Menage a Quatre

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**Mike and Giorgio, two hot Italian boys from Manhattan’s Upper East Side, are on their way to a quid pro quo menage a quatre with two gorgeous older professional women who are lovers.**

New York City

Mike sat in the back of the taxi with a grimace on his handsome face as the car raced down Fifth Avenue. He fidgeted this way and then that, uncomfortable in the tight leather pants he was wearing. He wasn’t used to them. His cock and balls were all scrunched up in the crotch with no wiggle-room for adjustment. On top he wore only a silver-studded leather strap harness, showing off his muscular chest and arms. Around his neck was a leather slave collar. And he felt like a fucking jerk.

He wasn’t a leather boy, he wasn’t into BDSM, and this wasn’t Halloween. And it sure wasn’t the way he usually dressed.

His cousin Giorgio, sitting next to him, was dressed the same. It’d been his idea to look crazy sexy for the night. And he was known to dress this way often, for the obvious reasons. He placed his hand on Mike’s thigh. “Take it easy, bro. Come on, chill. This is not a big deal. All we gotta do is fuck two beautiful women, show ’em a real good time. That’s something you’re always ready for.”

Mike leaned onto Giorgio for comfort. His cousin, who was twenty-one and two years older than him, had always been like a big brother. Mike depended on him for everything. “I can’t help it, G. This is so ridiculous! Jax and I just got it all together, she moved in, and now she’s sending me off to fuck some other woman. And you to fuck her lover. I should be back home with her. I should have never listened to her. I …”

Giorgio leaned closer, his lips dangerously close to Mike’s. “Shut the fuck up, dude, or I’ll kiss you. Buck up, man up, and do what you gotta do. Jax understands. It’s business. And it’s all been arranged. You can’t wimp out now!”

Mike turned to look the other way. The fucker definitely would kiss him if he didn’t get his lips out of range. Giorgio was gay – a hot, handsome muscle hunk who was always putting the touch on Mike whenever he had the chance. But Mike was straight and in love with Jax, whom he’d just left behind at his house on the Upper East Side. Well, his dad’s house … his billionaire dad’s house.

“You’re the dude who has everything,” Giorgio went on, hissing in Mike’s ear. “Good looks up the ass and a body to die for. You’re the handsomest hunk in Manhattan. And that’s saying a lot cuz good lookin’ guys are a a dime a dozen here. You got a father worth eight billion, a thirty room townhouse a stone’s throw from Fifth Avenue, you’re one of Veronica’s Secrets male models, and you’ll be on that huge digital billboard on Times Square next month advertising Amedeo cologne. Everybody from all over the world will see you. And fuckin’ want you too.”

He grunted with annoyance. “C’mon, cuz, This is one goofy thing you have to do to get your books published. Then you’ll have everything. Most of us have to do crazy shit all our lives and end up with nothing. And it’ll all be over with in two-three hours anyway.”

Mike was a writer. With his dad away living in Europe he’d dropped out of college and spent the last year and a half writing a science fiction-fantasy trilogy and, of course, desperately wanted to get it published. He’d been marketing it for months now with no success, just continual rejection and the ridiculous frustration that goes along with trying to get one’s books published. His boss Veronica, an aging supermodel whose agency he worked for part-time, was good friends with an editor at one of New York City’s top publishing houses. She’d made arrangements with the woman for Mike and his cousin to have a little quid pro quo menage with her and her editorial-assistant female lover.

Mike let out a frustrated breath. “Emma and Leona like the books. They want to publish them. We shouldn’t have to have sex with them in order to get it done.”

Giorgio grabbed Mike by the bicep, pulling him closer. “Earth to Mike, calling. What the fuck? This is Manhattan, bud. That’s how our little Isle of Joy works. You wanna get ahead, you gotta sleep with the right person. That’s how you got the job with Veronica. You could spend the next ten years marketing those books with no success. You know how hard it is to get published. Fuck Emma’s brains out tonight and you’ll be her new bestselling Wonder Boy.”

He pulled Mike even closer and nuzzled his ear. “You sure liked Emma and Leona yesterday when we met them at the office. They’re hot as fuck, those two. Sexy bi girls who like to get fucked by two hot dudes together. And I sure won’t have any trouble getting totally turned on, finally getting to be naked in bed with you.”

Mike’s shove sent Giorgio flying against the car’s back door. “Then hands off until we’re actually in the freakin’ bed, huh? And who says fooling around with you is part of the deal?”

Giorgio straightened himself out but kept his distance, hard as it was for him to keep his hands off Mike. “You don’t know bi girls like I do. They’re gonna expect some boy-on-boy play, so you better get ready for it.”

