Me and Bobby

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My cheek pressed against the cold floor, goosebumps ran up and down my bare thighs and ribs as he pushed a finger gobbed with a thick dollop of lube inside me. My butt clenched in response, locking around his rough knuckle.

“Relax,” he hissed, forcing his finger in and out, trying to loosen my virgin bud.

“I… it’s…” I gasped, feeling invaded.

“You ready?” he asked, pulling his finger out and wiping his greasy hand around and along the length of his dick. I felt his thick cock head slide up and down my crack, then push against my closed backdoor. “Relax, man!” he grunted, pushing harder.

I instinctively and helplessly clenched tighter, unable to keep from fighting the invasion. Suddenly, lube and force won out, and he pushed inside me. I cried out, “Nooo!” and tried to rise up as the head, then the shaft of his big dick stretched me open. It hurt. “It hurts!”

“I know,” he grunted, pulling back and then pushing in again, starting to fuck me. “I let you do it to me, remember?”

“Yeah… Uuhh! I… Wait… please, uhh! wait…” He wasn’t an asshole. He paused, fully inside me, clutching my hips.


“I… it really hurts. I’m sorry, Bobby…” I panted. “You’re too… I’m sorry…”

He sighed. “No fair. I gotta get off too!”

“I know… I know…” I whimpered, my ass feeling like a tree was jammed up it.

“How about…” He hesitated. “OK… how about you suck me?”

“I could… do that… OK, I mean, we already…”

“I mean, suck me off. You gotta let me come in your mouth.”

I gulped. No pun intended. “I… I’m not gay, man.”


My butthole burned with the fullness of his fat and unsatiated cock still throbbing inside me. “Well… OK. But you have to wash it.”


He pushed me forward as he pulled out, leaving my aching anus wondering why it was so easy to take a big shit, when this was so painful. I reached for the box of Kleenex as he padded out of the room. I could hear him turn the water on and make little splashing sounds in the bathroom. Still naked on the floor, I hoped his parents and his sister wouldn’t hear and come investigate.

I thought about what I just agreed to. I had, in fact, had his cock in my mouth briefly, earlier in the evening, as we dared each other into sixty-nining in order that neither would be the first to make contact. Two horny straight boys, 18 and lonely and hungry not for cock but for contact… I didn’t know if I could force myself to do it, to be all… well, ok… gay like that. How could I get him off? I couldn’t see myself willingly giving him a blowjob, giving him pleasure on purpose. I didn’t want to be willing like that.

Which made an image flash in my mind: what if it wasn’t up to me? What if I was forced? Silly way to put it, but… I was willing to do it unwillingly. “Tie me up and make me do it,” I thought. kartal escort bayan My eyes darted around the room, searching, I realized, for something that could be used to bind my wrists behind my back. I spotted a leather belt. The cord to a lamp. No… A pair of high-top Chucks, long laces flapping. Maybe… Then the coil of slender nylon climbing rope lying on the floor of the open closet.

I pushed myself to my knees and reached for the bundle of rope, pulling it toward me just as Bobby slipped back into the bedroom and pulled the door closed behind him. Locking the door, he looked at me, looked at the rope. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I mumbled, resting back on my heels and blushing as I dropped the coiled rope beside me. He stepped to me, his bulge showing against the loose pajama bottoms hanging from his hips.

He saw where I was looking. “Ready?” he asked; man of few words. Seeing no response from me, he slid his thumbs in the waistband and pushed his pajamas down, his cock bobbing in front of my face as he stepped out and kicked them aside. He took his half-hard cock in hand and lifted it to my lips. I pulled back involuntarily. “Oh, I get it. You don’t want to do this. But you owe me. Dude, I let you…” His words trailed off, probably embarrassed that his probably still-aching ass was probably still leaking my come.

“I know… it’s just…” I took a deep breath, glancing down at the rope. “I just…”

His eyes followed mine and I heard him chuckle in realization. “You want me to tie you up and make you do it, huh.”

No reply but my burning cheeks.

“You don’t want to choose to suck me, do you. You don’t want to be… you don’t want to have that… ummm… responsibility, do you.”

No reply but my burning cheeks and uncomfortable shifting on my knees.

He bent down and started undoing the tie that held the coil together as he straightened. “Stand up.” I looked up at him, looking down at me. I pushed myself up and stood in front of him. Two naked straight boys, 18 and lonely and longing for contact. “Turn around; put your hands behind your back.” I hesitantly did as he said, crossing my wrists across the small of my back. My cock twitched. I felt so weird. What in the world were we doing.

I could hear him messing with the rope behind me, but I couldn’t figure out what was taking so long. I felt incredibly awkward standing there naked in the cool air, and I started to turn around to see what he was doing. “Nope!” he grunted, pushing my shoulder to twist me away from him. “Just wait.” He seemed to keep fiddling with the rope, and I stood there naked, wrists crossed, feeling more and more foolish and wondering how the hell I had gotten myself into this.

Finally, I felt him slip a loop of rope around my hands and pull it snug, trapping my wrists together. He looped rope around and through and around escort maltepe again, binding me, and finally tied it off. “How’s that?” he asked, and I gave a tug to see if I could get out. I couldn’t budge them at all. “Feel OK?” he asked, and I nodded. “Not too tight?” I shook my head and realized I was trembling. What the hell was I doing? And why was my cock twitching and swelling?

