Meeting Carson

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Gina had been looking forward to visiting her former sorority sister Anna for weeks. Gina had moved to rural Missouri for work after they graduated from college several years ago, and while Anna had been enjoying life in Dallas, Gina suffered from the lack of social options in small town life. Tonight, Anna had promised to introduce Gina to a few of her friends and, as luck would have it, there was an art gallery opening taking place downtown at a gallery run by a friend of Anna’s. Gina came prepared, with the requisite black cocktail dress – hoping to at least turn a few heads as they had years ago in college, and as Gina had not done much of since.

Arriving at the Gallery along with the crowd, the valet was backed up for a couple of blocks. Nichols’ Gallery is at street level of a large turn of the century downtown building, 18 stories converted primarily to residential use. Anna seemed to know everyone in the hip crowd, moving from small group to small group, introducing Gina around. The artwork was a bit confusing – abstract, lacking in color or shape, but amusing to admire. Gina enjoyed watching the people better, feeling a few men (and perhaps a few ladies) looking her over, she was glad to be back in form. She teased Anna about being able to guess which of the men have slept with Anna. The knowing look in Anna’s eyes told Gina that she was fairly accurate.

Over the course of the evening, Gina noticed one man whom everyone seemed to know, and respect. He was tall, at least 6’4″, late 30s or early 40s, clearly comfortable with the crowd and genuinely enjoyed mingling. It might be her imagination, or wishful thinking, but Gina believed that she caught him looking her way a few times, perhaps because she was nearly the only person in the room whom he didn’t know by name. She caught Anna watching him as well. At some point, Anna’s hand pressed to the small of Gina’s back as she steered Gina toward him. “Carson” Anna said as she kissed his cheek, “I’d like for your to meet a college friend of mine, Gina. Gina, this is Carson Halloran.” Carson smiled at Gina in a way that made her feel genuinely welcome. “What do you think of tonight’s artist?” he asked, as he gently, but clearly intentionally, replaced Anna’s hand with his own in the small of Gina’s back, guiding her away from Anna and toward a large painting. Gina just barely caught a look from Anna . . not certain if she was amused, concerned, or jealous. It didn’t matter, as Gina was enjoying being the momentary focus of Carson’s attention.

For the next 15 minutes or so, Gina found herself the entire focus of Carson’s attention. He even seemed slightly annoyed at having to greet his other friends as he showed Gina various pieces of art and asked about her visit, her work . . life in general. Another gentleman came up to Carson as they were examining one of the few sculptures in this exhibit. Carson apologized for needing to take care of something, leaving Gina standing there .. alone.

Immediately, Anna was beside Gina. “So, Carson seems to have an interest in you” she nearly blurted in Gina’s ear – with a look on her face that Gina recognized as one of experience. Clearly Anna was, or had been, intimate with Carson – but didn’t seem exactly jealous. She explained that the Halloran family is one of the most affluent, and most benevolent, of the major Dallas families. Apparently, Carson owns the building that houses the gallery, and lives on the top floor. Just as Gina was about to ask Anna about her history with Carson, he returned, looking much less frustrated than when he had left, and carrying two fresh drinks.

“I hope Anna hasn’t been filling your head with etimesgut escort too many lies about me” he laughed, winking at Anna, but ever so casually slipping an arm around Gina in a familiar way. Gina was surprised, not only by his approach, but also by her reaction, that she didn’t mind, even though his act seemed to almost signal to the entire male population in the room that she was now “off limits.”

All three chatted for a bit, then Anna excused herself to the ladies room. Alone with Carson, he asked Gina if she’d visited Dallas often. He seemed pleased to hear that she’d not spent much time here. “Anna may have told you, but I live on the top floor of this building. I renovated that specific space because of the spectacular views of the city that it provides. I’d love to share it with you, show you a view of the city most don’t get to see.” Despite recognizing this as a “line”, Gina found herself wanting to go with him, wanting to see where this might lead. “Sure” she answered, almost without thinking. She was both shocked and pleased when Carson immediately guided her toward the door. They were outside before it dawned on Gina that Anna has no idea where they went.