Mike antalya escort rolled his eyes, wondering what the hell he’d gotten himself into. Sure Giorgio was hands-on with him at times. They’d been best buds since childhood and were constantly together. But Mike had never had sex with him and didn’t want to. He wasn’t gay. But now he wondered if tonight he’d have to. But, as the car slowed down, he knew he’d have to man up like Giorgio had told him, and he steeled his resolve to keep his part of the agreement and do a good job of it too, no matter what it involved.

The taxi pulled up in front of a high rise apartment building in the Murray Hill neighborhood and the boys got out after paying the fare. The middle-aged doorman tried his best to remain expressionless as he called the apartment upstairs to announce their arrival, but his face didn’t remain as bland as he was striving for. The mixed emotions of admiration and disapproval played over it as he kept sneaking glances at the boys in their leather gear.

“All right, Ms. Harrington,” the man said into the phone piece. “I’ll send the fellows up.”

He hung up the device and pressed a sequence of buttons on the panel to buzz the door. “Go on up, boys. Apartment twenty-fifteen. Elevators straight ahead.”

Mike thanked him as Giorgio pulled open the door, and they crossed the elegantly furnished lobby.

Giorgio laughed as they waited for a car. “That doorman didn’t know what to think of us, if we’re cool or hot, or just plain fools.”

Mike shrugged. “Looked like he doesn’t care for this style of dress and what it represents, but he obviously knows Emma and Leona. He sure won’t think we’re fools going up to have some fun with them.”

Giorgio nodded. “You’re right about that. I wonder if he thinks we’re pros?” he mused, as a car arrived and opened its doors.

They stepped inside and Mike pressed the button for the twentieth floor. “We definitely look good enough to be pros. But this is the first and the last time I’m doing it. How about you?”

Giorgio leaned against the wall, grinning slyly. “Hey, I’ve got a lot of whoring around left to do. I don’t have that two hundred million coming when I turn twenty-four, like you do. I may have to sell this hot body of mine plenty more times to make my way.”

“Fuck, G, I’ll give you half. One hundred million will be more than enough for me.”

Giorgio smirked and shook his head. “Nothing will ever be enough for you, Mike. That silver spoon you were born with in your mouth was just a taste. You want it all. You spent the last two years working on those books with your head up in fucking outer space. I thought you’d never come back down. Now we’re screwing editors so you can get the books published. And I’m a crazy mother fucker to go along with your antics, but I’m a sucker and I love you. I’ve gotta start going after my own shit the way you go after yours.”

The elevator stopped and the doors opened and the boys stepped out. Mike had no time to think about what Giorgio had just said because Emma was standing at an open door about forty feet down the hall, waiting for them. The beautiful thirty-something brunette looked sexy and seductive in a shimmering black velour sweatsuit that lovingly hugged her curves and was perfectly accented by shiny black stiletto heels. She smiled and waved them on down, in her hand a long black leash swaying back and forth.

Mike put on his game face, the big charming smile he’d been using for the Amedeo campaign ads at Veronica’s Secrets, and he and Giorgio strode down the hall. He wasn’t even halfway there before Mother Nature came to his assistance. Emma looked so hot he was starting to get turned on already.

He nudged Giorgio in the arm. “Damn, she looked hot in the office but here she looks totally awesome, like a high-class call girl. I guess this is gonna be some fun, huh?”

Giorgio couldn’t help grinning. “No shit. Didn’t I tell you? Looks like she’s an editor for erotica, not sci-fi.”

Emma was looking back into the apartment as they approached. “Honey, hurry and see what’s coming down the hall.”

A moment later, Leona poked her pretty blonde head out, followed by the rest of her, all round and curvy in a pink velour sweatsuit similar to Emma’s, shining pink spike heels on her feet. She held a black leash in her hand too.

“Yo, check her out,” Giorgio whispered. “If I gotta have a blonde I’d really prefer Chris Hemsworth. But I guess she’ll do.”

Mike grunted. “I still think you’re not really gay, that you’ll grow out of it.”

Giorgio grunted right back, “Dude, how little you know.”

Then they were right there with the girls embracing them like long lost lovers, hugging, kissing, feeling, touching, as if a passion bomb had exploded all over them and freed them of any and all inhibitions. Mike’s lips were searching the sweetness of Emma’s mouth, his hands sliding up her smooth skin inside the back of her sweats top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he was just about to move his hands around to her front when she hissed in his ear, “Let’s get this party inside. We’ll get lara escort arrested out here.”

