Mindy’s Massage Ch. 03: Breaking in a New Man

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An hour or so went by, as they talked, then a young man came over to them. He was not so tall, red headed, and a tiny bit overweight. He offered the two girls a drink, and was very complimentary and shy. He even said yes ma’am and no ma’am to them. He was dressed very plainly, and even after buying the two girls a drink, he made no attempt to sit with them or make any pass. He just walked back over to where he was sitting and sat down, letting his shy gaze wander over to them, and when they caught him looking, he blushed. He was very nice to them, and finally Mindy told Brenda, “Why don’t we let him sit with us? It will thrill him, and he’s harmless.”

“Yeah, a little too harmless. Min, there’s no excitement there, do ya think?” Brenda said back, before Mindy waved the youth over to her and offered him a chair. He sat down with them, and the girls could tell he was thrilled. He continued to be totally mild mannered and chivalrous, and not the least bit threatening or pushy. He never once came onto either girl, and it was if he was sure that he would be rejected. Mindy began to flirt with him a little, but except for a few blushes, he didn’t really respond to her. He was again very complimentary and when they began discussing her workout schedule and how it made her look, he told her that she looked incredible and the workouts certainly paid off. She smiled at him and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. He turned as red as a tomato. It was obvious that he had never talked to any girls as pretty as Mindy and Brenda, and he felt totally in over his head. When they asked him about his own love life, he mumbled, stammered, and blushed again. His name was Russell, and finally Mindy asked him, “Russell, have you ever made love to a woman? Ever?” Once again, he blushed and finally just shook his head no.

“You can call me Rusty, ma’am.” He said in a low voice, his eyes diverted downward.

“Only if you call me Mindy, and quit calling me ma’am,” Mindy replied. He cut his eyes upward and smiled shyly at her. She smiled at him again. “How old are you, Rusty?”

He dropped his eyes again as he whispered, “Eighteen.”

She reached over and patted him on the leg just above the knee. He was wearing shorts, so she was on bare skin. He trembled from her touch. “Are you scared of me, Rusty?” she whispered softly.

“I don’t know. I never dreamed that I could ever talk to a girl as pretty as you. I guess I am a little scared. I just don’t know.” Rusty shook his head and blinked his eyes almost like an owl. Mindy’s smile grew. He was so cute and so shy. She felt the urge to tease him more. And she knew that Brenda was turned on by the idea of a virgin guy. A plan was forming in her mind, and Rusty was going to be the unwitting beneficiary of her scheme. She started flirting a little more with him. He didn’t know how to react, he was embarrassed and shy and mostly he just turned red. Finally, Mindy leaned into him and kissed him on the lips. It was just a small, chaste, close mouthed kiss that still left him gasping for breath and with a huge tent in the front of his shorts. Mindy looked down and saw it, and teased him, “My goodness, Rusty, what is that in your pants, honey? Brenda, did you see this, what do you think it is?”

Brenda grinned and said, “I don’t know Mindy, he looks like something has swelled up on him. Do you think he’s ok? Does he need some medical attention or something?” Mindy grinned at the young man, who was totally embarrassed. He looked totally miserable that his erection had been discovered by the two girls. Even his embarrassment did not make his erection subside; it stayed as hard and as prominently throbbing as before.

“It’s really OK, Rusty,” Mindy said, “Girls know about those, we even like them sometimes, you know?” He nodded, but still looked miserable. She spoke again, “Rusty, yours certainly looks like it’s a big one, really nice for a girl. Has anyone ever told you that?” He only shook his head negatively. Mindy put her hand on his leg again. She slid her fingers up and down just a little as he trembled again. His skin was smooth and almost hairless under her touch. She lifted her hand and set it back down right on top of the bulge in his shorts. She gently fondled it just a little. He almost fell over backward in his chair. She felt it swell more and pulse under her hand. She giggled and winked at Brenda, who made a motion toward the door with her head. She wanted to get out of the bar.

“Rusty, would you like to come home with us? We’re ready to get home and you will have fun. We would love to have you. It’s not very far. What do you say?” Rusty could only nod; evidently his mouth wasn’t working so well. But he agreed to follow them to Mindy’s apartment. They paid their tabs and left the bar, with Rusty following the two girls in his own car. Mindy and Brenda giggled together, planning his overwhelming initiation into the world of physical pleasure. He had no idea what was in store for him. antalya escort

Brenda smiled evilly at Mindy. “Are you going to tell him that he is your third cock of the night?”