The doorman at the main entrance to the old building greeted Carson by name, allowing them both into the immaculately renovated lobby. Carson held the elevator open for Gina, using his cardkey to gain access to the top floor. As the doors closed, Carson’s hand slid from the small of Gina’s back around her waist, hugging her casually to him, smiling over at her as they both rode silently to the top floor.

The elevator door opened onto a small lobby with only one door. Carson unlocked his loft apartment, allowing Gina to enter first. Her senses were almost overcome. His apartment took up the entire top floor, and had nearly no walls. The wide-open space was divided into rooms only by furnishings. The single interior box that housed the elevator and lobby also provided wall space for his kitchen area and doors that led to a bathroom and internal closets. The three exterior walls were nearly floor to ceiling glass. Leather furniture, a large dining area, an office area, a media “room”, his pool table and bar, even his bed, were all visible from the center of this large space. The hardwood floors and everything about the place was immaculate, a mix of modern and old-world.

Gina took all this in, including the view of the city outside, from only the glow of the city lights. He has not turned on any lighting in the apartment yet, nor did he need to do so, as the urban illumination set a delightful pale light across everything.

Carson led Gina casually past the dining table, near the glass corner where his pool table sat. From this corner, Gina could see 1/2 of the city to the south, including the taller buildings nearby. To the west, across a narrow alley, Gina recognized that she was staring at the Adam’s Mark Hotel. Several rooms were able to see directly into this entire space – from less than 30 feet away. Carson moved behind her, facing her south and pointed out various landmarks. From the sound of his voice, she could tell he loved this city. In the glass, she could see her own reflection, and that of Carson standing behind her, as she gazed through it across the city lights.

“It is truly breathtaking, Carson. I can see why you love this view”, she whispered as she leaned back against him, drinking in the entire experience.

Gina sensed Carson’s smile at her comment, as his arms wrapped around her, drawing her body against his. Much taller than Gina, she enjoyed watching the reflection as he slowly etimesgut escort bayan leaned down to kiss her neck. One hand gently massaged her abdomen, as his other hand slid up to cup her breast, skillfully teasing her nipple through the fabric.

When she didn’t protest, his exploring became slightly more direct. Not hurried, his hands touched her body, drawing her back against his, not hiding at all the effect she’d had on him. Gina was neither surprised nor opposed as his hand moved from her breast to the zipper of her dress, sliding it down, slipping one strap, then the other, off her shoulders. In the window, she watched herself being undressed by him. Her dress fell to the ground, her braless breasts reacting to both the open air and the situation. Gina was suddenly thankful that she wore thigh highs and a thong rather than full hose. He continued to kiss her neck as his hands enjoyed her nearly naked body. One finger slowly slipped under the band of her thong, toying with her. A moan escaped his lips, confirming how much he was enjoying himself.

Playfully, Carson slipped the thong off her hips and turned her lips to kiss him fully. He held her naked body to his fully clothed one, caressing her bare ass, and she realized how strong, how big, he truly was. After several minutes of kissing, she was almost unaware that he’d guided both of their bodies back a few steps, until the back of her thighs bumped into the edge of his pool table. Cupping her ass with both hands, Carson lifted her body onto the edge, leaning down to kiss her breasts. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he casually shed his suit jacket. Then, after teasing her nipple with his teeth, tugging gently, he stepped back, unbuttoning his dress shirt, revealing a well-developed chest moderately covered in chest hair. A love line trailed down across his stomach and disappeared in his wool pants. Drawing her hands up to touch him, he kissed her fully again, standing between her now parted knees. He bent her body slowly back onto her elbows, kissing his way down her neck, her shoulder, across each breast, slowly exploring every inch of her skin as he moved ever downward. It was almost a shock to her when his tongue slid across her clit, his head buried between her thighs as he sucked on her lips, teasing her, moaning his own approval and arousal.

