Michael and Jamie Ch. 01

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This is a true story about my current girlfriend and me. Our names have been changed for protection:)! Please enjoy, rate, comment, or email me!


Jamie rubbed my leg, up and down, almost too innocently! I was about to make my move…OK; maybe I’m a little ahead of myself. First off, My name is Michael. I am 19 years old, and going to college to be an engineer. I stand about 6’2 and weigh 220 lbs.; I’m very athletic, though still a little over weight. I have never been a ladies man; I am the guy that always ends up being like an older brother. At the time this story took place I had just gotten out of a two-year relationship and wasn’t looking for anything serious. Jamie was in the same boat relationship wise and was just looking for some fun as well. She is about 5’7 with a petite hourglass figure. Her legs seem to go on forever, her butt is the perfect ample size (I like them bigger), her waist is thin and her tits are small but pert with great protruding nipples. \

We had met about a month prior to this incident, while she was still dating James (a complete asshole). We would talk for hours at parties or get togethers. The week she broke up with James, we ended up at the club making out! She was drunk and as always I sober but it was passionate! We arrived back at a friend’s house with all our pals and canlı bahis grabbed a couch to sleep on. Just about everyone had passed out when the event began…

Jamie rubbed my leg, up and down, almost too innocently! I was about to make my move, it didn’t matter that there were other people in the room sleeping, I turned to her and kissed her puffy lips separating them slowly with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in vigorously. I quickly brought my hands to her tits; I unclasped the bra in a matter of seconds and started rolling her protruding nipples around in between my fingers. She started to moan louder and louder.

“Let’s move out to the garage,” I say, in between sloppy kisses.

“As long as I get to suck your cock,” she replied.

I was speechless as I lead her (pulled more like it) to the garage. She immediately stepped in front of me to take off my pants. I just back up and allowed her to go at it. Removing the belt took a while in her drunken state but once she got my cock out, she went to town. She rubbed her tongue all over the head then down the shaft and back up again till it was covered in saliva. I was in heaven; my past lovers could never satisfy me with head but Jamie was incredible. She started to suck on my head, her lips were so soft but the power they had to pull bahis siteleri my cock into her mouth was incredible. I looked down and could swear she was smiling around my cock. Her rate increased as she used one hand on my balls and another on my shaft. I loved the site of watching my cock slip through her lips. My balls tightened up, I couldn’t believe it blowjobs have never caused me to cum before. I warned Jamie but she kept sucking, in fact she took in more of my dick. I blew my load, right into the back of her throat.

After she had finished swallowing and I had recovered slightly, she asked, “How was that?” with a wicked grin on her face. I smiled, grabbed her, and lifted her onto the dryer. Pulling off her pants, I could see and smell her soaked panties. I ripped them off and examined the gorgeous bald pussy lips in front of me, her clit standing there proud and erect. I started to kiss her thighs, as I moved towards her pussy, I used the tip of my tongue to slowly separate her puffy cunt lips. Starting at the bottom, by the time I made it to her clit, she was moaning with both hands on the back of my head. I used my tongue to flick quickly over her clit many times. This sent her into sprawls of pleasure; she couldn’t stop moaning or crying out my name. I then used my tongue to do a figure eight over her clit. After bahis şirketleri several minutes, she came bucking side to side; up and down I continued my work. As she calmed down, I searched for a condom with no luck (stupid me!!!!!!!).

My cock was hard as a rock at attention.

“Shame to waste that! I’m on the pill and have been checked out since my last!” she chimed in.

“Lets go then!”

I stepped toward her and slowly placed the head of my penis at the soaking wet entrance of her pussy. I leaned forward to kiss her as my cock slowly slid its full length into her pussy (never had I felt one so tight)! I waited a second to let her pussy adjust, though it was so lubricated this was probably unnecessary! I started to move my hips so that my cock was almost out of her pussy and then drilling it back in. She reached down to play with her clit; each stroke she made caused her pussy to tighten around my cock. She started to convulse in orgasm again; her pussy was a vice around my cock as she bucked back and forth. When her orgasm subsided, I turned her around and bent her over the dryer, fucking her doggy style. I love watching my body slam into that smoking hot ass. My balls tightened up shortly after that and I withdrew. I expected to cum on the floor but quick as a whip she turned around and swallowed my dick. I was in heaven as I had my biggest orgasm ever. She swallowed the entire load. I pulled her up and kissed her for what felt like seconds but was really an hour. We made our way back to the couch and laid down side by side.

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