He turned me back around and grinned as he placed his hands on my shoulders and pressed down. “Kneel,” he said quietly. I felt myself letting him push me to my knees, my eyes trailing unwillingly down his chest, his belly with its downy happy trail, down to eye level with his dark bush and bobbing cock. Not more than half-hard yet, but twitching with his pulse and thickening in anticipation.

Hands on either side of my head, he pushed his pelvis forward. I felt the smooth soft spongy texture of his cock against my cheek, and smelled fresh soap in the wiry nest of his pubic hair. I instinctively pulled away, involuntarily testing my bonds again and finding my hands helplessly caught behind my back. He turned, his cock rubbing across my lips and freaking me out. He laughed and swiveled his hips, batting my blushing cheeks with his heavy dick. Embarrassed, I closed my eyes and cringed back, feeling his fingers twine into my curly hair and grasp me in place.

He once again pressed his cock, now harder, to my lips. “Suck,” he grunted, and I reluctantly parted my lips. Eyes clenched tightly shut, I let him slide his rapidly stiffening cock into my warm mouth. “Teeth!” he growled.

I opened wider, getting my teeth out of the way. I bobbed my head forward and back as I guessed I should. Clumsy, but I was blowing him as I’d agreed. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, and it was hard. HE was hard. And big. The texture of his cock was odd… hard inside but with a soft, smooth, silky surface against my lips and tongue. I was surprised to find myself thinking that his spongy head felt kind of good in my mouth. I ran my tongue around its ridge, pushing into the firm-soft flesh, curling all around it. He moaned, and I felt some strange sense of accomplishment.

I sucked harder, then let him slip almost out, then pressed forward to take him deeper in my mouth. My tongue slid along the seam of his shaft as he pushed. And he groaned. His hands clutched the sides of my head and scratched at my scalp. I realized that my cock was completely, shockingly erect, standing out from my lap as I kneeled in front of him. I would have grabbed it then, but my hands were tied tightly behind me, and that realization made me want even more to get hold of my cock.

But meanwhile, I had another cock to deal with, the big one stuffed inside my mouth. The one being pulled back, then pushed in again. “Teeth!” Bobby groaned again, pulling my head back by my hair and glaring down at me.

“Sorry,” I rasped pendik escort breathlessly, my eyes turned up to look at him. I leaned in quickly and took the head of his cock in, lips covering my teeth, and licked around it again, still looking up at him.

“Keep doing that,” he growled, eyes intensely looking down into mine. I swirled my tongue around and around that meaty head, my spit painting it shiny and wet. He jumped and pulled out; I must have tickled him.

I leaned in and grabbed that head in my mouth again, sucking hard. He moaned loudly, and something had changed. I wanted to suck him. I liked it. I liked the feel of his dick in my mouth. I wanted to make it feel good. I had a cock of my own; I knew what would feel good.

I tickled the underside of his cockhead with the tip of my tongue, then stretched my tongue as far as I could along the seam of his shaft. I leaned into it, taking it deep enough to make me gag a little, then sucking hard as he pulled back and pushed in again. He started fucking my mouth now, his fingers tangled in my curls as he gripped my head and rocked his hips. I heard moaning and realized it was my own. Hands straining against my bonds, leaning into him, letting him hold me up by my head as he fucked my face, I ran my tongue around and around, sucking, moaning, squeezing, pulling at his thick meat in my hungry mouth.

Fully in his control and at his mercy, I could only keep sucking as he pumped in and out of my mouth, his groans rising in pitch and his grip on the sides of my head tightening. He gurgled, “I’m…coming!” and gasped, “Oh GOD!” and I felt his cock swell in my mouth and boil over, jets of hot gooey semen erupting against the back of my throat.

I gulped to keep from choking. His whole body stiffened, and his cock pulsed and oozed, stuffed all the way into my mouth. He thrust forward in a violent spasm; another spurt pulsed onto the back of my tongue and into my throat. I swallowed again, breathing hard through my nose. He shuddered, and I moaned and sucked hard on his dick, drinking from it like a meaty straw, pulling the last hot cords of his come into my mouth and down my throat. That made him shudder harder, spasming and squeezing my head between his strong hands, his pelvis rocking in short, jerky thrusts. I kept sucking, and he finally jerked back, too ticklish, his cock popping out of my spattered mouth.

Still holding my head in both hands, he stared down at me, panting and sort of wild-eyed. I reflexively licked my lips, finding a salty string of semen there. Whatever. I slurped it up and swallowed, making Bobby chuckle, which made me snicker and then laugh out loud. Our laughter fed off each other and built to the point where tears streamed from our eyes, and we both rocked back and forth, me on my knees with my hard cock bobbing, and Bobby holding his stomach as his dwindling erection oozed and bounced.

He wiped his teary eyes as our guffaws subsided. I couldn’t wipe mine, as my hands were still firmly bound behind my back. Our eyes found each other, and I couldn’t help grinning as I wondered what the future would hold for us, what was next. Bobby grinned back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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