Slowly, then almost imperceptibly faster, he began to build her arousal with his tongue, his fingers. Nothing seemed to be off limits to his tongue. Gina relaxed, giving in, enjoying. She was almost completely lost in the moment when Carson whispered from between her thighs “I believe we might have an audience”. Gina immediately turned toward the windows to the west, and was shocked to see that in two of the 6 rooms that are directly across from Carson’s loft, people were watching. In one room, a young couple, both dressed for bed, she in a sexy, revealing nightgown, and he in apparently silk boxers, were watching, holding each other, clearly aroused. In another room, half hidden by a curtain, a single man, of unclear age, was watching, trying not to get caught.

Shocked, but beyond stopping, almost beyond caring, this possibly added even more to the experience for Gina, if she were honest with herself. Carson’s tongue inside her, his fingers teasing her lips, her ass, while others watch, was more than she could take. “Don’t stop! Let them watch” she whimpered as her body trembled. She grabbed Carson’s hair, holding him in place. Wave after wave of climax shook her body, Carson’s tongue neither stopping nor pushing further, letting her enjoy.

Gina slowly caught her breath, escort etimesgut still unable to believe the situation in which she found herself, and surprisingly, still completely aroused and craving more. Gina lifted Carson’s head to kiss him, to taste herself on his lips, his face wet from her climax. Glancing over at the hotel, she saw that the young couple was now nearly naked, openly touching one another as they watched. The half-hidden man was clearly stroking himself, so lost in the moment and hoping for more that his bashfulness disappeared. In fact, it dawned on Gina that Carson’s was the only cock she couldn’t see. “My turn” she stated, half-startling herself, as she pushed Carson back, turning him to face those watching, and kneeling, reaching out to unfasten his belt, unzipping his pants. “You like being watched, don’t you?” Carson commented with a slightly smug look on his face as he watched her in the reflection of the window – and watched those watching him.

“I guess I do” she admitted, pushing his boxers and pants off his hips, fully exposing a hard, well-groom cock, ready for action and wet with precum. She pushed Carson back and turned him slightly so everyone can watch as she ran her tongue up and down it, toying with the head, licking his balls. Slowly, while watching them for some reason, Gina lowered her mouth down fully on Carson’s cock. He wrapped one hand around in her hair, aiding her in sucking him. Her mouth and tongue working around him skillfully, his moaning grew, increasing Gina’s excitement. “That’s it, oh fuck, that feels amazing! YOU are amazing” Carson whispered, almost beyond control, his hips moving against her, less gently than she expected. She sucked and teased, knowing what he wanted.

Just as Gina began to wonder if Carson was close, about to cum in her mouth, he pulled out. “Not like this” he said, a man no longer entirely polite, but animalistic with need. He yanked Gina to her feet, his cock throbbing. Leading her to his desk nearest those windows, bending her over the side of it, giving everyone a side view, he parted her legs and took her from behind, nearly violently. Gina’s body was pressed fully against the cool wood of his desk, as Carson rammed into her from behind. One hand wrapped in her hair, tugging, his other hand grabbed her and he drove into her deeply. The woman watching suddenly dropped in front of her partner and started sucking her partner for both of them to watch as they watched Gina’s being taken. The other man was no longer hiding at all – probably obvious to the fact that he could be seen stroking himself.

Gina felt Carson deep inside her, getting closer to cumming. His penetration grew deeper, more focused, when, to her complete surprise, he lifted her off the desk, while still inside her from behind, and pinned her entire naked body to the glass window. The cold glass pressed against every inch of her naked, exposed skin. Her breasts, stomach, face, thighs, were flat against the clear glass as he filled her from behind/ Suddenly he came so violently- beyond anything any other man had ever cum inside her. Half biting her shoulder and neck, Carson held her pinned there as spurt after spurt entered her – until he was completely spent. Then, slowly slipping her body off the glass, sliding out of her, he wrapped Gina in his arms, picked her up, and carried her exhausted body to the nearby bed. Kissing her, Carson winked and asked “would you like for me to shut the blinds?”


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