Mims Cafe – Part 2, Steph’s Just Deserts

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These are the continuing tales of life at Mim’s Café. I’m Cindy Mims, the owner of the café where the beautiful young people tend to find themselves in new and exciting situations. I should tell you that I’m a big fan of just about all things sexual. Well, I guess that’s all things that I myself consider sexual, but still, that’s an awful lot, because having a good time is never far from my thoughts.

My café is set up nicely for these kinds of things. It’s in a nicer part of town near the college campus and a high school, and is frequented by lots of nice people from the neighborhood. It’s in a three-story building with the café and office on the lower floors, and a nice little apartment up top. Some truly devilish things have been going on behind these walls, and I’m here to tell you about them.

I used to try to keep things separate from my employees, who are mostly attractive college kids, just because business and pleasure can be tricky to mix. Unfortunately, my assistant Stephanie also happens to be a relentless flirt, and she’s constantly trying to distract me with her temptations. I’ve already recorded our first adventure for your reading enjoyment, so if you’ve read that, you know the sort of girl she can be.

That first time also involved Janie, a delightfully plump teddy bear of a high schooler whose desires went way beyond her innocent and soft good looks. Her genuinely inquisitive nature led to of whole new set of experiences for the three of us, and have changed my mind about how I treat both my employees and my clientele. My conservative approach has given way to my unbridled lust, and now I see everyone who walks through my doors as an offering on a plate.

Stephanie and I have had some interesting encounters since breaking new ground together. She’s still the same old tease, and can still get me so riled up I need to take a break and slip away up to my office to ease my tension. She’s constantly pointing out pretty young things and whispering dirty nothings in my ear about what we should do with them. Occasionally she shows up to work in a skirt and no panties, and flashes me little views of her perfect cheeks throughout the day.

I’d decided that I’d let Steph get about as far as I’d let her when I caught her in the store room with Janie. The weren’t really doing anything, just enjoying some delicious kisses and some heavy petting, but I’m sure they’d done it with the intention of being caught. Or at least I’m sure that was Steph’s motive, since the door was left open, and her face burst into a gigantic, sexy smile when I walked in. Not that I minded of course, I felt myself immediately getting wet as I shoo-ed them out, taking the time to give Steph a particularly hard slap on the behind as she passed. But I began to hatch a plan to exact my revenge upon my little minx of an assistant, just to let her know who’s still in charge.

A few days later, things were going along at their usual, flirty pace. It was towards the end of the day Wednesday, and we were closing up around ten o’clock. I’d been up in the office finishing up the details when Steph peeked in to tell me she’d finished. “Hang on a sec,” I said, as offhandedly as I could. “I need to check something with you.” I began looking through the papers on my desk, lifting and shifting piles, but not finding anything. “Oh, rats, you know what, I left it up stairs. Hang on, I’ll run up and get it.”

I ran up the stairs that lead to the 3rd floor apartment. I made a quick call on my cell phone, then went about getting things ready. The room is set up with a sitting area with two sofas and a coffee table, a little kitchenette, and a king-size bed looking out over the patio, which also serves as the back entrance to the apartment. I moved the coffee table to the side and got one of the upholstered dining chairs from the kitchen, setting it right in front of the sofas. Then I grabbed two thin velvet ropes from the drawer under the coffee table, and went to the top of the stairs.

“Hey, Steph, I can’t seem to find it. Why don’t you come up while I look for it.” I heard her coming up the stairs and waited behind the door. When she came in I quickly grabbed her from behind and held her fast, walking her briskly over to the dining chair.

With my face pressed right up to her ear from behind I whispered harshly, “You, Stephanie Ann, have been asking for trouble all day long. I doubt you have any idea how much trouble you’re in now, but you’re going to be here for a while getting what you illegal bahis deserve.”

She was more than a little surprised, and I’ll bet more than a little turned on, but I was holding her forcefully enough that it was a bit painful, and she naturally struggled a bit in protest. I think the shock of what was happening kept her silent for a minute.

“Now here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to take you out of your clothes. Completely. Then you’re to sit in that chair, and I’ll tie you up tight. You’re relentless teasing is going to be paid back in spades. And I know you’ll cooperate because I know this is just what you want.”

She smiled hugely back to me, but a quick thrust tossed her to the chair, and a little frown crossed her face. I kept up my stern demeanor, ordering her out of her clothes. She pulled her top off, revealing her bra-less breasts (big surprise) and stiff nipples. Then she kicked off her shoes and scooted out of her jeans and panties in one smooth motion, pulling off her socks as well. I walked around behind her and brought her hands together, tying them to the legs of the chair just below the seat. Then I pulled a nice big throw pillow from the sofa and pushed it in behind her, forcing her to sit right on the edge of her seat. With the remaining rope I tied her left leg just below her knee, brought the rope back around chair by her hands, weaving it through the legs, and around to the other knee. As I tightened up the slack it had the effect of opening up her legs. I pulled them as far apart as I could, leaving her completely prone and exposed. Walking around in front, her smooth pussy was staring right out at me.

Finally, with me just staring at her, she got a pouty little look on her face and said, “Aww, did I make Miss Cindy angry by making out with her little play thing? Am I going to get a big nasty scolding?”

