Mike Reunites with Family

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Double Penetration

Mike was just 10 minutes from home, he was returning from college after just graduating and would be staying at home temporarily until he got settled into a place of his own. He had been anticipating coming home for so long now. He missed his mom, dad, and sister.

Mike is 23 years old. He is 5’9”, black hair, brown eyes, muscular, athletic, and 160 pounds. He like the rest of his family, is smart, mature and is pretty close with his family members – never really had much conflict with them growing up.

Jessica, his sister, was 14 when he left for college and he had barely seen her since. She has just graduated High school and is 18 years old. She is 5’3”, blonde hair with brown highlights, blue eyes, and about 120 pounds. She is quite mature and intelligent.

Michelle, his mom, is 42. He has always had a good relationship with her, better than with his father at least. She is almost identical in looks with Jessica, only she has gained a few pounds over the years. She is 5’5”, blonde hair, blue eyes, and 140 pounds. Like her daughter, she is intelligent. She works part-time as a secretary in a law firm.

Finally, his dad, Robert who is 45 – is the sterner one in the family. He is the president of a huge computer company. Being very conservative, and the rule setter of the house – things usually go his way. Therefore things like sex are rarely talked about. Robert is 5’10”, black hair, brown eyes, and 185 pounds.

Driving up the familiar street where he grew up, Mike is really excited. He almost passes his house as he stops and pulls into the driveway. Almost immediately his mom, dad, and Jessica come outside to greet him. Jessica makes it to him first.

“Hey, how are you Mike?” she asks with a smile on her face.

“I am ok sis, how about you?” she hugs him tightly as she responds.

“I am good, I missed you” she says with excitement in her voice.

“I missed you too” he said hugging her tighter.

After exchanging hugs and kisses with his parents, they helped him with his luggage as they made their way inside. Mike couldn’t believe how much different Jessica looks from the last time he saw her. He can’t help but notice how great she looks.

Mike moves back into his old room, and spends a few hours settling in before going downstairs to meet for dinner. Dinner was great – they chatted and brought each other up to date. After dinner Jessica suggests they hang out in the den and watch a movie.

They all move into the den and take a seat on the large sofa. Mike, Jessica, and their parents, respectively take a seat. Sitting in such close proximity to Jessica, Mike again notices how much she has matured. When he hugged her earlier, he immediately noticed that her breasts were quite larger than they were when he last saw her. She also grew taller, and puts makeup on now. He had to admit to himself how sexy his baby sister was.

His mind was pretty much off of Jessica as they watched the movie, and went to bed. Being tired from the ride home, Mike fell asleep instantly.

Mike woke up the next day to the sound of loud knocking on his door. He got up and opened the door, still in his boxers only – which is what he usually sleeps in. He is greeted at the door by Jessica.

“Hey Mike, good morning” she said, sounding wide awake.

“Hey, good morning” he answered barely sounding awake.

“Sorry for waking you up, it was getting kind of late though and I was wondering if you wanted to go hang out somewhere” she said sounding a bit apologetic.

“Oh, that’s ok sis….what time is it?”

“Its…11:30” she said, glancing at her watch.

“Oh, shit!!…thanks for waking me” he says still sleepy.

“No problem, how about we go to the park and catch up some more….you up for that?”

“Yeah, that sounds great…let me get dressed, and I will be down in a bit”

“Alright, see ya then” she added with a smile before heading downstairs.

Mike got dressed and went downstairs to meet Jessica. Jessica was waiting for him in the den. They went to a local park, and being it was summer time, it was really nice and relaxing.

They were walking for a while, when Jessica broke the silence.

“Do you mind if I ask whether you have a girlfriend or not?” she asked.

“Not at all. I had a girlfriend named Courtney. I went out with her for the first 2 years of college” he answered sounding kind of sad.

“Oh, what happened?”

“Well, I found out she was cheating on me”

“Awww, I’m sorry” she said as she put an arm around him.

“Yeah, I am just getting over it. I haven’t been out with a girl since”

“Wow, that’s unlike you” she said with a little smirk.

“Yeah, I guess I really liked her…but hey, I am hoping to start over and meet someone here”

“That sounds like a plan” she answered, as they began walking home.

