed his knees pulling his leg’s back, giving the Master easier access to his ass/pussy. The Master began to pump harder and faster. The slave grunted and groaned as his ass/pussy got stuffed. The slave heard the Master begin to grunt and push harder. The slave felt the Master’s cock surge as the Master stayed buried deep in his ass/pussy. The slave’s clitty/cock was pulsing and dripping cum on his stomach as he felt the Master pump his load into the condom.

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