“Oh, you’ll get much worse than that,” I said, walking slowly up between her legs, the fabric of my skirt just tickling her thighs. Brushing my index fingers ever so lightly across her stiff nipples I said, “You’re going to be thoroughly teased, to the point of exploding, then you’re going to be fucked to the point of passing out.” I flicked both nipples hard simultaneously, causing her to catch her breathe and squeak a tiny “ouch!” before my look told her to be quiet. I slowly bent down and placed two feather-light kisses of apology on each nipple– one, then the next– then continued down on my knees between hers.

Her lips were shinny and ready, and I reached out softly to them, cooing, “Does your pussy have any last words before we begin?” with my fingers I gently moved her lips together, making them pucker out as far as they could go. “Yessss, please…” was all she could manage to sigh. I leaned forward towards her, holding my face about a centimeter away, just letting my hot, heavy breathe breeze past her lips. I so wanted to suck her sweet kitten right into my mouth, but I really wanted this minx to suffer tonight. I just stayed there, shifting my glances between her pussy and her, deep, hungry eyes as I held her helplessly captivated, not touching any part of her body. I began to open my mouth a bit, bringing my tongue, just to my lips, as if I were starting a soft lingering french kiss, letting the sound of my tongue and saliva fill the room. Eventually I began licking my lips, still millimeters away from her protruding lips, but never touching them. Her body was begging me to suck her, inching forward as far as she could. I particularly enjoyed watching her cute little ass pucker as she flexed herself, trying to get what she couldn’t have.

“Oh, please, Miss Cindy. Please give me your mouth. Put it on me now.” She was almost whimpering, nearly panting the words out.

Very softly, and without making eye contact, I whispered an endless, “shhhhhhhhh…,” and continued to warm her already hot pussy with my breathe. I reached up and let the tips of my fingers lightly brush her open thighs, starting at her knees and working in only a few inches. Gradually I began to stroke deeper into her thighs, but maintaining and agonizingly slow approach.

“How does it feel, you little cunt-tease?” I said, smiling up at her as she seemed ready to cry. My god, I thought, I really am torturing her. Good. And I continued to bring my fingers just within reach of her soft, smooth outer lips. Time to turn it up then. I let my tongue come out so it just barely rested on her lips, not moving at all, just sitting there, but finally touching illegal bahis siteleri her. She tried to push forward, but I instantly dug in my nails to her thighs, and she froze immediately.

“Now that was silly,” I said as she relaxed again, and I gently placed my tongue to the tiniest slice of her pie.

“Sorry Miss Cindy, it just felt so good finally, I couldn’t help it.”

“Learn to behave yourself, child, or I swear to God this will take forever.” I was so pleased with myself for churning my little sex pot up, that I smiled, and let my tongue trace up the seem between her lips. I almost made it to her clit before I got ahold of myself, and back down my tongue went, not even touching enough of her to get a taste of her sweetness. Her opening was dripping now with her wetness, making her ass shine in the light. The sight made me light-headed.

I should tell you that this wasn’t easy for me either. My pussy was absolutely awash in my nylons, and she ached like she hadn’t in a long time. It’s amazing what the body will put up with when focused. But then it occurred to me that there was no need for me to suffer for Stephanie’s sake, and I got a truly wicked thought.

I lunged forward and opened my mouth, completely enveloping her warm lips, stuffing my tongue as far in as I could, and licking all the way up to her clit. I let it linger for a fraction of a second, sucking her roughly into my mouth, and then just as suddenly I let go with a loud *smack* and stood up. I’m not sure if she came or not, but the shock had an alarming effect. She arched her back forward, trying with all her might to push her pelvis into me, which I’m sure had to have hurt her shoulders. The surprise and release, followed by the greater regret of being abandoned almost made her sob, then definitely made her yell out, “Oh FUCK! Please fucking help me!!” Then she just stayed still with a glassy look on her face.

I stood in front of her smiling, and removed my skirt, letting it drop to the floor. Standing in front of her in my blouse and nylons, I slipped my hand under the waistband and found my eager wet lips. I suffered my own torment and my knees nearly buckled. I had to let myself fall back onto the sofa, where I fingered myself to a nearly instant orgasm. I bucked my hips wildly up onto my hand, holding my thigh with the other, and let myself go, staring at my pretty plaything, so helpless and naked. Oh my god, it felt good, and I just wanted to keep cumming on my hand in front of her. Her glassy look it seems was actually tears welling up, and for a moment I felt sorry for her, but then I came again and made it all better.

“Awww, did I make little Stephie angry? Hm? Am I not being fair about this?”

“No. No, please, I’m so horny for you now Miss Cindy. Please help me feel better. Please give me something to make if all better for me too.”

I came up and leaned in to her, face to face, and gave her a nice, sweet soft kiss. She instantly let her passion go and kissed my back urgently. “I tell you what,” I said lovingly. “Lean back, and I’ll give you a nice treat.” And I eased her chair back so it was leaning on the sofa behind her at an angle, with only two legs on the floor. The couch was soft enough and the balance was such that it wasn’t putting too much pressure on her arms behind her, and it had the added bonus of making her body nearly horizontal.