Mindy winced a little, “Probably not, at least until he is done. You are going to help me with him, aren’t you?” She looked imploringly at Brenda. She knew Brenda’s attraction to virgin guys. Brenda looked at her and finally nodded that she would participate. About that time, they parked and Rusty parked beside them. They all got out and walked up the steps to Mindy’s apartment. They got inside and Mindy got them all a glass of wine, a nice light Riesling. They sat in the living room, and Mindy put on some music, not too loud so they could talk. The two girls put Rusty on the couch between them, cuddling close to him, and leaning into him as they teased him. Rusty was going crazy with fear and excitement.

Mindy kicked off her shoes and stood up, beginning to dance for him. Her clothes were so skimpy that he was seeing a lot of skin, and feeling it too, as she ground down onto his lap, lap dancing for him. Brenda joined her, dancing with her, letting Rusty see and feel her charms as well. For several minutes, they danced together, moving to the music, letting Rusty enjoy the sight and touch of their hot, nubile, young bodies against him. Finally, Brenda moved away from him far enough to unbutton and unzip her tiny skirt and let it drop to the floor, leaving her in only her skimpy top and tiny G-string. Rusty’s eyes almost bugged out of his head, as she exposed all of her gorgeous hips and butt to him, as well as her soft lower tummy with only the tiniest area of her mound covered. He could see the finest of blond hairs on her skin and he could smell the faint clean, womanly aroma of her surrounding her. Then Mindy began to strip for him, too. She dropped her skirt, and then untied the strings holding her top in place. Left in only her tiny G-string she settled onto her knees astride Rusty’s lap. Mindy reached down to fondle him through his pants, and realized again that he was packing quite a package.

She glanced up at Brenda who was still dancing and shedding her little top at the same time. Mindy took in her breath as Brenda’s breasts came into view. They were so perfect, full, huge and conical, with pink, hard nipples and small aureoles, Mindy had always thought they were the most perfect breasts she had ever seen. She loved touching them, feeling their firmness, their fullness, their springy resilience. Mindy reached to Rusty’s pants fly. “Rusty, baby, you have on too many clothes. We have to fix that.” She started unbuttoning his fly. As his zipper slid down, Brenda reached to pull his shirt off over his head. Suddenly, Rusty was down to his white cotton briefs and his shoes. Mindy knelt and got his shoes and socks off, while Brenda had his attention, rubbing her breasts all over his face. Mindy got hold of his underwear from her position on her knees and began to try to pull them down and off. Finally, he realized what she was doing, and raised his hips to allow her to get his shorts off. She got them off his feet and tossed them aside, then looked up.

“Holy fuck!” Mindy exclaimed, causing Brenda to immediately look down. Brenda immediately started giggling, as both girls stared at what was a very nice sized cock. Sticking up about eight inches and about six inches around, Rusty was packing serious heat. It was long, pink, throbbing erect from their teasing of him, and moving about as his muscles twitched, almost like it was seeking the hot, wet softness that it belonged in.

Mindy told him, “Wow, Rusty, what a cock you have. Do you know how big that is? It’s huge!” He looked embarrassed as she admired it. Rusty was completely naked as the two naked girls settled onto him, kissing and loving on his face, his neck, his shoulders. He could feel the heat of their bodies against him. Then, Mindy pressed her lips to his, and made his lips open with her tongue, sliding it into his mouth, and beginning to tangle with his tongue. His arms went around her bare body as he began to kiss her back in earnest, their lips sliding together, and tongues intertwining. Brenda started kissing slowly down onto his stomach. As she reached closer to his swollen cock, she looked up at Mindy.

“Baby, do you want to be the first to blow this horse cock?” she smiled at Rusty as she said it.

Mindy looked at her, leaned over and kissed her on the lips, “No, baby, you go ahead and make him happy.” She started to kiss him again, as Brenda slowly worked her way down to his cock and the large balls hanging beneath it. Mindy stopped kissing him for a minute so he and she too, could watch Brenda begin to suck the huge cock in front of her. Brenda rose up suddenly and pressed her mouth to Rusty’s, kissing him wildly, and passionately. Mindy reached under her to fondle and caress Brenda’s hanging breasts while they kissed. Brenda broke the kiss and slid off alanya escort into the floor between Rusty’s spread legs. She began to use her fingertips to gently tease his ball sack. She moved her face close to him and breathed softly onto the head of his throbbing dick. His penis twitched in anticipation. Brenda slowly lowered her lips to the very end of the swollen, bulbous head, and gently kissed it, using her lips and then tongue to caress it.