She had found it impossible not to throw herself at Mike. Although he was big and masculine, there was something about his prettiness that brought out the feminine in him, and it drove her crazy. She was not attracted to men anywhere near enough compared to her attraction to women, but every now and then one just shouted out to her, and he was the tops of any she’d known before. She pushed him from behind into the apartment foyer, giggling.

Giorgio picked up Leona, whom he’d been practically mauling, and tossed her over his shoulder so her shapely butt was right by his face, and he bit her square on it as he walked into the apartment before setting her down on her feet. She squealed with laughter and squeezed his crotch, which was attractively bulged in the tight leather pants. Emma closed the door behind them.

“Whew!” She fanned herself with her hand. “So hot and sexy! Gay, bi, straight? Hell, sometimes it just doesn’t matter, huh?”

Mike’s hands were running up her sides from behind. He knew that once he got to those beautiful breasts of hers under the velour, he’d forget about everything else around him.

“I’m straight,” he said to her, and pulled her close to him, hands on her soft flat tummy. “And it sure does matter to me.”

“You are?” She looked up at him in surprise. “I thought all Veronica’s Secrets were gay. That’s supposed to be the secret.”

“Not Mike,” Giorgio said, as Leona attached the leash she was holding to the ring on his slave collar. “I’m gay. He’s straight. But he’s a total kinkster.”

Mike sent Giorgio a sharp look as Emma attached the leash she held to his slave collar. “Yikes! An actual straight boy?” She looked at Mike in anticipation. “I haven’t had one of those since college.”

“How did you manage to grow up with Mike and not try to turn him gay?” Leona asked Giorgio.

“Oh … let me tell you, I tried,” Giorgio lied, grinning ear to ear as he looked at Mike, one raised eyebrow daring him to refute his statement. “It didn’t work. But he knows all about it and I taught him a few tricks along the way. He’s totally cool about it all.”

“I wish I’d had somebody like that to grow up with,” Leona sighed. “It would have made things so much easier, and been a whole lot of fun too.”

Mike tried his darnedest not to send Giorgio an outraged look. He’d known nothing about his being gay until a few months ago. Dude had been keeping it a secret. But he knew he’d have to let Giorgio take the lead here. These women were lovers who liked to be fucked by gay or bi men together so they could experience orgasm the very best way nature intended. Veronica had obviously forgot to tell them that he was straight.

“Come see the view,” Emma sang out, pulling Mike on with the leash into a big living room off the entrance foyer, dimly lit now in the darkening twilight. Soft music was playing from expensive stereo equipment set on the shelves of built-in bookcases lining one wall. The room was beautifully furnished in contemporary pieces and had a well-lived-in look with books laying about, a half-empty cup of coffee on an end table, Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines here and there, and a copy of the New York Post with today’s latest sensational headline.

Leona and Giorgio followed them, both giggling about something. Mike turned to look and a pang of envy coursed through him. Giorgio never had to try at anything, it all came naturally to him. He always fit in so easily, with everybody everywhere. Not like himself, always the one who had to push to belong, try harder than the others, dream bigger. He put his arm around Emma’s shoulder as they approached the wall of windows overlooking the splendors of Manhattan, telling himself, Be in the moment, dude. Just here and now. Don’t think about anything else!

The windows faced midtown and the hundreds of beautiful skyscrapers glittered in the darkening skies like a fantasy city on a far away planet, like in the books he liked to read and write. The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building with their lit-up art-deco spires were the most prominent, with the glittering even-higher towers uptown on Billionaires’ Row behind them. The view thrilled Mike, as the skyline of New York always did.

“Oh man, it’s beautiful, Emma.” He rested his chin on her shoulder and breathed in the fragrance of her hair. “I see midtown from the other side up at my house, but not this high and not this close.”

“Whoa … check it out,” he heard Giorgio exclaim as he and Leona joined them at the windows. “Majorly awesome! This is one of the best views of Manhattan I’ve ever seen.”

Leona pointed into a room at their right. “There’s a balcony off the den, but we seldom go out there. It’s really too high up here for being outdoors.”

“I’ll say,” Giorgio agreed, scooting up to the windows and looking down. “I know that half of Manhattan is up in the air, but I like the part near the ground much better.”

“My kind of guy,” Leona nodded in agreement. “If it was manavgat escort up to me, we’d be living in a first floor walk-up. But Emma has much loftier aspirations and she won the coin toss. So here we are.”

“Say, would you boys like a drink?” Emma asked. “We have whiskey, wine, even beer, if you like.”

