Mature Bi-Sex Hotel Party

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I have been on the senior bi-guys web site for over a year. It has proven fruitful and I have hooked up with a few other senior guys. We’ve always had fun as I am versatile. I like to fuck & be fucked and I like to blow, as well as get blown. I always like to play around with another naked guy and just feel, explore, and basically cuddle.

Messages, passed through the sites message service, were restricted to few characters, so we usually just made a first contact and move our communications over to a mail server. The day I got the first message piqued my curiosity as it seemed to be longer than the systems character limit allows:


You have been recommended to us as a fun & sexy (who, me?) guy. We have reviewed your profile and would like to invite you to one of our afternoon parties. The attendees, at these parties, are mature men, often retired, who enjoy mutual sexual gratifications with other men.

We will be having one of these parties at a hotel close to you. If you are interested in joining us, please respond to this email address ( – ) with “Senior Bi Party Invite” as the subject of the email.

If you would like to attend, attach a full frontal nude picture, with your cock hard.

This invitation is valid for five days. If we do not receive an email from you, we will assume no interest, and will not offer another invitation.


Because the message was longer than the system limit, I figured the senders were somehow associated with the website. Since I had a couple of pictures in my site profile, I wasn’t worried about providing the required photo. I did have to get nude & stroke myself hard – an easy task while imagined myself in a party with other senior men. Then a few clicks of the mouse with my laptop webcam and I put together the email & sent it off to the party organizers.

There was a three day wait, before the email came into my mail server box:


The party will be at the Pines Hotel on Thursday afternoon. Be at the hotel by 1:00PM.

Go to the front desk and ask the desk clerk for the website Suite. They will call us and we will verify you for attendance.

Proceed to the floor & room number they give you. Knock and one of us will let you in.

As soon as you are in the suite:

Remove all clothing & hang it in the closet. There will be between four & six naked men in the room. First names only in the suite – any further meetings or individual encounters must be arranged after the party. Snacks & Drinks available.

If you require Viagra or Cialis, please use it before arrival. If you use “Poppers” please bring your own.

Basically, anything goes, however No means NO! There is no BDSM! There is no Master/Slave. Everyone was invited because they specified “Versatile” for sexual preferences. This should mean that everyone is willing to give and receive. The purpose of the party is for senior men to have fun with each other. Not cause issues with what they will or won’t do. If you are not agreeable to these rules, please remove yourself from the party.


That Thursday, the wife was heading out to a casino with some of her friends, so I had ample time to deal with the enemas & shower sessions needed to get ready for the event. Once I was sure that I wouldn’t get embarrassed by the love anus, I dressed casual and headed for the hotel. I got there about 20 minutes early, went through the desk drill and was sent up to the fourth floor to an executive suite.

The guy who let me in the suite was a stocky, totally bald – including eyebrows -, clean shaven all over, fellow, named Ed. I introduced myself as Bill and Ed gave me a hanger from the closet to hang my clothes. I undressed right in the entrance way to the suite, which left me in the view of all the occupants (Ed and three others) who watched what I uncovered. This got me semi-hard, so, when I hung my clothes and entered the suite proper, I was already on display.

Two of the men were sitting on the couch, watching me walk in, but gently caressing each other. Ed introduced them – John – a short but fit guy with snow white hair & goatee, shook my hand. But Jim – a slender type, just starting to go gray, reached out and fondled my balls for a few seconds, which just got my cock that much harder & more erect.

Eric – a chubby, smiling fellow, also, shaved all over, immediately reached for my cock and gave it a few strokes.

“Going to have to fit that thing inside later on”, he said “Please don’t use it up before you get to me.”

“I’ll try”, I said, “but this looks like it will be a fun afternoon. You may have to wait for the second rising.”

Ed walked me over to a counter that had some chips & dip laid out & a couple of coolers – one with bottles of wine & cans of soda – the other full of beer. As I got a beer kartal escort out of the cooler and was opening it, he reached down and cupped my balls.

“I need a taste of that, also.” Then he knelt in front of me and slurped at the head. Just as he was getting a rhythm, the phone rang. Ed got up and answered it. He asked the same questions, gave the floor & room number and hung up.

“The last pair is on the way up. That will make three new guys. Should be a fun afternoon.”

