Midnight Intrigue Ch. 01

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I had been asleep when I first felt it. There was something different. Not necessarily wrong – just different. I lay still until I could figure out what it was. Renee’.


Even though Renee’ was 28 years old, she still wanted me to think of her as my daughter. And she insisted on calling me ‘Daddy’. Not that I minded her calling me that – it was just a little awkward explaining her to my friends. I finally decided that she didn’t need explaining and ignored their sly glances and the innuendoes they implied.

Renee’ has stopped by after work and we had grilled some steaks. I did the honors while she put together a huge salad to go with it. Chunks of French bread and some burgundy wine completed the meal. After dinner, Renee’ cleaned up while I relaxed in the den with a cup of coffee.

Later, by the fire, we watched Manchester United beat Liverpool in the F.A. Cup. I sat on the loveseat with Renee’ draped across my lap. I’m sure she felt the rise of my cock on the back of her head as she squirmed around to get comfy.

I was still in my running shorts and T-shirt. That’s to say – that’s all I had on. I never wear under shorts – too constrictive on my rather large cock. Renee’ had changed just before dinner into a pair of gray nylon running shorts, that I loan her when she comes over, and a thin blouse. I could tell by the way her tits bounced around that she had shed her bra and, since there seemed no panty line, her panties too.

Renee’ – French Canadian from Quebec province. She is about 4’11” tall and about 98 to 100 lbs. Her breasts were a 34b. (I discovered this one day when I did the laundry) Her long hair is coal black which she usually ties in a pony tail. And her eyes are black as well – she has a way of looking right through you with those piercing eyes.

At this point in our relationship, there had never been more than a few passing remarks about sex between us – mostly in a teasing manner. The last time she went out on a date, I’d ask if she got laid. Naturally she would never answer, but it kept the banter going between us.

I said, “Renee’ I would love to get laid but I haven’t been able to find someone who would have me. What’s wrong with me?”

“Jim, nothing is wrong with you. You just haven’t found the right woman yet.” She replied. “Be patient. You’ll find a lover soon.”

“Why? Are you going to volunteer?” I asked.

“Maybe. What if I did?”

“I’d take you up on it in a heartbeat,” I replied “But you know I’m too old for you.”

She grew silent. Pensive? As if she was having an inner struggle.

There seemed to be a rapport between us that defied explanation. We talked about sex so casually it was as if we were already lovers and yet, there had been no more than a father/daughter kiss.

She had, on several occasions, occupied a position on my lap usually when I was in my recliner – arms wrapped around my neck – snuggling and kissing the side of my neck while I stroked her bare thighs. And, it seemed, that that was all we did. Nothing deep – just casual petting. Somehow both of us had decided to izmir escort bayan keep our relationship casual. I suppose that it could be that we were afraid of ruining a beautiful friendship.

This time seemed different somehow. She lay there with her eyes closed. I watched her neat little breasts rise and fall as she breathed.

I noticed her nipples beginning to tent the shirt – poking out at me. I grasped one of her tits as I leaned over to kiss her. She had been dozing and, as her eyes fluttered open, she realized what I was doing. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. Softly at first – more insistent as her passions rose. I tweaked her nipple and she yelped, “Ouch!”

My tongue wormed its way into her mouth and she sucked gently on it – pushing it back so she could feed me hers. We dueled back and forth for control – neither of us wanting to relinquish it. My cock was rock hard by this time and straining for relief. I placed a hand on Renee’s thigh and, gently stroked it – moving as close to her pussy as possible without actually touching it. Squeezing and stroking her thigh – tap dancing my fingers on her passions while she squirmed and wriggled against my cock.

Releasing the kiss, Renee’ turned her attention to extract my cock from my shorts. Once freed – she placed her hot mouth over the mushroom cap and sucked – slowly and softly as she nipped once or twice – then sucking again. Holding her like this seemed more like I was holding a suckling baby who was looking for dinner. I couldn’t take much more or I would cum. Damn! She was good.

By now I had discovered that she was wearing a pink thong. I eased it aside, allowing her meaty cunt lips to be exposed and began to stroke a finger in and out of her steamy pussy. She was so wet!

I stroked a couple of fingers inside her – flicking her hardening clit with my thumb as she moaned against my mouth. She was hot and her pussy was soaking wet!

“Renee’. Move off me. Sit on the other side of the loveseat for a minute,” I said.

When she was alongside me I began undressing her – tossing her top and shorts to the side leaving the pink thong in place.

Grasping her hips, I pulled her butt to the front of the loveseat causing her to lean against the back of it. I spread her legs, placing one on the loveseat and the other over my shoulder. Gripping the thong – I pulled hard – tearing it off her. Lowering my mouth to her wet pussy, I began to eat her. Very slowly – licking one pussy lip – working toward her clit then back down the other.

“Oh, Daddy. Eat me, Daddy. Eat your baby girl,” she said.

Stopping to suck on her clit, I lapped my tongue as deep inside her pussy as it would go. Then I began to finger her pussy – rubbing some of her juices around her little star shaped anus – poking and probing at it as she wriggled like a fish on a hook.

Then I felt it. The quivering of her thighs and the urgent fucking movement of her hips as she proceeded to draw my fingers deeper into her pussy – clenching and unclenching her muscles around them.

“Oh, Daddy. You do me so good, Daddy.”

“Daddy. escort izmir Fuck me. Please, Daddy. Fuck your darling daughter. Show me how much you love me. Please, Daddy?”