Rusty’s head fell back and he gasped as his chest rose and fell. He raised his head to watch as Brenda slowly opened her mouth and began to engulf the pulsing head of his penis. His cock disappeared into her mouth. Mindy whispered into Rusty’s ear. “Baby, has anyone ever had your cock in their mouth before?” Rusty shook his head no. “How does it feel, baby?”

Rusty smiled shakily at her, “Oh, God, it feels so good, so good. I don’t know how I’m gonna keep from cumming.” He and Mindy watched as Brenda moved up and down slowly, taking in the head and about five inches of the shaft of his penis. She closed her lips tightly on the shaft and slowly let it drag back out of her pretty lips. As the head broke free of her tight lips, Rusty groaned and shook all over. She swirled her tongue around his head, and dove back down on him, again taking the head and all she could of the shaft into her mouth. Rusty shuddered in sensation and Mindy bent to kiss him again, swirling her tongue into his mouth and over his, then she slid off onto her knees into the floor and leaned in to start kissing and tonguing his balls as Brenda continued to suck him.

After a minute, Brenda rose up to kiss Rusty’s nipples and Mindy let the head of his big cock slide into her mouth. She could take the head and just about five or six inches of it, and she slid up and down on it, feeling it throb in her hot, wet, soft mouth. She used her tongue on the loose skin under the head. She could feel an immediate response from him as she sucked. Brenda came back down to her, licking the shaft below where her mouth touched. For a moment they both left his genitals to press their own lips together and swirl tongues in a wild, deep, lesbian kiss. They both giggled as they broke free and Rusty made a sighing noise. They could tell he thought he was in heaven.

Mindy began to suck him again, as she felt Brenda fondling her big breasts. Brenda sucked Rusty’s balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue over them, tasting the skin and feeling the fine red pubic hairs in her mouth. Rusty began to moan and shake, as the swells of emotion and orgasm began to run through his body. Mindy could feel his legs tighten and one hand on her side began to clench as he stiffened and his penis began throbbing wildly. She felt the first taste of semen on her tongue, and then a huge spurt hit the back of her throat. Brenda was licking up his shaft from his balls, and Mindy pulled back to allow Brenda to slide her mouth over his cock in the midst of his ejaculation, so she could also taste his cum. He came for what seemed a long time, finally subsiding slowly until he was spent, and Brenda released his cock from her mouth.

Mindy looked at her and smiled, “Greedy!” she exclaimed, giggling, as Brenda licked cum from Rusty’s softening prick. The two hot girls leaned together as the guy beneath them sagged in the euphoric exhaustion of his first girl induced orgasm. He was smiling, oblivious to the world, as he rested in sated pleasure. Brenda put her head on Mindy’s shoulder, and then kissed her neck. Both girls’ arms went around the other and they were suddenly passionately kissing, their tongues twining together. Mindy began to caress Brenda’s pert taut full breasts, and Brenda returned the favor on Mindy’s full, swollen taut D’s. They continued to kiss and fondle each other, leaning over Rusty.

He watched in amazement. Finally they moved to lie full length on the couch beside him, loving each other. Their heads were together, resting on Rusty’s thigh as they used their hands to fondle each other. For several minutes, they continued to play with each other’s hot, wet pussy; then Mindy rose and reversed her position, her face over Brenda’s sweet, tight, hairless mound, her hips settling into place astride Brenda’s excitedly waiting lips. Mindy felt the gentle brush of Brenda’s lips on her own sweet, hairless mound, until she could feel Brenda nuzzle into the little spot just at the top of her wet slit, and felt Brenda’s pointed tongue caress the little bump there that was so sensitive, so anxious to feel that touch.

Brenda worked her way into perfect position to be able to work orally on Mindy, as she felt Mindy do the same. Mindy’s tongue was working into Brenda’s juicy slit, and up to touch her button of love. Mindy slid her tongue all around the little “man in the boat” letting her lips also tease and caress it and around it, before swirling her tongue down along Brenda’s sweetly dripping crack. She licked and belek escort then closed her mouth over the whole opening, stabbing her tongue deep as she could into it. She slid her tongue back up to once again attack the button and she felt Brenda shudder in gratitude from the sensation. Brenda pressed her head up against Mindy’s hips, tasting her fluids running into her mouth as she worked on Mindy’s little pussy, licking and sucking.