After that conversation, Mike realized how long it had been since he had sex, and a relationship. Later that evening he was feeling quite horny, and decided izmir escort bayan to masturbate. He said good night to everyone, went to his room, and began undressing after making sure to lock the door.

He lay on his back, naked and ready to jerk off. Squeezing some lubricant into his hand, he began rubbing it into his cock…nice and slow. His cock, which is between 6.5” and 7”, began to get hard as he continued rubbing and playing with his now semi-hard cock. Closing his eyes, and running his fingers up and down his abs and chest with one hand, he was now slowly stroking his hard cock with the other. God, it felt good – he was imagining himself with 2 chicks, watching them slowly kiss each other and remove each others clothes. He was now getting really into it, increasing speed on his cock as his fantasy girls were now playing with each others tits and fingering each other.

Fifteen minutes later, he was almost on the verge of cumming when for some strange reason, the image of his sexy little sister popped into his head – and that is when he let loose, ejecting his cum all over his chest and stomach.

Mike just lay there, cum drying up on himself, as he wondered why the hell he thought of his own sister right before he came. Was he sick? Something seemed very wrong with that picture.

After lots of pondering, and a quick cleanup – he finally fell asleep with that strange incident still on his mind.

Waking up the next morning, it took him a few seconds to remember what had occurred the night before. This was really bothering him, even though when Jessica was 13 or 14 and was beginning to develop, he would try to catch a glimpse of her every now and then like most teenage boys with sisters, it wasn’t the same as what happened last night. He has never before thought of Jessica while jacking off, or during a fantasy.

Whatever was going on, Mike decided to try and forget the incident convincing himself it was just an accident. That was until that evening, when things got worse for him. He had just come inside from playing a good game of basketball, and decided to go to the bathroom and wash up a bit. Being all sweaty and lightheaded, he didn’t think much as he opened the bathroom door without knocking. That would have been ok, if Jessica was using the toilet which was on the left of the door which opens inward. However, she had just come out of the shower, and was completely naked in front of the mirror, drying her hair.

He just stood there, looking at her tits in the mirror, in awe. Her tits had to be about 36c with nice large pink nipples – he also quickly caught a glimpse of her cute tight ass. When he felt himself starting to get an erection, he snapped out of the trance and tried getting out of it, if at all possible.

“Uhh, shit…sorry Jessica” he said frantically.

Since the towel was hanging on the back of the door, which was now out of reach since he barged in on her, she was unable to get it since she would have to turn around and face him naked – so she just stood with her back to him, and tried to cover her tits and pussy.

“God, knock next time!!” she said sounding nervous and frustrated.

“The door was unlocked, but I should have knocked. Sorry again” he mumbled while closing the door. That all happened in thirty seconds – it felt more like five though.

He made his way back to his room, upset at himself for screwing things up this quickly. He was sure he couldn’t face Jessica again – at least the way he used to. They had quite a good relationship growing up.

Once in his room, he sat on the edge of his bed and thought about what happened. He remembered getting an erection from seeing Jessica naked. He couldn’t figure out if it was just because he was horny, due to not having a girlfriend for a while – or was it actually because of Jessica. Did he subconsciously look at Jessica sexually? If so, this was becoming really twisted. Either way, he was now extremely horny and couldn’t help himself. He had to masturbate.

After barely 3 minutes of rapidly stroking his cock, he came with extreme force. It was the most intense orgasm he remembered having for a long time. He cleaned up, took a shower (locking the door), and went downstairs for dinner, still not sure of how he would face Jessica.

Dinner was served, and he sat in his usual spot – directly across the table from Jessica. She looked at him quickly, blushing a bit, and then quickly looked down. Jessica basically avoided eye contact with Mike that evening, as did he with her. It was way too uncomfortable, compared to the atmosphere that they were used to.

Things stayed the same between Mike and Jessica for the next week, not really talking that much. That didn’t stop Mike from jacking off just about every night. He finally admitted to himself that he had a slight sexual attraction towards his sister. He couldn’t jerk off without thinking of her tits in the mirror, and her cute ass staring him in the face.