“Nah, nothing for me,” Giorgio said, moving back toward Leona as she pulled him on the leash.

“I’m good too,” Mike said, his palm gliding up and down the back of Emma’s soft velour top.

“Then how about we show you the bedroom?” Emma suggested, noticing by the look in Leona’s eyes that the woman was more than ready to get things going. She liked men far more than Emma herself did and Giorgio was just her type, a raw hunk as masculine and down-to-earth as can be. Emma turned and stepped on, pulling Mike along with the leash. “Maybe we can get down to … um … biz-ness?”

“What kind of biz-ness you got in mind?” Mike teased her.

She tossed back her long hair and laughed. “Oh, maybe a little bit of this … and a little bit of that.”

“Or maybe a whole lot of both?” Giorgio joked from behind, as Leona pulled him on along with them.

The boys were led down a long dimly lit carpeted hall past a bathroom and another couple rooms to a big bedroom at its end with its own bathroom. The lighting was soft but a little brighter, and Mike figured the girls wanted to see what was going to happen in this room. It looked like a Hollywood set, a star’s bedroom in a Beverly Hills mansion. The bed was huge, big enough for all of them, its silver spread pulled down revealing black silk sheets, big fluffy black and silver pillows, and a headboard shaped like the top half of a star, all covered in glittering silver and black, its topmost point almost reaching the ceiling. The wall of windows offered the same view of Manhattan as the living room, slightly muted by floor to ceiling sheer curtains.

Emma and Leona led the boys over to the big bed. Stopping at its foot, they unattached the leashes from the leather collars and tossed them off into a corner.

“No need to keep these on,” Leona said. “I don’t think you guys will be running away, will ya?”

Mike snickered. “No chance of that!”

“Ditto,” Giorgio agreed.

Mike wondered how often the girls had done this before with other guys, it all seemed to be going so routinely. What followed only served to reinforce that observation.

Emma said, “Why don’t you boys sit down on the bed and watch while Leona and I undress each other? Then when we’re done, you two can stand up and do the same.”

“That,” Giorgio responded, “sounds like an excellent idea.”

All smiles, he grabbed Mike’s arm and pulled him down on the bed with him. Mike gave him a What-the Fuck look and shook his arm free, concentrating on the girls in front of him, trying not to think of what he’d have to do next. As the girls moved back a couple steps and Emma reached to help Leona with her top, Giorgio leaned on Mike and rested his chin on his shoulder.

“Listen, dickhead,” he hissed in Mike’s ear. “We gotta make these gals happy, and the more we’re all over each other, and them, the happier they’ll be. Don’t fight me.”

Mike had a sudden chill of apprehension as his mind zigzagged through a maze of conflicting thoughts. Mother fuck! More was going to be expected of him than he’d bargained for. He felt a moment’s fleeting panic, as if he had to jump up and run the hell out of there. But he stifled it down, his jaw molding into a strong hard line. He put his arm around Giorgio’s shoulder and pulled him close as Emma pulled off Leona’s top and her breasts swayed out in graceful freedom.

Mike’s lips moved up to Giorgio’s ear. “I didn’t expect to have to play gay. This is way over my head.”

Giorgio turned and kissed him, right on the lips. Then he whispered, “Isn’t life just chock full of surprises? Just follow my lead. And relax!”

“Yo!” Giorgio then exclaimed, looking back at the girls. “Bellazza, Leona!”

Her blonde hair had fallen back down around her shoulders and her full breasts stood firm, the undersides pushing up the nipples, pink-brown and erect.

“What’s that mean?” she asked with a smile.

“That you’re a beautiful girl,” Mike joined in, watching her now, her pretty face, her beautiful breasts, her flat tummy and shapely hips. He was relaxing a little, thinking maybe he’d get through this without making a fool of himself having to play gay with Giorgio because the girls liked it. It’s not that it was such an awful thing to have to do. It just caught him by surprise. He hadn’t expected …

Emma was kneeling down on the floor next to Leona slowly pulling off the pink spiked heel shoe from her left foot. She tossed it over to the corner with a little smile and then did the same with the shoe on the right foot. Then, as if she were in a world all her own, she reached up to the waist band of the pretty pink pants and began pulling them slowly down. Curvy hips were revealed and an exquisite V-shape between gorgeous thighs that distracted Mike and gave him something more imminent to think about, the pretty pink lips of a shaved pussy beckoning to be touched. By the time Emma had pulled the pants off, tossed them away and stood back up, Mike was growing hard inside his pants and it was uncomfortable as hell because the leather pants were so tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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