I pulled my fingers out and replace them with my hard cock – rubbing her pussy lips to moisten it for full penetration. Placing my mushroom cap at her opening, I leaned forward and sank about half my cock inside her velvet sheath. I stopped – giving her time to get used to my size.

Just then, she said, “Oh, God! Daddy, you are so big. You’re going to rip me apart. Slow down, Daddy. Give me time to get used to your huge cock.”

Then I drew back until just my cock head was in her – then pushed forward again – pushing more of my 8″ cock inside her – and again – drawing back – pounding forward again. I looked down. My huge cock was pulling her pussy inside out as I pulled it out – then forced it back in on the inward stroke.

I slowed down. Just a slow steady stroke deep inside her – then withdrawing. I could feel the mouth of her womb on the in stroke. My cock head butted against it but had not been able to penetrate her womb yet. She was so tight!

As I stroked in and out of Renee’ I could feel my ball sac begin to tighten. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum.

“Renee’, I’m about to cum, dear. Do you want me to pull out?” I asked. “Are you on the pill?”

“No, Daddy. I want your cum inside me. Yes, I’m on the pill but I’m thinking about stopping it?”

“Why, Renee’?”

“Because I want to have a baby, Daddy. Your baby,” she replied.

That did it. I lost it right then and there. I began to cum – long spurts of cum. I leaned over and took one of her nipples in my mouth, nipping and biting it as I came.

My cum triggered Renee’. “I’m cumming, Daddy!! Your darling is cumming.”

And her tiny body shivered and quaked with the force of her tremendous orgasm.

With each stroke I pounded as hard as I could to get past the mouth of her womb but couldn’t. Spurt after hot spurt of cum until I was spent.

Sometime later, after I had my breath back, I stood up – cradling Renee’s butt in my hands. Her pussy was still impaled on my cock and, it seems, as if I had not lost one iota of my erection. I was as hard as when I first entered her.

With her arms clinging around my neck, I carried us into the Master Bathroom. It was time to clean up and go to bed.

When I turned on the water – she yelped, “Damn. That water’s cold.”

“Don’t worry – it’ll be hot in a minute.”

When the cold water hit Renee’s back she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles – squeezed so hard I thought she was going to cut my cock off.

Soon she settled down and I began to slide her off and back onto my cock – fucking standing up. Having just cum a little while ago, I might be good for a long hard fuck, but I knew it was going to be hours before I could actually cum. So I brought Renee’ off again and then we washed.

After brushing our teeth, Renee’ retreated to the guest room (where she usually sleeps) and I lay down on my king size bed in the Master Bedroom. I suppose izmir escort Renee’ wasn’t ready to ‘sleep-in’ just yet. Maybe that would come with time.

**************************** As I had started to say – there was something different. And I had figured out that it was Renee’.

She was sliding into bed with me.

I glanced at the clock. Just past midnight and I had been asleep for a couple of hours.

I was just about to say something when she threw one leg across my waist and climbed aboard – straddling my hips with her legs.

She reached between us and repositioned my stubby little cock so that her pussy lips were above it.

Editor’s Note: Before you say anything – most men have stubby little cocks. I do. But I’m proud of the fact that it is 8″ long and 2-1/2″ in diameter when it is fully hard. Besides, stubbies are easier to put away after you pee.

After spreading her pussy lips around my cock, she leaned down and began kissing me. Long deep soul searching French kisses. As she did so, she began to rotate her pelvis – sliding first to one side – then the other across my cock. Then sliding up – then back – working that moist pussy of hers along my increasing length. Yes, my cock was getting hard.

Then Renee’ did something unusual. She moved astride one leg as she began working her way down my body with little kisses. First around the upper chest – down to my nipple – kissing and nipping it. Continuing down my body – to my belly button toward my cock – she continued rubbing her pussy up and down the length of my leg – soaking it with her copious pussy juice.

Finally reaching my cock with her mouth – just as her pussy came into contact with my toes – she began to suck me. I was busy flexing my toes up and back the length of her sopping pussy – spreading her juices all over my foot.

Then she shifted to the other leg. When she was astride it, her pussy was again in contact with my other foot this time. I rubbed her pussy with my toes – flipping her clit (for it was too large not to miss) as I spread her juice all over me.

Leaving my cock, she kissed her way back up my body until she was once again kissing my mouth.

Moving astride my waist again, she reached between us and placed my mushroom cap at the opening of her pussy – sliding toward my feet just enough that my cock penetrated her.

Then she began a series of sliding forward on my cock – then backward. Oh, so slowly so as to build up the pressure in my tight ball sac. French kissing me deeply as she did.

Rising up, Renee’ leaned forward and placed a nipple in my mouth which I suckled and nipped while she rode my turgid cock. Stroke after stroke – she rose then pounded down hard on my cock. Finally I felt my cock head slip into the mouth of Renee’s womb – finally I felt that extreme tightness of her pussy.

And I began to cum.

Rolling her over, I began a series of real hard pounding strokes in and out of Renee’ as my ball sac emptied my cum deep inside of her.

After the 4th or 5th spurt of cum – Renee’s body tensed. Muscles tight – pussy muscles clenching and unclenching on my huge cock as she began her orgasm – the first of what was to be many more that night.

We fell asleep like that. Me in the saddle with my cock beginning to soften – resting heavily on my darling daughter – Renee’

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