I pulled my nylons off, leaving me only in my blouse and bra, and climbed up on the sofa, straddling her face. Then I eased my pussy down towards her hungry face. Even though she wasn’t getting any direct satisfaction from this, Steph was quite happy to finally be doing something productive, shall we say. The girl can suck a mean slit, and was gleefully bringing me close to the edge. Every time I got there, I’d just lift myself up a bit, and use my fingers to rub myself, or open my lips, or slip one in; anything to make it last longer and torture my girl.

It was while we were doing this that I heard the patio door open. I saw Steph’s eyes widen in surprise, but I just smiled back at her and lowered myself back down, trapping her beneath me.

“Uh, oh,” I said in mock surprise to Steph, “is somebody here to help me? I bet you hope it’s that little butterball slut Janie, don’t you. Well, it’s not.” She kept sucking away, and I let my weight come down a bit more on her. “I’ve got good news, and bad news. Which do you want first?” With my hips pressing down on her, all she could do was try to moan canlı bahis siteleri through a mouthful of my cunt. “Which is it, dear? Speak up.” I was really enjoying this.

Behind me was my lover, Darin, the person I’d called before we began. He entered and began removing his clothes, making sure not to be seen by my victim. But the view he had was one I truly wish was mine. Stephanie was still tied and opened on the chair, her pussy and ass right on the edge of the seat, her body laying straight back on the couch, arms behind her. And I was there on her chest, my nice ass resting above her playful breasts, flexing away as I ground my pussy into her. If that isn’t enough to give a man an instant hard on, then he’s just not interested.

I’d told Darin what to expect on the phone, and things were playing out just as I’d wished them to. He came up behind us and got to his knees in front of Steph, his fully hard, and rather filling cock at just the right level to enter either orifice. Because she was so wet, he could have easily entered her, but instead held the tip right at her dripping hole, rubbing the head around a bit to get it nice an wet.

Stephanie’s eyes nearly burst from her head! I just smiled and promised her she’d be ok. She began moaning loudly from between my thighs, and I could feel her trying to squirm herself onto Darin’s cock. He was very good about not giving her too much too soon., and continued to rub himself all about her exposed areas, getting good and wet throughout. I could tell when he had it at her pussy because she would breathe deeply in anticipation, or when he had it at her ass, when she would squeak just a little as her pressed her tight hole.

Finally, I looked right down into Steph’s pretty blue eye’s and smiled really broadly. “Are you ready for it, sweetie?” I cooed, and ground myself firmly onto her face. “Give it to her,” I said without giving her a chance to respond. Darin must have been just as hungry, because the little girl beneath me thrust upwards from me as he plunged himself all the way up into her, freeing herself from my pussy.

“OOOOH FUCK YES!!!! GODDAMMIT, FUCK ME!! FUCK MY WET, DIRTY TEASE HOLE, OOHHHHHHH!!!” I just sat back on her breasts as Darin pounded away at her, and she was instantly cumming after the incredible torture I’d given her. “AAHHHH, PLEASE. Gimme, gimme, gimme, you fuckers!!” Darin’s good for along time when he wants to be, and he just kept giving it to her while she took it all in. She stopped screaming after awhile and just moaned happily, sometimes trying to lick me again, sometimes just bathing in her fuck.

After four or five of her orgasms, and one or two of my own, I said, “Ok, Stephanie Ann, here’s what you really deserve.” I sat back down on her face to keep her under control, and right on cue Darin slipped out of her pussy and put his cock right to her ass. Then slowly, but not quite as slow as would be polite, her eased his thick rod up into her cute, teasing butt. I will remember the look on her face forever. A wonderful mix of surprise, discomfort, contempt, and unbridled lust, all of which gave way to terrific pleasure as her eyes rolled back and she received what may have been her first anal fuck, for all I know. At the very least it was the first of it’s kind.

“Oooohhh, Oooooohh, God, please don’t stop ever….” She was just loving it now. I really wanted to get something in me as well, but I couldn’t bare to see her any more disappointed, it had been breaking my heart.

“Darin, I think you need to get one of my toys out from that coffee table and give me a nice manual fuck from behind, don’t you?” And just because he’s such a sweetheart he reached in without letting up on Steph and pulled out the biggest, cockiest dildo in the bunch and stuffed it right up my cunt. It was sheer ecstasy, and we were all building towards several delicious orgasms. Darin surprised me by coming first, but I guess the poor man couldn’t resist spurting his load up a tasty piece of hot young ass while watching his lover’s pussy suck in his toy. As soon as I heard him releasing I started to cum, and the shock of hot semen in her butt made Steph explode with the biggest orgasm of the night, by any of us.

We kept going for a few minutes of soaking afterglow, and gradually un-entangled ourselves. I eased Stephanie off the chair and onto the couch, giving her a soothing massage to loosen her up, then got her some warm towels to clean up with. Darin gave me a nice fuck in front of her while she relaxed, and she let me finally suck her cute kitty like I’d wanted to all evening. She’d learned her lesson, and literally in the end got what she had cumming.

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