In a few minutes there was a knock on the door and Ed went to answer it. He let in two men; one dressed like he just came from an office, in a business suit. The other was a tall black man wearing a running suit. Ed gave them both hangers and the suit went into the bathroom to undress. The tall black just stripped down in the hallway, hung up his clothes and came into the suite.

Ed introduced the black to us as Ray and said “Jerome will be out in a minute.”

Ed showed Ray the snacks & drinks as Jerome came out of the bathroom & hung up his clothes. He came into the suite, walking around to each of us introducing himself. He was somewhat effeminate, but didn’t seem to be totally gay, as evidenced by the wedding ring he wore. Ed showed him the snacks & drinks and Jerome got a glass of wine.

Ray sat down at the end of the couch where Jim & John were playing, sandwiching John between himself & Jim. Ray watched for a minute and then reached over & started tweaking Johns left nipple. John reciprocated by caressing Ray’s inner thighs, just touching Ray’s balls on the upstroke.

Jerome went over to the bed, propped a couple of pillows up against the headboard and sat back on them, stretching his legs out. Eric took that as a hint and rolled over to start licking on Jerome’s flaccid dick.

Ed came over to where I was sitting and knelt in front of me.

“Let’s see,” he said, “Where were we – Oh yeah -” He dropped to his knees and pulled the chair so it rolled me to him with him between my legs – my re-hardening dock pressed against him. He started nuzzling my neck, gradually kissing his way over my chin to my lips. When I felt his tongue touch my lips, I opened my mouth and let him in. As we kissed, I pulled him close, wrapping my arms around him and caressed his back, his bald head, and as low to his ass as I could get.

He gradually broke the kiss & backed up a little, kissing his way down to my nipples where he spent some time getting them both hard. The he headed south again until his lips just covered the head of my cock and he let his tongue start tickling and tantalizing it.

In that position there wasn’t much I could do but enjoy the sensations, so I looked around the room to check the action. Eric & Jerome had turned into a 69 position and were feasting on each other cocks. There was a lot of mutual caressing going on there and they seemed to be trying to make it last. It looked like Jerome had at least two fingers sliding in & out of Eric’s love anus.

On the couch, John had Ray’s cock fully hard and it looked to be about 8 inches long. John was just licking it up one side, swirling his tongue around the head, and then licking down the other side to where he could suck & hum Ray’s balls. Jim & Ray were kissing & caressing each other and I saw Ray had a rather large middle finger working its way into Jim asshole. Jim was starting to groan with the feelings.

Ed was getting me close & I didn’t want to cum yet, so I gently lifted his head and kissed him deeply, I slid off the chair to my knees on the carpet, wrapping him in my arms again. As I broke the kiss, I asked him if he wanted to stay on the carpet or move to the other side of the big bed.

“The bed,” he said, chuckling, “My knees can only take so much carpet.”

We helped each other stand up and I led him to the bed & had him lay on his back. Since he had shaved all over, I decided on giving him an “Around-the-world” treat and see how long he could last.

I told him “Just lay still & enjoy.”

I started kissing & licking his right ankle gradually working my way up the inside of his leg. I was using just fingertip caresses as I went, more of a tickle than a massage. As I got to his balls, I heard the intake of breath in anticipation, but I just touched them gently with my tongue, and started down the inside of his other leg. I heard Ed’s soft moan of disappointment & smiled as I reached his other ankle.

I started up the outside of that leg, licking up his side to his armpit, and from there to his nipple. I sucked that hard and worked up to the side of his neck to where I could nibble and suck on his earlobe. Meanwhile my hand went back south, tickling up the insides of his legs, just to brush his balls and then circle up around his cock to his stomach. I’d rub that a little and then back down around his cock to tickle his legs and balls again.

Ed’s cock was raging hard and red. As I kissed over his forehead and maltepe escort bayan down to his other ear, his breath was becoming deep gasps.

“Fuck!” he gasped. “You’re torturing me so good – don’t stop, Please!”

I chuckled and worked my way down to his right nipple and sucked it hard. Ed’s moans drew Eric & Jerome’s attention. Jerome looked at me & winked as he slid about 6 inches of cock into Eric’s waiting love canal.