Being a little obsessed with Jessica, he escort izmir now actually wanted to catch a glimpse of her naked, although he still wasn’t comfortable being around her – when she knew he was there.

For as long as Mike could remember, he loved jacking off in places and at times when there was the possibility of getting caught. It was such an adrenaline rush, and it usually caused a much more intense orgasm. So, being home for over a week and feeling at home – he decided it was time to try and create that situation.

For starters, he decided not to be that risky. He jerked off in his room one evening, with the door unlocked, while everyone was roaming around the house. The next day, just his parents were home, so he jerked off in the bathroom with the door unlocked and slightly open – knowing they would most probably use their own bathroom, but could possibly walk in on him for whatever reason.

Mike continued his little game for a while, jacking off in the bathroom and his room, both with the door unlocked, until one day he decided to be extra bold. He decided that since his parents were out for the day with friends, and his sister would be out with her friends at the mall, that it would be fun to masturbate in the den watching a porn video. He also figured he would leave his clothes upstairs – just the extra rush.

He pops in the lesbian porn tape, and sits back on the couch completely naked.

He starts slowly stroking his cock as the seen with the girls unfold. There isn’t a storyline, just 2 girls having nasty hot sex. His cock is rock hard; as he watches the girls kiss each other open-mouthed. As their tongues slide into each others mouth, he increases speed on his cock.

In the meantime, Jessica went all the way to the mall – a 30 minute drive, and realized that she forgot the credit card her mom left for her and a few items of clothing that needed to be returned. So, in a terrible mood, she has the girls drive her back to the house so that she can quickly run inside and get the things she needed.

She frantically unlocks the door, pushes it open and is about to leap up 2 stairs when she hears a sound coming from the den. Being human, she decides to check it out. She would have never guessed it, but what she saw caused her to stand at the doorway to the den paralyzed, stunned, and speechless.

Mike was sitting comfortably on the couch, leaning back with his legs spread. He now had his eyes closed as he listened to the sounds of the girls eating each other out. He started to groan out loud as his hands moved faster up and down his slick cock.

“w-w-what are you doing?” Jessica asked stupidly.

“HUH?” Mike said coming out of his stupor. He looked to his left and saw his sister staring at him with her jaw hitting the floor.

He was too close to stop, he felt his balls churning, and the feeling of his cum already on its way up through his dick. Staring at her with a look of apology, he stroked his cock twice and came all over the place.

After the intense orgasm, he then came to his full senses and tried covering himself up. At this point, Jessica finally turned around and went upstairs – hearing the girls in the video cumming, which he forgot to turn off. He rushed upstairs to put on his clothes, and by the time he came back down to clean up Jessica was gone.

He now thought he was definitely screwed. Excommunication sounded like a lenient punishment for what he thought would happen. Later that evening he was in his room getting ready to go to sleep, when he heard a knock at his door.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“It’s me, Jessica” he heard her say slightly whispering.

“Oh” he replied followed by a slight pause.

“Come in” he said as he walked over to open the door for her.

She came in, and closed the door behind her. Standing in front of Mike for a few seconds, there was an awkward silence. Jessica decided to break that silence.

“Mike, I wanted to talk to you about what happened earlier today” she said rather quickly and boldly.

“Umm, ok” he said replying to her unexpected request.

“I am so sorry about that, I don’t know what I was thinking” he continued.

“No. It’s ok Mike. It was partly my fault for forgetting my stuff” she said followed by a slight pause, after which she continued.

“I don’t want us to lose the friendship we had over a couple accidents. I think we should accept the fact that you masturbate and I take showers while forgetting to lock the door. I mean, we are adults…aren’t we?” she took a deep breath, before waiting for his reply.

Mike nervously laughed at the unexpected turn of events. He was sure she would tell him how she was upset at him and that she would notify their parents, etc…

“Well, yes, we are adults” he answered. “And, I agree with you. Thank you for clearing that up Jessica, I was terrified I had screwed things up between us. I didn’t even think you would want to talk to me anymore” he said, while actually looking izmir escort her in the face for the first time in a couple weeks.

“Your welcome” she said with a slight smile, feeling less tense with the situation.