The two beautiful girls were oblivious to Rusty, who sat watching in amazement as a porno fantasy he had dreamed of many times played out in real life before his eyes. His gaze wandered over the two perfect bodies as they subtly strained against each others body and the sensations of excitement that flowed through them. He could see their excitement and passion rise together as they made love to each other. They continued to use their mouths on the other’s sex as their hands wandered over the long legs, the skin that they could reach to further the excitement. Softly moaning and grunting together, as they played, they lay together until finally they reached their own orgasms, Mindy first, then Brenda close behind her. They followed Rusty’s example and sagged together resting, their bodies awash in sexual satisfaction. Mindy swung around again to lay her head beside Brenda’s, their lips touching and hands caressing each other softly as they lay in total satisfaction.

After a while, the two girls got up and towed Rusty into the bedroom and onto Mindy’s bed. A few minutes later, Mindy was on her back, her legs open and Rusty was on his knees between them, having his first experience of cunnilingus, learning as he explored the tiny, tasty, sweet morsel of Mindy’s beautiful pussy. He had his mouth pressed tightly to the mound, completely covering her whole slit, as his tongue swirled over her little button, and then down through the length of her entire pussy. She moaned softly, enjoying his enthusiastic, if not educated, service.

Brenda was leaning over him, coaching him, as he found the taste fresh, sweet, and arousing. He could feel his hard cock throbbing and twitching from the excitement of what he was doing. As he moved his head following his tongue, Brenda whispered, “Isn’t it incredible? It’s so tasty and sweet, and feels so good. The only bad thing about starting with Mindy is that it’s all downhill from here. You will never find anyone that is so pretty there, feels so good or tastes so good. She is the best.”

Mindy rolled her eyes at Brenda as she moaned again and moved her hips in passion. The feelings inside her were gaining in intensity and her whole lower body was starting to quiver. The excitement of knowing that Rusty had never done this before was getting to her. Her hands fell to Rusty’s head and she held him as she used her hips to lift and press her pussy to his mouth. She clenched her whole body as the waves of ecstasy washed her in sublime sensation. Her orgasm grew and then exploded in waves of total sensation that careened wildly, taking her over the edge. She screamed softly and held Rusty’s head to her crotch as she twisted and writhed in ecstasy, cumming, the waves washing over her again and again.

At last, she melted back into the bed, letting her body relax in the afterglow of Rusty’s attention. He laid his head on the soft silky skin of her flat tummy as she regained her breath. He placed small kisses on her lower tummy as she rested. Finally, Brenda pulled on his arm. “My turn,” she said. Mindy moved over to allow Brenda to get comfortable and open her legs for Rusty. Brenda was already wet in anticipation of what she had seen happen to Mindy. Rusty grinned and moved between Brenda’s opened thighs, in anticipation of more of the sweetness he had gotten from Mindy. He pressed his mouth to Brenda, and used his tongue to part her sweet, wet lips, finding a slightly different, but equally pleasing and sweet taste as he had found with Mindy. He pushed his tongue deep into her slit then moved up to swirl it around the little button at the top of her tiny tasty pussy. Rusty used what he had just learned with Mindy to caress and excite Brenda.

While he was working his mouth on her, Mindy was reaching under his belly to fondle his hard and throbbing penis, along with his swollen ball sack. She gently slid her fingers tenderly over the soft skin on his hard shaft. She could feel the heat and the throbbing in his penis as she caressed it. She didn’t want him to cum before he got inside her so she left his cock to fondle and jiggle his swollen balls.

Brenda was rising into ecstasy, moaning and quivering, trembling as she began softly screaming, “Oh, shit! Oh! Oh, God! I’m cumming!” Brenda’s entire gorgeous, hot body was tense as she orgasmed. She clenched her thighs on Rusty’s head, grabbed his hair and came. She shook and gasped as the overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations ran through her from her wet pussy to the top of her head and the tips of her sexy, manicured toes. At last, she began to relax as her sensations subsided and her body began to relax again. Rusty began to gradually release his suction on her hot, wet, tender and swollen pussy, his lips and tongue still caressing her in an ever slower and less intense pattern.

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