I heard a long groan from across the room. When I looked at the couch, Jim was settling his asshole down on Ray’s big cock, while Ray had John’s crotch up against his face.

I continued my trip up this time to Ed’s chin & lips. He wanted to swap tongues, but I just nibbled around his lips & kissed his cheeks & chin. By that time I had my fingers trailing up & down on his cock, which was streaming pre-cum. Id gather some on my finger tip and smear it on my lips, then caress his lips with mine.

I finally started working my way down the middle of his chest, to his belly button. Then lower, kissing & licking all around his cock. Eventually I licked up and down the sides of the raging member, just barely touching the tip to gather pre-cum. I finally dropped my lips over the head and slid his cock deep into my mouth. I held it there & swallowed a couple of times & slid back up to the head. Ed groaned & pushed my head back down on his cock while fucking up into my mouth.

About that time I felt gentle hands spreading my ass cheeks, so I move my knees apart to give them better access. A wet tongue started to rim around my love anus as a hand slid past my balls & started to stroke my cock. I let my head hang down to look between my legs to see who was giving me the pleasure. I saw a white goatee – John. I looked across at the couch to see Jim on his back with legs in the air. Ray was sliding a shiny black dick in & out of him.

As I was deep-throating Ed I reached back between my legs and found John’s cock. I tugged at it until he rose and I pulled it up to my ass. Taking the hint he swirled it around the rim a couple of times to center it & then began the slow pressure of driving it into me. I groaned around Ed’s cock which seemed to trigger Ed’s climax. He suddenly increased the pace sliding his cock in & out of my mouth quickly as it expanded & got harder. With a long groan he drove it to the back of my mouth and let it flow. I had no choice, but to swallow as he came so I didn’t get much taste, until he relaxed and I was able to suck him completely clean.

Then I was able to concentrate on the cock sliding in & out of my ass. I stopped John for a bit, while I shoved Ed out of the way and rolled over on my back. I lifted my legs & John slid into position and started pumping. With his curved cock it hit the prostate just perfectly and I was in high heaven. I was also in good position to start playing with Jerome’s ass and balls, as he was pumping in & out of Eric.

Eric stopped Jerome for a minute while he swung around, with his ass in the air, which placed his head over my body. As Jerome moved around to continue fucking him, Eric started kissing me and playing with my cock. After some good tongue swapping, he trailed his kisses down over my belly to the head of my cock & started throating it with each thrust of Jerome’s hips. The dual pleasures of a cock sliding in & out of my ass and a hot mouth moving up & down my cock soon had me hard & ready to pop. I pulled at Eric’s shoulder to get him to stop, but he ignored it and drove my cock down his throat, swallowing around it to trigger my climax – it worked. With Johns cock stroking my prostate, I felt like I shot a gallon into Eric’s mouth. He could really hold his breath as he kept his head in place & continued to swallow until I was completely spent.

By that time John was starting to pick up the pace of his thrusts. He was driving into me hard. He leaned over me and I reached up & pulled his head to mine for a deep kiss.

I looked him right in the eyes & said “Fuck me, man. Fuck me hard. Fill me up, Big Guy.”

Johns head fell back as he let out a loud groan. I could feel the pulsing of his dick as it pumped his seed into my ass. As he came down from his climax, he fell forward on me and I wrapped him in my arms, nuzzling his neck and thanking him for a wonderful ride.

Jerome was starting to pick up the pace, also, and Eric was grunting from his thrusts. As Jerome finally climaxed, Eric laid his head on Johns back, gasping from the intensity.

We gently untangled from each other and hearing the groans from the couch, turned out attention there.

Ray was lying back, obviously spent, his shiny heavy dick lying across his leg. Ed was on his knees in front of Jim, who had his legs in the air again while Ed sucked Rays cum from his asshole.

John & I went to the cooler & got ourselves a beer. Jerome finished his wine and went to the couch and started sucking on Jim’s cock, while Ed was escort pendik cleaning his love anus. Ray came over to the cooler and pulled out a Coke. As he was standing with us, I reached down and hefted his dick. It weighed quite a bit, although he really didn’t fit the black-guys BBC stereo-type, while soft.

Jim let out a couple of gasping yelps and started cumming in Jerome’s mouth. Jerome kept his lips firmly over the head of Jim’s dick as it pulsed and unloaded.