“I would never stop talking to you because of that, its normal to do what you were doing earlier today” she said blushing a bit. She then went and hugged him tightly.

He hugged her back, feeling her tits crush against his chest.

“You’re the best Jessica” he said excitedly.

“You are too!!” she said still hugging him.

“Good night” she said heading for the door.

“Night” he said, feeling like a planet was lifted off his shoulders.

Since Jessica’s apology, Mike and Jessica’s relationship actually got better than it ever was. They were hanging out more, talking more, and basically having a great time together.

For Mike, it was both good and bad. It was good since he was able to be around her more often, and since he realized he was sexually attracted to her it worked out in that department. It was also bad though, because every now and then he finds himself with a raging boner – trying his best to hide it from his sister.

They had just come back from a night out bowling and a couple drinks. It was still a bit early, and Mike was of course feeling horny – as usual. He had been trying his hardest all night not to look down Jessica’s low cut blouse. Her tits were literally spilling out over the top causing him to have a painful boner at least 2/3 of the night.

Being a bit tipsy, he goes up to his room forgetting to lock the door. He immediately strips his clothing off, admiring his body in the mirror. Not surprisingly, seconds later he is lying down in his bed on his back, applying lubricant to his already growing cock.

With his eyes closed, he thinks of Jessica and how creamy and soft her tits looked that day he walked in on her in the bathroom. The sight of her sweet ass comes to mind as he quickens his stroke on his rigid cock. He begins creating a fantasy about Jessica in his mind. He sees himself fondling her tits and rubbing her large hard nipples between his fingers. She is moaning loudly as he moves one hand down to her wet pussy. Sliding his finger inside of her, she moans really loudly as he begins finger-fucking her cunt. She is just about cumming when he feels spurts of his own cum fall onto his chest and face. He falls asleep shortly after.

He still couldn’t believe he was having those explicit sexual fantasies about his baby sister. By now, he was addicted to her though, almost on the verge of being obsessed. No matter how much he tried to rationalize with himself that it wasn’t right – his sexual attraction towards her overrode any logical thinking.

Throughout the next few weeks, things are the same. Mike jerked off almost every night thinking of his sexy little sister. And Jessica made it a habit of hanging out with him pretty much all the time – which was great.

Mike was on his way back from a strenuous workout at the gym. As he pulled into the driveway, he noticed a car that was neither his or his parents. He went inside and found Jessica in the den watching a movie with a guy.

“Hey jess, I don’t mean to interrupt – was just letting you know that I was here.” He said wondering who was with her.

“Hi, that’s ok. Oh, this is jack…my boyfriend. Jack – meet my brother Mike” she said enthusiastically.

“Hey Jack, what’s up?” he said as Jack stood up to shake hands with him.

“Hey Mike” he said as they shook hands.

Jack sat back down as Mike left them alone and went up to his room. He was happy to see Jessica dating and all, but he was also kind of jealous. In his twisted mind, she was theoretically available for him. Now that she is officially going out with Jack, it got him a bit upset.

That didn’t stop him from jerking off to her though; nothing could stop him from doing that. In fact, it got him more curious about her. He started going to great lengths to see her partially/completely naked. He rarely succeeded though – she seemed extra secure, most probably because of the bathroom incident.

It was 3 in the morning, and Mike woke up for some reason. He had to pee, so he headed for the bathroom. On the way back to his room, he decided to go down for a “midnight snack”. He must have been half way down the stairs, when he thought he heard some moans coming from the den. Being as quiet as possible, he crept up to the doorway of the den.

The den was dimly lit, but he could clearly see Jessica and Jack on the couch. Actually, Jack was sitting on the couch – naked, and Jessica was between his knees giving him a blowjob. Jack continuously repeated: “suck my cock baby” as Jessica kept on doing just that. She was also naked, as she grabbed both Jack’s ass cheeks and went down on his cock even faster. She seemed focused on making him cum, which is precisely what he did only moments later.

Jessica kept her mouth wrapped tightly around the head of Jacks cock, as she pumped the base of cock furiously. Mike could see her swallowing most of Jack’s cum, allowing some to drip out the sides of her mouth. Jack’s cock was pretty much the same size as Mike’s, but maybe a little thicker.

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