“How much did you get, Jerome?” asked John?

Jerome smiled and open his mouth to show the cum gathered there. Then he made a show of closing his mouth and swallowing hard. Then he licked his lips and said “Yummy!”, and opened his mouth to show it was empty again.

We laughed & I realized I was still playing with Ray’s dick. It was starting to harden again, but Ray said “I don’t think I can go again for a couple hours, man.” Ed laughed and said, “Well, we have the suite until 6PM. And it’s only 2:30.”

We kind of broke into groups again, talking about normal subjects, but still maintaining the physical contact. Ray & I settled on the couch and started chatting about car repairs, but I was still playing with his dick and he was caressing the insides of my legs. I was actually using tricks my wife used on me, which was a tickling fingertip caress on his cock & balls. It seemed to be working because his cock was getting harder.

“Damn!” said Ray, “I haven’t recovered this quickly in years. You need to teach me this trick, so I can show my wife.” he said, laughing.

“It’s a trick I learned from my wife.” I responded, “Just use fingertips. When someone else does it to you, the feelings are intensified.”

I leaned over his lap and started tickling his big dick with my tongue & lips. Just running up & down the sides of his cock and just caressing the head with my lips. As I got to his balls I’d blow air at them, tickling the coarse curly hair on them. Ray reached over and started to finger my love anus, slowly sinking his finger in and coming out slick from John’s earlier deposit.

I finally slid my lips over the big black knob and began moving my mouth up & down the shaft. It was a thick shaft and I could barely get the head back to where I could use throat muscles on it. As I did, I looked across at the bed. What a site to help turn me on.

Ed & John were wrapped head to crotch in a 69 session. Jim was lying under Jerome, while Jerome sucked him. Jerome had his ass in the air so Eric could lick the love anus and fuck it with his tongue. Jim had reached out and was stroking Eric’s balls & cock with one hand, while he played with Jerome’s dick with his other hand.

All the action was much more relaxed than the earlier sessions. Everyone had gotten past the initial sexual tension we had when we first arrived. Now it was time to just relax and enjoy one another. No pressure to perform, no real need to complete – just enjoying the sensations & feeling good with each other.

In that light, Ray reached down with both hands & gently pulled my head off his dick and up to his and started a slow gentle kiss. Since that movement caused our cocks to bump into each other, he took both of our cocks in one of his big hands and started a slow stroke of both of them. When we finished the kiss we continued to nuzzle each others neck and ear lobes and swift lip pecks.

I had reached down and was playing with his balls and now and then sliding my hand back under his balls to his love anus. Some giggles & laughs drew our attention back to the bed.

Jim had found that Jerome was ticklish on his sides and was running nimble fingers up & down under Jerome’s arms. Jerome tucked his arms & still tried to work Jim’s cock, but was falling to his side laughing. This caused Eric to fall forward, where Jim’s open mouth got suddenly stuffed with Eric’s hard dick. The sight of this cause Ed & Jim to bust up with laughter.

Since his dick was in a good place Eric started a subtle thrusting into Jim’s mouth. Jim snaked his hand through Eric’s legs and started to probe Eric’s asshole.

Ray & I looked at each other. “Think that bed would hold two more?” Ray asked. “Let’s try it.”, I said.

We got off the couch and went over to the bed. Ray crawled on my right had sliding down to grab his still hard cock, while I nuzzled his neck & ears. My hard dick slid into his ass crack and had enough precum on it from Ray’s playing to just nuzzle against Jerome love anus – which was still slick from Eric’s tongue play. Jerome gasped & pulled away from me enough to bump into Jim & Ray, which cause Ray to sway towards Ed & John & they were suddenly in danger of being pushed over the edge of the bed.

Ed was grabbing at anything to keep from falling off and his hand found Ray’s hard dick. He grabbed on & held it causing Ray to drop Jim’s cock & rise up. Ray’s arm swept over Johns back and he held them to the bed.

“Hey, man,” said Ray, “Lighten the hold – you’re squeezing all the blood out”. Since he stopped Ed & John from falling, everyone rearranged themselves a bit and Ed started to stroke Eric’s dick while going back to sucking on John. Ray dropped his head back to Jim’s dick and resumed his sucking.

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